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Apache Flink cluster deployment on docker using docker-compose


Install the most recent stable version of docker

Install the most recent stable version of docker-compose

Bluemix PaaS

If you want to build the image on Bluemix redirect the docker cli to the remote endpoints. There is plenty of documentation how to obtain a Bluemix account, so I'm not specifying details. Once you have it and log in using the cloud foundry CLI 'cf' you also need the container specific plugin 'ic'. With that you can get the URL to the remote docker host as well as the path to the certificates. If you search for "Logging in to the IBM Containers CLI plug-in" you get the details.
Here an example:
export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://
export DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/home/markus/.ice/certs/

Now when proceeding to the next paragraph 'build' the docker commands build and run the image (provided you use ./ instead of the native docker-compose command. Do not forget to allocate and bind a public IP address with the 'cf ic ip' set of commands afterwards.


Images are based on the official Java Alpine (OpenJDK 8) image. If you want to build the flink image run:



docker build -t flink .

If you want to build the container for a specific version of flink/hadoop/scala you can configure it in the respective args:

docker build --build-arg FLINK_VERSION=1.0.3 --build-arg HADOOP_VERSION=26 --build-arg SCALA_VERSION=2.10 -t "flink:1.0.3-hadoop2.6-scala_2.10" flink


  • Deploy cluster and see config/setup log output (best run in a screen session)

      docker-compose up
  • Deploy as a daemon (and return)

      docker-compose up -d
  • Scale the cluster up or down to N TaskManagers

      docker-compose scale taskmanager=<N>
  • Access the Job Manager container

      docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=flink_jobmanager --format={{.ID}}) /bin/sh
  • Kill the cluster

      docker-compose kill
  • Upload jar to the cluster

      docker cp <your_jar> $(docker ps --filter name=flink_jobmanager --format={{.ID}}):/<your_path>
  • Copy file to all the nodes in the cluster

      for i in $(docker ps --filter name=flink --format={{.ID}}); do
          docker cp <your_file> $i:/<your_path>
  • Run a topology

From the jobmanager:

    docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=flink_jobmanager --format={{.ID}}) flink run -m <jobmanager:port> -c <your_class> <your_jar> <your_params>

If you have a local flink installation:

    $FLINK_HOME/bin/flink run -m <jobmanager:port> <your_jar>


    $FLINK_HOME/bin/flink run -m <jobmanager:port> -c <your_class> <your_jar> <your_params>


  • The Web Client is on port 48081
  • JobManager RPC port 6123 (default, not exposed to host)
  • TaskManagers RPC port 6122 (default, not exposed to host)
  • TaskManagers Data port 6121 (default, not exposed to host)

Edit the docker-compose.yml file to edit port settings.

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