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Update the instructions for how to publish the Docker images.
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Workflow for new releases

When a new release of Flink Stateful Functions is available, the Dockerfiles in this repo should be updated.

Updating the Dockerfiles involves 3 steps:
Updating the Dockerfiles involves 2 steps:

1. Add the GPG key ID of the key used to sign the new release to the `gpg_keys.txt` file.
* Entry format: <statefun_version>=<signing_key>, e.g., 2.0.0=1C1E2394D3194E1944613488F320986D35C33D6A
@@ -23,13 +23,24 @@ Updating the Dockerfiles involves 3 steps:

A pull request can then be opened on this repo with the changes.

At last you need to build the Docker images and upload them to

* `docker build -t apache/flink-statefun:x.y.z`
* `docker push apache/flink-statefun:x.y.z`

Note that the Java 8 image should have a tag of the form `x.y.z-java8`.
The Java 11 image should be published under `x.y.z`, `x.y.z-java11` and `latest`.

If you cannot push to `apache/flink-statefun` then reach out to [INFRA]( to ask to be added to the `apache` DockerHub organization.

### Release checklist

- [ ] The GPG key ID of the key used to sign the new release has been added to `gpg_keys.txt` and
committed with the message `[release] Add GPG key for x.y.z release`
- [ ] `./ -s x.y.z -f a.b.c` has been run, and the new Dockerfiles committed with
the message `[release] Update Dockerfiles for x.y.z release`
- [ ] A pull request with the above changes has been opened on this repo and merged
- [ ] The Docker images have been built and pushed


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