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Creating a readme for basic usage.
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# Apache Safeguard
Apache Safeguard is a library around Fault Tolerance, giving your application resilience in a highly distributed microservices framework. It is designed for use with CDI applications.

## What is Fault Tolerance?

In today's microservices runtimes, Fault Tolerance allows an application to handle the situations where another service it is consuming is unavialable.

## Types of Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance is a broad subject, has multiple areas of support typically found in a framework.

### Fallback

When a given invocation fails, you can declare a Fallback for that method.

### Timeout

Allows method invocations to be bounded to a specific duration. Once that boundary hits, an exception is thrown or a fallback is invoked.

### Retry

Allows a method to be invoked a number of times, as well as for a given duration.

### Circuit Breaker

Allows invocations to a given method as long as it is returning successfully. Based on thresholds defined, when a method begins failing invocations will be blocked. After a duration has passed invocations will begin to attempt again.

### Bulkhead

A bulkhead throttles concurrent access to a method. The throttling can either by based on a semaphore or a thread pool. Semaphores are invoked on the caller's thread and are not bound by any limit to pending requests. Thread pools are used to invoke the component asynchronously and have a finite amount of waiting invocations.

## Getting Started

Apache Safeguard is currently in development. You can use our snapshots from the Apache Snapshots repository. These builds are in no way endorsed.


Apache Safeguard implements the [MicroProfile Fault Tolerance v1.0 specification](

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