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**This is currently a work in progress that depends on unreleased features of Fluo and will not be ready for use until after Fluo 1.2.0 is released.** Sometime after Fluo 1.2.0 is released this project will make its first release.

## Requirements
## Getting Started

The Fluo YARN launcher requires [Apache Fluo][Fluo] and [Hadoop YARN][YARN]:
* [Documentation][docs] for running a Fluo application in YARN

| Software | Recommended Version | Minimum Version |
| [Fluo] | 1.2.0 | 1.2.0 |
| [YARN] | 2.7.2 | 2.6.0 |

See the [related projects page][related] for external projects that may help in setting up these dependencies.

## Set up your Fluo application

Before you can launch a Fluo application in YARN, you should follow Fluo's [install] and [application] instructions
to install Fluo and initialize a Fluo application. After your application has been initialized, follow
the insructions below to install the Fluo YARN launcher and run your application in YARN. Avoid using the
`fluo` command to start local oracle and worker processes if you are running in YARN.

## Install and Configure Fluo YARN launcher

Before you can install the Fluo YARN launcher, you will need to obtain a distribution tarball. It is
recommended that you download the [latest release][release]. You can also build a distribution from the
master branch by following these steps which create a tarball in `distribution/target`:

git clone
cd fluo-yarn/
mvn package

After you obtain a Fluo YARN distribution tarball, follow these steps to install Fluo.

1. Choose a directory with plenty of space, untar the distribution, and run `` to retrieve dependencies:

tar -xvzf fluo-yarn-1.0.0-bin.tar.gz
cd fluo-yarn-1.0.0

The distribution contains a `fluo-yarn` script in `bin/` that administers Fluo and the
following configuration files in `conf/`:

| Configuration file | Description |
| [] | Configures classpath for `fluo-yarn` script. Required for all commands. |
| [] | Configures how application runs in YARN. Required for `start` command. |
| [] | Configures logging |

2. Configure []

* Set `FLUO_HOME` if it is not in your environment
* Modify `FLUO_CONN_PROPS` if you don't want use the default.

3. Configure [] to set how your application will be launched in YARN:

* YARN resource manager hostname
* Number of oracle and worker instances
* Max memory usage per oracle/worker

If you are managing multiple Fluo applications in YARN, you can copy this file and configure it for
each application.

## Start Fluo application in YARN

Follow the instructions below to start your application in YARN. If you have not done so already, you should [initialize
your Fluo application][application] before following these instructions.

1. Configure [] and [] if you have not already.

2. Run the commands below to start your Fluo application in YARN.

fluo-yarn start myapp conf/

The commands will retrieve your application configuration and observer jars (using your application name) before
starting the application in YARN. The command will output a YARN application ID that can be used to find your
application in the YARN resource manager and view its logs.

## Manage Fluo application in YARN

Except for stopping your application in YARN, the `fluo` script can be used to manage your application using the
`scan` and `wait` commands. See [Fluo's application instructions][application] for more information.

When you want you stop your Fluo application, use the the YARN resource manager or the
`yarn application -kill <App ID>` to stop the application in YARN.

[]: distribution/conf/
[]: distribution/conf/
[]: distribution/conf/

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