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[FLINK-27480][kafka] Explain possible metrics InstanceAlreadyExistsEx…
…ception in docs
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Fabian Paul authored and fapaul committed May 9, 2022
1 parent 358c1e4 commit f723242e2249b90da22867fde7f8fa99b3c9de98
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@@ -307,6 +307,13 @@ For metrics of Kafka consumer, you can refer to
<a href="">Apache Kafka Documentation</a>
for more details.
In case you experience a warning with a stack trace containing
` kafka.consumer:[...]`, you are probably trying to
register multiple ```KafkaConsumers``` with the same The warning indicates that not all
available metrics are correctly forwarded to the metrics system. You must ensure that a different
`````` for every ```KafkaSource``` is configured and that no other
```KafkaConsumer``` in your job uses the same ``````.
### Behind the Scene
{{< hint info >}}
If you are interested in how Kafka source works under the design of new data source API, you may

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