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GEODE-2015: Edit links to docs info
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GEODE-2015: Fix extension for Bookbinder update

GEODE-2015: Update GemFire.lock for Bookbinder 10.0.2

Revert "GEODE-2015: Add images_svg, stylesheets to Rules passthrough"

This reverts commit d942321f985173323ae623ba0a08473a28fb91e4.

GEODE-2015: Point user guide link to new location

GEODE-2015: Edit docs to work better with site

GEODE-2015: Add to geode-book README steps to embed docs in site

Update site README with User Guide info

GEODE-2015: Fix user guide paths for website

Fix redirects for docs/guide

GEODE-2015: Improve README instructions

GEODE-2015: Fix doc/site READMEs; fix docs link in project README

Fix README spacing

This closes #267
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@@ -2,15 +2,20 @@

This directory contains the source files for the project website. Website content is written in [Markdown]( and the site files are generated from that source by a tool called [Pandoc](

Source files for the website are in ``${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website/content``
Source files for the website are in `${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website/content`.

Generated files for the website are in ``${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/content``
Generated files for the website are in `${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/content`.

NOTE: To make changes to the [Apache Geode User Guide](

- See `${geode-project-dir}/geode-docs/` for information about contributing to the documentation source files.
- See `${geode-project-dir}/geode-book/` for information about building a local version of the guide and adding it to the website.

The website is updated by a "sync" tool that monitors the __asf-site__ branch
of our Git repo, so after making changes you must place your updated source
and generated files on the __asf-site__ branch and push.
The content will be published to the
[Geode website]( after a 5-20 minute delay.
Geode website]( after a 5-20 minute delay.

## Prerequisites

@@ -36,13 +41,15 @@ Install Nanoc and other Ruby Gems needed:
Source files for the website are in
When changing the actual content of the site, find the Markdown files that you
need to edit under the ``${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website/content/docs``
need to edit under the `${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website/content/`
directory and make your change.

If you need to change the layout or styling of the site,
then you will probably need to change an HTML, JS or CSS file
within the ``${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website/content`` directory.

NOTE: The [Apache Geode User Guide]( source files are in `${geode-project-dir}/geode-docs/`. See `${geode-project-dir}/geode-docs/` for more information.

### 2. Locally generate the site and test your changes

Run the nanoc compiler to generate the site.
@@ -53,10 +60,11 @@ file to place the locally built website into the
With a cwd of ``${geode-project-dir}/geode-site/website``:

$ nanoc compile

Run ``git status`` and you should see your changes plus any updated files
under the ``${geode-project-dir}/content`` directory.

NOTE: Whether or not you have made changes to the Apache Geode User Guide, you must now build the User Guide and move the User Guide files to the Geode website. For instructions, see `${geode-project-dir}/geode-book/`.

To view your changes locally, use the view command to start a local web server. Check the website at [](

$ nanoc view
@@ -76,18 +84,16 @@ top level, ``${geode-project-dir}``, of the __asf-site__ branch.
Here is one way to accomplish this:

1. On the __develop__ branch

$ cd geode-site/website
$ nanoc compile
$ cd ../content
$ tar cvf new-website-content.tar .
$ mv new-website-content.tar ~/Desktop/.
The move of the TAR file is not necessary, but helps to clarify this example.
$ mv new-website-content.tar ~/Desktop/

2. Expand the TAR file at the top level of the __asf-site__ branch
2. Expand the TAR file at the top level of the __asf-site__ branch (cwd should be ${geode-project-dir}:

$ cd .. (cwd should be ${geode-project-dir})
$ checkout asf-site
$ git checkout asf-site
$ tar xvf ~/Desktop/new-website-content.tar

3. Commit and push on the __asf-site__ branch
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ <h2>Geode Documentation</h2>
<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-4">
<h3><a href="" style="color: #1275ff;">Apache Geode (incubating) User Documentation</a></h3>
<h3><a href="guide/about_geode.html" style="color: #1275ff;">Apache Geode (incubating) User Documentation</a></h3>
<p>Installation Instructions, User Manual, other product docs</p>
<div class="col-md-4">
@@ -45,4 +45,3 @@ <h3><a href="" style="col

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