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+* Apache Felix README *
+This document is basically a catch-all for general information about the Apache
+Felix project. It is anticipated that this document will be updated from time
+to time with new information.
+The Apache Felix project has the following directory structure in order to organize
+the project's varied product artifacts.
++ framework
++ sandbox
++ tools
+The *framework* directory contains the source and build tree for the OSGi-compliant
+framework implementation. It is, of course, the primary product of this project.
+The *sandbox* directory contains a directory tree whereby project committers can
+store various experimental and working versions of code. Each committer that wishes
+to utilize the sandbox should create a subdirectory named after his/her apache username.
+- sandbox
+ + erodriguez
+ + rickhall
+ + tbennett
+The *tools* directory contains a directory tree for various tools that may be developed
+in association with this project. One such tool is the maven-osgi-plugin currently under
+development for the MAVEN2 build system. A tools directory may itself have multiple
+products each requiring their own directory.
+- tools
+ - maven2
+ + maven-osgi-plugin
+As the project matures, we certainly may see other directories created to organize other
+types of products.

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