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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ limitations under the License.


- The Apache Flex SDK Installer AIR application provides an easy installation of the
Apache Flex SDK and all its dependencies. This will make it suitable for working with
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ How to build the installer using ANT (no Flash Builder or any other IDE required

How to set up the project for working with Adobe Flash Builder (or any other IDE):
How to set up the project for working with Adobe Flash Builder 4.7:

1. Unzip the source distribution. You should see the 'installer' directory and the
@@ -151,3 +151,52 @@ How to set up the project for working with Adobe Flash Builder (or any other IDE

7. In the installer project, add ${APACHE_FLEX_UTILITIES_ROOT}/ant_on_air/locale/{locale} as a source path.

How to set up the project for working with JetBrains IDEA 12+

1. Setup a new project by either unzipping the downloaded source or grabbing the source from the version control.

2. During the project setup, DO NOT search for modules or frameworks. We will set these up later.

3. Setup a new module by going to the File -> New Module menu.
Module Type : Flash
Target Platform : Desktop
Output Type : Application
Create Sample App : Unchecked
Create HTML Wrapper : Unchecked

Create the new module, name it "installer" and chose the ${APACHE_FLEX_UTILITIES_ROOT}/installer directory

4. After the module is created, go into the installer module settings (Right-Click -> Open Module Settings)

5. Add the following Content Roots :

6. Mark the following directories as Sources : (some may already be marked as src)

7. Close the Settings dialog

8. Open the Ant Build tab within IDEA.
Add the flex-utilities\build.xml ANT build script.

9. Run the get-as3commons.swc ant target. This will download the required SWC to build the installer.

10. Return to the module properties, and go to the dependencies tab. Make sure the following are listed :
Flex SDK

11. Apply and close the dialog box.

12. Update the flex-utilities\installer\ to match your settings. In theory you should only
have to update the FLEX_HOME_WIN or FLEX_HOME_MAC property to point to your SDK with AIR 4.0 overlaid.

You should now be able to build and debug the installer.

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