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add info on path to profiler
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nonbinaryprogrammer committed Mar 20, 2019
1 parent 20624db commit 7421511ee249c5fe53e240169385a56fbc347921
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@@ -141,7 +141,8 @@ applications running". If there is a test in progress, you should be able to cli
monitor the test.
* Pull up a terminal and navigate to `geode-benchmarks/infrastructure/scripts/aws`
* Copy the YourKit file to the AWS VMs using the following command
* `./ --tag <clusterTag> <path to> .`
* `./ -tag <clusterTag> <path to> .`
* Your path to the `` is probably `/Applications/`
* Run the test using the `` script, with the additional CLI option `-Pbenchmark.profiler.argument`:
* `./ --tag <clusterTag> [other CLI options] -- -i -Pbenchmark.profiler.argument=-agentpath:/home/geode/,exceptions=disable,delay=60000,sessionname=JVM_ROLE-JVM_ID`
* Return to YourKit and profile as usual

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