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HBASE-22951 [HBCK2] hbase hbck throws IOE "No FileSystem for scheme: …
…hdfs" (#22)

Add note on how to add hdfs jars when running filesystem command.
Make note of new 'HBCK Report'. Did general edit.
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# Apache HBase HBCK2 Tool

HBCK2 is the successor to [hbck](,
the hbase-1.x fixup tool (A.K.A _hbck1_). Use it in place of _hbck1_ making repairs against hbase-2.x installs.
the hbase-1.x fixup tool (A.K.A _hbck1_). Use it in place of _hbck1_ making repairs
against hbase-2.x installs.

## _hbck1_
The _hbck_ tool that ships with hbase-1.x (A.K.A _hbck1_) should not be run against an
hbase-2.x cluster. It may do damage. While _hbck1_ is still bundled inside hbase-2.x
-- to minimize surprise (it has a fat pointer to _HBCK2_ at the head of its help
output) -- it's write-facility (`-fix`) has been removed. It can report on the state
of an hbase-2.x cluster but its assessments are likely inaccurate since it does not
understand the internal workings of an hbase-2.x.

_HBCK2_ does much less than _hbck1_ because many of the class of problems
_hbck1_ addressed are either no longer issues in hbase-2.x, or we've made
(or will make) a dedicated tool to do what _hbck1_ used incorporate. _HBCK2_ also
works in a manner that differs from how _hbck1_ operated, asking the HBase
Master to do its bidding, rather than replicate functionality outside of the
Master inside the _hbck1_ tool.
-- to minimize surprise -- it's write-facility (`-fix`) has been removed. It can report
on the state of an hbase-2.x cluster but its assessments are likely inaccurate since it
does not understand the internal workings of an hbase-2.x.

_HBCK2_ differs from _hbck1_ philosophically. Each run performs a discrete task rather than
presume the tool can repair 'all problems'. It is more of the vein of
[`plumbing` than `porecelain`](

## Building _HBCK2_

mvn install
The built _HBCK2_ fat jar will be in the `target` sub-directory.
The built _HBCK2_ jar will be in the `target` sub-directory.

## Running _HBCK2_
`org.apache.hbase.HBCK2` is the name of the _HBCK2_ main class. After building
_HBCK2_ to generate the _HBCK2_ jar file, running the below will dump out the _HBCK2_ usage:

The _HBCK2_ jar does not include dependencies; it is not built as a 'fat' jar.
Dependencies must be `provided`. Building, adjusting the target hbase version in the
top-level pom to match your deploy will make for the smoothest operation (See
the parent pom.xml `hbase-operator-tools` for the
[hbase.version to set](
Where this can get interesting is at runtime when _HBCK2_ is in advance of your hbase
deploy such that your hbase does not support all APIs in current _HBCK2_. Where
_HBCK2_ does not have needed server-side support it should fail gracefully.

The easiest means of 'providing' _HBCK2_ its dependencies is by launching
_HBCK2_ via the `$HBASE_HOME/bin/hbase` script. The `bin/hbase` script natively
makes mention of `hbck` -- there is a `hbck` option listed in the help output.
By default, running `bin/hbase hbck`, the built-in _hbck1_ tooling will be run.
To run _HBCK2_, you need to point at a built _HBCK2_ jar using the `-j` option
as in:
$ HBASE_CLASSPATH_PREFIX=./hbase-hbck2-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ./bin/hbase org.apache.hbase.HBCK2
$ /srv/hbase/bin/hbase --config /etc/hbase-conf hbck -j ~/hbase-operator-tools/hbase-hbck2/target/hbase-hbck2-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

where in the above, `HBASE_HOME` is at `/srv/hbase` and `/etc/hbase-conf` is where the deploy's
configuration lives. The _HBCK2_ jar is at
The above command with no options or arguments passed will dump out the _HBCK2_ help:
@@ -149,14 +161,41 @@ Command:
hbase:meta tool. See the HBCK2 README for how to use.

Note that when you pass `bin/hbase` the `hbck` argument, it will by
default use the shaded client to get to the targeted hbase cluster.
This is sufficient for most _HBCK2_ usage. If you run into complaints
like the below:
bin/hbase --config hbase-conf hbck
2019-08-30 05:04:54,467 WARN [main] util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform... using builtin-java classes where applicable
Exception in thread "main" No FileSystem for scheme: hdfs
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.getFileSystemClass(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.createFileSystem(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.access$200(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem$Cache.getInternal(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem$Cache.get(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.get(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path.getFileSystem(
at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.CommonFSUtils.getRootDir(
at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.HBaseFsck.main(
... it is because the HDFS jars are not on the CLASSPATH. The default is NOT
to bundle HDFS jars on the CLASSPATH when running `hbck` via `bin/hbase`. Define
`HADOOP_HOME` in the environment so `bin/hbase` can find your local hadoop
install and load its HDFS jars. If all else fails, skip the narrowed set of client
jars and HDFS pruning by passing the `--internal-classpath` argument; this will make it so
`bin/hbase hbck` runs with the full CLASSPATH complement and _HBCK2_ should have
all dependencies satisfied.

## _HBCK2_ Overview
_HBCK2_ is currently a simple tool that does one thing at a time only.

In hbase-2.x, the Master is the final arbiter of all state, so a general principal for most of
_HBCK2_ commands is that it asks the Master to effect all repair. This means a Master must be
up before you can run an _HBCK2_ command.
up before you can run (most) _HBCK2_ commands.

_HBCK2_ implementation approach is to make use of an intentionally obscured
_HBCK2_ implementation approach is to make use of an
`HbckService` hosted on the Master. The Service publishes a few methods for the _HBCK2_ tool to
pull on. Therefore, for _HBCK2_ commands relying on Master's `HbckService` facade,
first thing _HBCK2_ does is poke the cluster to ensure the service is available.
@@ -167,10 +206,6 @@ _HBCK2_ versions should be able to work across multiple hbase-2 releases. It wil
fail with a complaint if it is unable to run. There is no `HbckService` in versions
of hbase before 2.0.3 and 2.1.1. _HBCK2_ will not work against these versions.

As _HBCK2_ evolves independently from _HBase_ main project, there will be eventually the need to
define new fix methods with client side implementations (at least until a related one can be added
on Master's `HbckService` facade), so that _HBCK2_ can operate on such _HBase_ releases without
requiring a cluster upgrade. One example of such methods is the _setRegionState_.

## Finding Problems

@@ -245,6 +280,15 @@ $ echo "list_locks"| hbase shell &> /tmp/locks.txt
$ echo "list_procedures"| hbase shell &> /tmp/procedures.txt

#### /hbck.jsp
An `HBCK Report` page was added to the Master in versions hbase 2.3.0/2.1.6/2.2.1
which shows output from two inspections run by the master on an interval; one
is output by the CatalogJanitor whenever it runs. If overlaps or holes in
`hbase:meta`, the CatalogJanitor half of the page will list what it has found
(otherwise it is quiet). Another background process was added to compare
`hbase:meta` and filesystem content making compare; if anomaly, it will make
note in its `HBCK Report` section.

#### The [HBase Canary Tool](

The Canary tool is useful verifying the state of assign.

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