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@@ -62,13 +62,33 @@ To manually specify an id, precede the section line with `[#my-id]` on a separat
* Code blocks look like this:
[source,java] <1>
---- <2>
class Foo {
<1> Any language you want: highlighting is available for most.
<2> Block separator `----`
=== Page links
Between pages::
Use the `xref:` inline macro:
* The path to the other page starts from the `pages` directory: it is not relative to the current page.
* For a non-fragment reference, the default link text is the other page title.
Custom text may be specified inside the `[]` brackets.
* For fragment references you must specify the link text.
Within a page::
Use the form `+++<<#_fragment_name, link text>>+++`.
For a link to a section, the default link text is the section title.
NOTE: The Intellij asciidoc plugin has Antora-aware syntax checking and auto-complete, including the generated section ids.
== Local build

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