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Merge branch 'ueinfo_with_downcall_locking' into 'ibm-trunk'
Ueinfo with downcall locking

Clean up locking in Downcall to use java.util.concurrent.locks.
Unknown exception info service context was being unmarshalled on the wrong thread and did not have the correct class loading context.
TypeDescriptor caching was incorrect and allowed finding the wrong class in some circumstances.
FullValueDescription from ValueDescriptor incorrectly reported non-custom chunked types as custom, leading to errors when the client ORB tried to unmarshal the associated data.

See merge request !53
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ngmr committed Jun 8, 2015
2 parents 6a8f04f + f7781dc commit b691809bd57057e46aa07e50fd9b9cabbe1d0ff7
Showing 18 changed files with 620 additions and 522 deletions.
@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ public boolean send(Downcall down, boolean b) {
// dispatch thread is used, we could avoid initializing the
// state monitor when it is not needed.

Upcall up;

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