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Apache Geronimo milestone build M2 (Aug 4, 2004)
This README serves as five minute overview of Geronimo, but better
documentation can be found here:
Those are wiki pages that will be updated as we collect feedback from
this release.
O'Reilly has released two chapters of the forthcoming Geronimo Developer's
Notebook by David Blevins (O'Reilly 2004-ish) to help Geronimo reach its M2
goals and to grow the community. The chapters are located at:
Release Notes
Please read the RELEASE_NOTES for a complete list of thinigs that are
not yet functional. We wrote those up to save you time trying to get
things to work we know are not implemented.
If you've downloaded and unpacked a binary distrobution of Geronimo,
then you are finished with installation. If you downloaded a source
distrobution, then see the BUILDING.txt file for more instructions
before continuing any further.
Geronimo Home
The GERONIMO_HOME directory, is the directory where the Geronimo
binary was unpacked or the it is the 'target' directory created by
Maven from a source distrobution.
If you unpacked the binary into the directory C:\geronimo,
for example, than this directory is your GERONIMO_HOME directory.
The GERONIMO_HOME directory is refered to in various parts of the
documentation, so it's good to remeber where it is.
The Geronimo deployment tool is packaged in the executable jar
bin/deployer.jar under the GERONIMO_HOME and can be executed like
C:\geronimo> java -jar bin\deployer.jar --install --module myDataSource.rar
C:\geronimo> java -jar bin\deployer.jar --install --module myEJB.jar
C:\geronimo> java -jar bin\deployer.jar --install --module myWebapp.war
Notice that the deployer.jar is capable of handling a number of
different archive types; rar, war, and ejb jar. At this time ear
archives are not supported.
The main server class is also packed in an executable jar,
bin/server.jar, and can be ran in a way similar to the deploy tool.
C:\geronimo> java -jar bin\server.jar org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole
I know what you're thinking, "Why does 'bin\server.jar' use
back-slashes and 'org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole' use
forward-slashes?" The answer is 'org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole'
is a URI; a unique identifier that Geronimo uses to find the app you
want to start. URI's use forward-slashes only, never back-slashes.
So, no matter what operating system your on, the URI will always look
similar to the one above.
Any problems with this release can be reported to the Geronimo
mailing list or Jira issue tracker.
Mailing list archive:
Mailing list subscription:
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