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justinmclean committed Oct 18, 2014
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@@ -5,13 +5,21 @@ Apache Flex Tour De Flex Component Explorer 1.2
Apache Flex Tour De Flex 1.2 is an update to 1.1 adding a few minor improvements.

Changes since the version 1.1
- Added welcome page
- Added support for 3rd party examples
- Changed examples look and feel to be more consistent
- Added Squiggly spelling engine examples

Known issues:
- Callout example in the Apache Flex 4.9 examples fails to show the callout.
The sample code will work externally. See FLEX-34539 for details.

Bugs fixed and improvements:
FLEX-34505 Add squiggly example to Tour De Flex
FLEX-34501 Allow 3rd parties to provide examples for inclusion in TourDeFlex
FLEX-34596 Tour De Flex linking is broken
FLEX-34493 Loading bar not centred in panel
FLEX-34485 Improve TourDeFlex consistency and design

Apache Flex Tour De Flex Component Explorer 1.1

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