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Merge pull request #17 from knaufk/FLINK-22783
[FLINK-22783] do not count tickets with updated subtasks against tick…
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knaufk committed May 26, 2021
2 parents b95a7a0 + 7740c78 commit f6e7e9c79e98b5fca6d245a9025de65d8ee062cd
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ def __init__(self, jira_client, config, is_dry_run):
self.warning_comment = config["warning_comment"].get()
self.ticket_limit = config["ticket_limit"].get()

def get_issues(self, jql_query, limit):
def get_issues(self, jql_query, limit=10000):
"""Queries the JIRA PI for all issues that match the given JQL Query
This method is necessary as requests tend to time out if the number of results reaches a certain number.
@@ -82,9 +82,12 @@ def handle_stale_ticket(self, key, warning_label, done_label, comment):
def mark_stale_tickets_stale(self, jql_query):"Looking for stale tickets.")
issues = self.get_issues(jql_query, self.ticket_limit)
issues = self.get_issues(jql_query)

for issue in issues:
updated_issues_counter = 0
i = 0
while i < len(issues) and updated_issues_counter <= self.ticket_limit:
issue = issues[i]
key = issue["key"]

if not self.has_recently_updated_subtask(key, self.stale_days):
@@ -99,11 +102,14 @@ def mark_stale_tickets_stale(self, jql_query):

self.add_label_with_comment(key, self.warning_label, formatted_comment)

updated_issues_counter += 1

f"Found{key}, but is has recently updated Subtasks."
f"Ignoring for now."
i += 1

def handle_tickets_marked_stale(self, jql_query):"Looking for ticket previously marked as {self.warning_label}.")

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