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Removed some release steps, and mailing list references related to th…
…e project, as we lost control over the project over there.
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ddekany committed Feb 16, 2020
1 parent 4b82978 commit a36a1d56e5418131c4f87f2737aff120adfd3b7d
Showing 2 changed files with 0 additions and 46 deletions.
@@ -508,13 +508,6 @@ two freemarker.jar-s and unpredictable behavior!
reported security vulnerabilities.</para>

<title><olink targetdoc="oldBugTracker">Bugs still in the old


<title><olink targetdoc="newStackOverflowQuestion">Ask help on Stack
@@ -644,30 +637,6 @@ two freemarker.jar-s and unpredictable behavior!

<para>The mailing list archive can be found <olink

<title>Retired mailing lists</title>

<para>These are the lists on, which
<emphasis>shouldn't be used anymore</emphasis>.</para>

<para>Archives of <emphasis>retired</emphasis> lists:</para>



<para><olink targetdoc="oldMailingListSubscription">Manage
<emphasis>retired</emphasis> list subscriptions...</olink></para>

<section xml:id="poweredBy">
@@ -1533,14 +1502,6 @@ two freemarker.jar-s and unpredictable behavior!
the Apache Software Foundation, as usual.</para>

<para>The same two artifacts should also be released (uploaded for
download) on <link
We add a note there to indicate that the canonical download is the
one from Apache.</para>

<para>Releases should have a usual jar artifact, an src artifact
and javadoc artifact either in the Apache Maven staging repository
@@ -1878,11 +1839,6 @@ two freemarker.jar-s and unpredictable behavior!
<para>On <link

<para>On the old FreeMarker mailing lists: freemarker-user,
freemarker-devel, freemarker-announce</para>

@@ -85,11 +85,9 @@ olinks: {
devMailingListArchive: ""
notificationsMailingListSubscribe: ""
notificationsMailingListUnsubscribe: ""
oldMailingListSubscription: ""
oldUserMailingListArchive: ""
oldDevelMailingListArchive: ""
newBugReport: ""
oldBugTracker: ""
newStackOverflowQuestion: ""
asfSponsorship: ""
asfThanks: ""

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