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HBase Change Log
Release 0.93.0 - Unreleased
Release 0.92.1 - Unreleased
HBASE-5176 AssignmentManager#getRegion: logging nit adds a redundant '+' (Karthik K)
HBASE-5237 Addendum for HBASE-5160 and HBASE-4397 (Ram)
HBASE-5235 HLogSplitter writer thread's streams not getting closed when any
of the writer threads has exceptions. (Ram)
HBASE-5243 LogSyncerThread not getting shutdown waiting for the interrupted flag (Ram)
HBASE-5255 Use singletons for OperationStatus to save memory (Benoit)
HBASE-5345 CheckAndPut doesn't work when value is empty byte[] (Evert Arckens)
HBASE-5466 Opening a table also opens the metatable and never closes it
(Ashley Taylor)
HBASE-5223 TestMetaReaderEditor is missing call to CatalogTracker.stop()
Release 0.92.0 - 01/23/2012
HBASE-2002 Coprocessors: Client side support; Support RPC interface
changes at runtime (Gary Helmling via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3677 Generate a globally unique cluster ID (changed
ClusterStatus serialization)
HBASE-3762 HTableFactory.releaseHTableInterface() should throw IOException
instead of wrapping in RuntimeException (Ted Yu via garyh)
HBASE-3629 Update our thrift to 0.6 (Moaz Reyad)
HBASE-1502 Remove need for heartbeats in HBase
HBASE-451 Remove HTableDescriptor from HRegionInfo (Subbu M Iyer)
HBASE-451 Remove HTableDescriptor from HRegionInfo
addendum that fixes TestTableMapReduce
HBASE-3534 Action should not store or serialize regionName (Ted Yu)
HBASE-4197 RegionServer expects all scanner to be subclasses of
HRegion.RegionScanner (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4233 Update protobuf dependency to 2.4.0a (todd)
HBASE-4299 Update to Avro 1.5.3 and use Avro Maven plugin to generate
Avro classes. (Alejandro Abdelnur)
HBASE-4369 Deprecate HConnection#getZookeeperWatcher in prep for HBASE-1762
HBASE-4247 Add isAborted method to the Abortable interface
(Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4503 Purge deprecated HBaseClusterTestCase
HBASE-4374 Up default regions size from 256M to 1G
HBASE-4648 Bytes.toBigDecimal() doesn't use offset (Bryan Keller via Lars H)
HBASE-4715 Remove stale broke .rb scripts from bin dir
HBASE-3433 Remove the KV copy of every KV in Scan; introduced by HBASE-3232 (Lars H)
HBASE-5017 Bump the default hfile.block.cache.size because of HFileV2
HBASE-3280 YouAreDeadException being swallowed in HRS getMaster
HBASE-3282 Need to retain DeadServers to ensure we don't allow
previously expired RS instances to rejoin cluster
HBASE-3283 NPE in AssignmentManager if processing shutdown of RS who
doesn't have any regions assigned to it
HBASE-3173 HBase 2984 breaks ability to specify BLOOMFILTER &
HBASE-3310 Failing creating/altering table with compression agrument from
the HBase shell (Igor Ranitovic via Stack)
HBASE-3317 Javadoc and Throws Declaration for Bytes.incrementBytes() is
Wrong (Ed Kohlwey via Stack)
HBASE-1888 KeyValue methods throw NullPointerException instead of
IllegalArgumentException during parameter sanity check
HBASE-3337 Restore HBCK fix of unassignment and dupe assignment for new
HBASE-3332 Regions stuck in transition after RS failure
HBASE-3418 Increment operations can break when qualifiers are split
between memstore/snapshot and storefiles
HBASE-3403 Region orphaned after failure during split
HBASE-3492 NPE while splitting table with empty column family store
HBASE-3400 Coprocessor Support for Generic Interfaces
(Ed Kohlwey via Gary Helmling)
HBASE-3552 Coprocessors are unable to load if RegionServer is launched
using a different classloader than system default
HBASE-3578 TableInputFormat does not setup the configuration for HBase
mapreduce jobs correctly (Dan Harvey via Stack)
HBASE-3601 TestMasterFailover broken in TRUNK
HBASE-3605 Fix balancer log message
HBASE-3538 Column families allow to have slashes in name (Ian Knome via Stack)
HBASE-3313 Table name isn't checked in isTableEnabled/isTableDisabled
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3514 Speedup HFile.Writer append (Matteo Bertozzi via Ryan)
HBASE-3665 tighten assertions for testBloomFilterSize
HBASE-3662 REST server does not respect client supplied max versions when
creating scanner
HBASE-3641 LruBlockCache.CacheStats.getHitCount() is not using the
correct variable
HBASE-3532 HRegion#equals is broken (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3697 Admin actions that use MetaReader to iterate regions need to
skip offline ones
HBASE-3583 Coprocessors: scannerNext and scannerClose hooks are called
when HRegionInterface#get is invoked (Mingjie Lai via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3688 Setters of class HTableDescriptor do not work properly
HBASE-3702 Fix NPE in Exec method parameter serialization
HBASE-3709 HFile compression not sharing configuration
HBASE-3711 importtsv fails if rowkey length exceeds MAX_ROW_LENGTH
(Kazuki Ohta via todd)
HBASE-3716 Intermittent TestRegionRebalancing failure
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3712 HTable.close() doesn't shutdown thread pool
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3238 HBase needs to have the CREATE permission on the parent of its
ZooKeeper parent znode (Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-3728 NPE in HTablePool.closeTablePool (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3733 MemStoreFlusher.flushOneForGlobalPressure() shouldn't
be using TreeSet for HRegion (Ted Yu via J-D)
HBASE-3739 HMaster.getProtocolVersion() should distinguish
HMasterInterface and HMasterRegionInterface versions
HBASE-3723 Major compact should be done when there is only one storefile
and some keyvalue is outdated (Zhou Shuaifeng via Stack)
HBASE-3624 Only one coprocessor of each priority can be loaded for a table
HBASE-3598 Broken formatting in LRU stats output (Erik Onnen)
HBASE-3758 Delete triggers pre/postScannerOpen upcalls of RegionObserver
(Mingjie Lai via garyh)
HBASE-3790 Fix NPE in ExecResult.write() with null return value
HBASE-3781 hbase shell cannot start "NoMethodError: undefined method
`close' for nil:NilClass" (Mikael Sitruk)
HBASE-3802 Redundant list creation in HRegion
HBASE-3788 Two error handlings in AssignmentManager.setOfflineInZooKeeper()
(Ted Yu)
HBASE-3800 HMaster is not able to start due to AlreadyCreatedException
HBASE-3806 distributed log splitting double escapes task names
(Prakash Khemani)
HBASE-3819 TestSplitLogWorker has too many SLWs running -- makes for
contention and occasional failures
HBASE-3210 HBASE-1921 for the new master
HBASE-3827 hbase-1502, removing heartbeats, broke master joining a running
cluster and was returning master hostname for rs to use
HBASE-3829 TestMasterFailover failures in jenkins
HBASE-3843 splitLogWorker starts too early (Prakash Khemani)
HBASE-3838 RegionCoprocesorHost.preWALRestore throws npe in case there is
no RegionObserver registered (Himanshu Vashishtha)
HBASE-3847 Turn off DEBUG logging of RPCs in WriteableRPCEngine on TRUNK
HBASE-3777 Redefine Identity Of HBase Configuration (Karthick Sankarachary)
HBASE-3849 Fix master ui; hbase-1502 broke requests/second
HBASE-3853 Fix TestInfoServers to pass after HBASE-3835 (todd)
HBASE-3862 Race conditions in aggregate calculation (John Heitmann)
HBASE-3865 Failing TestWALReplay
HBASE-3864 Rename of hfile.min.blocksize.size in HBASE-2899 reverted in
HBASE-1861 (Aaron T. Myers)
HBASE-3876 TestCoprocessorInterface.testCoprocessorInterface broke on
jenkins and local
HBASE-3897 Docs (notsoquick guide) suggest invalid XML (Philip Zeyliger)
HBASE-3898 TestSplitTransactionOnCluster broke in TRUNK
HBASE-3826 Minor compaction needs to check if still over
compactionThreshold after compacting (Nicolas Spiegelberg)
HBASE-3912 [Stargate] Columns not handle by Scan
HBASE-3903 A successful write to client write-buffer may be lost or not
visible (Doug Meil)
HBASE-3894 Thread contention over row locks set monitor (Dave Latham)
HBASE-3959 hadoop-snappy version in the pom.xml is incorrect
(Alejandro Abdelnur)
HBASE-3971 uses ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()
to load codec (Alejandro Abdelnur)
HBASE-3979 Trivial fixes in code, document (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3794 Ability to Discard Bad HTable Puts
HBASE-3923 HBASE-1502 Broke Shell's status 'simple' and 'detailed'
HBASE-3978 Rowlock lease renew doesn't work when custom coprocessor
indicates to bypass default action (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3963 Schedule all log-spliiting at startup all at once (mingjian)
HBASE-3983 list command in shell seems broken
HBASE-3793 HBASE-3468 Broke checkAndPut with null value (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3889 NPE in Distributed Log Splitting (Anirudh Todi)
HBASE-4000 You can't specify split points when you create a table in
the shell (Joey Echeverria)
HBASE-4029 Inappropriate checking of Logging Mode in HRegionServer
(Akash Ashok via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4037 Add timeout annotations to preempt surefire killing
all tests
HBASE-4024 Major compaction may not be triggered, even though region
server log says it is triggered (Ted Yu)
HBASE-4016 HRegion.incrementColumnValue() doesn't have a consistent
behavior when the field that we are incrementing is less
than 8 bytes long (Li Pi)
HBASE-4012 Further optimize byte comparison methods (Ted Yu)
HBASE-4037 Add timeout annotations to preempt surefire killing
all tests - TestFullLogReconstruction
HBASE-4051 [Coprocessors] Table coprocessor loaded twice when region is
HBASE-4059 If a region is split during RS shutdown process, the daughter
regions are NOT made online by master
HBASE-3904 HBA.createTable(final HTableDescriptor desc, byte [][] splitKeys)
should be synchronous
HBASE-4053 Most of the regions were added into AssignmentManager#servers twice
HBASE-4061 getTableDirs is missing directories to skip
HBASE-3867 when cluster is stopped and server which hosted meta region is
removed from cluster, master breaks down after restarting cluster.
HBASE-4074 When a RS has hostname with uppercase letter, there are two
RS entries in master (Weihua via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4077 Deadlock if WrongRegionException is thrown from getLock in
HRegion.delete (Adam Warrington via Ted Yu)
HBASE-3893 HRegion.internalObtainRowLock shouldn't wait forever
HBASE-4075 A bug in TestZKBasedOpenCloseRegion (Jieshan Bean via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4087 HBaseAdmin should perform validation of connection it holds
HBASE-4052 Enabling a table after master switch does not allow table scan,
throwing NotServingRegionException (ramkrishna via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4112 Creating table may throw NullPointerException (Jinchao via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4093 When verifyAndAssignRoot throws exception, the deadServers state
cannot be changed (fulin wang via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4118 method regionserver.MemStore#updateColumnValue: the check for
qualifier and family is missing (N Keywal via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4127 Don't modify table's name away in HBaseAdmin
HBASE-4105 Stargate does not support Content-Type: application/json and
Content-Encoding: gzip in parallel
HBASE-4116 [stargate] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in row spec parse
(Allan Yan)
HBASE-3845 data loss because lastSeqWritten can miss memstore edits
(Prakash Khemani and ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-4083 If Enable table is not completed and is partial, then scanning of
the table is not working (ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-4138 If zookeeper.znode.parent is not specifed explicitly in Client
code then HTable object loops continuously waiting for the root region
by using /hbase as the base node.(ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-4032 HBASE-451 improperly breaks public API HRegionInfo#getTableDesc
HBASE-4003 Cleanup Calls Conservatively On Timeout (Karthick)
HBASE-3857 Fix TestHFileBlock.testBlockHeapSize test failure (Mikhail)
HBASE-4150 Don't enforce pool size limit with ThreadLocalPool
(Karthick Sankarachary via garyh)
HBASE-4171 HBase shell broken in trunk (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4162 Fix TestHRegionInfo.testGetSetOfHTD: delete /tmp/hbase-<username>
if it already exists (Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-4179 Failed to run RowCounter on top of Hadoop branch-0.22
(Michael Weng)
HBASE-4181 HConnectionManager can't find cached HRegionInterface and makes clients
work very slow (Jia Liu)
HBASE-4156 ZKConfig defaults clientPort improperly (Michajlo Matijkiw)
HBASE-4184 CatalogJanitor doesn't work properly when "" isn't
set in config file (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4186 No region is added to regionsInTransitionInRS
HBASE-4194 RegionSplitter: Split on under-loaded region servers first
HBASE-2399 Forced splits only act on the first family in a table (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4211 Do init-sizing of the StringBuilder making a ServerName
(Benoît Sigoure)
HBASE-4175 Fix FSUtils.createTableDescriptor() (Ramkrishna)
HBASE-4008 Problem while stopping HBase (Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4065 TableOutputFormat ignores failure to create table instance
(Brock Noland)
HBASE-4167 Potential leak of HTable instances when using HTablePool with
PoolType.ThreadLocal (Karthick Sankarachary)
HBASE-4239 HBASE-4012 introduced duplicate variable Bytes.LONG_BYTES
HBASE-4225 NoSuchColumnFamilyException in multi doesn't say which family
is bad (Ramkrishna Vasudevan)
HBASE-4220 Lots of DNS queries from client
HBASE-4253 Intermittent test failure because of missing config parameter in new
HTable(tablename) (Ramkrishna)
HBASE-4217 HRS.closeRegion should be able to close regions with only
the encoded name (ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-3229 HBASE-3229 Table creation, though using "async" call to master,
can actually run for a while and cause RPC timeout (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4252 TestLogRolling's low-probability failure (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-4278 Race condition in that occurs due to spinlock unlocking
early (Li Pi)
HBASE-4269 Add tests and restore semantics to TableInputFormat/TableRecordReader
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4290 HLogSplitter doesn't mark its MonitoredTask as complete in
non-distributed case (todd)
HBASE-4303 HRegionInfo.toString has bad quoting (todd)
HBASE-4307 race condition in CacheTestUtils (Li Pi)
HBASE-4310 SlabCache metrics bugfix (Li Pi)
HBASE-4283 HBaseAdmin never recovers from restarted cluster (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4315 RPC logging too verbose (todd)
HBASE-4273 java.lang.NullPointerException when a table is being disabled and
HMaster restarts (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4027 Off Heap Cache never creates Slabs (Li Pi)
HBASE-4265 zookeeper.KeeperException$NodeExistsException if HMaster restarts
while table is being disabled (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4338 Package build for rpm and deb are broken (Eric Yang)
HBASE-4309 slow query log metrics spewing warnings (Riley Patterson)
HBASE-4302 Only run Snappy compression tests if Snappy is available
(Alejandro Abdelnur via todd)
HBASE-4271 Clean up coprocessor handling of table operations
(Ming Ma via garyh)
HBASE-4341 HRS#closeAllRegions should take care of HRS#onlineRegions's
weak consistency (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-4297 TableMapReduceUtil overwrites user supplied options
(Jan Lukavsky)
HBASE-4015 Refactor the TimeoutMonitor to make it less racy
HBASE-4350 Fix a Bloom filter bug introduced by HFile v2 and
TestMultiColumnScanner that caught it (Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-4007 distributed log splitting can get indefinitely stuck
(Prakash Khemani)
HBASE-4301 META migration from 0.90 to trunk fails (Subbu Iyer)
HBASE-4331 Bypassing default actions in prePut fails sometimes with
HTable client (Lars Hofhansl via garyh)
HBASE-4340 Hbase can't balance if ServerShutdownHandler encountered
exception (Jinchao Gao)
HBASE-4394 Add support for seeking hints to FilterList
HBASE-4406 TestOpenRegionHandler failing after HBASE-4287 (todd)
HBASE-4330 Fix races in slab cache (Li Pi & Todd)
HBASE-4383 SlabCache reports negative heap sizes (Li Pi)
HBASE-4351 If from Admin we try to unassign a region forcefully,
though a valid region name is given the master is not able
to identify the region to unassign (Ramkrishna)
HBASE-4363 [replication] ReplicationSource won't close if failing
to contact the sink (JD and Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4390 [replication] ReplicationSource's UncaughtExceptionHandler
shouldn't join
HBASE-4395 EnableTableHandler races with itself
HBASE-4414 Region splits by size not being triggered
HBASE-4322 HBASE-4322 [hbck] Update checkIntegrity/checkRegionChain
to present more accurate region split problem
(Jon Hseih)
HBASE-4417 HBaseAdmin.checkHBaseAvailable() doesn't close ZooKeeper connections
(Stefan Seelmann)
HBASE-4195 Possible inconsistency in a memstore read after a reseek,
possible performance improvement (nkeywal)
HBASE-4420 MasterObserver preMove() and postMove() should throw
IOException instead of UnknownRegionException
HBASE-4419 Resolve build warning messages (Praveen Patibandia)
HBASE-4428 Two methods in CacheTestUtils don't call setDaemon() on the threads
HBASE-4400 .META. getting stuck if RS hosting it is dead and znode state is in
HBASE-3421 Very wide rows -- 30M plus -- cause us OOME (Nate Putnam)
HBASE-4153 Handle RegionAlreadyInTransitionException in AssignmentManager
HBASE-4452 Possibility of RS opening a region though tickleOpening fails due to
znode version mismatch (Ramkrishna)
HBASE-4446 Rolling restart RSs scenario, regions could stay in OPENING state
(Ming Ma)
HBASE-4468 Wrong resource name in an error massage: webapps instead of
hbase-webapps (nkeywal)
HBASE-4472 MiniHBaseCluster.shutdown() doesn't work if no active master
HBASE-4455 Rolling restart RSs scenario, -ROOT-, .META. regions are lost in
AssignmentManager (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4513 NOTICES.txt refers to Facebook for Thrift
HBASE-3130 [replication] ReplicationSource can't recover from session
expired on remote clusters (Chris Trezzo via JD)
HBASE-4212 TestMasterFailover fails occasionally (Gao Jinchao)
HBASE-4412 No need to retry scan operation on the same server in case of
RegionServerStoppedException (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4476 Compactions must fail if column tracker gets columns out of order
(Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-4209 The HBase SIGKILLs master when stopping it
(Roman Shaposhnik)
HBASE-4496 HFile V2 does not honor setCacheBlocks when scanning (Lars and Mikhail)
HBASE-4531 hbase-4454 failsafe broke mvn site; back it out or fix
(Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4334 HRegion.get never validates row (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4494 AvroServer:: get fails with NPE on a non-existent row
(Kay Kay)
HBASE-4481 TestMergeTool failed in 0.92 build 20
HBASE-4386 Fix a potential NPE in TaskMonitor (todd)
HBASE-4402 Retaining locality after restart broken
HBASE-4482 Race Condition Concerning Eviction in SlabCache (Li Pi)
HBASE-4547 TestAdmin failing in 0.92 because .tableinfo not found
HBASE-4540 OpenedRegionHandler is not enforcing atomicity of the operation
it is performing(Ram)
HBASE-4335 Splits can create temporary holes in .META. that confuse clients
and regionservers (Lars H)
HBASE-4555 TestShell seems passed, but actually errors seen in test output
file (Mingjie Lai)
HBASE-4582 cleanup (failing TestHeapSize and has warnings)
HBASE-4556 Fix all incorrect uses of (Lars H)
HBASE-4078 Validate store files after flush/compaction
HBASE-3417 CacheOnWrite is using the temporary output path for block
names, need to use a more consistent block naming scheme (jgray)
HBASE-4551 Fix pom and some test cases to compile and run against
Hadoop 0.23 (todd)
HBASE-3446 ProcessServerShutdown fails if META moves, orphaning lots of
HBASE-4589 CacheOnWrite broken in some cases because it can conflict
with evictOnClose (jgray)
HBASE-4579 CST.requestCompaction semantics changed, logs are now
spammed when too many store files
HBASE-4620 I broke the build when I submitted HBASE-3581 (Send length
of the rpc response)
HBASE-4621 TestAvroServer fails quite often intermittently (Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4378 [hbck] Does not complain about regions with startkey==endkey.
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4459 HbaseObjectWritable code is a byte, we will eventually run out of codes
HBASE-4430 Disable TestSlabCache and TestSingleSizedCache temporarily to
see if these are cause of build box failure though all tests
pass (Li Pi)
HBASE-4510 Check and workaround usage of internal HDFS APIs in HBase
HBASE-4595 HFilePrettyPrinter Scanned kv count always 0 (Matteo Bertozzi)
HBASE-4580 Some invalid zk nodes were created when a clean cluster restarts
HBASE-4588 The floating point arithmetic to validate memory allocation
configurations need to be done as integers (dhruba)
HBASE-4647 RAT finds about 40 files missing licenses
HBASE-4642 Add Apache License Header
HBASE-4591 TTL for old HLogs should be calculated from last modification time.
HBASE-4578 NPE when altering a table that has moving regions (gaojinchao)
HBASE-4070 Improve region server metrics to report loaded coprocessors to
master (Eugene Koontz via apurtell)
HBASE-3512 Shell support for listing currently loaded coprocessors (Eugene
Koontz via apurtell)
HBASE-4670 Fix javadoc warnings
HBASE-4367 Deadlock in MemStore flusher due to JDK internally synchronizing
on current thread
HBASE-4645 Edits Log recovery losing data across column families
HBASE-4634 "" property overused leading to write data at the
wrong place (nkeywal)
HBASE-4388 Second start after migration from 90 to trunk crashes
HBASE-4685 TestDistributedLogSplitting.testOrphanLogCreation failing because
of ArithmeticException: / by zero.
HBASE-4300 Start of new-version master fails if old master's znode is
hanging around
HBASE-4679 Thrift null mutation error
HBASE-4304 requestsPerSecond counter stuck at 0 (Li Pi)
HBASE-4692 HBASE-4300 broke the build
HBASE-4641 Block cache can be mistakenly instantiated on Master (jgray)
HBASE-4687 regionserver may miss zk-heartbeats to master when replaying
edits at region open (prakash via jgray)
HBASE-4701 TestMasterObserver fails up on jenkins
HBASE-4700 TestSplitTransactionOnCluster fails on occasion when it tries
to move a region
HBASE-4613 hbase.util.Threads#threadDumpingIsAlive sleeps 1 second,
slowing down the shutdown by 0.5s
HBASE-4552 multi-CF bulk load is not atomic across column families (Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4710 UnknownProtocolException should abort client retries
HBASE-4695 WAL logs get deleted before region server can fully flush
HBASE-4708 Revert safemode related pieces of hbase-4510 (Harsh J)
HBASE-3515 [replication] ReplicationSource can miss a log after RS comes out of GC
HBASE-4713 Raise debug level to warn on ExecutionException in
HConnectionManager$HConnectionImplementation (Lucian George Iordache)
HBASE-4716 Improve locking for single column family bulk load
HBASE-4609 ThriftServer.getRegionInfo() is expecting old ServerName format, need to
use new Addressing class instead (Jonathan Gray)
HBASE-4719 HBase script assumes pre-Hadoop 0.21 layout of jar files
(Roman Shposhnik)
HBASE-4553 The update of .tableinfo is not atomic; we remove then rename
HBASE-4725 NPE in AM#updateTimers
HBASE-4745 LRU statistics thread should be a daemon
HBASE-4749 TestMasterFailover#testMasterFailoverWithMockedRITOnDeadRS
occasionally fails
HBASE-4753 org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.TestHRegionInfo#testGetSetOfHTD
throws NPE on trunk (nkeywal)
HBASE-4754 FSTableDescriptors.getTableInfoPath() should handle FileNotFoundException
HBASE-4740 [bulk load] the HBASE-4552 API can't tell if errors on region server are recoverable
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4741 Online schema change doesn't return errors
HBASE-4734 [bulk load] Warn if bulk load directory contained no files
HBASE-4723 Loads of NotAllMetaRegionsOnlineException traces when starting
the master
HBASE-4511 There is data loss when master failovers
HBASE-4577 Region server reports storefileSizeMB bigger than
storefileUncompressedSizeMB (gaojinchao)
HBASE-4478 Improve AssignmentManager.handleRegion so that it can process certain ZK state
in the case of RS offline
HBASE-4777 Write back to client 'incompatible' if we show up with wrong version
HBASE-4775 Remove -ea from all but tests; enable it if you need it testing
HBASE-4784 Void return types not handled correctly for CoprocessorProtocol
HBASE-4792 SplitRegionHandler doesn't care if it deletes the znode or not,
leaves the parent region stuck offline
HBASE-4793 HBase shell still using deprecated methods removed in HBASE-4436
HBASE-4801 alter_status shell prints sensible message at completion
HBASE-4796 Race between SplitRegionHandlers for the same region kills the master
HBASE-4816 Regionserver wouldn't go down because split happened exactly at same
time we issued bulk user region close call on our way out
HBASE-4815 Disable online altering by default, create a config for it
HBASE-4623 Remove @deprecated Scan methods in 0.90 from TRUNK and 0.92
HBASE-4842 [hbck] Fix intermittent failures on TestHBaseFsck.testHBaseFsck
(Jon Hsieh)
HBASE-4308 Race between RegionOpenedHandler and AssignmentManager (Ram)
HBASE-4857 Recursive loop on KeeperException in
HBASE-4739 Master dying while going to close a region can leave it in transition
forever (Gao Jinchao)
HBASE-4855 SplitLogManager hangs on cluster restart due to batch.installed doubly counted
HBASE-4877 TestHCM failing sporadically on jenkins and always for me on an
ubuntu machine
HBASE-4878 Master crash when splitting hlog may cause data loss (Chunhui Shen)
HBASE-4945 NPE in HRegion.bulkLoadHFiles (Andrew P and Lars H)
HBASE-4942 HMaster is unable to start of HFile V1 is used (Honghua Zhu)
HBASE-4610 Port HBASE-3380 (Master failover can split logs of live servers) to 92/trunk
HBASE-4946 HTable.coprocessorExec (and possibly coprocessorProxy) does not work with
dynamically loaded coprocessors (Andrei Dragomir)
HBASE-5026 Add coprocessor hook to HRegionServer.ScannerListener.leaseExpired()
HBASE-4935 hbase 0.92.0 doesn't work going against, its packaged hadoop
HBASE-5078 DistributedLogSplitter failing to split file because it has edits for
lots of regions
HBASE-5077 SplitLogWorker fails to let go of a task, kills the RS
HBASE-5096 Replication does not handle deletes correctly. (Lars H)
HBASE-5103 Fix improper master znode deserialization (Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-5099 ZK event thread waiting for root region assignment may block server
shutdown handler for the region sever the root region was on (Jimmy)
HBASE-5100 Rollback of split could cause closed region to be opened again (Chunhui)
HBASE-4397 -ROOT-, .META. tables stay offline for too long in recovery phase after all RSs
are shutdown at the same time (Ming Ma)
HBASE-5094 The META can hold an entry for a region with a different server name from the one
actually in the AssignmentManager thus making the region inaccessible. (Ram)
HBASE-5081 Distributed log splitting deleteNode races against splitLog retry (Prakash)
HBASE-4357 Region stayed in transition - in closing state (Ming Ma)
HBASE-5088 A concurrency issue on SoftValueSortedMap (Jieshan Bean and Lars H)
HBASE-5152 Region is on service before completing initialization when doing rollback of split,
it will affect read correctness (Chunhui)
HBASE-5137 MasterFileSystem.splitLog() should abort even if waitOnSafeMode() throws IOException(Ted)
HBASE-5121 MajorCompaction may affect scan's correctness (chunhui shen and Lars H)
HBASE-5143 Fix config typo in pluggable load balancer factory (Harsh J)
HBASE-5196 Failure in region split after PONR could cause region hole (Jimmy Xiang)
HBASE-4450 test for number of blocks read: to serve as baseline for expected
blocks read and for catching regressions (Kannan)
HBASE-4492 TestRollingRestart fails intermittently (Ted Yu and Ram)
HBASE-4512 JVMClusterUtil throwing wrong exception when master thread cannot be created (Ram)
HBASE-4479 TestMasterFailover failure in Hbase-0.92#17(Ram)
HBASE-4651 ConcurrentModificationException might be thrown in
TestHCM.testConnectionUniqueness (Jinchao)
HBASE-4518 TestServerCustomProtocol fails intermittently
HBASE-4790 Occasional TestDistributedLogSplitting failure (Jinchao)
HBASE-4864 TestMasterObserver#testRegionTransitionOperations occasionally
fails (Gao Jinchao)
HBASE-4868 TestOfflineMetaRebuildBase#testMetaRebuild occasionally fails
(Gao Jinchao)
HBASE-4874 Run tests with non-secure random, some tests hang otherwise (Lars H)
HBASE-5112 TestReplication#queueFailover flaky due to potentially
uninitialized Scan (Jimmy Xiang)
HBASE-5113 TestDrainingServer expects round robin region assignment but misses a
config parameter
HBASE-5105 TestImportTsv failed with hadoop 0.22 (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3290 Max Compaction Size (Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3292 Expose block cache hit/miss/evict counts into region server
HBASE-2936 Differentiate between daemon & restart sleep periods
HBASE-3316 Add support for Java Serialization to HbaseObjectWritable
(Ed Kohlwey via Stack)
HBASE-1861 Multi-Family support for bulk upload tools
HBASE-3308 SplitTransaction.splitStoreFiles slows splits a lot
HBASE-3328 Added Admin API to specify explicit split points
HBASE-3377 Upgrade Jetty to 6.1.26
HBASE-3393 Update Avro gateway to use Avro 1.4.1 and the new
server.join() method (Jeff Hammerbacher via Stack)
HBASE-3433 KeyValue API to explicitly distinguish between deep & shallow
HBASE-3522 Unbundle our RPC versioning; rather than a global for all 4
Interfaces -- region, master, region to master, and
coprocesssors -- instead version each individually
HBASE-3520 Update our bundled hadoop from branch-0.20-append to latest
(rpc version 43)
HBASE-3563 [site] Add one-page-only version of hbase doc
HBASE-3564 - a demo client in Perl
HBASE-3560 the hbase-default entry of "hbase.defaults.for.version"
causes tests not to run via not-maven
HBASE-3513 upgrade thrift to 0.5.0 and use mvn version
HBASE-3533 Allow HBASE_LIBRARY_PATH env var to specify extra locations
of native lib
HBASE-3631 CLONE - HBase 2984 breaks ability to specify BLOOMFILTER &
HBASE-3630 DemoClient.Java is outdated (Moaz Reyed via Stack)
HBASE-3618 Add to HBase book, 'schema' chapter - pre-creating regions and
key types (Doug Meil via Stack)
HBASE-2495 Allow record filtering with selected row key values in HBase
Export (Subbu M Iyer via Stack)
HBASE-3440 Clean out load_table.rb and make sure all roads lead to
completebulkload tool (Vidhyashankar Venkataraman via Stack)
HBASE-3653 Parallelize Server Requests on HBase Client
HBASE-3657 reduce copying of HRegionInfo's (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3422 Balancer will try to rebalance thousands of regions in one go;
needs an upper bound added (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3676 Update region server load for AssignmentManager through
regionServerReport() (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3468 Enhance checkAndPut and checkAndDelete with comparators
HBASE-3683 NMapInputFormat should use a different config param for
number of maps
HBASE-3673 Reduce HTable Pool Contention Using Concurrent Collections
(Karthick Sankarachary via Stack)
HBASE-3474 HFileOutputFormat to use column family's compression algorithm
HBASE-3541 REST Multi Gets (Elliott Clark via Stack)
HBASE-3052 Add ability to have multiple ZK servers in a quorum in
MiniZooKeeperCluster for test writing (Liyin Tang via Stack)
HBASE-3693 isMajorCompaction() check triggers lots of listStatus DFS RPC
calls from HBase (Liyin Tang via Stack)
HBASE-3717 deprecate HTable isTableEnabled() methods in favor of
HBaseAdmin methods (David Butler via Stack)
HBASE-3720 Book.xml - porting conceptual-view / physical-view sections of
HBaseArchitecture wiki (Doug Meil via Stack)
HBASE-3705 Allow passing timestamp into importtsv (Andy Sautins via Stack)
HBASE-3715 Book.xml - adding architecture section on client, adding section
on spec-ex under mapreduce (Doug Meil via Stack)
HBASE-3684 Support column range filter (Jerry Chen via Stack)
HBASE-3647 Distinguish read and write request count in region
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3704 Show per region request count in table.jsp
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3694 high multiput latency due to checking global mem store size
in a synchronized function (Liyin Tang via Stack)
HBASE-3710 Book.xml - fill out descriptions of metrics
(Doug Meil via Stack)
HBASE-3738 Book.xml - expanding Architecture Client section
(Doug Meil via Stack)
HBASE-3587 Eliminate use of read-write lock to guard loaded
coprocessor collection
HBASE-3729 Get cells via shell with a time range predicate
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3764 Book.xml - adding 2 FAQs (SQL and arch question)
HBASE-3770 Make FilterList accept var arg Filters in its constructor
as a convenience (Erik Onnen via Stack)
HBASE-3769 TableMapReduceUtil is inconsistent with other table-related
classes that accept byte[] as a table name (Erik Onnen via Stack)
HBASE-3768 Add best practice to book for loading row key only
(Erik Onnen via Stack)
HBASE-3765 metrics.xml - small format change and adding nav to hbase
book metrics section (Doug Meil)
HBASE-3759 Eliminate use of ThreadLocals for CoprocessorEnvironment
bypass() and complete()
HBASE-3701 revisit ArrayList creation (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3753 Book.xml - architecture, adding more Store info (Doug Meil)
HBASE-3784 book.xml - adding small subsection in architecture/client on
filters (Doug Meil)
HBASE-3785 book.xml - moving WAL into architecture section, plus adding
more description on what it does (Doug Meil)
HBASE-3699 Make RegionServerServices and MasterServices extend Server
(Erik Onnen)
HBASE-3757 Upgrade to ZK 3.3.3
HBASE-3609 Improve the selection of regions to balance; part 2 (Ted Yu)
HBASE-2939 Allow Client-Side Connection Pooling (Karthik Sankarachary)
HBASE-3798 [REST] Allow representation to elide row key and column key
HBASE-3812 Tidy up naming consistency and documentation in coprocessor
framework (Mingjie Lai)
HBASE-1512 Support aggregate functions (Himanshu Vashishtha)
HBASE-3796 Per-Store Enties in Compaction Queue
HBASE-3670 Fix error handling in get(List<Get> gets)
(Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-3835 Switch master and region server pages to Jamon-based templates
HBASE-3721 Speedup LoadIncrementalHFiles (Ted Yu)
HBASE-3855 Performance degradation of memstore because reseek is linear
(dhruba borthakur)
HBASE-3797 StoreFile Level Compaction Locking
HBASE-1476 Multithreaded Compactions
HBASE-3877 Determine Proper Defaults for Compaction ThreadPools
HBASE-3880 Make mapper function in ImportTSV plug-able (Bill Graham)
HBASE-2938 HBASE-2938 Add Thread-Local Behavior To HTable Pool
(Karthick Sankarachary)
HBASE-3811 Allow adding attributes to Scan (Alex Baranau)
HBASE-3841 HTable and HTableInterface docs are inconsistent with
one another (Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-2937 Facilitate Timeouts In HBase Client (Karthick Sankarachary)
HBASE-3921 Allow adding arbitrary blobs to Put (dhruba borthakur)
HBASE-3931 Allow adding attributes to Get
HBASE-3942 The thrift scannerOpen functions should support row caching
(Adam Worthington)
HBASE-2556 Add convenience method to HBaseAdmin to get a collection of
HRegionInfo objects for each table (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3952 Guava snuck back in as a dependency via hbase-3777
HBASE-3808 Implement Executor.toString for master handlers at least
(Brock Noland)
HBASE-3873 Mavenize Hadoop Snappy JAR/SOs project dependencies
(Alejandro Abdelnur)
HBASE-3941 "hbase version" command line should print version info
(Jolly Chen)
HBASE-3961 Add Delete.setWriteToWAL functionality (Bruno Dumon)
HBASE-3928 Some potential performance improvements to Bytes/KeyValue
HBASE-3982 Improvements to TestHFileSeek
HBASE-3940 HBase daemons should log version info at startup and possibly
periodically (Li Pi)
HBASE-3789 Cleanup the locking contention in the master
HBASE-3927 Display total uncompressed byte size of a region in web UI
HBASE-4011 New MasterObserver hook: post startup of active master
HBASE-3994 SplitTransaction has a window where clients can
get RegionOfflineException
HBASE-4010 HMaster.createTable could be heavily optimized
HBASE-3506 Ability to disable, drop and enable tables using regex expression
(Joey Echeverria via Ted Yu)
HBASE-3516 Coprocessors: add test cases for loading coprocessor jars
(Mingjie Lai via garyh)
HBASE-4036 Implementing a MultipleColumnPrefixFilter (Anirudh Todi)
HBASE-4048 [Coprocessors] Support configuration of coprocessor at load time
HBASE-3240 Improve documentation of importtsv and bulk loads.
(Aaron T. Myers via todd)
HBASE-4054 Usability improvement to HTablePool (Daniel Iancu)
HBASE-4079 HTableUtil - helper class for loading data (Doug Meil via Ted Yu)
HBASE-3871 Speedup LoadIncrementalHFiles by parallelizing HFile splitting
HBASE-4081 Issues with HRegion.compactStores methods (Ming Ma)
HBASE-3465 Hbase should use a HADOOP_HOME environment variable if available
(Alejandro Abdelnur)
HBASE-3899 enhance HBase RPC to support free-ing up server handler threads
even if response is not ready (Vlad Dogaru)
HBASE-4142 Advise against large batches in javadoc for HTable#put(List<Put>)
HBASE-4139 [stargate] Update ScannerModel with support for filter package
HBASE-1938 Make in-memory table scanning faster (nkeywal)
HBASE-4143 HTable.doPut(List) should check the writebuffer length every so often
(Doug Meil via Ted Yu)
HBASE-3065 Retry all 'retryable' zk operations; e.g. connection loss (Liyin Tang)
HBASE-3810 Registering a coprocessor in HTableDescriptor should be easier
(Mingjie Lai via garyh)
HBASE-4158 Upgrade pom.xml to surefire 2.9 (Aaron Kushner & Mikhail)
HBASE-3899 Add ability for delayed RPC calls to set return value
immediately at call return. (Vlad Dogaru via todd)
HBASE-4169 FSUtils LeaseRecovery for non HDFS FileSystems (Lohit Vijayarenu)
HBASE-3807 Fix units in RS UI metrics (subramanian raghunathan)
HBASE-4193 Enhance RPC debug logging to provide more details on
call contents
HBASE-4190 Coprocessors: pull up some cp constants from cp package to
o.a.h.h.HConstants (Mingjie Lai)
HBASE-4227 Modify the webUI so that default values of column families are
not shown (Nileema Shingte)
HBASE-4229 Replace Jettison JSON encoding with Jackson in HLogPrettyPrinter
(Riley Patterson)
HBASE-4230 Compaction threads need names
HBASE-4236 Don't lock the stream while serializing the response (Benoit Sigoure)
HBASE-4237 Directly remove the call being handled from the map of outstanding RPCs
(Benoit Sigoure)
HBASE-4199 blockCache summary - backend (Doug Meil)
HBASE-4240 Allow Loadbalancer to be pluggable
HBASE-4244 Refactor bin/hbase help
HBASE-4241 Optimize flushing of the Memstore (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4248 Enhancements for Filter Language exposing HBase filters through
the Thrift API (Anirudh Todi)
HBASE-3900 Expose progress of a major compaction in UI and/or in shell
(Brad Anderson)
HBASE-4291 Improve display of regions in transition in UI to be more
readable (todd)
HBASE-4281 Add facility to dump current state of all executors (todd)
HBASE-4275 RS should communicate fatal "aborts" back to the master (todd)
HBASE-4263 New config property for user-table only RegionObservers
(Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4257 Limit the number of regions in transitions displayed on
master webpage. (todd)
HBASE-1730 Online Schema Changes
HBASE-4206 jenkins hash implementation uses longs unnecessarily
(Ron Yang)
HBASE-3842 Refactor Coprocessor Compaction API
HBASE-4312 Deploy new hbase logo
HBASE-4327 Compile HBase against hadoop 0.22 (Joep Rottinghuis)
HBASE-4339 Improve eclipse documentation and project file generation
(Eric Charles)
HBASE-4342 Update Thrift to 0.7.0 (Moaz Reyad)
HBASE-4260 Expose a command to manually trigger an HLog roll
HBASE-4347 Remove duplicated code from Put, Delete, Get, Scan, MultiPut
(Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4359 Show dead RegionServer names in the HMaster info page
(Harsh J)
HBASE-4287 If region opening fails, change region in transition into
a FAILED_OPEN state so that it can be retried quickly. (todd)
HBASE-4381 Refactor split decisions into a split policy class. (todd)
HBASE-4373 HBaseAdmin.assign() does not use force flag (Ramkrishna)
HBASE-4425 Provide access to RpcServer instance from RegionServerServices
HBASE-4411 When copying tables/CFs, allow CF names to be changed
(David Revell)
HBASE-4424 Provide coprocessors access to createTable() via
HBASE-4432 Enable/Disable off heap cache with config (Li Pi)
HBASE-4434 seek optimization: don't do eager HFile Scanner
next() unless the next KV is needed
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan)
HBASE-4280 [replication] ReplicationSink can deadlock itself via handlers
HBASE-4014 Coprocessors: Flag the presence of coprocessors in logged
exceptions (Eugene Koontz)
HBASE-4449 LoadIncrementalHFiles should be able to handle CFs with blooms
(David Revell)
HBASE-4454 Add failsafe plugin to build and rename integration tests
(Jesse Yates)
HBASE-4499 [replication] Source shouldn't update ZK if it didn't progress
(Chris Trezzo via JD)
HBASE-2794 Utilize ROWCOL bloom filter if multiple columns within same family
are requested in a Get (Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-4487 The increment operation can release the rowlock before sync-ing
the Hlog (dhruba borthakur)
HBASE-4526 special case for stopping master in is no longer
required (Roman Shaposhnik)
HBASE-4520 Better handling of Bloom filter type discrepancy between HFile
and CF config (Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-4558 Refactor TestOpenedRegionHandler and TestOpenRegionHandler.(Ram)
HBASE-4558 Addendum for TestMasterFailover (Ram) - Breaks the build
HBASE-4568 Make zk dump jsp response faster
HBASE-4606 Remove spam in HCM and fix a list.size == 0
HBASE-3581 hbase rpc should send size of response
HBASE-4585 Avoid seek operation when current kv is deleted(Liyin Tang)
HBASE-4486 Improve Javadoc for HTableDescriptor (Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4604 hbase.client.TestHTablePool could start a single
cluster instead of one per method (nkeywal)
HBASE-3929 Add option to HFile tool to produce basic stats (Matteo
Bertozzi and todd via todd)
HBASE-4694 Some cleanup of log messages in RS and M
HBASE-4603 Uneeded sleep time for tests in
hbase.master.ServerManager#waitForRegionServers (nkeywal)
HBASE-4703 Improvements in tests (nkeywal)
HBASE-4611 Add support for Phabricator/Differential as an alternative code review tool
HBASE-3939 Some crossports of Hadoop IPC fixes
HBASE-4756 Enable tab-completion in HBase shell (Ryan Thiessen)
HBASE-4759 Migrate from JUnit 4.8.2 to JUnit 4.10 (nkeywal)
HBASE-4554 Allow set/unset coprocessor table attributes from shell
(Mingjie Lai)
HBASE-4779 TestHTablePool, TestScanWithBloomError, TestRegionSplitCalculator are
not tagged and TestPoolMap should not use TestSuite (N Keywal)
HBASE-4805 Allow better control of resource consumption in HTable (Lars H)
HBASE-4903 Return a result from RegionObserver.preIncrement
(Daniel Gómez Ferro via Lars H)
HBASE-4683 Always cache index and bloom blocks
HBASE-3559 Move report of split to master OFF the heartbeat channel
HBASE-3573 Move shutdown messaging OFF hearbeat; prereq for fix of
HBASE-3071 Graceful decommissioning of a regionserver
HBASE-3970 Address HMaster crash/failure half way through meta migration
(Subbu M Iyer)
HBASE-4013 Make ZooKeeperListener Abstract (Akash Ashok via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4025 Server startup fails during startup due to failure in loading
all table descriptors. (Subbu Iyer via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4017 BlockCache interface should be truly modular (Li Pi)
HBASE-4152 Rename o.a.h.h.regionserver.wal.WALObserver to
HBASE-4039 Users should be able to choose custom TableInputFormats without
modifying TableMapReduceUtil.initTableMapperJob() (Brock Noland)
HBASE-4185 Add doc for new hfilev2 format
HBASE-4315 RS requestsPerSecond counter seems to be off (subramanian raghunathan)
HBASE-4289 Move spinlock to SingleSizeCache rather than the slab allocator
(Li Pi)
HBASE-4296 Deprecate HTable[Interface].getRowOrBefore(...) (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-2195 Support cyclic replication (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-2196 Support more than one slave cluster (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4429 Provide synchronous balanceSwitch()
HBASE-4437 Update hadoop in 0.92 (0.20.205?)
HBASE-4656 Note how has to be enabled in
HBASE-4699 Cleanup the UIs
HBASE-4552 Remove trivial 0.90 deprecated code from 0.92 and trunk.
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4714 Don't ship w/ icms enabled by default
HBASE-4747 Upgrade maven surefire plugin to 2.10
HBASE-4288 "Server not running" exception during meta verification causes RS abort
HBASE-4856 Upgrade zookeeper to 3.4.0 release
HBASE-5111 Upgrade zookeeper to 3.4.2 release
HBASE-5125 Upgrade hadoop to 1.0.0
HBASE-2001 Coprocessors: Colocate user code with regions (Mingjie Lai via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3287 Add option to cache blocks on hfile write and evict blocks on
hfile close
HBASE-3335 Add BitComparator for filtering (Nathaniel Cook via Stack)
HBASE-3260 Coprocessors: Add explicit lifecycle management
HBASE-3256 Coprocessors: Coprocessor host and observer for HMaster
HBASE-3345 Coprocessors: Allow observers to completely override base
HBASE-2824 A filter that randomly includes rows based on a configured
chance (Ferdy via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3455 Add memstore-local allocation buffers to combat heap
fragmentation in the region server. Enabled by default as of
HBASE-3257 Coprocessors: Extend server side API to include HLog operations
(Mingjie Lai via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3606 Create an package integration project (Eric Yang via Ryan)
HBASE-3488 Add CellCounter to count multiple versions of rows
(Subbu M. Iyer via Stack)
HBASE-1364 [performance] Distributed splitting of regionserver commit logs
(Prakash Khemani)
HBASE-3836 Add facility to track currently progressing actions and
workflows. (todd)
HBASE-3837 Show regions in transition on the master web page (todd)
HBASE-3839 Add monitoring of currently running tasks to the master and
RS web UIs
HBASE-3691 Add compressor support for 'snappy', google's compressor
(Nichole Treadway and Nicholas Telford)
HBASE-2233 Support both Hadoop 0.20 and 0.22
HBASE-3857 Change the HFile Format (Mikhail & Liyin)
HBASE-4114 Metrics for HFile HDFS block locality (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4176 Exposing HBase Filters to the Thrift API (Anirudh Todi)
HBASE-4221 Changes necessary to build and run against Hadoop 0.23
HBASE-4071 Data GC: Remove all versions > TTL EXCEPT the last
written version (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4242 Add documentation for HBASE-4071 (Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4027 Enable direct byte buffers LruBlockCache (Li Pi)
HBASE-4117 Slow Query Log and Client Operation Fingerprints
(Riley Patterson)
HBASE-4292 Add a debugging dump servlet to the master and regionserver
HBASE-4057 Implement HBase version of "show processlist" (Riley Patterson)
HBASE-4219 Per Column Family Metrics
HBASE-4219 Addendum for failure of TestHFileBlock
HBASE-4377 [hbck] Offline rebuild .META. from fs data only
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4298 Support to drain RS nodes through ZK (Aravind Gottipati)
HBASE-2742 Provide strong authentication with a secure RPC engine
HBASE-3025 Coprocessor based access control
Release 0.90.7 - Unreleased
HBASE-5271 Result.getValue and Result.getColumnLatest return the wrong column (Ghais Issa)
Release 0.90.6 - Unreleased
HBASE-4970 Add a parameter so that keepAliveTime of Htable thread pool can be changed (gaojinchao)
HBASE-5060 HBase client is blocked forever (Jinchao)
HBASE-5009 Failure of creating split dir if it already exists prevents splits from happening further
HBASE-5041 Major compaction on non existing table does not throw error (Shrijeet)
HBASE-5327 Print a message when an invalid hbase.rootdir is passed (Jimmy Xiang)
Release 0.90.5 - Released
HBASE-4160 HBase shell move and online may be unusable if region name
or server includes binary-encoded data (Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4168 A client continues to try and connect to a powered down
regionserver (Anirudh Todi)
HBASE-4196 TableRecordReader may skip first row of region (Ming Ma)
HBASE-4170 createTable java doc needs to be improved (Mubarak Seyed)
HBASE-4144 RS does not abort if the initialization of RS fails
HBASE-4148 HFileOutputFormat doesn't fill in TIMERANGE_KEY metadata
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4159 HBaseServer - IPC Reader threads are not daemons (Douglas
HBASE-4095 Hlog may not be rolled in a long time if checkLowReplication's
request of LogRoll is blocked (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-4253 TestScannerTimeOut.test3686a and TestHTablePool.
testReturnDifferentTable() failure because of using new
HTable(tablename) (ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-4124 ZK restarted while a region is being assigned, new active HM
re-assigns it but the RS warns 'already online on this server'
HBASE-4294 HLogSplitter sleeps with 1-second granularity (todd)
HBASE-4270 IOE ignored during flush-on-close causes dataloss
HBASE-4180 HBase should check the isSecurityEnabled flag before login
HBASE-4325 Improve error message when using STARTROW for meta scans
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4238 CatalogJanitor can clear a daughter that split before
processing its parent
HBASE-4445 Not passing --config when checking if distributed mode or not
HBASE-4453 TestReplication failing up on builds.a.o because already
running zk with new format root servername
HBASE-4387 Error while syncing: DFSOutputStream is closed
(Lars Hofhansl)
HBASE-4295 rowcounter does not return the correct number of rows in
certain circumstances (David Revell)
HBASE-4515 User.getCurrent() can fail to initialize the current user
HBASE-4473 NPE when executors are down but events are still coming in
HBASE-4537 TestUser imports breaking build against secure Hadoop
HBASE-4501 [replication] Shutting down a stream leaves recovered
sources running
HBASE-4563 When error occurs in this.parent.close(false) of split,
the split region cannot write or read (bluedavy via Lars H)
HBASE-4570. Fix a race condition that could cause inconsistent results
from scans during concurrent writes. (todd and Jonathan Jsieh
via todd)
HBASE-4562 When split doing offlineParentInMeta encounters error, it'll
cause data loss (bluedavy via Lars H)
HBASE-4800 Result.compareResults is incorrect (James Taylor and Lars H)
HBASE-4848 TestScanner failing because hostname can't be null
HBASE-4862 Splitting hlog and opening region concurrently may cause data loss
(Chunhui Shen)
HBASE-4773 HBaseAdmin may leak ZooKeeper connections (Xufeng)
HBASE-4205 Enhance HTable javadoc (Eric Charles)
HBASE-4222 Make HLog more resilient to write pipeline failures
HBASE-4293 More verbose logging in ServerShutdownHandler for meta/root
cases (todd)
HBASE-4276 AssignmentManager debug logs should be at INFO level for
META/ROOT regions (todd)
HBASE-4323 Add debug logging when AssignmentManager can't make a plan
for a region (todd)
HBASE-4313 Refactor TestHBaseFsck to make adding individual hbck tests
easier (Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4272. Add -metaonly flag to hbck feature to only inspect and try
to repair META and ROOT. (todd)
HBASE-4321. Add a more comprehensive region split calculator for future use
in hbck. (Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4384 Hard to tell what causes failure in CloseRegionHandler#getCurrentVersion
(Harsh J)
HBASE-4375 [hbck] Add region coverage visualization to hbck
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4506 [hbck] Allow HBaseFsck to be instantiated without connecting
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4509 [hbck] Improve region map output
(Jonathan Hsieh)
HBASE-4806 Fix logging message in HbaseObjectWritable
(Jonathan Hsieh via todd)
Release 0.90.4 - August 10, 2011
HBASE-3878 Hbase client throws NoSuchElementException (Ted Yu)
HBASE-3881 Add disable balancer in script
HBASE-3895 Fix order of parameters after HBASE-1511
HBASE-3874 ServerShutdownHandler fails on NPE if a plan has a random
region assignment
HBASE-3902 Add Bytes.toBigDecimal and Bytes.toBytes(BigDecimal)
(Vaibhav Puranik)
HBASE-3820 Splitlog() executed while the namenode was in safemode may
cause data-loss (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-3905 HBaseAdmin.createTableAsync() should check for invalid split
keys (Ted Yu)
HBASE-3908 TableSplit not implementing "hashCode" problem (Daniel Iancu)
HBASE-3915 Binary row keys in hbck and other miscellaneous binary key
display issues
HBASE-3914 ROOT region appeared in two regionserver's onlineRegions at
the same time (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-3934 MemStoreFlusher.getMemStoreLimit() doesn't honor defaultLimit
(Ted Yu)
HBASE-3946 The splitted region can be online again while the standby
hmaster becomes the active one (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-3916 Fix the default bind address of ThriftServer to be wildcard
instead of localhost. (Li Pi)
HBASE-3985 Same Region could be picked out twice in LoadBalance
(Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-3987 Fix a NullPointerException on a failure to load Bloom filter data
(Mikhail Bautin)
HBASE-3948 Improve split/compact result page for RegionServer status page
(Li Pi)
HBASE-3988 Infinite loop for secondary master (Liyin Tang)
HBASE-3995 HBASE-3946 broke TestMasterFailover
HBASE-2077 NullPointerException with an open scanner that expired causing
an immediate region server shutdown -- part 2.
HBASE-4005 close_region bugs
HBASE-4028 Hmaster crashes caused by splitting log.
(gaojinchao via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4035 Fix - parameter order wrong
(Lars George via Ted Yu)
HBASE-4020 "testWritesWhileGetting" unit test needs to be fixed.
(Vandana Ayyalasomayajula via Ted Yu)
HBASE-3984 CT.verifyRegionLocation isn't doing a very good check,
can delay cluster recovery
HBASE-4045 [replication] NPE in ReplicationSource when ZK is gone
HBASE-4034 HRegionServer should be stopped even if no META regions
are hosted by the HRegionServer (Akash Ashok)
HBASE-4033 The shutdown RegionServer could be added to
AssignmentManager.servers again (Jieshan Bean)
HBASE-4088 npes in server shutdown
HBASE-3872 Hole in split transaction rollback; edits to .META. need
to be rolled back even if it seems like they didn't make it
HBASE-4101 Regionserver Deadlock (ramkrishna.s.vasudevan)
HBASE-4115 HBase shell assign and unassign unusable if region name
includes binary-encoded data (Ryan Brush)
HBASE-4126 Make timeoutmonitor timeout after 30 minutes instead of 3
HBASE-4129 HBASE-3872 added a warn message 'CatalogJanitor: Daughter regiondir
does not exist' that is triggered though its often legit that daughter
is not present
HBASE-3882 needs to be updated so it can auto-detects the
sun jre provided by RHEL6 (Roman Shaposhnik)
HBASE-3920 HLog hbase.regionserver.flushlogentries no longer supported
(Dave Latham)
HBASE-3919 More places output binary data to text (Dave Latham)
HBASE-3873 HBase IRB shell: Don't pretty-print the output when stdout
isn't a TTY (Benoît Sigoure)
HBASE-3969 Outdated data can not be cleaned in time (Zhou Shuaifeng)
HBASE-3968 HLog Pretty Printer (Riley Patterson)
Release 0.90.3 - May 19th, 2011
HBASE-3746 Clean up CompressionTest to not directly reference
DistributedFileSystem (todd)
HBASE-3734 HBaseAdmin creates new configurations in getCatalogTracker
HBASE-3756 Can't move META or ROOT from shell
HBASE-3740 hbck doesn't reset the number of errors when retrying
HBASE-3744 createTable blocks until all regions are out of transition
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3750 HTablePool.putTable() should call releaseHTableInterface()
for discarded tables (Ted Yu via garyh)
HBASE-3755 Catch zk's ConnectionLossException and augment error
message with more help
HBASE-3722 A lot of data is lost when name node crashed (gaojinchao)
HBASE-3771 All jsp pages don't clean their HBA
HBASE-3685 when multiple columns are combined with TimestampFilter, only
one column is returned (Jerry Chen)
HBASE-3708 createAndFailSilent is not so silent; leaves lots of logging
in ensemble logs (Dmitriy Ryaboy)
HBASE-3783 hbase-0.90.2.jar exists in hbase root and in 'lib/'
HBASE-3539 Improve shell help to reflect all possible options
(Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-3817 HBase Shell has an issue accepting FILTER for the 'scan' command.
(Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-3634 Fix JavaDoc for put(List<Put> puts) in HTableInterface
(Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-3749 Master can't exit when open port failed (gaojinchao)
HBASE-3794 TestRpcMetrics fails on machine where region server is running
(Alex Newman)
HBASE-3741 Make HRegionServer aware of the regions it's opening/closing
HBASE-3597 ageOfLastAppliedOp should update after cluster replication
HBASE-3821 "NOT flushing memstore for region" keep on printing for half
an hour (zhoushuaifeng)
HBASE-3747 ReplicationSource should differanciate remote and local exceptions
HBASE-3652 Speed up tests by lowering some sleeps
HBASE-3767 Improve how HTable handles threads used for multi actions
HBASE-3795 Remove the "Cache hit for row" message
HBASE-3580 Remove RS from DeadServer when new instance checks in
HBASE-2470 Add Scan.setTimeRange() support in Shell (Harsh J Chouraria)
HBASE-3805 Log RegionState that are processed too late in the master
HBASE-3695 Some improvements to Hbck to test the entire region chain in
Meta and provide better error reporting (Marc Limotte)
HBASE-3813 Change RPC callQueue size from 'handlerCount *
HBASE-3860 HLog shouldn't create a new HBC when rolling
HBASE-3748 Add rolling of thrift/rest daemons to script
HBASE-3846 Set RIT timeout higher
Release 0.90.2 - 20110408
HBASE-3545 Possible liveness issue with MasterServerAddress in
HRegionServer getMaster (Greg Bowyer via Stack)
HBASE-3548 Fix type in documentation of pseudo distributed mode
HBASE-3553 HTable ThreadPoolExecutor does not properly initialize
for hbase.htable.threads.max threads
(Himanshu Vashishtha via garyh)
HBASE-3566 writeToWAL is not serialized for increment operation
HBASE-3576 MasterAddressTracker is registered to ZooKeeperWatcher twice
HBASE-3561 OPTS arguments are duplicated
HBASE-3572 memstore lab can leave half inited data structs (bad!)
HBASE-3589 test jar should not include mapred-queues.xml and
HBASE-3593 DemoClient.cpp is outdated
HBASE-3591 completebulkload doesn't honor generic -D options
HBASE-3594 Rest server fails because of missing asm jar
HBASE-3582 Allow HMaster and HRegionServer to login from keytab
when on secure Hadoop
HBASE-3608 MemstoreFlusher error message doesnt include exception!
HBASE-1960 Master should wait for DFS to come up when creating
hbase.version; use alternate strategy for waiting for DNs
HBASE-3612 HBaseAdmin::isTableAvailable returns true when the table does
not exit
HBASE-3626 Update instructions in thrift demo files (Moaz Reyad via Stack)
HBASE-3633 ZKUtil::createSetData should only create a node when it
nonexists (Guanpeng Xu via Stack)
HBASE-3636 a bug about deciding whether this key is a new key for the ROWCOL
bloomfilter (Liyin Tang via Stack)
HBASE-3639 FSUtils.getRootDir should qualify path
HBASE-3648 [replication] failover is sloppy with znodes
HBASE-3613 NPE in MemStoreFlusher
HBASE-3650 HBA.delete can return too fast
HBASE-3659 Fix TestHLog to pass on newer versions of Hadoop
HBASE-3595 get_counter broken in shell
HBASE-3664 [replication] Adding a slave when there's none may kill the cluster
HBASE-3671 Split report before we finish parent region open; workaround
till 0.92; Race between split and OPENED processing
HBASE-3674 Treat ChecksumException as we would a ParseException splitting
logs; else we replay split on every restart
HBASE-3621 The timeout handler in AssignmentManager does an RPC while
holding lock on RIT; a big no-no (Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3575 Update rename table script
HBASE-3687 Bulk assign on startup should handle a ServerNotRunningException
HBASE-3617 NoRouteToHostException during balancing will cause Master abort
(Ted Yu via Stack)
HBASE-3668 CatalogTracker.waitForMeta can wait forever and totally stall a RS
HBASE-3627 NPE in EventHandler when region already reassigned
HBASE-3660 HMaster will exit when starting with stale data in cached locations
such as -ROOT- or .META.
HBASE-3654 Weird blocking between getOnlineRegion and createRegionLoad
(Subbu M Iyer via Stack)
HBASE-3666 TestScannerTimeout fails occasionally
HBASE-3497 TableMapReduceUtil.initTableReducerJob broken due to setConf
method in TableOutputFormat
HBASE-3686 ClientScanner skips too many rows on recovery if using scanner
caching (Sean Sechrist via Stack)
HBASE-3542 MultiGet methods in Thrift
HBASE-3586 Improve the selection of regions to balance (Ted Yu via Andrew
HBASE-3603 Remove -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError autodump of heap option
HBASE-3285 Hlog recovery takes too much time
HBASE-3623 Allow non-XML representable separator characters in the ImportTSV tool
(Harsh J Chouraria via Stack)
HBASE-3620 Make HBCK utility faster
HBASE-3625 improve/fix support excluding Tests via Maven -D property
(Alejandro Abdelnur via todd)
HBASE-3437 Support Explict Split Points from the Shell
HBASE-3448 RegionSplitter, utility class to manually split tables
HBASE-3610 Improve RegionSplitter performance
HBASE-3496 HFile CLI Improvements
HBASE-3596 [replication] Wait a few seconds before transferring queues
HBASE-3600 Update our jruby to 1.6.0
HBASE-3640 [replication] Transferring queues shouldn't be done inline with RS startup
HBASE-3658 Alert when heap is over committed (Subbu M Iyer via Stack)
HBASE-3681 Check the sloppiness of the region load before balancing (Ted Yu via JD)
HBASE-3703 needs to be updated so it can auto-detect
the sun jdk provided by RHEL6 (Bruno Mahe via todd)
Release 0.90.1 - February 9th, 2011
HBASE-3455 Add memstore-local allocation buffers to combat heap
fragmentation in the region server. Experimental / disabled
by default in 0.90.1
HBASE-3445 Master crashes on data that was moved from different host
HBASE-3449 Server shutdown handlers deadlocked waiting for META
HBASE-3456 Fix hardcoding of 20 second socket timeout down in HBaseClient
HBASE-3476 HFile -m option need not scan key values
(Prakash Khemani via Lars George)
HBASE-3481 max seq id in flushed file can be larger than its correct value
causing data loss during recovery
HBASE-3493 HMaster sometimes hangs during initialization due to missing
notify call (Bruno Dumon via Stack)
HBASE-3483 Memstore lower limit should trigger asynchronous flushes
HBASE-3494 checkAndPut implementation doesnt verify row param and writable
row are the same
HBASE-3416 For intra-row scanning, the update readers notification resets
the query matcher and can lead to incorrect behavior
HBASE-3495 Shell is failing on subsequent split calls
HBASE-3502 Can't open region because can't open .regioninfo because
HBASE-3501 Remove the deletion limit in LogCleaner
HBASE-3500 Documentation update for replicatio
HBASE-3419 If re-transition to OPENING during log replay fails, server
aborts. Instead, should just cancel region open.
HBASE-3524 NPE from CompactionChecker
HBASE-3531 When under global memstore pressure, dont try to flush
unflushable regions.
HBASE-3550 FilterList reports false positives (Bill Graham via Andrew
HBASE-3305 Allow round-robin distribution for table created with
multiple regions (ted yu via jgray)
HBASE-3508 LruBlockCache statistics thread should have a name
HBASE-3511 Allow rolling restart to apply to only RS or only masters
HBASE-3510 Add thread name for IPC reader threads
HBASE-3509 Add metric for flush queue length
HBASE-3517 Store build version in hbase-default.xml and verify at runtime
Release 0.90.0 - January 19th, 2011
HBASE-1822 Remove the deprecated APIs
HBASE-1848 Fixup shell for HBASE-1822
HBASE-1854 Remove the Region Historian
HBASE-1930 Put.setTimeStamp misleading (doesn't change timestamp on
existing KeyValues, not copied in copy constructor)
(Dave Latham via Stack)
HBASE-1360 move up to Thrift 0.2.0 (Kay Kay and Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2212 Refactor out lucene dependencies from HBase
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2219 stop using code mapping for method names in the RPC
HBASE-1728 Column family scoping and cluster identification
HBASE-2099 Move build to Maven (Paul Smith via Stack)
HBASE-2260 Remove all traces of Ant and Ivy (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2255 take trunk back to hadoop 0.20
HBASE-2378 Bulk insert with multiple reducers broken due to improper
ImmutableBytesWritable comparator (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2392 Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.3.0
HBASE-2294 Enumerate ACID properties of HBase in a well defined spec
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2541 Remove transactional contrib (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-2542 Fold stargate contrib into core
HBASE-2565 Remove contrib module from hbase
HBASE-2397 Bytes.toStringBinary escapes printable chars
HBASE-2771 Update our hadoop jar to be latest from 0.20-append branch
HBASE-2803 Remove remaining Get code from,etc
HBASE-2553 Revisit IncrementColumnValue implementation in 0.22
HBASE-2692 Master rewrite and cleanup for 0.90
(Karthik Ranganathan, Jon Gray & Stack)
HBASE-2961 Close zookeeper when done with it (HCM, Master, and RS)
HBASE-2641 HBASE-2641 Refactor HLog splitLog, hbase-2437 continued;
break out split code as new classes
(James Kennedy via Stack)
HBASE-1791 Timeout in IndexRecordWriter (Bradford Stephens via Andrew
HBASE-1737 Regions unbalanced when adding new node (recommit)
HBASE-1792 [Regression] Cannot save timestamp in the future
HBASE-1793 [Regression] HTable.get/getRow with a ts is broken
HBASE-1698 Review documentation for o.a.h.h.mapreduce
HBASE-1798 [Regression] Unable to delete a row in the future
HBASE-1790 filters are not working correctly (HBASE-1710 HBASE-1807 too)
HBASE-1779 ThriftServer logged error if getVer() result is empty
HBASE-1778 Improve PerformanceEvaluation (Schubert Zhang via Stack)
HBASE-1751 Fix KeyValue javadoc on getValue for client-side
HBASE-1795 log recovery doesnt reset the max sequence id, new logfiles can
get tossed as 'duplicates'
HBASE-1794 recovered log files are not inserted into the storefile map
HBASE-1824 [stargate] default timestamp should be LATEST_TIMESTAMP
HBASE-1740 ICV has a subtle race condition only visible under high load
HBASE-1808 [stargate] fix how columns are specified for scanners
HBASE-1828 CompareFilters are broken from client-side
HBASE-1836 test of indexed hbase broken
HBASE-1838 [javadoc] Add javadoc to Delete explaining behavior when no
timestamp provided
HBASE-1821 Filtering by SingleColumnValueFilter bug
HBASE-1840 RowLock fails when used with IndexTable
(Keith Thomas via Stack)
HBASE-818 HFile code review and refinement (Schubert Zhang via Stack)
HBASE-1830 HbaseObjectWritable methods should allow null HBCs
for when Writable is not Configurable (Stack via jgray)
HBASE-1847 Delete latest of a null qualifier when non-null qualifiers
exist throws a RuntimeException
HBASE-1850 src/examples/mapred do not compile after HBASE-1822
HBASE-1853 Each time around the regionserver core loop, we clear the
messages to pass master, even if we failed to deliver them
HBASE-1815 HBaseClient can get stuck in an infinite loop while attempting
to contact a failed regionserver
HBASE-1856 HBASE-1765 broke MapReduce when using Result.list()
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1857 WrongRegionException when setting region online after .META.
split (Cosmin Lehane via Stack)
HBASE-1809 NPE thrown in BoundedRangeFileInputStream
HBASE-1859 Misc shell fixes patch (Kyle Oba via Stack)
HBASE-1865 0.20.0 TableInputFormatBase NPE
HBASE-1866 Scan(Scan) copy constructor does not copy value of
HBASE-1869 IndexedTable delete fails when used in conjunction with
RowLock (Keith Thomas via Stack)
HBASE-1858 Master can't split logs created by THBase (Clint Morgan via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1871 Wrong type used in TableMapReduceUtil.initTableReduceJob()
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1883 HRegion passes the wrong minSequenceNumber to
doReconstructionLog (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1878 BaseScanner results can't be trusted at all (Related to
HBASE-1831 Scanning API must be reworked to allow for fully functional
Filters client-side
HBASE-1890 hbase-1506 where assignment is done at regionserver doesn't
HBASE-1889 ClassNotFoundException on trunk for REST
HBASE-1905 Remove unused config. hbase.hstore.blockCache.blockSize
HBASE-1906 FilterList of prefix and columnvalue not working properly with
deletes and multiple values
HBASE-1896 WhileMatchFilter.reset should call encapsulated filter reset
HBASE-1912 When adding a secondary index to an existing table, it will
cause NPE during re-indexing (Mingjui Ray Liao via Andrew
HBASE-1916 FindBugs and javac warnings cleanup
HBASE-1908 ROOT not reassigned if only one regionserver left
HBASE-1915 HLog.sync is called way too often, needs to be only called one
time per RPC
HBASE-1777 column length is not checked before saved to memstore
HBASE-1925 IllegalAccessError: Has not been initialized (getMaxSequenceId)
HBASE-1929 If hbase-default.xml is not in CP, zk session timeout is 10
HBASE-1927 Scanners not closed properly in certain circumstances
HBASE-1934 NullPointerException in ClientScanner (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-1946 Unhandled exception at regionserver (Dmitriy Lyfar via Stack)
HBASE-1682 IndexedRegion does not properly handle deletes
(Andrew McCall via Clint Morgan and Stack)
HBASE-1953 Overhaul of overview.html (html fixes, typos, consistency) -
no content changes (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-1954 Transactional scans do not see newest put (Clint Morgan via
HBASE-1919 code: HRS.delete seems to ignore exceptions it shouldnt
HBASE-1951 Stack overflow when calling HTable.checkAndPut()
when deleting a lot of values
HBASE-1781 Weird behavior of WildcardColumnTracker.checkColumn(),
looks like recursive loop
HBASE-1949 KeyValue expiration by Time-to-Live during major compaction is
broken (Gary Helmling via Stack)
HBASE-1957 Get-s can't set a Filter
HBASE-1928 ROOT and META tables stay in transition state (making the system
not usable) if the designated regionServer dies before the
assignment is complete (Yannis Pavlidis via Stack)
HBASE-1962 Bulk loading script makes regions incorrectly (loadtable.rb)
HBASE-1966 Apply the fix from site/ to remove the forrest dependency on
Java 5
HBASE-1967 [Transactional] client.TestTransactions.testPutPutScan fails
sometimes -- Temporary fix
HBASE-1841 If multiple of same key in an hfile and they span blocks, may
miss the earlier keys on a lookup
(Schubert Zhang via Stack)
HBASE-1977 Add ts and allow setting VERSIONS when scanning in shell
HBASE-1979 MurmurHash does not yield the same results as the reference C++
implementation when size % 4 >= 2 (Olivier Gillet via Andrew
HBASE-1999 When HTable goes away, close zk session in shutdown hook or
HBASE-1997 zk tick time bounds maximum zk session time
HBASE-2003 [shell] deleteall ignores column if specified
HBASE-2018 Updates to .META. blocked under high MemStore load
HBASE-1994 Master will lose hlog entries while splitting if region has
empty oldlogfile.log (Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-2022 NPE in housekeeping kills RS
HBASE-2034 [Bulk load tools] loadtable.rb calls an undefined method
'descendingIterator' (Ching-Shen Chen via Stack)
HBASE-2033 Shell scan 'limit' is off by one
HBASE-2040 Fixes to group commit
HBASE-2047 Example command in the "Getting Started"
documentation doesn't work (Benoit Sigoure via JD)
HBASE-2048 Small inconsistency in the "Example API Usage"
(Benoit Sigoure via JD)
HBASE-2044 HBASE-1822 removed not-deprecated APIs
HBASE-1960 Master should wait for DFS to come up when creating
HBASE-2054 memstore size 0 is >= than blocking -2.0g size
HBASE-2064 Cannot disable a table if at the same the Master is moving
its regions around
HBASE-2065 Cannot disable a table if any of its region is opening
at the same time
HBASE-2026 NPE in StoreScanner on compaction
HBASE-2072 fs.automatic.close isn't passed to FileSystem
HBASE-2075 Master requires HDFS superuser privileges due to waitOnSafeMode
HBASE-2077 NullPointerException with an open scanner that expired causing
an immediate region server shutdown (Sam Pullara via JD)
HBASE-2078 Add JMX settings as commented out lines to
(Lars George via JD)
HBASE-2082 TableInputFormat is ignoring input scan's stop row setting
(Scott Wang via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2068 MetricsRate is missing "registry" parameter
(Lars George and Gary Helmling via Stack)
HBASE-2093 [stargate] RowSpec parse bug
HBASE-2114 Can't start HBase in trunk (JD and Kay Kay via JD)
HBASE-2115 ./hbase shell would not launch due to missing jruby dependency
(Kay Kay via JD)
HBASE-2101 KeyValueSortReducer collapses all values to last passed
HBASE-2119 Fix top-level NOTICES.txt file. Its stale.
HBASE-2120 [stargate] Unable to delete column families (Greg Lu via Andrew
HBASE-2123 Remove 'master' command-line option from PE
HBASE-2024 [stargate] Deletes not working as expected (Greg Lu via Andrew
HBASE-2122 [stargate] Initializing scanner column families doesn't work
(Greg Lu via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2124 Useless exception in HMaster on startup
HBASE-2127 randomWrite mode of PerformanceEvaluation benchmark program
writes only to a small range of keys (Kannan Muthukkaruppan
via Stack)
HBASE-2126 Fix build break - ec2 (Kay Kay via JD)
HBASE-2134 Ivy nit regarding checking with latest snapshots (Kay Kay via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2138 unknown metrics type (Stack via JD)
HBASE-2137 javadoc warnings from 'javadoc' target (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2135 ant javadoc complains about missing classe (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2130 bin/* scripts - not to include lib/test/**/*.jar
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2140 findbugs issues - 2 performance warnings as suggested by
findbugs (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2139 findbugs task in build.xml (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2147 run zookeeper in the same jvm as master during non-distributed
HBASE-65 Thrift Server should have an option to bind to ip address
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2146 RPC related metrics are missing in 0.20.3 since recent changes
(Gary Helmling via Lars George)
HBASE-2150 Deprecated HBC(Configuration) constructor doesn't call this()
HBASE-2154 Fix Client#next(int) javadoc
HBASE-2152 Add default jmxremote.{access|password} files into conf
(Lars George and Gary Helmling via Stack)
HBASE-2156 HBASE-2037 broke Scan - only a test for trunk
HBASE-2057 Cluster won't stop (Gary Helmling and JD via JD)
HBASE-2160 Can't put with ts in shell
HBASE-2144 Now does \x20 for spaces
HBASE-2163 ZK dependencies - explicitly add them until ZK artifacts are
published to mvn repository (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2164 Ivy nit - clean up configs (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2184 Calling HTable.getTableDescriptor().* on a full cluster takes
a long time (Cristian Ivascu via Stack)
HBASE-2193 Better readability of -
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2199 hbase.client.tableindexed.IndexSpecification, lines 72-73
should be reversed (Adrian Popescu via Stack)
HBASE-2224 Broken build: TestGetRowVersions.testGetRowMultipleVersions
HBASE-2129 ant tar build broken since switch to Ivy (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2226 HQuorumPeerTest doesnt run because it doesnt start with the
word Test
HBASE-2230 SingleColumnValueFilter has an ungaurded debug log message
HBASE-2258 The WhileMatchFilter doesn't delegate the call to filterRow()
HBASE-2259 StackOverflow in ExplicitColumnTracker when row has many columns
HBASE-2268 [stargate] Failed tests and DEBUG output is dumped to console
since move to Mavenized build
HBASE-2276 Hbase Shell hcd() method is broken by the replication scope
parameter (Alexey Kovyrin via Lars George)
HBASE-2244 META gets inconsistent in a number of crash scenarios
HBASE-2284 fsWriteLatency metric may be incorrectly reported
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2063 For hfileoutputformat, on timeout/failure/kill clean up
half-written hfile (Ruslan Salyakhov via Stack)
HBASE-2281 Hbase shell does not work when started from the build dir
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2293 CME in RegionManager#isMetaServer
HBASE-2261 The javadoc in WhileMatchFilter and it's tests in TestFilter
are not accurate/wrong
HBASE-2299 [EC2] mapreduce fixups for PE
HBASE-2295 Row locks may deadlock with themselves
(dhruba borthakur via Stack)
HBASE-2308 Fix the bin/rename_table.rb script, make it work again
HBASE-2307 hbase-2295 changed hregion size, testheapsize broke... fix it
HBASE-2269 PerformanceEvaluation "--nomapred" may assign duplicate random
seed over multiple testing threads (Tatsuya Kawano via Stack)
HBASE-2287 TypeError in shell (Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2023 Client sync block can cause 1 thread of a multi-threaded client
to block all others (Karthik Ranganathan via Stack)
HBASE-2305 Client port for ZK has no default (Suraj Varma via Stack)
HBASE-2323 filter.RegexStringComparator does not work with certain bytes
(Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2313 Nit-pick about hbase-2279 shell fixup, if you do get with
non-existant column family, throws lots of exceptions
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2334 Slimming of Maven dependency tree - improves assembly build
speed (Paul Smith via Stack)
HBASE-2336 Fix build broken with HBASE-2334 (Lars Francke via Lars George)
HBASE-2283 row level atomicity (Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2355 Unsynchronized logWriters map is mutated from several threads in
HLog splitting (Todd Lipcon via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2358 Store doReconstructionLog will fail if oldlogfile.log is empty
and won't load region (Cosmin Lehene via Stack)
HBASE-2370 doesnt properly grab the git revision
HBASE-2373 Remove confusing log message of how "BaseScanner GET got
different address/startcode than SCAN"
HBASE-2361 WALEdit broke replication scope
HBASE-2365 Double-assignment around split
HBASE-2398 NPE in HLog.append when calling writer.getLength
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2410 spurious warnings from util.Sleeper
HBASE-2335 mapred package docs don't say zookeeper jar is a dependent
HBASE-2417 HCM.locateRootRegion fails hard on "Connection refused"
HBASE-2346 Usage of FilterList slows down scans
HBASE-2341 ZK settings for initLimit/syncLimit should not have been removed
from hbase-default.xml
HBASE-2439 HBase can get stuck if updates to META are blocked
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2451 .META. by-passes cache; BLOCKCACHE=>'false'
HBASE-2453 Revisit compaction policies after HBASE-2248 commit
(Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-2458 Client stuck in TreeMap,remove (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2460 add_table.rb deletes any tables for which the target table name
is a prefix (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2463 Various Bytes.* functions silently ignore invalid arguments
(Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2443 IPC client can throw NPE if socket creation fails
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2447 LogSyncer.addToSyncQueue doesn't check if syncer is still
running before waiting (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2494 Does not apply parameter to CopyTable
(Yoonsik Oh via Stack)
HBASE-2481 Client is not getting UnknownScannerExceptions; they are
being eaten (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-2448 Scanner threads are interrupted without acquiring lock properly
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2491 master.jsp uses absolute links to table.jsp. This broke when
master.jsp moved under webapps/master(Cristian Ivascu via Stack)
HBASE-2487 Uncaught exceptions in receiving IPC responses orphan clients
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2497 ProcessServerShutdown throws NullPointerException for offline
regiond (Miklos Kurucz via Stack)
HBASE-2499 Race condition when disabling a table leaves regions in transition
HBASE-2489 Make the "Filesystem needs to be upgraded" error message more
useful (Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2482 regions in transition do not get reassigned by master when RS
crashes (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2513 hbase-2414 added bug where we'd tight-loop if no root available
HBASE-2503 PriorityQueue isn't thread safe, KeyValueHeap uses it that way
HBASE-2431 Master does not respect generation stamps, may result in meta
getting permanently offlined
HBASE-2515 ChangeTableState considers split&&offline regions as being served
HBASE-2544 Forward port branch 0.20 WAL to TRUNK
HBASE-2546 Specify default filesystem in both the new and old way (needed
if we are to run on 0.20 and 0.21 hadoop)
HBASE-1895 HConstants.MAX_ROW_LENGTH is incorrectly 64k, should be 32k
HBASE-1968 Give clients access to the write buffer
HBASE-2028 Add HTable.incrementColumnValue support to shell
(Lars George via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2138 unknown metrics type
HBASE-2551 Forward port fixes that are in branch but not in trunk (part of
the merge of old 0.20 into TRUNK task) -- part 1.
HBASE-2474 Bug in HBASE-2248 - mixed version reads (not allowed by spec)
HBASE-2509 NPEs in various places, HRegion.get, HRS.close
HBASE-2344 InfoServer and hence HBase Master doesn't fully start if you
have HADOOP-6151 patch (Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2382 Don't rely on fs.getDefaultReplication() to roll HLogs
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2415 Disable META splitting in 0.20 (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2421 Put hangs for 10 retries on failed region servers
HBASE-2442 Log lease recovery catches IOException too widely
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2457 RS gets stuck compacting region ad infinitum
HBASE-2562 bin/hbase doesn't work in-situ in maven
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2449 Local HBase does not stop properly
HBASE-2539 Cannot start ZK before the rest in tests anymore
HBASE-2561 Scanning .META. while split in progress yields
IllegalArgumentException (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2572 hbase/bin/set_meta_block_caching.rb:72: can't convert
Java::JavaLang::String into String (TypeError) - little
issue with script
HBASE-2483 Some tests do not use ephemeral ports
HBASE-2573 client.HConnectionManager$TableServers logs non-printable
binary bytes (Benoît Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2576 TestHRegion.testDelete_mixed() failing on hudson
HBASE-2581 Bloom commit broke some tests... fix
HBASE-2582 TestTableSchemaModel not passing after commit of blooms
HBASE-2583 Make webapps work in distributed mode again and make webapps
deploy at / instead of at /webapps/master/master.jsp
HBASE-2590 Failed parse of branch element in
HBASE-2591 HBASE-2587 hardcoded the port that dfscluster runs on
HBASE-2519 swallows IOEs (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2516 Ugly IOE when region is being closed; rather, should NSRE
(Daniel Ploeg via Stack)
HBASE-2589 TestHRegion.testWritesWhileScanning flaky on trunk
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2590 Failed parse of branch element in
(Benoît Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2586 Move hbase webapps to a hbase-webapps dir (Todd Lipcon via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2610 ValueFilter copy pasted javadoc from QualifierFilter
HBASE-2619 HBase shell 'alter' command cannot set table properties to False
(Christo Wilson via Stack)
HBASE-2621 Fix bad link to HFile documentation in javadoc
(Jeff Hammerbacher via Todd Lipcon)
HBASE-2371 Fix 'list' command in shell (Alexey Kovyrin via Todd Lipcon)
HBASE-2620 REST tests don't use ephemeral ports
HBASE-2635 ImmutableBytesWritable ignores offset in several cases
HBASE-2654 Add additional maven repository temporarily to fetch Guava
HBASE-2560 Fix IllegalArgumentException when manually splitting table
from web UI
HBASE-2657 TestTableResource is broken in trunk
HBASE-2662 TestScannerResource.testScannerResource broke in trunk
HBASE-2667 TestHLog.testSplit failing in trunk (Cosmin and Stack)
HBASE-2614 killing server in TestMasterTransitions causes NPEs and test deadlock
HBASE-2615 M/R on bulk imported tables
HBASE-2676 TestInfoServers should use ephemeral ports
HBASE-2616 TestHRegion.testWritesWhileGetting flaky on trunk
HBASE-2684 TestMasterWrongRS flaky in trunk
HBASE-2691 LeaseStillHeldException totally ignored by RS, wrongly named
HBASE-2703 ui not working in distributed context
HBASE-2710 Shell should use default terminal width when autodetection fails
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Todd Lipcon)
HBASE-2712 Cached region location that went stale won't recover if
asking for first row
HBASE-2732 TestZooKeeper was broken, HBASE-2691 showed it
HBASE-2670 Provide atomicity for readers even when new insert has
same timestamp as current row.
HBASE-2733 Replacement of LATEST_TIMESTAMP with real timestamp was broken
by HBASE-2353.
HBASE-2734 TestFSErrors should catch all types of exceptions, not just RTE
HBASE-2738 TestTimeRangeMapRed updated now that we keep multiple cells with
same timestamp in MemStore
HBASE-2725 Shutdown hook management is gone in trunk; restore
HBASE-2740 NPE in ReadWriteConsistencyControl
HBASE-2752 Don't retry forever when waiting on too many store files
HBASE-2737 CME in ZKW introduced in HBASE-2694 (Karthik Ranganathan via JD)
HBASE-2756 MetaScanner.metaScan doesn't take configurations
HBASE-2656 HMaster.getRegionTableClosest should not return null for closed
HBASE-2760 Fix MetaScanner TableNotFoundException when scanning starting at
the first row in a table.
HBASE-1025 Reconstruction log playback has no bounds on memory used
HBASE-2757 Fix flaky TestFromClientSide test by forcing region assignment
HBASE-2741 HBaseExecutorService needs to be multi-cluster friendly
(Karthik Ranganathan via JD)
HBASE-2769 Fix typo in warning message for HBaseConfiguration
HBASE-2768 Fix teardown order in TestFilter
HBASE-2763 Cross-port HADOOP-6833 IPC parameter leak bug
HBASE-2758 META region stuck in RS2ZK_REGION_OPENED state
(Karthik Ranganathan via jgray)
HBASE-2767 Fix reflection in tests that was made incompatible by HDFS-1209
HBASE-2617 Load balancer falls into pathological state if one server under
average - slop; endless churn
HBASE-2729 Interrupted or failed memstore flushes should not corrupt the
HBASE-2772 Scan doesn't recover from region server failure
HBASE-2775 Update of hadoop jar in HBASE-2771 broke TestMultiClusters
HBASE-2774 Spin in ReadWriteConsistencyControl eating CPU (load > 40) and
no progress running YCSB on clean cluster startup
HBASE-2785 TestScannerTimeout.test2772 is flaky
HBASE-2787 PE is confused about flushCommits
HBASE-2707 Can't recover from a dead ROOT server if any exceptions happens
during log splitting
HBASE-2501 Refactor StoreFile Code
HBASE-2806 DNS hiccups cause uncaught NPE in HServerAddress#getBindAddress
(Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2806 (small compile fix via jgray)
HBASE-2797 Another NPE in ReadWriteConsistencyControl
HBASE-2831 Fix '$bin' path duplication in setup scripts
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2781 ZKW.createUnassignedRegion doesn't make sure existing znode is
in the right state (Karthik Ranganathan via JD)
HBASE-2727 Splits writing one file only is untenable; need dir of recovered
edits ordered by sequenceid
HBASE-2843 Readd bloomfilter test over zealously removed by HBASE-2625
HBASE-2846 Make rest server be same as thrift and avro servers
HBASE-1511 Pseudo distributed mode in LocalHBaseCluster
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2851 Remove testDynamicBloom() unit test
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2853 TestLoadIncrementalHFiles fails on TRUNK
HBASE-2854 broken tests on trunk
HBASE-2859 Cleanup deprecated stuff in TestHLog (Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-2858 TestReplication.queueFailover fails half the time
HBASE-2863 HBASE-2553 removed an important edge case
HBASE-2866 Region permanently offlined
HBASE-2849 HBase clients cannot recover when their ZooKeeper session
becomes invalid (Benôit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2876 HBase hbck: false positive error reported for parent regions
that are in offline state in meta after a split
HBASE-2815 not able to run the test suite in background because TestShell
gets suspended on tty output (Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2852 Bloom filter NPE (pranav via jgray)
HBASE-2820 hbck throws an error if HBase root dir isn't on the default FS
HBASE-2884 TestHFileOutputFormat flaky when map tasks generate identical
HBASE-2890 Initialize RPC JMX metrics on startup (Gary Helmling via Stack)
HBASE-2755 Duplicate assignment of a region after region server recovery
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2892 Replication metrics aren't updated
HBASE-2461 Split doesn't handle IOExceptions when creating new region
reference files
HBASE-2871 Make "start|stop" commands symmetric for Master & Cluster
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2901 HBASE-2461 broke build
HBASE-2823 Entire Row Deletes not stored in Row+Col Bloom
(Alexander Georgiev via Stack)
HBASE-2897 RowResultGenerator should handle NoSuchColumnFamilyException
HBASE-2905 NPE when inserting mass data via REST interface (Sandy Yin via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2908 Wrong order of null-check [in TIF] (Libor Dener via Stack)
HBASE-2909 SoftValueSortedMap is broken, can generate NPEs
HBASE-2919 initTableReducerJob: Unused method parameter
(Libor Dener via Stack)
HBASE-2923 Deadlock between HRegion.internalFlushCache and close
HBASE-2927 BaseScanner gets stale HRegionInfo in some race cases
HBASE-2928 Fault in logic in BinaryPrefixComparator leads to
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (pranav via jgray)
HBASE-2924 TestLogRolling doesn't use the right HLog half the time
HBASE-2931 Do not throw RuntimeExceptions in RPC/HbaseObjectWritable
code, ensure we log and rethrow as IOE
(Karthik Ranganathan via Stack)
HBASE-2915 Deadlock between HRegion.ICV and HRegion.close
HBASE-2920 HTable.checkAndPut/Delete doesn't handle null values
HBASE-2944 cannot alter bloomfilter setting for a column family from
hbase shell (Kannan via jgray)
HBASE-2948 bin/hbase shell broken (after hbase-2692)
(Sebastian Bauer via Stack)
HBASE-2954 Fix broken build caused by hbase-2692 commit
HBASE-2918 SequenceFileLogWriter doesnt make it clear if there is no
append by config or by missing lib/feature
HBASE-2799 "Append not enabled" warning should not show if hbase
root dir isn't on DFS
HBASE-2943 major_compact (and other admin commands) broken for .META.
HBASE-2643 Figure how to deal with eof splitting logs
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2925 LRU of HConnectionManager.HBASE_INSTANCES breaks if
HBaseConfiguration is changed
(Robert Mahfoud via Stack)
HBASE-2964 Deadlock when RS tries to RPC to itself inside SplitTransaction
HBASE-1485 Wrong or indeterminate behavior when there are duplicate
versions of a column (pranav via jgray)
HBASE-2967 Failed split: IOE 'File is Corrupt!' -- sync length not being
written out to SequenceFile
HBASE-2969 missing sync in HTablePool.getTable()
(Guilherme Mauro Germoglio Barbosa via Stack)
HBASE-2973 NPE in LogCleaner
HBASE-2974 LoadBalancer ArithmeticException: / by zero
HBASE-2975 DFSClient names in master and RS should be unique
HBASE-2978 LoadBalancer IndexOutOfBoundsException
HBASE-2983 TestHLog unit test is mis-comparing an assertion
(Alex Newman via Todd Lipcon)
HBASE-2986 multi writable can npe causing client hang
HBASE-2979 Fix failing TestMultParrallel in hudson build
HBASE-2899 hfile.min.blocksize.size ignored/documentation wrong
HBASE-3006 Reading compressed HFile blocks causes way too many DFS RPC
calls severly impacting performance
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-3010 Can't start/stop/start... cluster using new master
HBASE-3015 recovered.edits files not deleted if it only contain edits that
have already been flushed; hurts perf for all future opens of
the region
HBASE-3018 Bulk assignment on startup runs serially through the cluster
servers assigning in bulk to one at a time
HBASE-3023 NPE processing server crash in MetaReader. getServerUserRegions
HBASE-3024 NPE processing server crash in MetaEditor.addDaughter
HBASE-3026 Fixup of "missing" daughters on split is too aggressive
HBASE-3003 ClassSize constants dont use 'final'
HBASE-3002 Fix to work properly with strange JVM options
HBASE-3028 No basescanner means no GC'ing of split, offlined parent regions
HBASE-2989 [replication] RSM won't cleanup after locking if 0 peers
HBASE-2992 [replication] MalformedObjectNameException in ReplicationMetrics
HBASE-3037 When new master joins running cluster does "Received report from
unknown server -- telling it to STOP_REGIONSERVER.
HBASE-3039 Stuck in regionsInTransition because rebalance came in at same
time as a split
HBASE-3042 Use LO4J in SequenceFileLogReader
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2995 Incorrect dependency on Log class from Jetty
HBASE-3038 WALReaderFSDataInputStream.getPos() fails if Filesize > MAX_INT
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3047 If new master crashes, restart is messy
HBASE-3054 Remore TestEmptyMetaInfo; it doesn't make sense any more.
HBASE-3056 Fix ordering in ZKWatcher constructor to prevent weird race
HBASE-3057 Race condition when closing regions that causes flakiness in
HBASE-3058 Fix REST tests on trunk
HBASE-3068 IllegalStateException when new server comes online, is given
200 regions to open and 200th region gets timed out of regions
in transition
HBASE-3064 Long sleeping in HConnectionManager after thread is interrupted
(Bruno Dumon via Stack)
HBASE-2753 Remove sorted() methods from Result now that Gets are Scans
HBASE-3059 TestReadWriteConsistencyControl occasionally hangs (Hairong
via Ryan)
HBASE-2906 [rest/stargate] URI decoding in RowResource
HBASE-3008 Memstore.updateColumnValue passes wrong flag to heapSizeChange
(Causes memstore size to go negative)
HBASE-3089 REST tests are broken locally and up in hudson
HBASE-3062 ZooKeeper KeeperException$ConnectionLossException is a
"recoverable" exception; we should retry a while on server
startup at least.
HBASE-3074 Zookeeper test failing on hudson
HBASE-3089 REST tests are broken locally and up in hudson
HBASE-3085 TestSchemaResource broken on TRUNK up on HUDSON
HBASE-3080 TestAdmin hanging on hudson
HBASE-3063 TestThriftServer failing in TRUNK
HBASE-3094 Fixes for miscellaneous broken tests
HBASE-3060 [replication] Reenable replication on trunk with unit tests
HBASE-3041 [replication] ReplicationSink shouldn't kill the whole RS when
it fails to replicate
HBASE-3044 [replication] ReplicationSource won't cleanup logs if there's
nothing to replicate
HBASE-3113 Don't reassign regions if cluster is being shutdown
HBASE-2933 Skip EOF Errors during Log Recovery
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3081 Log Splitting & Replay: Distinguish between Network IOE and
Parsing IOE (Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3098 TestMetaReaderEditor is broken in TRUNK; hangs
HBASE-3110 TestReplicationSink failing in TRUNK up on Hudson
HBASE-3101 bin assembly doesn't include -tests or -source jars
HBASE-3121 [rest] Do not perform cache control when returning results
HBASE-2669 HCM.shutdownHook causes data loss with
hbase.client.write.buffer != 0
HBASE-2985 HRegionServer.multi() no longer calls HRegion.put(List) when
HBASE-3031 CopyTable MR job named "Copy Table" in Driver
HBASE-2658 REST (stargate) TableRegionModel Regions need to be updated to
work w/ new region naming convention from HBASE-2531
HBASE-3140 Rest schema modification throw null pointer exception
(David Worms via Stack)
HBASE-2998 shouldn't rely on zoo.cfg
HBASE-3145 importtsv fails when the line contains no data
(Kazuki Ohta via Todd Lipcon)
HBASE-2984 [shell] Altering a family shouldn't reset to default unchanged
HBASE-3143 Adding the tests' hbase-site.xml to the jar breaks some clients
HBASE-3139 Server shutdown processor stuck because meta not online
HBASE-3136 Stale reads from ZK can break the atomic CAS operations we
have in ZKAssign
HBASE-2753 Remove sorted() methods from Result now that Gets are Scans
HBASE-3147 Regions stuck in transition after rolling restart, perpetual
timeout handling but nothing happens
HBASE-3158 Bloom File Writes Broken if keySize is large
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3155 HFile.appendMetaBlock() uses wrong comparator
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3012 TOF doesn't take zk client port for remote clusters
HBASE-3159 Double play of OpenedRegionHandler for a single region
and assorted fixes around this + TestRollingRestart added
HBASE-3160 Use more intelligent priorities for PriorityCompactionQueue
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3172 Reverse order of AssignmentManager and MetaNodeTracker in
HBASE-2406 Define semantics of cell timestamps/versions
HBASE-3175 Commit of HBASE-3160 broke TestPriorityCompactionQueue up on
hudson (nicolas via jgray)
HBASE-3163 If we timeout PENDING_CLOSE and send another closeRegion RPC,
need to handle NSRE from RS (comes as a RemoteException)
HBASE-3164 Handle case where we open META, ROOT has been closed but
znode location not deleted yet, and try to update META
location in ROOT
HBASE-2006 Documentation of hbase-site.xml parameters
HBASE-2672 README.txt should contain basic information like how to run
or build HBase
HBASE-3179 Enable ReplicationLogsCleaner only if replication is,
and fix its test
HBASE-3185 User-triggered compactions are triggering splits!
HBASE-1932 Encourage use of 'lzo' compression... add the wiki page to
getting started
HBASE-3151 NPE when trying to read regioninfo from .META.
HBASE-3191 FilterList with MUST_PASS_ONE and SCVF isn't working
(Stefan Seelmann via Stack)
HBASE-2471 Splitting logs, we'll make an output file though the
region no longer exists
HBASE-3095 Client needs to reconnect if it expires its zk session
HBASE-2935 Refactor "Corrupt Data" Tests in TestHLogSplit
(Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-3202 Closing a region, if we get a ConnectException, handle
it rather than abort
HBASE-3198 Log rolling archives files prematurely
HBASE-3203 We can get an order to open a region while shutting down
and it'll hold up regionserver shutdown
HBASE-3204 Reenable deferred log flush
HBASE-3195 [rest] Fix TestTransform breakage on Hudson
HBASE-3205 TableRecordReaderImpl.restart NPEs when first next is restarted
HBASE-3208 HLog.findMemstoresWithEditsOlderThan needs to look for edits
that are equal to too
HBASE-3141 Master RPC server needs to be started before an RS can check in
HBASE-3112 Enable and disable of table needs a bit of loving in new master
HBASE-3207 If we get IOException when closing a region, we should still
remove it from online regions and complete the close in ZK
HBASE-3199 large response handling: some fixups and cleanups
HBASE-3212 More testing of enable/disable uncovered base condition not in
place; i.e. that only one enable/disable runs at a time
HBASE-2898 MultiPut makes proper error handling impossible and leads to
corrupted data
HBASE-3213 If do abort of backup master will get NPE instead of graceful
HBASE-3214 TestMasterFailover.testMasterFailoverWithMockedRITOnDeadRS is
failing (Gary via jgray)
HBASE-3216 Move HBaseFsck from client to util
HBASE-3219 Split parents are reassigned on restart and on disable/enable
HBASE-3222 Regionserver region listing in UI is no longer ordered
HBASE-3221 Race between splitting and disabling
HBASE-3224 NPE in KeyValue$ when compacting
HBASE-3233 Fix Long Running Stats
HBASE-3232 Fix KeyOnlyFilter + Add Value Length (Nicolas via Ryan)
HBASE-3235 Intermittent incrementColumnValue failure in TestHRegion
(Gary via Ryan)
HBASE-3241 check to see if we exceeded hbase.regionserver.maxlogs limit is
incorrect (Kannan Muthukkaruppan via JD)
HBASE-3239 Handle null regions to flush in HLog.cleanOldLogs (Kannan
Muthukkaruppan via JD)
HBASE-3237 Split request accepted -- BUT CURRENTLY A NOOP
HBASE-3252 TestZooKeeperNodeTracker sometimes fails due to a race condition
in test notification (Gary Helmling via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3253 Thrift's missing from all the repositories in pom.xml
HBASE-3258 EOF when version file is empty
HBASE-3259 Can't kill the region servers when they wait on the master or
the cluster state znode
HBASE-3249 Typing 'help shutdown' in the shell shouldn't shutdown the cluster
HBASE-3262 TestHMasterRPCException uses non-ephemeral port for master
HBASE-3272 Remove no longer used options
HBASE-3269 HBase table truncate semantics seems broken as "disable" table
is now async by default
HBASE-3275 [rest] No gzip/deflate content encoding support
HBASE-3261 NPE out of at startup when clock is out of sync
HBASE-3277 HBase Shell zk_dump command broken
HBASE-3267 close_region shell command breaks region
HBASE-3265 Regionservers waiting for ROOT while Master waiting for RegionServers
HBASE-3263 Stack overflow in AssignmentManager
HBASE-3234 hdfs-724 "breaks" TestHBaseTestingUtility multiClusters
HBASE-3286 Master passes IP and not hostname back to region server
HBASE-3297 If rows in .META. with no HRegionInfo cell, then hbck fails read
of .META.
HBASE-3294 WARN org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.Store: Not in set
(double-remove?) org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.StoreScanner@76607d3d
HBASE-3299 If failed open, we don't output the IOE
HBASE-3291 If split happens while regionserver is going down, we can stick open.
HBASE-3295 Dropping a 1k+ regions table likely ends in a client socket timeout
and it's very confusing
HBASE-3301 Treat same as ConnectException
assigning/unassigning regions
HBASE-3296 Newly created table ends up disabled instead of assigned
HBASE-3304 Get spurious master fails during bootup
HBASE-3298 Regionserver can close during a split causing double assignment
HBASE-3309 " Not running balancer because dead regionserver processing" is a lie
HBASE-3314 [shell] 'move' is broken
HBASE-3315 Add debug output for when balancer makes bad balance
HBASE-3278 AssertionError in LoadBalancer
HBASE-3318 Split rollback leaves parent with writesEnabled=false
HBASE-3334 Refresh our hadoop jar because of HDFS-1520
HBASE-3347 Can't truncate/disable table that has rows in .META. that have empty
info:regioninfo column
HBASE-3321 Replication.join shouldn't clear the logs znode
HBASE-3352 enabling a non-existent table from shell prints no error
HBASE-3353 table.jsp doesn't handle entries in META without server info
HBASE-3351 ReplicationZookeeper goes to ZK every time a znode is modified
HBASE-3326 Replication state's znode should be created else it
defaults to false
HBASE-3355 Stopping a stopped cluster leaks an HMaster
HBASE-3356 Add more checks in replication if RS is stopped
HBASE-3358 Recovered replication queue wait on themselves when terminating
HBASE-3359 LogRoller not added as a WAL listener when replication is enabled
HBASE-3360 ReplicationLogCleaner is enabled by default in 0.90 -- causes NPE
HBASE-3363 ReplicationSink should batch delete
HBASE-3365 EOFE contacting crashed RS causes Master abort
HBASE-3362 If .META. offline between OPENING and OPENED, then wrong server
location in .META. is possible
HBASE-3368 Split message can come in before region opened message; results
in 'Region has been PENDING_CLOSE for too long' cycle
HBASE-3366 WALObservers should be notified before the lock
HBASE-3367 Failed log split not retried
HBASE-3370 ReplicationSource.openReader fails to locate HLogs when they
aren't split yet
HBASE-3371 Race in TestReplication can make it fail
HBASE-3323 OOME in master splitting logs
HBASE-3374 Our jruby jar has *GPL jars in it; fix
HBASE-3343 Server not shutting down after losing log lease
HBASE-3381 Interrupt of a region open comes across as a successful open
HBASE-3386 NPE in TableRecordReaderImpl.restart
HBASE-3388 NPE processRegionInTransition(
HBASE-3383 [0.90RC1] bin/hbase script displays "no such file" warning on
HBASE-3344 Master aborts after RPC to server that was shutting down
HBASE-3408 AssignmentManager NullPointerException
HBASE-3402 Web UI shows two META regions
HBASE-3409 Failed server shutdown processing when retrying hlog split
HBASE-3412 HLogSplitter should handle missing HLogs
HBASE-3420 Handling a big rebalance, we can queue multiple instances of
a Close event; messes up state
HBASE-3423 over-rides HBASE_OPTS incorrectly (Ted Dunning via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-3407 hbck should pause between fixing and re-checking state
HBASE-3401 Region IPC operations should be high priority
HBASE-3430 should clean up PID files on process stop
HBASE-1760 Cleanup TODOs in HTable
HBASE-1759 Ability to specify scanner caching on a per-scan basis
(Ken Weiner via jgray)
HBASE-1763 Put writeToWAL methods do not have proper getter/setter names
(second commit to fix compile error in hregion)
HBASE-1770 HTable.setWriteBufferSize does not flush the writeBuffer when
its size is set to a value lower than its current size.
(Mathias via jgray)
HBASE-1771 PE sequentialWrite is 7x slower because of
HBASE-1758 Extract interface out of HTable (Vaibhav Puranik via Andrew
HBASE-1776 Make rowcounter enum public
HBASE-1276 [testing] Upgrade to JUnit 4.x and use @BeforeClass
annotations to optimize tests
HBASE-1800 Too many ZK connections
HBASE-1819 Update to 0.20.1 hadoop and zk 3.2.1
HBASE-1820 Update jruby from 1.2 to 1.3.1
HBASE-1687 bin/hbase script doesn't allow for different memory settings
for each daemon type
HBASE-1823 Ability for Scanners to bypass the block cache
HBASE-1827 Add disabling block cache scanner flag to the shell
HBASE-1835 Add more delete tests
HBASE-1574 Client and server APIs to do batch deletes
HBASE-1833 hfile.main fixes
HBASE-1684 Backup (Export/Import) contrib tool for 0.20
HBASE-1860 Change HTablePool#createHTable from private to protected
HBASE-48 Bulk load tools
HBASE-1855 HMaster web application doesn't show the region end key in the
table detail page (Andrei Dragomir via Stack)
HBASE-1870 Bytes.toFloat(byte[], int) is marked private
HBASE-1874 Client Scanner mechanism that is used for HbaseAdmin methods
(listTables, tableExists), is very slow if the client is far
away from the HBase cluster (Andrei Dragomir via Stack)
HBASE-1879 ReadOnly transactions generate WAL activity (Clint Morgan via
HBASE-1875 Compression test utility
HBASE-1832 Faster enable/disable/delete
HBASE-1481 Add fast row key only scanning
HBASE-1506 [performance] Make splits faster
HBASE-1722 Add support for exporting HBase metrics via JMX
(Gary Helming via Stack)
HBASE-1899 Use scanner caching in shell count
HBASE-1887 Update hbase trunk to latests on hadoop 0.21 branch so we can
all test sync/append
HBASE-1902 Let PerformanceEvaluation support setting tableName and compress
algorithm (Schubert Zhang via Stack)
HBASE-1885 Simplify use of IndexedTable outside Java API
(Kevin Patterson via Stack)
HBASE-1903 Enable DEBUG by default
HBASE-1907 Version all client writables
HBASE-1914 hlog should be able to set replication level for the log
indendently from any other files
HBASE-1537 Intra-row scanning
HBASE-1918 Don't do DNS resolving in .META. scanner for each row
HBASE-1756 Refactor HLog (changing package first)
HBASE-1926 Remove unused xmlenc jar from trunk
HBASE-1936 HLog group commit
HBASE-1921 When the Master's session times out and there's only one,
cluster is wedged
HBASE-1942 Update hadoop jars in trunk; update to r831142
HBASE-1943 Remove AgileJSON; unused
HBASE-1944 Add a "deferred log flush" attribute to HTD
HBASE-1945 Remove META and ROOT memcache size bandaid
HBASE-1947 If HBase starts/stops often in less than 24 hours,
you end up with lots of store files
HBASE-1829 Make use of start/stop row in TableInputFormat
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1867 Tool to regenerate an hbase table from the data files
HBASE-1904 Add tutorial for installing HBase on Windows using Cygwin as
a test and development environment (Wim Van Leuven via Stack)
HBASE-1963 Output to multiple tables from Hadoop MR without use of HTable
(Kevin Peterson via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1975 SingleColumnValueFilter: Add ability to match the value of
previous versions of the specified column
(Jeremiah Jacquet via Stack)
HBASE-1971 Unit test the full WAL replay cycle
HBASE-1970 Export does one version only; make it configurable how many
it does
HBASE-1987 The Put object has no simple read methods for checking what
has already been added (Ryan Smith via Stack)
HBASE-1985 change HTable.delete(ArrayList) to HTable.delete(List)
HBASE-1958 Remove "# TODO: PUT BACK !!! "${HADOOP_HOME}"/bin/hadoop
dfsadmin -safemode wait"
HBASE-2011 Add zktop like output to HBase's master UI (Lars George via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1995 Add configurable max value size check (Lars George via Andrew
HBASE-2017 Set configurable max value size check to 10MB
HBASE-2029 Reduce shell exception dump on console
(Lars George and J-D via Stack)
HBASE-2027 HConnectionManager.HBASE_INSTANCES leaks TableServers
(Dave Latham via Stack)
HBASE-2013 Add useful helpers to (Lars George
via J-D)
HBASE-2031 When starting HQuorumPeer, try to match on more than 1 address
HBASE-2043 Shell's scan broken
HBASE-2044 HBASE-1822 removed not-deprecated APIs
HBASE-2049 Cleanup HLog binary log output (Dave Latham via Stack)
HBASE-2052 Make hbase more 'live' when comes to noticing table creation,
splits, etc., for 0.20.3
HBASE-2059 Break out WAL reader and writer impl from HLog
HBASE-2060 Missing closing tag in mapreduce package info (Lars George via
Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2028 Add HTable.incrementColumnValue support to shell (Lars George
via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2062 Metrics documentation outdated (Lars George via JD)
HBASE-2045 Update trunk and branch zk to just-release 3.2.2.
HBASE-2074 Improvements to the hadoop-config script (Bassam Tabbara via
HBASE-2076 Many javadoc warnings
HBASE-2068 MetricsRate is missing "registry" parameter (Lars George via JD)
HBASE-2025 0.20.2 accessed from older client throws
UndeclaredThrowableException; frustrates rolling upgrade
HBASE-2081 Set the retries higher in shell since client pause is lower
HBASE-1956 Export HDFS read and write latency as a metric
HBASE-2036 Use Configuration instead of HBaseConfiguration (Enis Soztutar
via Stack)
HBASE-2085 StringBuffer -> StringBuilder - conversion of references as
necessary (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2052 Upper bound of outstanding WALs can be overrun
HBASE-2086 Job(configuration,String) deprecated (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-1996 Configure scanner buffer in bytes instead of number of rows
(Erik Rozendaal and Dave Latham via Stack)
HBASE-2090 findbugs issues (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2089 HBaseConfiguration() ctor. deprecated (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2035 Binary values are formatted wrong in shell
HBASE-2095 TIF shuold support more confs for the scanner (Bassam Tabbara
via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2107 Upgrading Lucene 2.2 to Lucene 3.0.0 (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2111 Move to ivy broke our being able to run in-place; i.e.
./bin/ in a checkout
HBASE-2136 Forward-port the old mapred package
HBASE-2133 Increase default number of client handlers
HBASE-2109 status 'simple' should show total requests per second, also
the requests/sec is wrong as is
HBASE-2151 Remove onelab and include generated thrift classes in javadoc
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2149 is too low
HBASE-2157 LATEST_TIMESTAMP not replaced by current timestamp in KeyValue
(bulk loading)
HBASE-2153 Publish generated HTML documentation for Thrift on the website
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-1373 Update Thrift to use compact/framed protocol (Lars Francke via
HBASE-2172 Add constructor to Put for row key and timestamp
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2178 Hooks for replication
HBASE-2180 Bad random read performance from synchronizing
HBASE-2194 HTable - put(Put) , put(List<Put) code duplication (Kay Kay via
HBASE-2185 Add html version of default hbase-site.xml (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2198 SingleColumnValueFilter should be able to find the column value
even when it's not specifically added as input on the sc
(Ferdy via Stack)
HBASE-2189 HCM trashes meta cache even when not needed
HBASE-2190 HRS should report to master when HMsg are available
HBASE-2209 Support of List [ ] in HBaseOutputWritable for serialization
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2177 Add timestamping to gc logging option
HBASE-2066 Perf: parallelize puts
HBASE-2222 Improve log "Trying to contact region server Some server for
region, row 'ip_info_100,,1263329969690', but failed after
11 attempts".
HBASE-2220 Add a binary comparator that only compares up to the length
of the supplied byte array (Bruno Dumon via Stack)
HBASE-2211 Add a new Filter that checks a single column value but does not
emit it. (Ferdy via Stack)
HBASE-2241 Change balancer sloppyness from 0.1 to 0.3
HBASE-2250 typo in the maven pom
HBASE-2254 Improvements to the Maven POMs (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2262 ZKW.ensureExists should check for existence
HBASE-2264 Adjust the contrib apps to the Maven project layout
(Lars Francke via Lars George)
HBASE-2245 Unnecessary call to syncWal(region); in HRegionServer
(Benoit Sigoure via JD)
HBASE-2246 Add a getConfiguration method to HTableInterface
(Benoit Sigoure via JD)
HBASE-2282 More directories should be ignored when using git for
development (Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2267 More improvements to the Maven build (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2174 Stop from resolving HRegionServer addresses to names using DNS
on every heartbeat (Karthik Ranganathan via Stack)
HBASE-2302 Optimize M-R by bulk excluding regions - less InputSplit-s to
avoid traffic on region servers when performing M-R on a subset
of the table (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2309 Add apache releases to pom (list of ) repositories
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2279 Hbase Shell does not have any tests (Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2314 [shell] Support for getting counters (Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2324 Refactoring of TableRecordReader (mapred / mapreduce) for reuse
outside the scope of InputSplit / RecordReader (Kay Kay via
HBASE-2313 Nit-pick about hbase-2279 shell fixup, if you do get with
non-existant column family, throws lots of exceptions
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2331 [shell] count command needs a way to specify scan caching
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2364 Ignore Deprecations during build (Paul Smith via Stack)
HBASE-2338 log recovery: deleted items may be resurrected
(Aravind Menon via Stack)
HBASE-2359 WALEdit doesn't implement HeapSize
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-2348 [stargate] Stargate needs both JAR and WAR artifacts (Paul Smith
via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2389 HTable - delete / put unnecessary sync (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2385 Debug Message "Received report from unknown server" should be
HBASE-2374 TableInputFormat - Configurable parameter to add column families
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2388 Give a very explicit message when we figure a big GC pause
HBASE-2270 Improve how we handle recursive calls in ExplicitColumnTracker
and WildcardColumnTracker
HBASE-2402 [stargate] set maxVersions on gets
HBASE-2087 The wait on compaction because "Too many store files"
holds up all flushing
HBASE-2252 Mapping a very big table kills region servers
HBASE-2412 [stargate] PerformanceEvaluation
HBASE-2419 Remove from RS logs the fat NotServingRegionException stack
HBASE-2286 [Transactional Contrib] Correctly handle or avoid cases where
writes occur in same millisecond (Clint Morgan via J-D)
HBASE-2360 Make sure we have all the hadoop fixes in our our copy of its rpc
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2423 Update 'Getting Started' for 0.20.4 including making
"important configurations more visiable"
HBASE-2435 HTablePool - method to release resources after use
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-1933 Upload Hbase jars to a public maven repository
(Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2440 Master UI should check against known bad JDK versions and
warn the user (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2430 Disable frag display in trunk, let HBASE-2165 replace it
HBASE-1892 [performance] make hbase splits run faster
HBASE-2456 deleteChangedReaderObserver spitting warnings after HBASE-2248
HBASE-2452 Fix our Maven dependencies (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2490 Improve the javadoc of the client API for HTable
(Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2488 Master should warn more loudly about unexpected events
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2393 ThriftServer instantiates a new HTable per request
(Bogdan DRAGU via Stack)
HBASE-2496 Less ArrayList churn on the scan path
HBASE-2414 Enhance test suite to be able to specify distributed scenarios
HBASE-2518 Kill all the trailing whitespaces in the code base
(Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2528 ServerManager.ServerMonitor isn't daemonized
HBASE-2537 Change ordering of maven repos listed in pom.xml to have
ibiblio first
HBASE-2540 Make QueryMatcher.MatchCode public (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-2524 Unresponsive region server, potential deadlock
(Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2547 [mvn] assembly:assembly does not include hbase-X.X.X-test.jar
(Paul Smith via Stack)
HBASE-2037 The core elements of HBASE-2037: refactoring flushing, and adding
configurability in which HRegion subclass is instantiated
HBASE-2248 Provide new non-copy mechanism to assure atomic reads in get and scan
HBASE-2523 Add check for licenses before rolling an RC, add to
how-to-release doc. and check for inlining a tool that does
this for us
HBASE-2234 HBASE-2234 Roll Hlog if any datanode in the write pipeline dies
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2340 Add end-to-end test of sync/flush (Forward-port from branch)
HBASE-2555 Get rid of HColumnDescriptor.MAPFILE_INDEX_INTERVAL
HBASE-2520 Cleanup arrays vs Lists of scanners (Todd Lipcon via Stack)
HBASE-2551 Forward port fixes that are in branch but not in trunk (part
of the merge of old 0.20 into TRUNK task)
HBASE-2466 Improving filter API to allow for modification of keyvalue list
by filter (Juhani Connolly via Ryan)
HBASE-2566 Remove 'lib' dir; it only has libthrift and that is being
pulled from
HBASE-2534 Recursive deletes and misc improvements to ZKW
HBASE-2577 Remove 'core' maven module; move core up a level
HBASE-2587 Coral where tests write data when running and make sure clean
target removes all written
HBASE-2580 Make the hlog file names unique
HBASE-2594 Narrow pattern used finding unit tests to run -- make it same
was we had in 0.20
HBASE-2538 Work on repository order in pom (adding fbmirror to top,
ibiblio on bottom)
HBASE-2613 Remove the code around MSG_CALL_SERVER_STARTUP
HBASE-2599 BaseScanner says "Current assignment of X is not valid" over
and over for same region
HBASE-2630 HFile should use toStringBinary in various places
HBASE-2632 Shell should autodetect terminal width
HBASE-2636 Upgrade Jetty to 6.1.24
HBASE-2437 Refactor HLog splitLog (Cosmin Lehene via Stack)
HBASE-2638 Speed up REST tests
HBASE-2653 Remove unused DynamicBloomFilter (especially as its tests are
failing hudson on occasion)
HBASE-2651 Allow alternate column separators to be specified for ImportTsv
HBASE-2661 Add test case for row atomicity guarantee
HBASE-2578 Add ability for tests to override server-side timestamp
setting (currentTimeMillis) (Daniel Ploeg via Ryan Rawson)
HBASE-2558 Our javadoc overview -- "Getting Started", requirements, etc. --
is not carried across by mvn javadoc:javadoc target
HBASE-2618 Don't inherit from HConstants (Benoit Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2208 TableServers # processBatchOfRows - converts from List to [ ]
- Expensive copy
HBASE-2694 Move RS to Master region open/close messaging into ZooKeeper
HBASE-2716 Make HBase's maven artifacts configurable with -D
(Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-2718 Update .gitignore for trunk after removal of contribs
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2468 Improvements to prewarm META cache on clients
(Mingjie Lai via Stack)
HBASE-2353 Batch puts should sync HLog as few times as possible
HBASE-2726 Region Server should never abort without an informative log
HBASE-2724 Update to new release of Guava library
HBASE-2735 Make HBASE-2694 replication-friendly
HBASE-2683 Make it obvious in the documentation that ZooKeeper needs
permanent storage
HBASE-2764 Force all Chore tasks to have a thread name
HBASE-2762 Add warning to master if running without append enabled
HBASE-2779 Build a -src tgz to sit beside our -bin tgz when you call
maven assembly:assembly
HBASE-2783 Quick edit of 'Getting Started' for development release 0.89.x
HBASE-2345 Add Test in 0.20 to Check for proper HDFS-200 append/sync support
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via JD)
HBASE-2786 TestHLog.testSplit hangs (Nicolas Spiegelberg via JD)
HBASE-2790 Purge apache-forrest from TRUNK
HBASE-2793 Add ability to extract a specified list of versions of a column
in a single roundtrip (Kannan via Ryan)
HBASE-2828 HTable unnecessarily coupled with HMaster
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2265 HFile and Memstore should maintain minimum and maximum timestamps
(Pranav via Ryan)
HBASE-2836 Speed mvn site building by removing generation of useless reports
HBASE-2808 Document the implementation of replication
HBASE-2517 During reads when passed the specified time range, seek to
next column (Pranav via jgray)
HBASE-2835 Update hadoop jar to head of branch-0.20-append to catch three
added patches
HBASE-2840 Remove the final remnants of the old Get code - the query matchers
and other helper classes
HBASE-2845 Small edit of shell main help page cutting down some on white
space and text
HBASE-2850 slf4j version needs to be reconciled in pom: thrift wants 1.5.x
and hadoop/avro 1.4.x
HBASE-2865 Cleanup of LRU logging; its hard to read, uses custom MB'maker,
repeats info, too many numbers after the point, etc.
HBASE-2869 Regularize how we log sequenceids -- sometimes its myseqid,
other times its sequence id, etc.
HBASE-2873 Minor clean up in basescanner; fix a log and make deletes of
region processing run in order
HBASE-2830 NotServingRegionException shouldn't log a stack trace
HBASE-2874 Unnecessary double-synchronization in ZooKeeperWrapper
(Benoît Sigoure via Stack)
HBASE-2879 Offer ZK CLI outside of HBase Shell
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2886 Add search box to site (Alex Baranau via Stack)
HBASE-2792 Create a better way to chain log cleaners
(Chongxin Li via Stack)
HBASE-2844 Capping the number of regions (Pranav Khaitan via Stack)
HBASE-2870 Add Backup CLI Option to HMaster (Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2868 Do some small cleanups in org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.wal
(Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-1660 HBASE-1660 script to handle rolling restarts
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-1517 Implement inexpensive seek operations in HFile (Pranav via Ryan)
HBASE-2903 ColumnPrefix filtering (Pranav via Ryan)
HBASE-2904 Smart seeking using filters (Pranav via Ryan)
HBASE-2922 HLog preparation and cleanup are done under the updateLock,
major slowdown
HBASE-1845 MultiGet, MultiDelete, and MultiPut - batched to the
appropriate region servers (Marc Limotte via Ryan)
HBASE-2867 Have master show its address using hostname rather than IP
HBASE-2696 ZooKeeper cleanup and refactor
HBASE-2695 HMaster cleanup and refactor
HBASE-2692 Open daughters immediately on parent's regionserver
HBASE-2405 Close, split, open of regions in RegionServer are run by a single
thread only.
HBASE-1676 load balancing on a large cluster doesn't work very well
HBASE-2953 Edit of hbase-default.xml removing stale configs.
HBASE-2857 HBaseAdmin.tableExists() should not require a full meta scan
HBASE-2962 Add missing methods to HTableInterface (and HTable)
(Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2942 Custom filters should not require registration in
HBaseObjectWritable (Gary Helmling via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-2976 Running HFile tool passing fully-qualified filename I get
'IllegalArgumentException: Wrong FS'
HBASE-2977 Refactor master command line to a new class
HBASE-2980 Refactor region server command line to a new class
HBASE-2988 Support alternate compression for major compactions
HBASE-2941 port HADOOP-6713 - threading scalability for RPC reads - to HBase
HBASE-2782 QOS for META table access
HBASE-3017 More log pruning
HBASE-3022 Change format of enum messages in o.a.h.h.executor package
HBASE-3001 Ship dependency jars to the cluster for all jobs
HBASE-3033 [replication] ReplicationSink.replicateEntries improvements
HBASE-3040 BlockIndex readIndex too slowly in heavy write scenario
(Andy Chen via Stack)
HBASE-3030 The return code of many filesystem operations are not checked
(dhruba borthakur via Stack)
HBASE-2646 Compaction requests should be prioritized to prevent blocking
(Jeff Whiting via Stack)
HBASE-3019 Make bulk assignment on cluster startup run faster
HBASE-3066 We don't put the port for hregionserver up into znode since
new master
HBASE-2825 Scans respect row locks
HBASE-3070 Add to hbaseadmin means of shutting down a regionserver
HBASE-2996 Fix and clean up Maven (Lars Francke via Stack)
HBASE-2917 Reseek directly to next row (Pranav Khaitan)
HBASE-2907 [rest/stargate] Improve error response when trying to create a
scanner on a nonexistant table
HBASE-3092 Replace deprecated "new HBaseConfiguration(...)" calls
(Lars Francke)
HBASE-2968 No standard family filter provided (Andrey Stepachev)
HBASE-3088 TestAvroServer and TestThriftServer broken because use same
table in all tests and tests enable/disable/delete
HBASE-3097 Merge in hbase-1200 doc on bloomfilters into hbase book
HBASE-2700 Test of: Handle master failover for regions in transition
HBASE-3115 HBaseClient wastes 1 TCP packet per RPC
HBASE-3076 Allow to disable automatic shipping of dependency jars
for mapreduce jobs (Bruno Dumon)
HBASE-3128 On assign, if ConnectException, reassign another server
HBASE-3133 Only log compaction requests when a request is actually added
to the queue
HBASE-3132 Print TimestampRange and BloomFilters in HFile pretty print
HBASE-2514 RegionServer should refuse to be assigned a region that use
LZO when LZO isn't available
HBASE-3082 For ICV gets, first look in MemStore before reading StoreFiles
(prakash via jgray)
HBASE-3167 HBase Export: Add ability to export specific Column Family;
Turn Block Cache off during export; improve usage doc
(Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-3102 Enhance HBase rMetrics for Long-running Stats
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3169 NPE when master joins running cluster if a RIT references
a RS no longer present
HBASE-3174 Add ability for Get operations to enable/disable use of block
HBASE-3162 Add TimeRange support into Increment to optimize for counters
that are partitioned on time
HBASE-2253 Show Block cache hit ratio for requests where
HBASE-3126 Force use of 'mv -f' when moving aside hbase logfiles
HBASE-3176 Remove compile warnings in HRegionServer
HBASE-3154 HBase RPC should support timeout (Hairong via jgray)
HBASE-3184 Xmx setting in pom to use for tests/surefire does not appear
to work
HBASE-3120 [rest] Content transcoding
HBASE-3181 Review, document, and fix up Regions-in-Transition timeout
HBASE-3180 Review periodic master logging, especially ServerManager once
a minute
HBASE-3189 Stagger Major Compactions (Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2564 [rest] Tests use deprecated foundation
HBASE-2819 hbck should have the ability to repair basic problems
HBASE-3200 Make is so can disable DEBUG logging on HConnectionImplemenation
without losing important messages
HBASE-3201 Add accounting of empty regioninfo_qualifier rows in meta to
HBASE-3048 unify code for major/minor compactions (Amit via jgray)
HBASE-3083 Major compaction check should use new timestamp meta
information in HFiles (rather than dfs timestamp) along with
TTL to allow major even if single file
HBASE-3194 HBase should run on both secure and vanilla versions of Hadoop 0.20
(Gary Helmling via Stack)
HBASE-3209 HBASE-3209 : New Compaction Algorithm
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3168 Sanity date and time check when a region server joins the
cluster (Jeff Whiting and jgray)
HBASE-3090 Don't include hbase-default in conf/ assembly
HBASE-3161 Provide option for Stargate to only serve GET requests
(Bennett Neale via Stack)
HBASE-3218 Shell help cleanup/cosmetics/edit
HBASE-3079 Shell displaying uninformative exceptions
HBASE-3227 Edit of log messages before branching.
HBASE-3230 Refresh our hadoop jar and update zookeeper to
just-released 3.3.2
HBASE-3231 Update to zookeeper 3.3.2.
HBASE-3273 Set the ZK default timeout to 3 minutes
HBASE-3279 [rest] Filter for gzip content encoding that wraps both input
and output side.
HBASE-3223 Get VersionInfo for Running HBase Process
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3303 Lower hbase.regionserver.handler.count from 25 back to 10
HBASE-2467 Concurrent flushers in HLog sync using HDFS-895
HBASE-3349 Pass HBase configuration to HttpServer
HBASE-3372 HRS shouldn't print a full stack for ServerNotRunningException
HBASE-3392 Update backport of InputSampler to reflect MAPREDUCE-1820
HBASE-3405 Allow HBaseRpcMetrics to register custom interface methods
HBASE-1961 HBase EC2 scripts
HBASE-1982 [EC2] Handle potentially large and uneven instance startup times
HBASE-2009 [EC2] Support mapreduce
HBASE-2012 [EC2] LZO support
HBASE-2019 [EC2] remember credentials if not configured
HBASE-2080 [EC2] Support multivolume local instance storage
HBASE-2083 [EC2] HDFS DataNode no longer required on master
HBASE-2084 [EC2] JAVA_HOME handling broken
HBASE-2100 [EC2] Adjust fs.file-max
HBASE-2103 [EC2] pull version from build
HBASE-2131 [EC2] Mount data volumes as xfs, noatime
HBASE-1901 "General" partitioner for "hbase-48" bulk (behind the api, write
hfiles direct) uploader
HBASE-1433 Update hbase build to match core, use ivy, publish jars to maven
repo, etc. (Kay Kay via Stack)
HBASE-2129 Simple Master/Slave replication
HBASE-2070 Collect HLogs and delete them after a period of time
HBASE-2221 MR to copy a table
HBASE-2257 [stargate] multiuser mode
HBASE-2263 [stargate] multiuser mode: authenticator for zookeeper
HBASE-2273 [stargate] export metrics via Hadoop metrics, JMX, and zookeeper
HBASE-2274 [stargate] filter support: JSON descriptors
HBASE-2316 Need an ability to run shell tests w/o invoking junit
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2327 [EC2] Allocate elastic IP addresses for ZK and master nodes
HBASE-2319 [stargate] multiuser mode: request shaping
HBASE-2403 [stargate] client HTable interface to REST connector
HBASE-2438 Addition of a Column Pagination Filter (Paul Kist via Stack)
HBASE-2473 Add to admin create table start and end key params and
desired number of regions
HBASE-2529 Make OldLogsCleaner easier to extend
HBASE-2527 Add the ability to easily extend some HLog actions
HBASE-2559 Set hbase.hregion.majorcompaction to 0 to disable
HBASE-1200 Add bloomfilters (Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2588 Add easier way to ship HBase dependencies to MR cluster within Job
HBASE-1923 Bulk incremental load into an existing table
HBASE-2579 Add atomic checkAndDelete support (Michael Dalton via Stack)
HBASE-2400 new connector for Avro RPC access to HBase cluster
(Jeff Hammerbacher via Ryan Rawson)
HBASE-7 Provide a HBase checker and repair tool similar to fsck
(dhruba borthakur via Stack)
HBASE-2223 Handle 10min+ network partitions between clusters
HBASE-2862 Name DFSClient for Improved Debugging
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-2838 Replication metrics
HBASE-3000 Add "hbase classpath" command to dump classpath
HBASE-3043 ' stop regionserver' should kill compactions
that are in progress
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-3073 New APIs for Result, faster implementation for some calls
HBASE-3053 Add ability to have multiple Masters LocalHBaseCluster for
test writing
HBASE-2201 JRuby shell for replication
HBASE-2946 Increment multiple columns in a row at once
HBASE-3013 Tool to verify data in two clusters
HBASE-2896 Retain assignment information between cluster
HBASE-3211 Key (Index) Only Fetches
HBASE-410 [testing] Speed up the test suite
HBASE-2041 Change WAL default configuration values
HBASE-2997 Performance fixes - profiler driven
HBASE-2450 For single row reads of specific columns, seek to the
first column in HFiles rather than start of row
(Pranav via Ryan, some Ryan)
Release 0.20.0 - Tue Sep 8 12:53:05 PDT 2009
HBASE-1147 Modify the scripts to use Zookeeper
HBASE-1144 Store the ROOT region location in Zookeeper
(Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1146 Replace the HRS leases with Zookeeper
HBASE-61 Create an HBase-specific MapFile implementation
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1145 Ensure that there is only 1 Master with Zookeeper (Removes
hbase.master) (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1289 Remove "hbase.fully.distributed" option and update docs
(Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1234 Change HBase StoreKey format
HBASE-1348 Move 0.20.0 targeted TRUNK to 0.20.0 hadoop
(Ryan Rawson and Stack)
HBASE-1342 Add to filesystem info needed to rebuild .META.
HBASE-1361 Disable bloom filters
HBASE-1367 Get rid of Thrift exception 'NotFound'
HBASE-1381 Remove onelab and bloom filters files from hbase
HBASE-1411 Remove HLogEdit.
HBASE-1357 If one sets the hbase.master to non local regionservers
can't find the master
HBASE-1304 New client server implementation of how gets and puts are
handled (holstad, jgray, rawson, stack)
HBASE-1582 Translate ColumnValueFilter and RowFilterSet to the new
Filter interface (Clint Morgan and Stack)
HBASE-1599 Fix TestFilterSet, broken up on hudson (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1799 deprecate in favor of stargate
HBASE-1140 "ant clean test" fails (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1129 Master won't go down; stuck joined on rootScanner
HBASE-1136 HashFunction inadvertently destroys some randomness
(Jonathan Ellis via Stack)
HBASE-1138 Test that readers opened after a sync can see all data up to the
sync (temporary until HADOOP-4379 is resolved)
HBASE-1121 Cluster confused about where -ROOT- is
HBASE-1148 Always flush HLog on root or meta region updates
HBASE-1181 src/ bails on non-standard Bourne shells
(e.g. dash) (K M via Jean-Daniel Cryans)
HBASE-1175 HBA administrative tools do not work when specifying region
name (Jonathan Gray via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1190 TableInputFormatBase with row filters scan too far (Dave
Latham via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1198 OOME in IPC server does not trigger abort behavior
HBASE-1209 Make port displayed the same as is used in URL for RegionServer
table in UI (Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1217 add new compression and hfile blocksize to HColumnDescriptor
HBASE-859 HStoreKey needs a reworking
HBASE-1211 NPE in retries exhausted exception
HBASE-1233 Transactional fixes: Overly conservative scan read-set,
potential CME (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1239 in the REST interface does not correctly clear the character
buffer each iteration-1185 wrong request/sec in the gui
reporting wrong (Brian Beggs via Stack)
HBASE-1245 hfile meta block handling bugs (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1238 Under upload, region servers are unable
to compact when loaded with hundreds of regions
HBASE-1247 checkAndSave doesn't Write Ahead Log
HBASE-1243 oldlogfile.dat is screwed, so is it's region
HBASE-1169 When a shutdown is requested, stop scanning META regions
HBASE-1251 HConnectionManager.getConnection(HBaseConfiguration) returns
same HConnection for different HBaseConfigurations
HBASE-1157, HBASE-1156 If we do not take start code as a part of region
server recovery, we could inadvertantly try to reassign regions
assigned to a restarted server with a different start code;
Improve lease handling
HBASE-1267 binary keys broken in trunk (again) -- part 2 and 3
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1268 ZooKeeper config parsing can break HBase startup
(Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1270 Fix TestInfoServers (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1277 HStoreKey: Wrong comparator logic (Evgeny Ryabitskiy)
HBASE-1275 TestTable.testCreateTable broken (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1274 TestMergeTable is broken in Hudson (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1283 thrift's package descrpition needs to update for start/stop
procedure (Rong-en Fan via Stack)
HBASE-1284 drop table drops all disabled tables
HBASE-1290 table.jsp either 500s out or doesnt list the regions (Ryan
Rawson via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1293 hfile doesn't recycle decompressors (Ryan Rawson via Andrew
HBASE-1150 HMsg carries safemode flag; remove (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1232 zookeeper client wont reconnect if there is a problem (Nitay
Joffe via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1303 Secondary index configuration prevents HBase from starting
(Ken Weiner via Stack)
HBASE-1298 master.jsp & table.jsp do not URI Encode table or region
names in links (Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1310 Off by one error in Bytes.vintToBytes
HBASE-1202 getRow does not always work when specifying number of versions
HBASE-1324 hbase-1234 broke testget2 unit test (and broke the build)
HBASE-1321 hbase-1234 broke TestCompaction; fix and reenable
HBASE-1330 binary keys broken on trunk (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1332 regionserver carrying .META. starts sucking all cpu, drives load
up - infinite loop? (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1334 .META. region running into hfile errors (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1338 lost use of compaction.dir; we were compacting into live store
HBASE-1058 Prevent runaway compactions
HBASE-1292 php thrift's getRow() would throw an exception if the row does
not exist (Rong-en Fan via Stack)
HBASE-1340 Fix new javadoc warnings (Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1287 Partitioner class not used in TableMapReduceUtil
.initTableReduceJob() (Lars George and Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-1320 hbase-1234 broke filter tests
HBASE-1355 [performance] Cache family maxversions; we were calculating on
each access
HBASE-1358 Bug in reading from Memcache method (read only from snapshot)
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1322 hbase-1234 broke TestAtomicIncrement; fix and reenable
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy and Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1347 HTable.incrementColumnValue does not take negative 'amount'
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1365 Typo in TableInputFormatBase.setInputColums (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1279 Fix the way hostnames and IPs are handled
HBASE-1368 HBASE-1279 broke the build
HBASE-1264 Wrong return values of comparators for ColumnValueFilter
(Thomas Schneider via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1374 NPE out of ZooKeeperWrapper.loadZooKeeperConfig
HBASE-1336 Splitting up the compare of family+column into 2 different
HBASE-1377 RS address is null in master web UI
HBASE-1344 WARN IllegalStateException: Cannot set a region as open if it
has not been pending
HBASE-1386 NPE in housekeeping
HBASE-1396 Remove unused sequencefile and mapfile config. from
HBASE-1398 TableOperation doesnt format keys for meta scan properly
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1399 Can't drop tables since HBASE-1398 (Ryan Rawson via Andrew
HBASE-1311 ZooKeeperWrapper: Failed to set watcher on ZNode /hbase/master
(Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1391 NPE in TableInputFormatBase$TableRecordReader.restart if zoo.cfg
is wrong or missing on task trackers
HBASE-1323 hbase-1234 broke TestThriftServer; fix and reenable
HBASE-1425 ColumnValueFilter and WhileMatchFilter fixes on trunk
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1431 NPE in HTable.checkAndSave when row doesn't exist (Guilherme
Mauro Germoglio Barbosa via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1421 Processing a regionserver message -- OPEN, CLOSE, SPLIT, etc. --
and if we're carrying more than one message in payload, if
exception, all messages that follow are dropped on floor
HBASE-1434 Duplicate property in hbase-default.xml (Lars George via Andrew
HBASE-1435 HRegionServer is using wrong info bind address from
hbase-site.xml (Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1438 HBASE-1421 broke the build (#602 up on hudson)
HBASE-1440 master won't go down because joined on a rootscanner that is
waiting for ever
HBASE-1441 NPE in ProcessRegionStatusChange#getMetaRegion
HBASE-1162 CME in Master in RegionManager.applyActions
HBASE-1010 IOE on regionserver shutdown because hadn't opened an HLog
HBASE-1415 Stuck on memcache flush
HBASE-1257 base64 encoded values are not contained in quotes during the
HBase REST JSON serialization (Brian Beggs via Stack)
HBASE-1436 Killing regionserver can make corrupted hfile
HBASE-1272 Unreadable log messages -- "... to the only server
localhost_1237525439599_56094" <- You'd have to be perverse
to recognize that as a hostname, startcode, and port
HBASE-1395 InfoServers no longer put up a UI
HBASE-1302 When a new master comes up, regionservers should continue with
their region assignments from the last master
HBASE-1457 Taking down ROOT/META regionserver can result in cluster
becoming in-operational (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1471 During cluster shutdown, deleting zookeeper regionserver nodes
causes exceptions
HBASE-1483 HLog split loses track of edits (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1484 commit log split writes files with newest edits first
(since hbase-1430); should be other way round
HBASE-1493 New TableMapReduceUtil methods should be static (Billy Pearson
via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1486 BLOCKCACHE always on even when disabled (Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1491 ZooKeeper errors: "Client has seen zxid 0xe our last zxid
is 0xd"
HBASE-1499 Fix javadoc warnings after HBASE-1304 commit (Lars George via
HBASE-1504 Remove left-over debug from 1304 commit
HBASE-1518 Delete Trackers using compareRow, should just use raw
binary comparator (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1500 KeyValue$KeyComparator array overrun
HBASE-1513 Compactions too slow
HBASE-1516 Investigate if StoreScanner will not return the next row if
earlied-out of previous row (Jon Gray)
HBASE-1520 StoreFileScanner catches and ignore IOExceptions from HFile
HBASE-1522 We delete splits before their time occasionally
HBASE-1523 NPE in BaseScanner
HBASE-1525 HTable.incrementColumnValue hangs()
HBASE-1526 mapreduce fixup
HBASE-1503 hbase-1304 dropped updating list of store files on flush
(jgray via stack)
HBASE-1480 compaction file not cleaned up after a crash/OOME server
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1529 familyMap not invalidated when a Result is (re)read as a
HBASE-1528 Ensure scanners work across memcache snapshot
HBASE-1447 Take last version of the hbase-1249 design doc. and make
documentation out of it
HBASE-1206 Scanner spins when there are concurrent inserts to column family
HBASE-1536 Controlled crash of regionserver not hosting meta/root leaves
master in spinning state, regions not reassigned
HBASE-1543 Unnecessary toString during scanning costs us some CPU
HBASE-1544 Cleanup HTable (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1488 After 1304 goes in, fix and reenable test of thrift, mr indexer,
and merge tool
HBASE-1531 Change new Get to use new filter API
HBASE-1549 in, use localhost instead of
HBASE-1534 Got ZooKeeper event, state: Disconnected on HRS and then NPE on
HBASE-1387 Before release verify all object sizes using Ryans' instrumented
JVM trick (Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1545 atomicIncrements creating new values with Long.MAX_VALUE
HBASE-1547 atomicIncrement doesnt increase hregion.memcacheSize
HBASE-1553 ClassSize missing in trunk
HBASE-1561 HTable Mismatch between javadoc and what it actually does
HBASE-1558 deletes use 'HConstants.LATEST_TIMESTAMP' but no one translates
that into 'now'
HBASE-1508 Shell "close_region" reveals a Master<>HRS problem, regions are
not reassigned
HBASE-1568 Client doesnt consult old row filter interface in
filterSaysStop() - could result in NPE or excessive scanning
HBASE-1564 in UI make host addresses all look the same -- not IP sometimes
and host at others
HBASE-1567 cant serialize new filters
HBASE-1585 More binary key/value log output cleanup
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1563 incrementColumnValue does not write to WAL (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1569 rare race condition can take down a regionserver
HBASE-1450 Scripts passed to hbase shell do not have shell context set up
for them
HBASE-1566 using Scan(startRow,stopRow) will cause you to iterate the
entire table
HBASE-1560 TIF can't seem to find one region
HBASE-1580 Store scanner does not consult filter.filterRow at end of scan
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1437 broken links in
HBASE-1582 Translate ColumnValueFilter and RowFilterSet to the new Filter
HBASE-1594 Fix scan addcolumns after hbase-1385 commit (broke hudson build)
HBASE-1595 hadoop-default.xml and zoo.cfg in hbase jar
HBASE-1602 HRegionServer won't go down since we added in new LruBlockCache
HBASE-1608 TestCachedBlockQueue failing on some jvms (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1615 HBASE-1597 introduced a bug when compacting after a split
(Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1616 Unit test of compacting referenced StoreFiles (Jon Gray via
HBASE-1618 Investigate further into the MemStoreFlusher StoreFile limit
(Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1625 Adding check to Put.add(KeyValue), to see that it has the same
row as when instantiated (Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1629 HRS unable to contact master
HBASE-1633 Can't delete in TRUNK shell; makes it hard doing admin repairs
HBASE-1641 Stargate build.xml causes error in Eclipse
HBASE-1627 TableInputFormatBase#nextKeyValue catches the wrong exception
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1644 Result.row is cached in getRow; this breaks MapReduce
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1639 clean checkout with empty hbase-site.xml, zk won't start
HBASE-1646 Scan-s can't set a Filter (Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1649 ValueFilter may not reset its internal state
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1651 client is broken, it requests ROOT region location from ZK too
HBASE-1650 HBASE-1551 broke the ability to manage non-regionserver
start-up/shut down. ie: you cant start/stop thrift on a cluster
HBASE-1658 Remove UI refresh -- its annoying
HBASE-1659 merge tool doesnt take binary regions with \x escape format
HBASE-1663 Request compaction only once instead of every time 500ms each
time we cycle the hstore.getStorefilesCount() >
this.blockingStoreFilesNumber loop
HBASE-1058 Disable 1058 on catalog tables
HBASE-1583 Start/Stop of large cluster untenable
HBASE-1668 hbase-1609 broke TestHRegion.testScanSplitOnRegion unit test
HBASE-1669 need dynamic extensibility of HBaseRPC code maps and interface
lists (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1359 After a large truncating table HBase becomes unresponsive
HBASE-1215 0.19.0 -> 0.20.0 migration (hfile, HCD changes, HSK changes)
HBASE-1689 Fix javadoc warnings and add overview on client classes to
client package
HBASE-1680 FilterList writable only works for HBaseObjectWritable
defined types (Clint Morgan via Stack and Jon Gray)
HBASE-1607 transactions / indexing fixes: trx deletes not handeled, index
scan can't specify stopRow (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1693 NPE close_region ".META." in shell
HBASE-1706 META row with missing HRI breaks UI
HBASE-1709 Thrift getRowWithColumns doesn't accept column-family only
(Mathias Lehmann via Stack)
HBASE-1692 Web UI is extremely slow / freezes up if you have many tables
HBASE-1686 major compaction can create empty store files, causing AIOOB
when trying to read
HBASE-1705 Thrift server: deletes in mutateRow/s don't delete
(Tim Sell and Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1703 ICVs across /during a flush can cause multiple keys with the
same TS (bad)
HBASE-1671 HBASE-1609 broke scanners riding across splits
HBASE-1717 Put on client-side uses passed-in byte[]s rather than always
using copies
HBASE-1647 Filter#filterRow is called too often, filters rows it shouldn't
have (Doğacan Güney via Ryan Rawson and Stack)
HBASE-1718 Reuse of KeyValue during log replay could cause the wrong
data to be used
HBASE-1573 Holes in master state change; updated startcode and server
go into .META. but catalog scanner just got old values (redux)
HBASE-1534 Got ZooKeeper event, state: Disconnected on HRS and then NPE
on reinit
HBASE-1725 Old TableMap interface's definitions are not generic enough
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1732 Flag to disable regionserver restart
HBASE-1727 HTD and HCD versions need update
HBASE-1604 HBaseClient.getConnection() may return a broken connection
without throwing an exception (Eugene Kirpichov via Stack)
HBASE-1737 Regions unbalanced when adding new node
HBASE-1739 hbase-1683 broke splitting; only split three logs no matter
what N was
HBASE-1745 [tools] Tool to kick region out of inTransistion
HBASE-1757 REST server runs out of fds
HBASE-1768 REST server has upper limit of 5k PUT
HBASE-1766 Add advanced features to HFile.main() to be able to analyze
storefile problems
HBASE-1761 getclosest doesn't understand delete family; manifests as
"HRegionInfo was null or empty in .META" A.K.A the BS problem
HBASE-1738 Scanner doesnt reset when a snapshot is created, could miss
new updates into the 'kvset' (active part)
HBASE-1767 test zookeeper broken in trunk and 0.20 branch; broken on
hudson too
HBASE-1780 HTable.flushCommits clears write buffer in finally clause
HBASE-1784 Missing rows after medium intensity insert
HBASE-1809 NPE thrown in BoundedRangeFileInputStream
HBASE-1810 ConcurrentModificationException in region assignment
(Mathias Herberts via Stack)
HBASE-1804 Puts are permitted (and stored) when including an appended colon
HBASE-1715 Compaction failure in ScanWildcardColumnTracker.checkColumn
HBASE-2352 Small values for hbase.client.retries.number and
ipc.client.connect.max.retries breaks long ops in hbase shell
(Alexey Kovyrin via Stack)
HBASE-2531 32-bit encoding of regionnames waaaaaaayyyyy too susceptible to
hash clashes (Kannan Muthukkaruppan via Stack)
HBASE-1089 Add count of regions on filesystem to master UI; add percentage
online as difference between whats open and whats on filesystem
(Samuel Guo via Stack)
HBASE-1130 PrefixRowFilter (Michael Gottesman via Stack)
HBASE-1139 Update Clover in build.xml
HBASE-876 There are a large number of Java warnings in HBase; part 1,
part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7 and part 8
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-896 Update jruby from 1.1.2 to 1.1.6
HBASE-1031 Add the Zookeeper jar
HBASE-1142 Cleanup thrift server; remove Text and profuse DEBUG messaging
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-1064 HBase REST xml/json improvements (Brian Beggs working of
initial Michael Gottesman work via Stack)
HBASE-5121 Fix shell usage for format.width
HBASE-845 HCM.isTableEnabled doesn't really tell if it is, or not
HBASE-903 [shell] Can't set table descriptor attributes when I alter a
HBASE-1166 doesn't work with git (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1167 JSP doesn't work in a git checkout (Nitay Joffe via Andrew
HBASE-1178 Add shutdown command to shell
HBASE-1184 HColumnDescriptor is too restrictive with family names
(Toby White via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1180 Add missing import statements to SampleUploader and remove
unnecessary @Overrides (Ryan Smith via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1191 ZooKeeper ensureParentExists calls fail
on absolute path (Nitay Joffe via Jean-Daniel Cryans)
HBASE-1187 After disabling/enabling a table, the regions seems to
be assigned to only 1-2 region servers
HBASE-1210 Allow truncation of output for scan and get commands in shell
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1221 When using ant -projecthelp to build HBase not all the important
options show up (Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1189 Changing the map type used internally for HbaseMapWritable
(Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1188 Memory size of Java Objects - Make cacheable objects implement
HeapSize (Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1230 Document installation of HBase on Windows
HBASE-1241 HBase additions to ZooKeeper part 1 (Nitay Joffe via JD)
HBASE-1231 Today, going from a RowResult to a BatchUpdate reqiures some
data processing even though they are pretty much the same thing
(Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1240 Would be nice if RowResult could be comparable
(Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-803 Atomic increment operations (Ryan Rawson and Jon Gray via Stack)
Part 1 and part 2 -- fix for a crash.
HBASE-1252 Make atomic increment perform a binary increment
(Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1258,1259 ganglia metrics for 'requests' is confusing
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1265 HLogEdit static constants should be final (Nitay Joffe via
HBASE-1244 ZooKeeperWrapper constants cleanup (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1262 Eclipse warnings, including performance related things like
synthetic accessors (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1273 ZooKeeper WARN spits out lots of useless messages
(Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1285 Forcing compactions should be available via thrift
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-1186 Memory-aware Maps with LRU eviction for cell cache
(Jonathan Gray via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1205 RegionServers should find new master when a new master comes up
(Nitay Joffe via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1309 HFile rejects key in Memcache with empty value
HBASE-1331 Lower the default scanner caching value
HBASE-1235 Add table enabled status to shell and UI
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1333 RowCounter updates
HBASE-1195 If HBase directory exists but version file is inexistent, still
proceed with bootstrapping (Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1301 HTable.getRow() returns null if the row does no exist
(Rong-en Fan via Stack)
HBASE-1176 Javadocs in HBA should be clear about which functions are
asynchronous and which are synchronous
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1260 Bytes utility class changes: remove usage of ByteBuffer and
provide additional ByteBuffer primitives (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1183 New MR splitting algorithm and other new features need a way to
split a key range in N chunks (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1350 New method in to return start and end keys for
regions in a table (Vimal Mathew via Stack)
HBASE-1271 Allow multiple tests to run on one machine
(Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1112 we will lose data if the table name happens to be the logs' dir
name (Samuel Guo via Stack)
HBASE-889 The current Thrift API does not allow a new scanner to be
created without supplying a column list unlike the other APIs.
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-1341 HTable pooler
HBASE-1379 re-enable LZO using hadoop-gpl-compression library
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1383 hbase shell needs to warn on deleting multi-region table
HBASE-1286 Thrift should support next(nbRow) like functionality
(Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-1392 change how we build/configure lzocodec (Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1397 Better distribution in the PerformanceEvaluation MapReduce
when rows run to the Billions
HBASE-1393 Narrow synchronization in HLog
HBASE-1404 minor edit of regionserver logging messages
HBASE-1405 Threads.shutdown has unnecessary branch
HBASE-1407 Changing internal structure of ImmutableBytesWritable
contructor (Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1345 Remove distributed mode from MiniZooKeeper (Nitay Joffe via
HBASE-1414 Add server status logging chore to ServerManager
HBASE-1379 Make KeyValue implement Writable
(Erik Holstad and Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1380 Make KeyValue implement HeapSize
(Erik Holstad and Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1413 Fall back to filesystem block size default if HLog blocksize is
not specified
HBASE-1417 Cleanup disorientating RPC message
HBASE-1424 have shell print regioninfo and location on first load if
DEBUG enabled
HBASE-1008 [performance] The replay of logs on server crash takes way too
HBASE-1394 Uploads sometimes fall to 0 requests/second (Binding up on
HBASE-1429 Allow passing of a configuration object to HTablePool
HBASE-1432 LuceneDocumentWrapper is not public
HBASE-1401 close HLog (and open new one) if there hasnt been edits in N
HBASE-1420 add abliity to add and remove (table) indexes on existing
tables (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1430 Read the logs in batches during log splitting to avoid OOME
HBASE-1017 Region balancing does not bring newly added node within
acceptable range (Evgeny Ryabitskiy via Stack)
HBASE-1454 HBaseAdmin.getClusterStatus
HBASE-1236 Improve readability of table descriptions in the UI
(Lars George and Alex Newman via Stack)
HBASE-1455 Update for thrift 1.0 (Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-1464 Add hbase.regionserver.logroll.period to hbase-default
HBASE-1192 LRU-style map for the block cache (Jon Gray and Ryan Rawson
via Stack)
HBASE-1466 Binary keys are not first class citizens
(Ryan Rawson via Stack)
HBASE-1445 Add the ability to start a master from any machine
HBASE-1474 Add zk attributes to list of attributes
in master and regionserver UIs
HBASE-1448 Add a node in ZK to tell all masters to shutdown
HBASE-1478 Remove hbase master options from shell (Nitay Joffe via Stack)
HBASE-1462 hclient still seems to depend on master
HBASE-1143 region count erratic in master UI
HBASE-1490 Update ZooKeeper library
HBASE-1489 Basic git ignores for people who use git and eclipse
HBASE-1453 Add HADOOP-4681 to our bundled hadoop, add to 'gettting started'
recommendation that hbase users backport
HBASE-1507 iCMS as default JVM
HBASE-1509 Add explanation to shell "help" command on how to use binarykeys
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1514 hfile inspection tool
HBASE-1329 Visibility into ZooKeeper
HBASE-867 If millions of columns in a column family, hbase scanner won't
come up (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1538 Up zookeeper timeout from 10 seconds to 30 seconds to cut down
on hbase-user traffic
HBASE-1539 prevent aborts due to missing zoo.cfg
HBASE-1488 Fix TestThriftServer and re-enable it
HBASE-1541 Scanning multiple column families in the presence of deleted
families results in bad scans
HBASE-1540 Client delete unit test, define behavior
(Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1552 provide version running on cluster via getClusterStatus
HBASE-1550 stop should provide more information when stop
command fails
HBASE-1515 Address part of config option hbase.regionserver unnecessary
HBASE-1532 UI Visibility into ZooKeeper
HBASE-1572 Zookeeper log4j property set to ERROR on default, same output
when cluster working and not working (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1576 TIF needs to be able to set scanner caching size for smaller
row tables & performance
HBASE-1577 Move memcache to ConcurrentSkipListMap from
HBASE-1578 Change the name of the in-memory updates from 'memcache' to
'memtable' or....
HBASE-1562 How to handle the setting of 32 bit versus 64 bit machines
(Erik Holstad via Stack)
HBASE-1584 Put add methods should return this for ease of use (Be
consistant with Get) (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-1581 Run major compaction on .META. when table is dropped or
HBASE-1587 Update ganglia config and doc to account for ganglia 3.1 and
HBASE-1589 Up zk maxClientCnxns from default of 10 to 20 or 30 or so
HBASE-1385 Revamp TableInputFormat, needs updating to match hadoop 0.20.x
AND remove bit where we can make < maps than regions
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1596 Remove WatcherWrapper and have all users of Zookeeper provide a
HBASE-1597 Prevent unnecessary caching of blocks during compactions
(Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1607 Redo MemStore heap sizing to be accurate, testable, and more
like new LruBlockCache (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1218 Implement in-memory column (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1606 Remove zoo.cfg, put config options into hbase-site.xml
HBASE-1575 HMaster does not handle ZK session expiration
HBASE-1620 Need to use special StoreScanner constructor for major
compactions (passed sf, no caching, etc) (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1624 Don't sort Puts if only one in list in HCM#processBatchOfRows
HBASE-1626 Allow emitting Deletes out of new TableReducer
(Lars George via Stack)
HBASE-1551 HBase should manage multiple node ZooKeeper quorum
HBASE-1637 Delete client class methods should return itself like Put, Get,
Scan (Jon Gray via Nitay)
HBASE-1640 Allow passing arguments to jruby script run when run by hbase
HBASE-698 HLog recovery is not performed after master failure
HBASE-1643 ScanDeleteTracker takes comparator but it unused
HBASE-1603 MR failed "RetriesExhaustedException: Trying to contact region
server Some server for region TestTable..." -- deubugging
HBASE-1470 hbase and HADOOP-4379, dhruba's flush/sync
HBASE-1632 Write documentation for configuring/managing ZooKeeper
HBASE-1662 Tool to run major compaction on catalog regions when hbase is
HBASE-1665 expose more load information to the client side
HBASE-1609 We wait on leases to expire before regionserver goes down.
Rather, just let client fail
HBASE-1655 Usability improvements to HTablePool (Ken Weiner via jgray)
HBASE-1688 Improve javadocs in Result and KeyValue
HBASE-1694 Add TOC to 'Getting Started', add references to THBase and
HBASE-1699 Remove hbrep example as it's too out of date
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-1683 OOME on master splitting logs; stuck, won't go down
HBASE-1704 Better zk error when failed connect
HBASE-1714 Thrift server: prefix scan API
HBASE-1719 hold a reference to the region in stores instead of only the
region info
HBASE-1743 [debug tool] Add regionsInTransition list to ClusterStatus
detailed output
HBASE-1772 Up the default ZK session timeout from 30seconds to 60seconds
HBASE-2625 Make testDynamicBloom()'s "randomness" deterministic
(Nicolas Spiegelberg via Stack)
HBASE-1412 Change values for delete column and column family in KeyValue
HBASE-1535 Add client ability to perform mutations without the WAL
(Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1460 Concurrent LRU Block Cache (Jon Gray via Stack)
HBASE-1635 PerformanceEvaluation should use scanner prefetching
Release 0.19.0 - 01/21/2009
HBASE-885 TableMap and TableReduce should be interfaces
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-905 Remove V5 migration classes from 0.19.0 (Jean-Daniel Cryans via
Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-852 Cannot scan all families in a row with a LIMIT, STARTROW, etc.
(Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-953 Enable BLOCKCACHE by default [WAS -> Reevaluate HBASE-288 block
caching work....?] -- Update your hbase-default.xml file!
HBASE-636 java6 as a requirement
HBASE-994 IPC interfaces with different versions can cause problems
HBASE-1028 If key does not exist, return null in getRow rather than an
empty RowResult
HBASE-1134 OOME in HMaster when HBaseRPC is older than 0.19
HBASE-891 HRS.validateValuesLength throws IOE, gets caught in the retries
HBASE-892 Cell iteration is broken (Doğacan Güney via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-898 RowResult.containsKey(String) doesn't work
(Doğacan Güney via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-906 [shell] Truncates output
HBASE-912 PE is broken when other tables exist
HBASE-853 [shell] Cannot describe meta tables (Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-844 Can't pass script to hbase shell
HBASE-837 Add unit tests for ThriftServer.HBaseHandler (Izaak Rubin via
HBASE-913 Classes using log4j directly
HBASE-914 MSG_REPORT_CLOSE has a byte array for a message
HBASE-918 Region balancing during startup makes cluster unstable
HBASE-921 region close and open processed out of order; makes for
disagreement between master and regionserver on region state
HBASE-925 HRS NPE on way out if no master to connect to
HBASE-928 NPE throwing RetriesExhaustedException
HBASE-924 Update hadoop in lib on 0.18 hbase branch to 0.18.1
HBASE-929 Clarify that ttl in HColumnDescriptor is seconds
HBASE-930 RegionServer stuck: HLog: Could not append. Requesting close of
log Could not get block locations
HBASE-926 If no master, regionservers should hang out rather than fail on
connection and shut themselves down
HBASE-919 Master and Region Server need to provide root region location if
they are using HTable
With J-D's one line patch, test cases now appear to work and
PerformanceEvaluation works as before.
HBASE-939 NPE in HStoreKey
HBASE-945 Be consistent in use of qualified/unqualified mapfile paths
HBASE-946 Row with 55k deletes timesout scanner lease
HBASE-950 HTable.commit no longer works with existing RowLocks though it's
still in API
HBASE-952 Deadlock in HRegion.batchUpdate
HBASE-954 Don't reassign root region until ProcessServerShutdown has split
the former region server's log
HBASE-957 PerformanceEvaluation tests if table exists by comparing
HBASE-728, HBASE-956, HBASE-955 Address thread naming, which threads are
Chores, vs Threads, make HLog manager the write ahead log and
not extend it to provided optional HLog sync operations.
HBASE-970 Update the copy/rename scripts to go against change API
HBASE-966 HBASE-748 misses some writes
HBASE-971 Fix the failing tests on Hudson
HBASE-973 [doc] In getting started, make it clear that hbase needs to
create its directory in hdfs
HBASE-963 Fix the retries in HTable.flushCommit
HBASE-969 Won't when storefile > 2G.
HBASE-976 HADOOP 0.19.0 RC0 is broke; replace with HEAD of branch-0.19
HBASE-977 Arcane HStoreKey comparator bug
HBASE-979 REST web app is not started automatically
HBASE-980 Undo core of HBASE-975, caching of start and end row
HBASE-982 Deleting a column in MapReduce fails (Doğacan Güney via
HBASE-984 Fix javadoc warnings
HBASE-985 Fix javadoc warnings
HBASE-951 Either shut down master or let it finish cleanup
HBASE-964 Startup stuck "waiting for root region"
HBASE-964, HBASE-678 provide for safe-mode without locking up HBase "waiting
for root region"
HBASE-990 NoSuchElementException in flushSomeRegions; took two attempts.
HBASE-602 HBase Crash when network card has a IPv6 address
HBASE-996 Migration script to up the versions in catalog tables
HBASE-991 Update the mapred package document examples so they work with
HBASE-1003 If cell exceeds TTL but not VERSIONs, will not be removed during
major compaction
HBASE-1005 Regex and string comparison operators for ColumnValueFilter
HBASE-910 Scanner misses columns / rows when the scanner is obtained
during a memcache flush
HBASE-1009 Master stuck in loop wanting to assign but regions are closing
HBASE-1016 Fix example in javadoc overvie
HBASE-1021 hbase metrics FileContext not working
HBASE-1023 Check global flusher
HBASE-1036 HBASE-1028 broke Thrift
HBASE-1037 Some test cases failing on Windows/Cygwin but not UNIX/Linux
HBASE-1041 Migration throwing NPE
HBASE-1042 OOME but we don't abort; two part commit.
HBASE-927 We don't recover if HRS hosting -ROOT-/.META. goes down
HBASE-1029 REST wiki documentation incorrect
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-1043 Removing @Override attributes where they are no longer needed.
(Ryan Smith via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-927 We don't recover if HRS hosting -ROOT-/.META. goes down -
(fix bug in createTable which caused tests to fail)
HBASE-1039 Compaction fails if bloomfilters are enabled
HBASE-1027 Make global flusher check work with percentages rather than
hard code memory sizes
HBASE-1000 Sleeper.sleep does not go back to sleep when interrupted
and no stop flag given.
HBASE-900 Regionserver memory leak causing OOME during relatively
modest bulk importing; part 1 and part 2
HBASE-1054 Index NPE on scanning (Clint Morgan via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-1052 Stopping a HRegionServer with unflushed cache causes data loss
from org.apache.hadoop.hbase.DroppedSnapshotException
HBASE-1059 ConcurrentModificationException in notifyChangedReadersObservers
HBASE-1063 "File separator problem on Windows" (Max Lehn via Stack)
HBASE-1068 TestCompaction broken on hudson
HBASE-1067 TestRegionRebalancing broken by running of hdfs shutdown thread
HBASE-1070 Up default index interval in TRUNK and branch
HBASE-1045 Hangup by regionserver causes write to fail
HBASE-1079 Dumb NPE in ServerCallable hides the RetriesExhausted exception
HBASE-782 The DELETE key in the hbase shell deletes the wrong character
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-543, HBASE-1046, HBase-1051 A region's state is kept in several places
in the master opening the possibility for race conditions
HBASE-1087 DFS failures did not shutdown regionserver
HBASE-1072 Change Thread.join on exit to a timed Thread.join
HBASE-1098 IllegalStateException: Cannot set a region to be closed it it
was not already marked as closing
HBASE-1100 HBASE-1062 broke TestForceSplit
HBASE-1191 shell tools -> close_region does not work for regions that did
not deploy properly on startup
HBASE-1093 NPE in HStore#compact
HBASE-1097 SequenceFile.Reader keeps around buffer whose size is that of
largest item read -> results in lots of dead heap
HBASE-1107 NPE in HStoreScanner.updateReaders
HBASE-1083 Will keep scheduling major compactions if last time one ran, we
HBASE-1101 NPE in HConnectionManager$TableServers.processBatchOfRows
HBASE-1099 Regions assigned while master is splitting logs of recently
crashed server; regionserver tries to execute incomplete log
HBASE-1104, HBASE-1098, HBASE-1096: Doubly-assigned regions redux,
IllegalStateException: Cannot set a region to be closed it it was
not already marked as closing, Does not recover if HRS carrying
-ROOT- goes down
HBASE-1114 Weird NPEs compacting
HBASE-1116 generated web.xml and svn don't play nice together
HBASE-1119 ArrayOutOfBoundsException in HStore.compact
HBASE-1121 Cluster confused about where -ROOT- is
HBASE-1125 IllegalStateException: Cannot set a region to be closed if it was
not already marked as pending close
HBASE-1124 Balancer kicks in way too early
HBASE-1127 OOME running randomRead PE
HBASE-1132 Can't append to HLog, can't roll log, infinite cycle (another
spin on HBASE-930)
HBASE-901 Add a limit to key length, check key and value length on client side
HBASE-890 Alter table operation and also related changes in REST interface
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-894 [shell] Should be able to copy-paste table description to create
new table (Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-886, HBASE-895 Sort the tables in the web UI, [shell] 'list' command
should emit a sorted list of tables (Krzysztof Szlapinski via Stack)
HBASE-884 Double and float converters for Bytes class
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-908 Add approximate counting to CountingBloomFilter
(Andrzej Bialecki via Stack)
HBASE-920 Make region balancing sloppier
HBASE-902 Add force compaction and force split operations to UI and Admin
HBASE-942 Add convenience methods to RowFilterSet
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-943 to ColumnValueFilter: add filterIfColumnMissing property, add
SubString operator (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-937 Thrift getRow does not support specifying columns
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-959 Be able to get multiple RowResult at one time from client side
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-936 REST Interface: enable get number of rows from scanner interface
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-960 REST interface: more generic column family configure and also
get Rows using offset and limit (Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-817 Hbase/Shell Truncate
HBASE-949 Add an HBase Manual
HBASE-839 Update hadoop libs in hbase; move hbase TRUNK on to an hadoop
0.19.0 RC
HBASE-785 Remove InfoServer, use HADOOP-3824 StatusHttpServer
instead (requires hadoop 0.19)
HBASE-81 When a scanner lease times out, throw a more "user friendly" exception
HBASE-978 Remove BloomFilterDescriptor. It is no longer used.
HBASE-975 Improve MapFile performance for start and end key
HBASE-961 Delete multiple columns by regular expression
(Samuel Guo via Stack)
HBASE-722 Shutdown and Compactions
HBASE-983 Declare Perl namespace in Hbase.thrift
HBASE-987 We need a Hbase Partitioner for TableMapReduceUtil.initTableReduceJob
MR Jobs (Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-993 Turn off logging of every catalog table row entry on every scan
HBASE-992 Up the versions kept by catalog tables; currently 1. Make it 10?
HBASE-998 Narrow getClosestRowBefore by passing column family
HBASE-999 Up versions on historian and keep history of deleted regions for a
while rather than delete immediately
HBASE-938 Major compaction period is not checked periodically
HBASE-947 [Optimization] Major compaction should remove deletes as well as
the deleted cell
HBASE-675 Report correct server hosting a table split for assignment to
for MR Jobs
HBASE-927 We don't recover if HRS hosting -ROOT-/.META. goes down
HBASE-1013 Add debugging around commit log cleanup
HBASE-972 Update hbase trunk to use released hadoop 0.19.0
HBASE-1022 Add storefile index size to hbase metrics
HBASE-1026 Tests in mapred are failing
HBASE-1020 Regionserver OOME handler should dump vital stats
HBASE-1018 Regionservers should report detailed health to master
HBASE-1034 Remove useless TestToString unit test
HBASE-1030 Bit of polish on HBASE-1018
HBASE-847 new API: HTable.getRow with numVersion specified
(Doğacan Güney via Stack)
HBASE-1048 HLog: Found 0 logs to remove out of total 1450; oldest
outstanding seqnum is 162297053 fr om region -ROOT-,,0
HBASE-1055 Better vm stats on startup
HBASE-1065 Minor logging improvements in the master
HBASE-1053 bring recent rpc changes down from hadoop
HBASE-1056 [migration] enable blockcaching on .META. table
HBASE-1069 Show whether HRegion major compacts or not in INFO level
HBASE-1066 Master should support close/open/reassignment/enable/disable
operations on individual regions
HBASE-1062 Compactions at (re)start on a large table can overwhelm DFS
HBASE-1102 boolean HTable.exists()
HBASE-1105 Remove duplicated code in HCM, add javadoc to RegionState, etc.
HBASE-1106 Expose getClosestRowBefore in HTable
(Michael Gottesman via Stack)
HBASE-1082 Administrative functions for table/region maintenance
HBASE-1090 Atomic Check And Save in HTable (Michael Gottesman via Stack)
HBASE-1137 Add not on xceivers count to overview documentation
HBASE-875 Use MurmurHash instead of JenkinsHash [in bloomfilters]
(Andrzej Bialecki via Stack)
HBASE-625 Metrics support for cluster load history: emissions and graphs
HBASE-883 Secondary indexes (Clint Morgan via Andrew Purtell)
HBASE-728 Support for HLog appends
HBASE-748 Add an efficient way to batch update many rows
HBASE-887 Fix a hotspot in scanners
HBASE-967 [Optimization] Cache cell maximum length (HCD.getMaxValueLength);
its used checking batch size
HBASE-940 Make the TableOutputFormat batching-aware
HBASE-576 Investigate IPC performance
Release 0.18.0 - September 21st, 2008
HBASE-697 Thrift idl needs update/edit to match new 0.2 API (and to fix bugs)
(Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-822 Update thrift README and HBase.thrift to use thrift 20080411
Updated all other languages examples (only python went in)
HBASE-881 Fixed bug when Master tries to reassign split or offline regions
from a dead server
HBASE-860 Fixed Bug in IndexTableReduce where it concerns writing lucene
index fields.
HBASE-805 Remove unnecessary getRow overloads in HRS (Jonathan Gray via
Jim Kellerman) (Fix whitespace diffs in HRegionServer)
HBASE-811 HTD is not fully copyable (Andrew Purtell via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-729 Client region/metadata cache should have a public method for
invalidating entries (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-819 Remove DOS-style ^M carriage returns from all code where found
(Jonathan Gray via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-818 Deadlock running 'flushSomeRegions' (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-820 Need mainline to flush when 'Blocking updates' goes up.
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-821 UnknownScanner happens too often (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-813 Add a row counter in the new shell (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-824 Bug in Hlog we print array of byes for region name
(Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-825 Master logs showing byte [] in place of string in logging
(Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-808,809 MAX_VERSIONS not respected, and Deletall doesn't and inserts
after delete don't work as expected
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-831 committing BatchUpdate with no row should complain
(Andrew Purtell via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-833 Doing an insert with an unknown family throws a NPE in HRS
HBASE-810 Prevent temporary deadlocks when, during a scan with write
operations, the region splits (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Jim
HBASE-843 Deleting and recreating a table in a single process does not work
(Jonathan Gray via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-849 Speed improvement in JenkinsHash (Andrzej Bialecki via Stack)
HBASE-552 Bloom filter bugs (Andrzej Bialecki via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-762 deleteFamily takes timestamp, should only take row and family.
Javadoc describes both cases but only implements the timestamp
case. (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-768 This message ' Install 0.1.x of hbase and run
its migration first' is useless (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Jim
HBASE-826 Delete table followed by recreation results in honked table
HBASE-834 'Major' compactions and upper bound on files we compact at any
one time (Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-836 Update thrift examples to work with changed IDL (HBASE-697)
(Toby White via Stack)
HBASE-854 hbase-841 broke build on hudson? - makes sure that proxies are
closed. (Andrew Purtell via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-855 compaction can return less versions then we should in some cases
(Billy Pearson via Stack)
HBASE-832 Problem with row keys beginnig with characters < than ',' and
the region location cache
HBASE-864 Deadlock in regionserver
HBASE-865 Fix javadoc warnings (Rong-En Fan via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-872 Getting exceptions in shell when creating/disabling tables
HBASE-868 Incrementing binary rows cause strange behavior once table
splits (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-877 HCM is unable to find table with multiple regions which contains
binary (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-801 When a table haven't disable, shell could response in a "user
friendly" way.
HBASE-816 TableMap should survive USE (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-812 Compaction needs little better skip algo (Daniel Leffel via Stack)
HBASE-806 Change HbaseMapWritable and RowResult to implement SortedMap
instead of Map (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-795 More Table operation in TableHandler for REST interface: part 1
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-795 More Table operation in TableHandler for REST interface: part 2
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-830 Debugging HCM.locateRegionInMeta is painful
HBASE-784 Base hbase-0.3.0 on hadoop-0.18
HBASE-841 Consolidate multiple overloaded methods in HRegionInterface,
HRegionServer (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-840 More options on the row query in REST interface
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-874 deleting a table kills client rpc; no subsequent communication if
shell or thrift server, etc. (Jonathan Gray via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-871 Major compaction periodicity should be specifyable at the column
family level, not cluster wide (Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-465 Fix javadoc for all public declarations
HBASE-882 The BatchUpdate class provides, put(col, cell) and delete(col)
but no get() (Ryan Smith via Stack and Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-787 Postgresql to HBase table replication example (Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-798 Provide Client API to explicitly lock and unlock rows (Jonathan
Gray via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-798 Add missing classes: UnknownRowLockException and RowLock which
were present in previous versions of the patches for this issue,
but not in the version that was committed. Also fix a number of
compilation problems that were introduced by patch.
HBASE-669 MultiRegion transactions with Optimistic Concurrency Control
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-842 Remove methods that have Text as a parameter and were deprecated
in 0.2.1 (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Jim Kellerman)
Release 0.2.0 - August 8, 2008.
HBASE-584 Names in the filter interface are confusing (Clint Morgan via
Jim Kellerman) (API change for filters)
HBASE-601 Just remove deprecated methods in HTable; 0.2 is not backward
compatible anyways
HBASE-82 Row keys should be array of bytes
HBASE-76 Purge servers of Text (Done as part of HBASE-82 commit).
HBASE-487 Replace hql w/ a hbase-friendly jirb or jython shell
Part 1: purge of hql and added raw jirb in its place.
HBASE-521 Improve client scanner interface
HBASE-288 Add in-memory caching of data. Required update of hadoop to
0.17.0-dev.2008-02-07_12-01-58. (Tom White via Stack)
HBASE-696 Make bloomfilter true/false and self-sizing
HBASE-720 clean up inconsistencies around deletes (Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-796 Deprecates Text methods from HTable
(Michael Gottesman via Stack)
HBASE-574 HBase does not load hadoop native libs (Rong-En Fan via Stack)
HBASE-598 Loggging, no .log file; all goes into .out
HBASE-622 Remove StaticTestEnvironment and put a in src/test
HBASE-624 Master will shut down if number of active region servers is zero
even if shutdown was not requested
HBASE-629 Split reports incorrect elapsed time
HBASE-623 Migration script for hbase-82
HBASE-630 Default hbase.rootdir is garbage
HBASE-589 Remove references to deprecated methods in Hadoop once
hadoop-0.17.0 is released
HBASE-638 Purge \r from src
HBASE-644 DroppedSnapshotException but RegionServer doesn't restart
HBASE-641 Improve master split logging
HBASE-642 Splitting log in a hostile environment -- bad hdfs -- we drop
write-ahead-log edits
HBASE-646 EOFException opening HStoreFile info file (spin on HBASE-645and 550)
HBASE-648 If mapfile index is empty, run repair
HBASE-640 TestMigrate failing on hudson
HBASE-651 Table.commit should throw NoSuchColumnFamilyException if column
family doesn't exist
HBASE-649 API polluted with default and protected access data members and methods
HBASE-650 Add String versions of get, scanner, put in HTable
HBASE-656 Do not retry exceptions such as unknown scanner or illegal argument
HBASE-659 HLog#cacheFlushLock not cleared; hangs a region
HBASE-663 Incorrect sequence number for cache flush
HBASE-655 Need programmatic way to add column family: need programmatic way
to enable/disable table
HBASE-654 API HTable.getMetadata().addFamily shouldn't be exposed to user
HBASE-666 UnmodifyableHRegionInfo gives the wrong encoded name
HBASE-668 HBASE-533 broke build
HBASE-670 Historian deadlocks if regionserver is at global memory boundary
and is hosting .META.
HBASE-665 Server side scanner doesn't honor stop row
HBASE-662 UI in table.jsp gives META locations, not the table's regions
location (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-676 Bytes.getInt returns a long (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-680 Config parameter should be
hbase.index.interval, according to HBaseMapFile.HbaseWriter
(LN via Stack)
HBASE-682 Unnecessary iteration in HMemcache.internalGet? got much better
reading performance after break it (LN via Stack)
HBASE-686 MemcacheScanner didn't return the first row(if it exists),
because HScannerInterface's output incorrect (LN via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-691 get* and getScanner are different in how they treat column parameter
HBASE-694 HStore.rowAtOrBeforeFromMapFile() fails to locate the row if # of mapfiles >= 2
(Rong-En Fan via Bryan)
HBASE-652 dropping table fails silently if table isn't disabled
HBASE-683 can not get svn revision # at build time if locale is not english
(Rong-En Fan via Stack)
HBASE-699 Fix TestMigrate up on Hudson
HBASE-615 Region balancer oscillates during cluster startup
HBASE-613 Timestamp-anchored scanning fails to find all records
HBASE-681 NPE in Memcache
HBASE-701 Showing bytes in log when should be String
HBASE-702 deleteall doesn't
HBASE-704 update new shell docs and commands on help menu
HBASE-709 Deadlock while rolling WAL-log while finishing flush
HBASE-710 If clocks are way off, then we can have daughter split come
before rather than after its parent in .META.
HBASE-714 Showing bytes in log when should be string (2)
HBASE-627 Disable table doesn't work reliably
HBASE-716 TestGet2.testGetClosestBefore fails with hadoop-0.17.1
HBASE-715 Base HBase 0.2 on Hadoop 0.17.1
HBASE-718 hbase shell help info
HBASE-717 alter table broke with new shell returns InvalidColumnNameException
HBASE-573 HBase does not read hadoop-*.xml for dfs configuration after
moving out hadoop/contrib
HBASE-11 Unexpected exits corrupt DFS
HBASE-12 When hbase regionserver restarts, it says "impossible state for
HBASE-575 master dies with stack overflow error if rootdir isn't qualified
HBASE-582 HBase 554 forgot to clear results on each iteration caused by a filter
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-532 Odd interaction between HRegion.get, HRegion.deleteAll and compactions
HBASE-10 HRegionServer hangs upon exit due to DFSClient Exception
HBASE-595 RowFilterInterface.rowProcessed() is called *before* fhe final
filtering decision is made (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-586 HRegion runs HStore memcache snapshotting -- fix it so only HStore
knows about workings of memcache
HBASE-588 Still a 'hole' in scanners, even after HBASE-532
HBASE-604 Don't allow CLASSPATH from environment pollute the hbase CLASSPATH
HBASE-608 HRegionServer::getThisIP() checks hadoop config var for dns interface name
(Jim R. Wilson via Stack)
HBASE-609 Master doesn't see regionserver edits because of clock skew
HBASE-607 MultiRegionTable.makeMultiRegionTable is not deterministic enough
for regression tests
HBASE-405 TIF and TOF use log4j directly rather than apache commons-logging
HBASE-618 We always compact if 2 files, regardless of the compaction threshold setting
HBASE-619 Fix 'logs' link in UI
HBASE-478 offlining of table does not run reliably
HBASE-453 undeclared throwable exception from HTable.get
HBASE-620 testmergetool failing in branch and trunk since hbase-618 went in
HBASE-550 EOF trying to read reconstruction log stops region deployment
HBASE-551 Master stuck splitting server logs in shutdown loop; on each
iteration, edits are aggregated up into the millions
HBASE-505 Region assignments should never time out so long as the region
server reports that it is processing the open request
HBASE-561 HBase package does not include LICENSE.txt nor build.xml
HBASE-563 TestRowFilterAfterWrite erroneously sets master address to rather than relying on conf
HBASE-507 Use Callable pattern to sleep between retries
HBASE-564 Don't do a cache flush if there are zero entries in the cache.
HBASE-554 filters generate StackOverflowException
HBASE-567 Reused BatchUpdate instances accumulate BatchOperations
HBASE-577 NPE getting scanner
HBASE-19 CountingBloomFilter can overflow its storage
(Stu Hood and Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-28 thrift put/mutateRow methods need to throw IllegalArgument
exceptions (Dave Simpson via Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-2 hlog numbers should wrap around when they reach 999
(Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-421 TestRegionServerExit broken
HBASE-426 hbase can't find remote filesystem
HBASE-437 Clear Command should use system.out (Edward Yoon via Stack)
HBASE-434, HBASE-435 TestTableIndex and TestTableMapReduce failed in Hudson builds
HBASE-446 Fully qualified hbase.rootdir doesn't work
HBASE-438 XMLOutputter state should be initialized. (Edward Yoon via Stack)
HBASE-8 Delete table does not remove the table directory in the FS
HBASE-428 Under continuous upload of rows, WrongRegionExceptions are thrown
that reach the client even after retries
HBASE-460 TestMigrate broken when HBase moved to subproject
HBASE-462 Update migration tool
HBASE-473 When a table is deleted, master sends multiple close messages to
the region server
HBASE-490 Doubly-assigned .META.; master uses one and clients another
HBASE-492 hbase TRUNK does not build against hadoop TRUNK
HBASE-496 impossible state for createLease writes 400k lines in about 15mins
HBASE-472 Passing on edits, we dump all to log
HBASE-495 No server address listed in .META.
HBASE-433 HBASE-251 Region server should delete restore log after successful
restore, Stuck replaying the edits of crashed machine.
HBASE-27 hregioninfo cell empty in meta table
HBASE-501 Empty region server address in info:server entry and a
startcode of -1 in .META.
HBASE-516 HStoreFile.finalKey does not update the final key if it is not
the top region of a split region
HBASE-525 HTable.getRow(Text) does not work (Clint Morgan via Bryan Duxbury)
HBASE-524 Problems with getFull
HBASE-528 table 'does not exist' when it does
HBASE-531 Merge tool won't merge two overlapping regions (port HBASE-483 to
HBASE-537 Wait for hdfs to exit safe mode
HBASE-476 RegexpRowFilter behaves incorectly when there are multiple store
files (Clint Morgan via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-527 RegexpRowFilter does not work when there are columns from
multiple families (Clint Morgan via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-534 Double-assignment at SPLIT-time
HBASE-712 midKey found compacting is the first, not necessarily the optimal
HBASE-719 Find out why users have network problems in HBase and not in Hadoop
and HConnectionManager (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-703 Invalid regions listed by regionserver.jsp (Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-674 Memcache size unreliable
HBASE-726 Unit tests won't run because of a typo (Sebastien Rainville via Stack)
HBASE-727 Client caught in an infinite loop when trying to connect to cached
server locations (Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-732 shell formatting error with the describe command
(Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-731 delete, deletefc in HBase shell do not work correctly
(Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-734 scan '.META.', {LIMIT => 10} crashes (Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-736 Should have HTable.deleteAll(String row) and HTable.deleteAll(Text row)
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-740 ThriftServer getting table names incorrectly (Tim Sell via Stack)
HBASE-742 Rename getMetainfo in HTable as getTableDescriptor
HBASE-739 HBaseAdmin.createTable() using old HTableDescription doesn't work
(Izaak Rubin via Stack)
HBASE-744 BloomFilter serialization/deserialization broken
HBASE-742 Column length limit is not enforced (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-737 Scanner: every cell in a row has the same timestamp
HBASE-700 need be configuratable in column family
(Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-62 Allow user add arbitrary key/value pairs to table and column
descriptors (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-34 Set memcache flush size per column (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-42 Set region split size on table creation (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-43 Add a read-only attribute to columns (Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-424 Should be able to enable/disable .META. table
HBASE-679 Regionserver addresses are still not right in the new tables page
HBASE-758 Throwing IOE read-only when should be throwing NSRE
HBASE-743 bin/hbase migrate upgrade fails when redo logs exists
HBASE-754 The JRuby shell documentation is wrong in "get" and "put"
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-756 In HBase shell, the put command doesn't process the timestamp
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-757 REST mangles table names (Sishen via Stack)
HBASE-706 On OOME, regionserver sticks around and doesn't go down with cluster
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-759 TestMetaUtils failing on hudson
HBASE-761 IOE: Stream closed exception all over logs
HBASE-763 ClassCastException from RowResult.get(String)
(Andrew Purtell via Stack)
HBASE-764 The name of column request has padding zero using REST interface
(Sishen Freecity via Stack)
HBASE-750 NPE caused by StoreFileScanner.updateReaders
HBASE-769 TestMasterAdmin fails throwing RegionOfflineException when we're
expecting IllegalStateException
HBASE-766 FileNotFoundException trying to load HStoreFile 'data'
HBASE-770 Update HBaseRPC to match hadoop 0.17 RPC
HBASE-780 Can't scan '.META.' from new shell
HBASE-424 Should be able to enable/disable .META. table
HBASE-771 Names legal in 0.1 are not in 0.2; breaks migration
HBASE-788 Div by zero in Master.jsp (Clint Morgan via Jim Kellerman)
HBASE-791 RowCount doesn't work (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-751 dfs exception and regionserver stuck during heavy write load
HBASE-793 HTable.getStartKeys() ignores table names when matching columns
(Andrew Purtell and Dru Jensen via Stack)
HBASE-790 During import, single region blocks requests for >10 minutes,
thread dumps, throws out pending requests, and continues
(Jonathan Gray via Stack)
HBASE-559 MR example job to count table rows
HBASE-596 (Ivan Begtin via Stack)
HBASE-581 Allow adding filters to TableInputFormat (At same time, ensure TIF
is subclassable) (David Alves via Stack)
HBASE-603 When an exception bubbles out of getRegionServerWithRetries, wrap
the exception with a RetriesExhaustedException
HBASE-600 Filters have excessive DEBUG logging
HBASE-611 regionserver should do basic health check before reporting
alls-well to the master
HBASE-614 Retiring regions is not used; exploit or remove
HBASE-538 Improve exceptions that come out on client-side
HBASE-569 DemoClient.php (Jim R. Wilson via Stack)
HBASE-522 Where new Text(string) might be used in client side method calls,
add an overload that takes String (Done as part of HBASE-82)
HBASE-570 Remove HQL unit test (Done as part of HBASE-82 commit).
HBASE-626 Use Visitor pattern in MetaRegion to reduce code clones in HTable
and HConnectionManager (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-621 Make MAX_VERSIONS work like TTL: In scans and gets, check
MAX_VERSIONs setting and return that many only rather than wait on
compaction (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-504 Allow HMsg's carry a payload: e.g. exception that happened over
on the remote side.
HBASE-583 RangeRowFilter/ColumnValueFilter to allow choice of rows based on
a (lexicographic) comparison to column's values
(Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-579 Add hadoop 0.17.x
HBASE-660 [Migration] addColumn/deleteColumn functionality in MetaUtils
HBASE-632 HTable.getMetadata is very inefficient
HBASE-671 New UI page displaying all regions in a table should be sorted
HBASE-672 Sort regions in the regionserver UI
HBASE-677 Make HTable, HRegion, HRegionServer, HStore, and HColumnDescriptor
subclassable (Clint Morgan via Stack)
HBASE-682 Regularize toString
HBASE-672 Sort regions in the regionserver UI
HBASE-469 Streamline HStore startup and compactions
HBASE-544 Purge startUpdate from internal code and test cases
HBASE-557 HTable.getRow() should receive RowResult objects
HBASE-452 "region offline" should throw IOException, not IllegalStateException
HBASE-541 Update hadoop jars.
HBASE-523 package-level javadoc should have example client
HBASE-415 Rewrite leases to use DelayedBlockingQueue instead of polling
HBASE-35 Make BatchUpdate public in the API
HBASE-409 Add build path to svn:ignore list (Edward Yoon via Stack)
HBASE-408 Add .classpath and .project to svn:ignore list
(Edward Yoon via Stack)
HBASE-410 Speed up the test suite (make test timeout 5 instead of 15 mins).
HBASE-281 Shell should allow deletions in .META. and -ROOT- tables
(Edward Yoon & Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-56 Unnecessary HQLClient Object creation in a shell loop
(Edward Yoon via Stack)
HBASE-3 rest server: configure number of threads for jetty
(Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-416 Add apache-style logging to REST server and add setting log
level, etc.
HBASE-406 Remove HTable and HConnection close methods
(Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-418 Move HMaster and related classes into master package
(Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-410 Speed up the test suite - Apparently test timeout was too
aggressive for Hudson. TestLogRolling timed out even though it
was operating properly. Change test timeout to 10 minutes.
HBASE-436 website:
HBASE-417 Factor TableOperation and subclasses into separate files from
HMaster (Bryan Duxbury via Stack)
HBASE-440 Add optional log roll interval so that log files are garbage
HBASE-407 Keep HRegionLocation information in LRU structure
HBASE-444 hbase is very slow at determining table is not present
HBASE-438 XMLOutputter state should be initialized.
HBASE-414 Move client classes into client package
HBASE-79 When HBase needs to be migrated, it should display a message on
stdout, not just in the logs
HBASE-461 Simplify leases.
HBASE-419 Move RegionServer and related classes into regionserver package
HBASE-457 Factor Master into Master, RegionManager, and ServerManager
HBASE-464 HBASE-419 introduced javadoc errors
HBASE-468 Move HStoreKey back to o.a.h.h
HBASE-442 Move internal classes out of HRegionServer
HBASE-466 Move HMasterInterface, HRegionInterface, and
HMasterRegionInterface into o.a.h.h.ipc
HBASE-479 Speed up TestLogRolling
HBASE-480 Tool to manually merge two regions
HBASE-477 Add support for an HBASE_CLASSPATH
HBASE-443 Move internal classes out of HStore
HBASE-515 At least double default timeouts between regionserver and master
HBASE-529 RegionServer needs to recover if datanode goes down
HBASE-456 Clearly state which ports need to be opened in order to run HBase
HBASE-536 Remove MiniDFS startup from MiniHBaseCluster
HBASE-521 Improve client scanner interface
HBASE-562 Move Exceptions to subpackages (Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-631 HTable.getRow() for only a column family
(Jean-Daniel Cryans via Stack)
HBASE-731 Add a meta refresh tag to the Web ui for master and region server