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What is FreeMarker Online Tester

It's a web page to quickly try template snippets, with some simple data-model. It's especially handy for learning the template language.

For a deployed version of this tool you can visit

Development Instructions

  • Clone the repository to a local directory
  • Run ./gradlew build from the cloned directory (use JDK 8)
  • If you want to run it using IDEA run ./gradlew cleanidea idea; this will generate the IDEA project for you.
  • To run the service:
    • From command line: build shadowJar (not jar) and then issue java -jar build/libs/freemarker-online-<VERSION>.jar server src/main/resources/freemarker-online.yml
    • From IDE: run class org.apache.freemarker.onlinetester.dropwizard.FreeMarkerOnlineTester with arguments server src/main/resources/freemarker-online.yml
  • Then, to try the service locally, visit http://localhost:8080/


FreeMarker-Online is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.