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added download target, which automatically downloads saxon9he.jar
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cyrillzadra committed Sep 15, 2013
1 parent b90304e commit 913fb286c79c773f4cb639e0e137295ac3f9edc8
Showing 4 changed files with 530 additions and 6 deletions.
@@ -34,21 +34,22 @@
fluint (1.2) - MIT
flexunit1lib () - TODO license???
hamcrest (1.1.3) -
mockolate (0.9.5) -
flexunit1lib () - BSD
hamcrest (1.1.3) - BSD
mockolate (0.9.5) - MIT
mock-as - BSD
saxon9he - MPL 1.1

Because the downloads requires a network connection and the JARs don't change very often,
they are each downloaded only if they don't already exist.

<target name="main" depends="prepare, flexunit1lib-swc, hamcrest-swc, fluint-swc, mockolate-swc, mock-as-swc"
<target name="main" depends="prepare, flexunit1lib-swc, hamcrest-swc, fluint-swc, mockolate-swc, mock-as-swc, saxon9he-jar"
description="Downloads all the required thirdparty SWCs"/>

<target name="prepare" >
<target name="prepare" >
<mkdir dir="${lib.dir}" />

@@ -298,5 +299,51 @@
<get src="" dest="${lib.dir}/mock-as3-LICENSE"/>



MPL 1.1 Licesense Notification
Section "Category B: Reciprocal Licenses"
<target name="echo-mpl1.1-license" unless="build.noprompt">
message="Mozilla Public License Version 1.1:
${line.separator}The contents of the file(s) are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.
${line.separator}You may not use the file(s) except in compliance with the License.
${line.separator}You may obtain a copy of the License here:
${line.separator}By downloading, modifying, distributing, using and/or accessing the file(s),
${line.separator}you agree to the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement.
${line.separator}I have read the MPL1.1 license information above?"

<target name="saxon9he-jar-check" description="Checks if saxon9he jar exists.">
<condition property="saxon9he.jar.exists">
<available file="${lib.dir}/build/saxon9he.jar"/>

<target name="saxon9he-jar" depends="saxon9he-jar-check"
description="Downloads and copies saxon9he.jar to the lib/build directory.">
<echo message="Obtaining lib/build/saxon9he.jar"/>
<antcall target="echo-mpl1.1-license"/>
<antcall target="download-swc">
<param name="srcUrl" value=""/>
<param name="srcSwcFile" value="Saxon-HE-9.4.jar"/>
<param name="destSwcFile" value="${lib.dir}/build/saxon9he.jar"/>

Binary file not shown.

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