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reformat sql cmd/perm/resource table using html (closes #112)
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@@ -130,6 +130,28 @@ Once the connection between HAWQ and Ranger is configured, you may choose to set
6. Select **Service Actions > Restart All** and confirm that you want to restart the HAWQ cluster.

## <a id="rpsadminstate"></a>Displaying the Status of HAWQ/Ranger Integration

Determine the status of HAWQ/Ranger integration in your cluster by:

- Identifying the access control method currently in place in your HAWQ cluster. If the `hawq_acl_type` server configuration parameter value is set to `ranger`, you have enabled Ranger authorization for HAWQ.

``` shell
gpadmin@master$ hawq config -s hawq_acl_type
GUC : hawq_acl_type
Value : ranger

- Querying the state of your HAWQ cluster. If `hawq state` or Ambari **HAWQ Service Check** output identifies that the HAWQ Ranger Plug-in Service status is Active, the plug-in is up and running:

``` shell
gpadmin@master$ hawq state
20170327:16:35:06:508426 hawq_state:master:gpadmin-[INFO]:-- Current HAWQ acl type = ranger
20170327:16:35:06:508426 hawq_state:master:gpadmin-[INFO]:-- HAWQ Ranger plugin service state = Active

## <a id="customconfig"></a> Custom Configuration

Configuration files for the HAWQ Ranger Plug-in Service are located in the `$GPHOME/ranger/etc` directory. These files include:

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