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FLEX-34306 - [BlazeDS] Make the BlazeDS build run on Windows machines
- Added some mkdir commands to the ANT
- Did some fine-tuning to resolve some compile errors

FLEX-34307 - [BlazeDS] Adjust the Maven build to be able to deploy SNAPSHOTs and releases to Apaches Maven repo.
- Adjusted the poms to be able to build and theoretically deploy to Apaches Maven repo.

FLEX-34308 - [BlazeDS] Make all tests run in a Maven build without any need to manually start and deploy BlazeDS to an external Server.
- Moved all tests to a new testsuite module
- Implemented a Utility class (TestServer), which starts an embedded Jetty and deploys the MessageBrokerServlet which is configured to run the needed services.

FLEX-34309 - [BlazeDS] Implement a way to configure a BlazeDS using a configuration stored in the applications Classpath
- Implemented a ClasspathResourceResolver to read a BlazeDS configuration from classpath instead of the filesystem.
- Updated the FlexConfigurationManager to use this ResourceResolver when encountering a config path starting with "classpath:"
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chrisdutz committed May 5, 2014
1 parent 5f7c8cf commit 4f6a3052e1ec6a115ff1b4ce85c2bdb994cbb636
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