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Added notes on how to generate RC to README
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@@ -48,6 +48,17 @@ To cut a release candidate, update JIRA. The hbase-thirdparty
currently uses hbase JIRA but with versions specified with a
''thirdparty-' prefix as in thirdparty-2.2.0.

Update release notes and changes by doing following:

$ source ../hbase.git/dev-support/create-release/; update_releasenotes . thirdparty-2.2.0

The 'pwd' argument says where the thirdparty files to edit are and the
last argument is the version to search JIRA with.

Change the pom versions.

Commit changes.

To generate the source tarball do as follows (below uses 2.2.0
as target version and 2.2.0RC0 as the tag to use):

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