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Giraph Change Log
Release 0.2.0 - unreleased
GIRAPH-296: TotalNumVertices and TotalNumEdges are not saved in checkpoint.
(majakabiljo via apresta)
GIRAPH-297: Checkpointing on master is done one superstep later
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-275: Restore data locality to workers reading InputSplits
where possible without querying NameNode, ZooKeeper. (Eli Reisman
via jghoman)
GIRAPH-258: Check type compatibility before submitting job.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-218: Consolidate all I/O Format classes under one roof in
lib/ directory. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-259: TestBspBasic.testBspPageRank is broken (majakabiljo via apresta)
GIRAPH-256: Partitioning outgoing graph data during INPUT_SUPERSTEP
by # of vertices results in wide variance in RPC message sizes. (Eli
Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-290: Add committer information for Alessandro Presta to pom.xml
GIRAPH-286. Remove DISCLAIMER from source tree. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-287: Add option to limit the number of open requests.
(Maja Kabiljo via jghoman)
GIRAPH-262: Netty optimization to handle requests locally whenever
possible. (aching)
GIRAPH-288: Bandwidth tracking - subset of GIRAPH-262. (aching)
GIRAPH-289: Add thread and channel pooling to NettyClient and
NettyServer. (ekoontz via aching)
GIRAPH-276: Fix broken tests in pseudo-distributed mode.
(Alessandro Presta via jghoman)
GIRAPH-281: Add options to control Netty's per-channel receive and
send buffer sizes (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-228: SimpleTriangleClosingVertex should not use ArrayWritable
for a vertex value. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-209: Include munge version in artifact name.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-280: Add IntelliJ-generated *.iml and *.ipr files to Apache
Rat's <exclude> list. (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-45: Improve the way to keep outgoing messages (majakabiljo
via aching).
GIRAPH-271: Regression in imports in CommunicationsInterface (netj
via aching).
GIRAPH-267: Jobs can get killed for not reporting status during
INPUT SUPERSTEP (netj via aching).
GIRAPH-266: Average aggregators don't calculate real average
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-244: Vertex API redesign (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-236: Add FindBugs to maven build (Jan van der Lugt via
GIRAPH-224: Netty server-side combiner (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-251: Allow to access the distributed cache from Vertexes and
WorkerContext (Gianmarco De Francisci Morales via aching).
GIRAPH-261: Rename isQuiet variable. (Gianmarco De Francisci Morales
via jghoman).
GIRAPH-248: Generic IdentityVertex for IO testing (Sean Choi via
GIRAPH-222: GIRAPH-222 giraph-formats-contrib needs a README (bfem
via aching).
GIRAPH-257: TestBspBasic.testBspMasterCompute is broken (majakabiljo
via aching).
GIRAPH-81: Create annotations on provided algorithms for cli
(majakabiljo via aching).
GIRAPH-242: HashMapVertex stores neighbor ids twice.
(Alessandro Presta via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-241: Small typos in var names in
(Eli Reisman via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-239: IntIntNullIntVertex doesn't save halted state (apresta
via aching)
GIRAPH-238: BasicVertex should have default Writable implementation
(apresta via aching)
GIRAPH-233: Small errors found by FindBugs (Jan van der Lugt via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-216: NullWritable as VertexData, EdgeData or MessageData
should be allowed. (Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-221: Make iteration over edges more explicit (apresta via aching).
GIRAPH-225: Guava version in POM.XML is really old. Updated to version 12.0.
(Eli Reisman via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-223: Need to put Giraph jar on classpath, post-GIRAPH-205.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-213: NettyClient.stop() could deadlock according to docs.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-127: Extending the API with a master.compute() function.
(Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-220: Default implementation of BasicVertex#sendMsgToAllEdges().
(Alessandro Presta via jghoman)
GIRAPH-217: Add SimpleTriangleClosingVertex to Giraph examples.
(Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-219: pom in giraph-formats-contrib should have groupId
'org.apache.giraph'. (Brian Femiano via jghoman)
GIRAPH-215: Update site to use Giraph logo and remove 'incubator'
text (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-205: Move Giraph jar to root level of tar.gz.
(Roman Shaposhnik via jghoman)
GIRAPH-206: Break out SimpleShortestPathVertex. (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-210: Hadoop 1.0 profile has no activation. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-192: Move aggregators to a separate sub-package.
(Jan van der Lugt via jghoman)
GIRAPH-208: LocalTestMode's zookeeper directory is not being cleaned up
after job runs (ekoontz)
GIRAPH-194: Fix up URLs in the pom. (omalley)
GIRAPH-153: HBase/Accumulo Input and Output formats. (bfem via aching)
GIRAPH-187: SequenceFileVertexInputFormat has WritableComparable<I>
as a bounded type for I. (roman4asf via aching)
GIRAPH-20: Move temporary test files from the project directory. (ssc)
GIRAPH-37: Implement Netty-backed IPC. (aching)
GIRAPH-184: Upgrade to junit4. (Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-176: BasicRPCCommunications has unnecessary cast of Vertex.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-175: Replace manual array copy to utility method call.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-181: Add Hadoop 1.0 profile to pom.xml. (ekoontz via aching)
GIRAPH-183: Add Claudio's FOSDEM presentation (slides and video)
to the site. (claudio)
GIRAPH-179: BspServiceMaster's PathFilter can be simplified.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-177: SimplePageRankVertex has two redundant casts.
(Devaraj K via jghoman)
GIRAPH-168: Simplify munge directive usage with new munge flag
HADOOP_SECURE (rather than HADOOP_FACEBOOK) and remove usage of
HADOOP (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-85: Simplify return expression in
RPCCommunications::getRPCProxy (Eli Reisman via jghoman)
GIRAPH-171: Total time in is calculated
incorrectly (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-144: GiraphJob should not extend Job (users should not be
able to call Job methods like waitForCompletion or setMapper..etc)
GIRAPH-159: Case insensitive file/directory name matching will
produce errors on M/R jar unpack (bfem via aching).
GIRAPH-166: add '*.patch' to list of files that Apache Rat ignores
(ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-167: mvn -Phadoop_non_secure clean verify fails (ekoontz via
GIRAPH-163: bin/giraph script overwrites CLASSPATH if "dev
environment" detected (this also removes USER_JAR from CLASSPATH)
(metaman via aching).
GIRAPH-164: fix 5 "Line is longer than 80 characters" style errors
in GiraphRunner (ekoontz via aching).
GIRAPH-162: BspCase.setup() should catch FileNotFoundException
thrown from org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.listStatus() (ekoontz
via aching).
GIRAPH-161: Handling null messages and edges when initializing
IntIntNullIntVertex (dlogothetis via aching).
GIRAPH-156: Users should be able to set simple 'custom arguments'
via org.apache.giraph.GiraphRunner (ssc)
GIRAPH-154: Worker ports are not synched properly with its peers
(Zhiwei Gu via aching).
GIRAPH-87: Simplify boolean expression in
BspService::checkpointFrequencyMet (Eli Reisman via aching).
GIRAPH-150: PageRankBenchmark accesses wrong conf after GiraphJob is
created (aching).
GIRAPH-40: Added checkstyle for enforcement of code conventions.
All Giraph source files now pass checkstyle. (aching)
GIRAPH-148: giraph-site.xml needs Apache header. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-139: Change PageRankBenchmark to be accessible via bin/giraph.
GIRAPH-143: Add support for giraph to have a conf file. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-142: _hadoopBsp should be prefixable via configuration. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-145. Change partition request log level to debug rather than info.
GIRAPH-130: Fix Javadoc warnings. (Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-137: De-duplicate pagerank implementation in PageRankBenchmark.
(Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-133: Typo in JavaDoc in BspCase::remove().
(Harsh J. Chouraria via jghoman)
GIRAPH-136: Error message for bin/graph could be improved. (jghoman)
Release 0.1.0 - 2012-01-31
GIRAPH-120: Add Sebastian Schelter to site. (ssc)
GIRAPH-117: DefaultWorkerContext should preserve the method signatures
of WorkerContext. (ssc)
GIRAPH-135: Need DISCLAIMER for incubator. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-134: Fix NOTICE file for release. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-128: RPC port from BasicRPCCommunications should be only a
starting port, and retried. (aching)
GIRAPH-131: Enable creation of test-jars to simplify testing in
downstream projects. (André Kelpe via jghoman)
GIRAPH-129: Enable creation of javadoc and sources jars.
(André Kelpe via jghoman)
GIRAPH-124: Combiner should return Iterable<M> instead of M or
null. (claudio)
GIRAPH-125: Bug in LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.sendMsgToAllEdges().
(humming80 via aching)
GIRAPH-122: Roll version back to 0.1. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-118: Clarify messages behavior in BasicVertex. (claudio)
GIRAPH-119: VertexCombiner should work on Iterable<M> instead of
List<M>. (claudio)
GIRAPH-116: Make EdgeListVertex the default vertex implementation,
fix bugs related to EdgeListVertex. (aching)
GIRAPH-115: Port of the HCC algorithm for identifying all connected
components of a graph. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-112: Use elements() properly in LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.
GIRAPH-114: Inconsistent message map handling in
BasicRPCCommunications.LargeMessageFlushExecutor. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-109: GiraphRunner should provide support for combiners.
(ssc via claudio)
GIRAPH-113: Change cast to Vertex used in prepareSuperstep() to
BasicVertex. (humming80 via aching)
GIRAPH-110: Add guide to setup the enviroment for running the
unittests in a pseudo-distributed hadoop instance. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-73: A little refactoring. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-106: Change prepareSuperstep() to make
setMessages(Iterable<M> messages) package-private. (aching)
GIRAPH-105: BspServiceMaster.checkWorkers() should return empty
lists instead of null. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-80: Don't expose the list holding the messages in
BasicVertex. (ssc via aching)
GIRAPH-103: Added properties for commonly used package version to
pom.xml. (aching)
GIRAPH-57: Add new RPC call (putVertexIdMessagesList) to batch
putMsgList RPCs together. (aching)
GIRAPH-104: Save half of maximum memory used from messaging. (aching)
GIRAPH-10: Aggregators are not exported. (claudio)
GIRAPH-100: GIRAPH-100 - Data input sampling and testing
improvements. (aching)
GIRAPH-51: Provide unit testing tool for Giraph algorithms.
(Sebastian Schelter via jghoman)
GIRAPH-89: Simplify boolean expressions in BspRecordReader.
(shaunak via claudio)
GIRAPH-90: LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex has possibily the iterator()
implementation broken (claudio)
GIRAPH-99: Make AdjacencyListVertexReader and its constructor public.
(Kohei Ozaki via jghoman)
GIRAPH-98: Add Claudio Martella to site. (claudio)
GIRAPH-97: and missing license header (claudio)
GIRAPH-92: Need outputformat for just vertex ID and value. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-86: Simplify boolean expressions in ZooKeeperExt::createExt.
(attilacsordas via jghoman)
GIRAPH-91: Large-memory improvements (Memory reduced vertex
implementation, fast failure, added settings). (aching)
GIRAPH-89: Remove debugging system.out from LongDoubleFloatDoubleVertex.
(shaunak via aching)
GIRAPH-88: Message count not updated properly after GIRAPH-11. (aching)
GIRAPH-70: Misspellings in PseudoRandomVertexInputFormat configuration
parameters. (attilacsordas via jghoman)
GIRAPH-58: Update site with Arun's id (asuresh)
GIRAPH-11: Improve the graph distribution of Giraph. (aching)
GIRAPH-64: Create VertexRunner to make it easier to run users'
computations. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-79: Change the menu layout of the site. (hyunsik via jghoman)
GIRAPH-75: Create sections on how to get involved and how
to generate patches on website. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-63: Typo in PageRankBenchmark. (shaunak via jghoman)
GIRAPH-47: Export Worker's Context/State to vertices through
pre/post/Application/Superstep. (cmartella via aching)
GIRAPH-71: SequenceFileVertexInputFormat missing license header;
rat fails. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-36: Ensure that subclassing BasicVertex is possible by user
apps. (jmannix via aching)
GIRAPH-50: Require Maven 3 in order to work with munging plugin.
GIRAPH-67: Provide AdjacencyList InputFormat for Ids of Strings and
double values. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-56: Create a CSV TextOutputFormat. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-66: Add presentations section to website. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-62: Provide input format for reading graphs stored as adjacency
lists. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-59: Missing some test if debug enabled before LOG.debug() and (guzhiwei via aching)
GIRAPH-48: numFlushThreads is 0 when doing a single worker
unittest. Changing the minimum to 1. (aching)
GIRAPH-44: Add documentation about counter limits in Hadoop 0.203+.
(mtiwari via jghoman)
GIRAPH-12: Investigate communication improvements. (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-46: Race condition on superstep 1 with RPC servers not
started by the time that requests are sent. (aching)
GIRAPH-21: Revise CODE_CONVENTIONS. (aching via jghoman)
GIRAPH-39: mvn rat doesn't like .git or .idea. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-32: Implement benchmarks to evaluate the performance of message
passing. (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-34: Failure of Vertex reflection for putVertexList from
GIRAPH-27. (aching)
GIRAPH-35: Modifying the site to indicate that Jake Mannix and
Dmitriy Ryaboy are now Giraph committers. (aching)
GIRAPH-33: Missing license header of (Claudio
Martella via hyunsik)
GIRAPH-31: Hide the SortedMap<I, Edge<I,E>> in Vertex from client
visibility (impl. detail), replace with appropriate accessor
methods. (jake.mannix via aching)
GIRAPH-30: NPE in ZooKeeperManager if base directory cannot be
created. apurtell via aching.
GIRAPH-27: Mutable static global state in should be
refactored. jake.mannix via aching.
GIRAPH-25: NPE in BspServiceMaster when failing a job. dvryaboy via
GIRAPH-24: Job-level statistics reports one superstep greater than
workers. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-18: Refactor BspServiceWorker::loadVertices(). (jghoman)
GIRAPH-14: Support for the Facebook Hadoop branch. (aching)
GIRAPH-16: Add Apache RAT to the verify build step. (omalley)
GIRAPH-17: Giraph doesn't give up properly after the maximum connect
attempts to ZooKeeper. (aching)
GIRAPH-2: Make the project homepage. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-9: Change Yahoo License Header to Apache License Header (hyunsik)
GIRAPH-6: Remove Yahoo-specific code from pom.xml. (jghoman)
GIRAPH-5: Remove Yahoo directories after svn import from Yahoo! (aching)
GIRAPH-3: Vertex:sentMsgToAllEdges should be sendMsg. (jghoman)
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