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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Apache FreeMarker Docgen is an *internal* project under the Apache FreeMarker TL
used for generating [the FreeMarker Manual](,
[the FreeMarker homepage](, and maybe some more.

Docgen generates static web pages from the DocBook 5 "book" XML-s. But, it
Docgen generates static web pages from a DocBook 5 "book" XML. But, it
only implements the small subset of DocBook elements that we actually use, and
it *has no backward compatibility guarantees*.

@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ with the `xxe-addon` installed, that you can find in this project.
## Building

These tools must be installed:
* JDK 8 must be installed (tried with 1.8.0_212)
* Apache Maven must be installed (tried with 3.6.1)
* [Node.js]( must be installed (tried with v10.16.2).
* JDK 8, tested with Oracle 1.8.0_212
* Apache Maven, tested with 3.6.1
* [Node.js](, tested with 12.18.2.
(Node.js is only used to generate static content while building Docgen itself.)

Run these to build:

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