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GUACAMOLE-478: Document "normalize-clipboard" parameter for RDP.
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mike-jumper committed Dec 25, 2021
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@@ -933,6 +933,38 @@ are not configured, NLA-based connections will fail.

If you are using NLA, authentication must be enabled by definition.


#### Clipboard normalization

Windows uses a different sequence of characters at the end of each line
compared to other operating systems. As RDP preserves the format of line
endings within the clipboard, this can cause trouble when using a non-Windows
machine to access Windows or vice versa.

If clipboard normalization is used, Guacamole will automatically translate the
line endings within clipboard data to compensate for the expectations of the
remote system.

: The type of line ending normalization to apply to text within the clipboard,
if any. By default, line ending normalization is not applied.

Possible values are:

: Preserve all line endings within the clipboard exactly as they are,
performing no normalization whatsoever. This is the default.

: Automatically transform all line endings within the clipboard to Unix-style
line endings (LF). This format of line ending is the format used by both
Linux and Mac.

: Automatically transform all line endings within the clipboard to
Windows-style line endings (CRLF).


#### Session settings

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