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# Mifos I/O Template
# Mifos I/O Teller

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This project provides a template layout for all Mifos I/O microservices.

## Abstract
Mifos I/O is an application framework for digital financial services, a system to support nationwide and cross-national financial transactions and help to level and speed the creation of an inclusive, interconnected digital economy for every nation in the world.

## Steps needed to turn the template project into a real project

1. Git clone template into {project name} folder

git clone {project name}

2. Delete _.git_

rm -rf .git

3. Open settings.gradle and replace value of _rootProject.name_ with {project name}

4. Open root build.gradle and replace value of _version_ with 0.1.0-snapshot

6. Create Gradle wrapper

gradle wrapper

6. Open all module specific build.gradle files (api, service, and component-test) and replace value of _group_ with io.mifos.{project name}

7. Import project into IDE

8. Rename all io.mifos.template packages to io.mifos.{project name}

9. Open _SampleRestConfiguration_ and _SampleServiceConfiguration_, adjust @ComponentScan to reflect the new package name

10. Open _application.yml_ and replace _server.contextPath_ with /{project name}/v1/*

11. Open _bootstrap.yml_ and replace _spring.application.name_ with {project name}/v1/

12. Open _SampleTest_ and replace constructor argument of TestEnvironment in line 80 with {project name}/v1/

13. Run _SampleTest_

14. Replace the contents of the README with text describing your new project.

15. Happy coding! ; o)
This project provides management and operational functionality for teller operation.

## Versioning
The version numbers follow the [Semantic Versioning]( scheme.

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