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@@ -120,12 +120,12 @@ The `gradlew publish` command *does not* update the `css` and `stylesheets` dire
1. On the __asf-site__ branch, create a destination directory for the User Guide. The naming convention is:

where `XY` is the product version of your documentation (e.g., `{geode-site}/website/content/docs/guide/17` if you are publishing the documentation for Apache Geode 1.7). So, if your current working directory is the top level of `{geode-site}`, you would create the destination directory with the following command:

$ mkdir -p {geode-site}/website/content/docs/guide/XY
$ mkdir -p {geode-site}/docs/guide/XY

1. Navigate to the User Guide you have built in the Geode repository: `{geode-project-dir}/geode-book/final_app/public/docs/guide/XY`.
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ The `gradlew publish` command *does not* update the `css` and `stylesheets` dire
- Navigate to the target directory and un-tar the userguide archive:

$ cd {geode-site}/website/content/docs/guide/XY
$ cd {geode-site}/docs/guide/XY
$ tar xvf ~/Desktop/new-guide-content.tar

@@ -161,6 +161,8 @@ Commit and push the __asf-site__ branch. Apache detects the update and publishes

- Check your commit of the __asf-site__ branch. The site's deployable files are at the top level, rooted at {geode-site}/index.html. Make sure that directories such as `{geode-site}/docs` and `{geode-site}/releases` contain the latest versions of `index.html` and the docs.

- DO NOT commit the {geode-site}/build directory. This is the place where files compiled on the __master__ branch are placed, then retrieved after the switch to the __asf-site__ branch. It must be freshly generated with each iteration, not saved to the repo.

For further assistance, you can

- [file a JIRA against the INFRA project](, or

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