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Add python table api section to the roadmap.
This closes #204
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sunjincheng121 committed May 9, 2019
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@@ -154,6 +154,13 @@ the catalogs ([FLINK-10232](
There is a broad effort to integrate Flink with the Hive Ecosystem, including
metastore and Hive UDF support [FLINK-10556](

There is also a big effort to support Python for Table API [FLIP-38](
We will divide the work into following stages:

- Translate Python Table API queries without UDFs to Java and run them completely in Java for the first step.
- Add support for User-defined functions(Scalar Function/Table Function/Aggregate Function) in the second step.
- Integrating Pandas as the final effort, i.e., functions in Pandas can be used in Python Table API directly.

# Connectors & Formats

Support for additional connectors and formats is a continuous process.
@@ -100,6 +100,13 @@ Flink Web UI 正在移植到更新的框架中并获得其他功能并更好地

还有一个巨大的工作是将 Flink 与 Hive 生态系统集成。包括 Metastore 和 Hive UDF 支持 [FLINK-10556](。

社区在Table API支持Python方面也做出了很多的努力 [FLIP-38](。

- 首先以将Python Table API 直译为Java Table API的方式支持用户编写没有UDFs(标量函数/表值函数/聚合函数)的Python Table API程序。
- 增加对UDFs(标量函数/表值函数/聚合函数)在Python Table API的支持。
- 最后将Pandas与Python Table API进行集成,Pandas中的函数可以在Python Table API中直接使用。

# Connectors & Formats

支持额外的 connectors 和 formats 是一个持续的过程。

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