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HAWQ-1062. Remove ASF incompatible Perl JSON module
* Remove JSON Perl Module (Artistic license) module (files and
  directory) from source tree.  The user wanting to run these Perl JSON
  module dependent scripts (,, are
  instructed to download it from if it is not found in dev
  environment.  Here is error message received if JSON Perl Module is
  not found:

    Fatal Error: The required package JSON is not installed -- please
    download it from

  JSON Perl Module versions 2.27 through 2.90 are known to work.

* Update LICENSE file and remove licenses/LICENSE-json.txtfile.
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Ed Espino committed Sep 21, 2016
1 parent 281014e commit 17342b7fe718c4f1363c54c2d52fe7837b531a36
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@@ -383,9 +383,6 @@ Perl LICENSE
license. See project link for details. The text of each license is
also included at licenses/LICENSE-[project].txt.



This file was deleted.

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