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Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. @apurtell

    HBASE-13746 list_replicated_tables command is not listing table in hb…

    Abhishek Kumar authored apurtell committed
    …ase shell
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Purtell <>
  2. @anoopsjohn
  3. @anoopsjohn
Commits on May 23, 2015
  1. @anoopsjohn

    HBASE-13375 Provide HBase superuser higher priority over other users …

    anoopsjohn authored
    …in the RPC handling. (Mikhail Antonov)
  2. @tedyu
Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. HBASE-13658 Improve the test run time for TestAccessController class …

    Srikanth Srungarapu authored
    …(Ashish Singhi)
  2. @lhofhansl
Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @tedyu
  2. @tedyu

    HBASE-13741 Disable TestRegionObserverInterface#testRecovery and test…

    tedyu authored
    …LegacyRecovery (Stephen Jiang)
  3. @tedyu
  4. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13645: Rename *column methods in MasterObserver to *columnFamily

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  5. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13725 [documentation] Pseudo-Distributed Local Install can link…

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    … to hadoop instructions
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  6. @anoopsjohn

    HBASE-13641 Deperecate Filter#filterRowKey(byte[] buffer, int offset,…

    anoopsjohn authored
    … int length) in favor of filterRowKey(Cell firstRowCell).
  7. @anoopsjohn

    HBASE-13642 Deprecate RegionObserver#postScannerFilterRow CP hook wit…

    anoopsjohn authored
    …h byte[],int,int args in favor of taking Cell arg.
  8. @anoopsjohn
  9. @enis
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @elliottneilclark
  2. @elliottneilclark
  3. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13656 Rename getDeadServers to getDeadServersSize in Admin

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    Replace JIRA
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  4. Revert "HBASE-5980 Scanner responses from RS should include metrics o…

    stack authored
    …n rows/KVs filtered"
    Committed by mistake. Backing out till sure it good.
    This reverts commit dc72dad.
  5. @eshcarh

    HBASE-13071 synchronous scanner -- cache size-in-bytes bug fix

    eshcarh authored stack committed
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  6. @ndimiduk

    HBASE-13711 Provide an API to set min and max versions in HColumnDesc…

    ndimiduk authored
    …riptor (Stephen Yuan Jiang)
  7. @anoopsjohn
  8. @tedyu

    HBASE-13704 Hbase throws OutOfOrderScannerNextException when MultiRow…

    tedyu authored
    …RangeFilter is used (Aleksandr Maksymenko)
  9. @enis

    HBASE-13717 TestBoundedRegionGroupingProvider#setMembershipDedups nee…

    enis authored
    …d to set HDFS diretory for WAL (Stephen Yuan Jiang)
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13636 Remove deprecation for HBASE-4072 (Reading of zoo.cfg)

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  2. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13582: Update docs for HTrace

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  3. @lfrancke

    HBASE-13713: See about dropping ClassLoaderBase#getClassLoadingLock

    lfrancke authored stack committed
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  4. @esteban

    HBASE-13694 CallQueueSize is incorrectly decremented until the respon…

    esteban authored stack committed
    …se is sent
    Signed-off-by: stack <>
  5. HBASE-13510 - Purge ByteBloomFilter (Ram)

    ramkrishna authored
  6. HBASE-13675 ProcedureExecutor completion report should be at DEBUG lo…

    Srikanth Srungarapu authored
    …g level
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