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FALCON-2063 Add change log for each release
Author: Ajay Yadava <>

Reviewers: "Balu Vellanki <>"

Closes #217 from ajayyadava/2063

(cherry picked from commit 42f47b2)
Signed-off-by: bvellanki <>
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ajayyadava authored and bvellanki committed Jul 20, 2016
1 parent 003addd commit bbd865085d5aa8e1e656a69da922e0bef908d0aa
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Apache Falcon Change log
FALCON-1627 Provider integration with Azure Data Factory pipelines (Ying Zheng, Venkat Ranganathan, Sowmya Ramesh)

FALCON-1664 Add Postgres support for native scheduler(Deepak Barr via Pragya Mittal)

FALCON-1495 In instance status list, show all runs for instances when requested by user(Narayan Periwal via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1230 Data based notification Service to notify execution instances when data becomes available(Pavan Kumar Kolamuri via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1584 Falcon allows invalid hadoop queue name for schedulable feed entities (Venkatesan Ramachandran via Balu Vellanki)

FALCON-1774 Falcon to honour PRISM_URL env var (Praveen Adlakha)

FALCON-1721 Checkstyle doesn't extend parent.

FALCON-1818 Minor doc update for tar package locations after FALCON-1751 (Deepak Barr)

FALCON-1729 Database ingest to support password alias via keystore file (Venkatesan Ramachandran via Balu Vellanki)

FALCON-1751 Support assembly:single mojo(Ruoyu Wang via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-763 Support feed listing for CatalogStorage (Balu Vellanki)

FALCON-1764 Remove temporary folder "localhost" created during tests(Praveen Adlakha via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1756 Remove PID files on service stop(Deepak Barr via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1771 Tool to merge pull requests (Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1770 Update README file (Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1842 Falcon build failed in Jenkins at OozieFeedWorkflowBuilderTest (Balu Vellanki)

FALCON-887 Support for multiple lib paths in falcon process (Sowmya Ramesh)

FALCON-1795 Kill api not killing waiting/ready instances

FALCON-1804 Non-SLA feed throws NullPointerException.

FALCON-1806 Update documentation for Import and Export. (Venkatesan Ramachandran via Balu Vellanki)

FALCON-1787 Ooozie pig-action.xml requires hive sharelib for HCatalog use(Sowmya Ramesh via Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1792 Upgrade hadoop.version to 2.6.2 (Venkatesan Ramachandran via Peeyush Bishnoi)

FALCON-1796 [HOTFIX] Incorrect parent pom in distro module(Ajay Yadava)

FALCON-1779 Fix rat-check failure in trunk (Ajay Yadava)
For changes in releases after 0.9, please refer to "release-docs" or

Release Version: 0.9

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