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f58cb5e FLUME-8: .gitignore file missing from repo
Andrew Bayer authored
1 # Lines that start with '#' are comments.
2 *~
3 *.diff
4 *#
5 .classpath
6 .project
7 .settings
8 bin/
9 conf/flume-site.xml
10 bin/.settings
994cccf FLUME-291: Integrate PMD optionally into the build (ant pmd).
Andrew Bayer authored
11 .eclipse
12 pmd_report.html
f9a4d9b FLUME-677: Update build instructions in devnotes
Andrew Bayer authored
13 */bin
e4e430e FLUME-760. First patch.
Arvind Prabhakar authored
14 target
c0c4947 @harishreedharan FLUME-1787. Implement Pre-commit testing with Jenkins.
harishreedharan authored
15 patchprocess
54ecb80 FLUME-816. Increasing the heap size for running JDBC channel tests.
Arvind Prabhakar authored
16 derby.log
abf24bb FLUME-1337: Add IDEA files to .gitignore
Brock Noland authored
17 .idea
18 *.iml
e61e395 @harishreedharan FLUME-1675. Ignore netbeans config files in rat & git.
harishreedharan authored
19 nb-configuration.xml
6dfe63c @harishreedharan FLUME-2206. ElasticSearchSink ttl field modification to mimic Elastic…
harishreedharan authored
20 .DS_Store
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