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FALCON-2008 Add documentation for Graphite Notification Plugin
Author: Praveen Adlakha <>

Reviewers: @pallavi-rao

Closes #181 from PraveenAdlakha/2008

(cherry picked from commit 65c804c)
Signed-off-by: Pallavi Rao <>
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PraveenAdlakha authored and Pallavi Rao committed Jun 10, 2016
1 parent 9dce4e7 commit fc9070c8123ee048ccd7570e17f98f3387b0e41d
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---++Graphite Metric Collection

Graphite Metric Collection currently allows to collect the following metrics at process level :

1. Processing time the process spent in the running state in seconds (workflow_end_time - workflow_start_time)
2. Wait time that the process spent in the waiting/ready state. (workflow_start_time - workflow_nominal_time)
3. Number of instances that are failed for a process.

To send data to graphite we need to intialize metricNotificationService in

* org.apache.falcon.metrics.MetricNotificationService,

Add following properties for graphiteNotificationPlugin :

Graphite properties
* *.falcon.graphite.hostname=localhost
* *.falcon.graphite.port=2003
* *.falcon.graphite.frequency=1
* *.falcon.graphite.prefix=falcon

The falcon.graphite.frequency is in seconds and all the time that is being sent to graphite is in seconds.
@@ -223,3 +223,8 @@ under ${user.dir}/logs/ directory.

Users may also extend the Falcon Audit plugin to send audits to systems like Apache Argus, etc. by
extending org.apache.falcon.plugin.AuditingPlugin interface.

---++ Metrics Collection In Graphite

Falcon has support to send metrics to graphite more details regarding this can be found on [[GraphiteMetricCollection][Graphite Metric Collection]]

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