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@@ -70,7 +70,11 @@ Remember to update the copyright year.
. Make sure you have an updated change log file, typically in `doc/changelog.txt` but in the project root is also acceptable.
. Make sure there are no snapshots in the POMs to be released
. Check that your POMs will not lose content when they are rewritten during the release process
** `mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true`
mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true
** diff the original `pom.xml` with the one called `pom.xml.tag` to see if the license or any other info has been removed.
This has been known to happen if the starting `<project>` tag is not on a single line.
The only things that should be different between these files are the `<version>` and `<scm>` elements.
@@ -79,20 +83,33 @@ If there are any other changes, you must fix the original `pom.xml` file and com
This is useful for existing builds that still depend on a snapshot version of this artifact.
It means that the snapshot they will be getting is effectively the same as the released version.
`+$ mvn deploy ...
[INFO] [deploy:deploy] [INFO] Retrieving previous build number from apache.snapshots.https ...+`
$ mvn deploy
[INFO] [deploy:deploy]
[INFO] Retrieving previous build number from apache.snapshots.https
** if you experience an error during deployment like a HTTP 401 check your settings for the required server entries as outlined in the _Prerequisites_
** be sure that the generated artifacts respect the Apache release[rules]: NOTICE and LICENSE files should be present in the META-INF directory within the jar.
For -sources artifacts, be sure that your POM does not use the maven-source-plugin:2.0.3 which is broken.
The recommended version at this time is 2.0.4
** you should verify the deployment under the[snapshot] repository on Apache
. Prepare the release
`$ mvn release:clean $ mvn release:prepare`
$ mvn release:clean
$ mvn release:prepare
** preparing the release will create the new tag in git, automatically checking in on your behalf
. Stage the release for a vote
`$ mvn release:perform`
$ mvn release:perform
** the release will automatically be inserted into a temporary staging repository for you, see the Nexus[staging documentation] for full details
** you can continue to use `mvn release:prepare` and `mvn release:perform` on other sub-projects as necessary on the same machine and they will be combined in the same staging repository - this is useful when making a release of the Felix framework and its associated bundles.
. Close the staging repository

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