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GUACAMOLE-559: Update FAQ regarding new support for async clipboard API.
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mike-jumper committed May 4, 2018
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@@ -118,16 +118,20 @@ Clipboard {#clipboard}
### Why don't you just use the clipboard directly instead of the box in the menu? {#local-clipboard}

Guacamole actually already attempts to do this leveraging the [Clipboard
API]( defined by the W3C. Browsers only
provide access to the clipboard under very strict circumstances, so these
attempts will fail unless the browser itself provides some means of explicitly
granting clipboard access.

IE10 and IE11 will both prompt the user to grant clipboard access, and there is
a [third-party extension for
which provides similar functionality. Until a generic mechanism for granting
clipboard access exists across all browsers, these are really the only options.
API]( defined by the W3C, with support
for the asynchronous version of this API added via
[GUACAMOLE-559]( Browsers
vary in their level of support for this API, and some only provide access to
the clipboard under very strict circumstances.

The following browsers are known to support clipboard access:

* Google Chrome version 66 and later (via the [Asynchronous Clipboard API](
* Older versions of Google Chrome using the third-party [Clipboard Permission Manager extension](
* IE10 and IE11 (via the older, synchronous version of the API)

This can be expected to change as the asynchronous version of the clipboard API
gains wider adoption.

### I see the browser has "copy" and "paste" events. Why don't you handle these events so clipboard works? {#copy-paste-events}

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