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Increment One
First increment of the notification Microservice
 - Created eventlisteners
 - Created repositories for configuration
 - Created SMS and Email Sender Objects
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# Apache Fineract CN Notification

This mircroservice contains all the functionalities for SMS and Email Notification

## Abstract
Apache Fineract CN is an application framework for digital financial services, a system to support nationwide and cross-national financial transactions and help to level and speed the creation of an inclusive, interconnected digital economy for every nation in the world.

## Versioning
The version numbers follow the [Semantic Versioning]( scheme.

In addition to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH the following postfixes are used to indicate the development state.

* BUILD-SNAPSHOT - A release currently in development.
* M - A _milestone_ release include specific sets of functions and are released as soon as the functionality is complete.
* RC - A _release candidate_ is a version with potential to be a final product, considered _code complete_.
* RELEASE - _General availability_ indicates that this release is the best available version and is recommended for all usage.

The versioning layout is {MAJOR}.{MINOR}.{PATCH}-{INDICATOR}[.{PATCH}]. Only milestones and release candidates can have patch versions. Some examples:


## License

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