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Added how to deploy a SNAPSHOT version
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ddekany committed Jul 8, 2017
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<section xml:id="deploy-snapshot">
<title>Deploying Maven SNAPSHOT versions</title>

<para>After you have merged/committed your changes to the respectable
branch, you may want to publish that version to <link
Users or fellow developers can use this Maven repository to try
snapshot version.</para>

<para>To publish the snapshot version, fist check that
<literal></literal> contains the proper version,
most importantly, that <literal>mavenVersion</literal> ends with
<literal>-SNAPSHOT</literal>. (If not, it will deploy to the release
staging repository.) Then issue <literal>ant dist
maven-dist</literal>. (Note that just as with a real release, the
artifacts with be signed with PGP.)</para>

<section xml:id="updating-homepage">
<title>Updating the FreeMarker home page</title>

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