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removed mockolate swc and added ant target in download.xml to automat…
…ically download those dependencies.
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cyrillzadra committed May 22, 2013
1 parent 8bb4de0 commit 5b6e5f6dedc21831dccb79d25c0aa67284bfaede
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@@ -34,16 +34,17 @@
fluint (1.2) - MIT
flexunit1lib () - ?
hamcrest (1.1.3) -
flexunit1lib () - TODO license???
hamcrest (1.1.3) - TODO license???
mockolate (0.9.5) - TODO license???

Because the downloads requires a network connection and the JARs don't change very often,
they are each downloaded only if they don't already exist.

<target name="main" depends="prepare, flexunit1lib-swc, hamcrest-swc, fluint-swc"
<target name="main" depends="prepare, flexunit1lib-swc, hamcrest-swc, fluint-swc, mockolate-swc"
description="Downloads all the required thirdparty SWCs"/>

<target name="prepare" >
@@ -87,7 +88,7 @@

Download a zip or gz file, extracts the jar file, and optionally copies the jar
Download a zip or gz file, extracts the jar/swc file, and optionally copies the jar/swc
file to a different location and optinally verifies the checksum.
If the checksum fails, this script fails.
@@ -235,5 +236,30 @@
<param name="destSwcFile" value="${lib.dir}/fluint-1_2.swc"/>

<target name="mockolate-swc-check" description="Checks if mockolate swc exists.">
<condition property="mockolate.swc.exists">
<available file="${lib.dir}/mockolate-0.9.5.swc"/>

<target name="mockolate-swc" depends="mockolate-swc-check"
description="Downloads and copies mockolate to the lib directory.">
<echo message="Obtaining lib/mockolate-0.9.5.swc"/>
<antcall target="download-zip">
<param name="srcUrl" value=""/>
<param name="zipFile" value=""/>
<param name="srcJarPath" value="mockolate-0.9.5/mockolate-0.9.5.swc"/>
<param name="md5" value="b73fe1bb5f443993adcf8b274f6a48b2"/>
<param name="destJarFile" value="${lib.dir}/mockolate-0.9.5.swc"/>
<delete dir="${download.dir}/temp/mockolate-0.9.5"/>

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