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@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ docker-compose up rhythm-ms identity-ms customer-ms accounting-ms deposit-ms por

If you want you can add other micro services (listed in docker-compose.yml) to the list.

# Provision

## Provisioning the Micro Services Using Postman

We provide a postman-request-collection as well as a postman-environment that defines variables that are used to hold values received in responses.
@@ -97,7 +100,7 @@ The first request will retrieve a token. The response should look like this, wit

If you don't get a token there is something wrong with your setup. The token is necessary for authentication in other requests thus be sure that this steps works.
Important: Be sure to execute the requests in the right order!
Important: Be sure to execute the requests in the right order!
The outcome is often stored in variables - check the Tests section of the requests.

Use the Postman Runner to import accounts in step 08.1.
@@ -169,11 +172,12 @@ docker volume rm external_tools_postgres-volume
docker-compose up

### Automating Postman scripts
## Note:
**These scripts are ideal for a docker swarm deployment environment. If you are to deploy Fineract CN using Docker swarm you will have remove the network configuration from the docker-compose script and implement a load balancer (using docker swarm) that reflects the network configuratioin you just removed from the compose file.**

### Automating Postman scripts
You can use [Newman]( to run Postman scripts from command line.

- Adjust scripts for Kubernetes

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