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Apache Flex - Falcon Compiler
Apache Flex is an application framework for easily building Flash-based applications
for mobile devices, the browser and desktop.
For detailed information about Apache Flex please visit
Apache Flex is a large project with many pieces. The framework is implemented
in ActionScript and the compiler is implemented in Java. The Falcon Compiler is
a new compiler for ActionScript and MXML.
Getting the latest sources via Subversion
You can always checkout the latest source via subversion using the following
svn co flex
For further information visit
Building The Apache Flex Falcon Compiler
The Apache Flex Falcon Compiler requires some build tools which must be installed
prior to building and it depends on some external software which
are downloaded as part of the build process. See the Software Dependencies
section for more information on the external software dependencies.
Install Prerequisites
Before building the Falcon Compiler you must install the following software and set the
corresponding environment variables using absolute file paths. Relative file paths
will result in build errors.
Java SDK 1.5 (0_13 or greater) JAVA_HOME
or Java SDK 1.6 (*1)
Ant 1.7.0 or greater (*1) ANT_HOME
Cygwin, git bash
or other unix-like shell
(if Windows)
JFlex (*2) JFLEX_JAR
*1) The bin directories for ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME should be added to your PATH.
On Windows, set PATH to
On the Mac (bash), set PATH to
export PATH="$PATH:$ANT_HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin"
*2) JFlex can be downloaded from:
Download the the package and expand it. Set JFLEX_JAR to the absolute
path of the JFlex.jar file.
Software Dependencies
Apache Flex uses third-party code that will be downloaded as part of the Falcon
Compiler build.
The Apache Version 2.0 license is in the LICENSE file.
The following dependencies have licenses which are, or are compatible with, the Apache
Version 2.0 license. You will not be prompted to acknowledge the download. The jars
are installed in the lib folder.
antlr -
commons-cli -
commons-io -
guava -
The following dependency has a license which considers reciprocal licenses so you
will be prompted to acknowledge the license before the software is downloaded to your
system. These files are also installed in the lib folder.
JBurg -
This software is released under the Commons Public License:
The following dependency is in the public domain
lzma-sdk -
A jar is created from the sources in this download.
Thanks for using Apache Flex.
The Apache Flex Project
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