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Update description of GUACAMOLE-764 with respect to GUACAMOLE-1112.
Depending on platform, GUACAMOLE-764 may not be fully addressed. Further
changes may be needed to ensure 64-bit seeks are actually used.
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mike-jumper committed Jun 26, 2020
1 parent c6cb7ed commit 1312afdc33f68c2d60bf730c1d968526367a004f
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 10 deletions.
@@ -312,16 +312,6 @@ and connections to VNC servers requiring TLS should function correctly.

* [GUACAMOLE-414]( - Certain VNC servers result in disconnection due to TLS errors

### Large file transfer with RDP

A bug in Guacamole's handling of RDPDR (drive redirection for RDP) resulted in
read/write offsets being incorrectly truncated to 32 bits, resulting in file
transfers failing for any files exceeding 4 GB in size. These offsets have been
corrected to use proper 64-bit integers, and file transfers of large files
should now succeed.

* [GUACAMOLE-764]( - RDPDR file read/write may be truncated to 32 bits

### Rendering of balancing groups

Guacamole is intended to render empty balancing groups as if they were
@@ -389,6 +379,7 @@ Miscellaneous fixes/improvements
* [GUACAMOLE-740]( - Spanish translation contains hard-coded version number
* [GUACAMOLE-741]( - Spanish translation duplicates "APP.NAME" string
* [GUACAMOLE-749]( - Filter affects only the first level of the connection permission editor tree
* [GUACAMOLE-764]( - RDPDR file read/write may be truncated to 32 bits
* [GUACAMOLE-772]( - Reducing image Docker size for Guacd
* [GUACAMOLE-783]( - REST API responses are cached in IE 11
* [GUACAMOLE-784]( - Tolerate port number within X-Forwarded-For header

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