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Define development process
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<title>Development Process</title>

Development Process

# Project Based Development
## Project Proposal & Review
### Overall Steps
The developer for Apache Helix should use following steps for project based development:
* Write a Wiki to describe your proposal for the project.
* Send the proposal to []( for reviewing
* Addressing all the comments and concerns.
* Get **AT LEAST ONE** approval from Apache Helix PMCs.
* Create your project branch and start the implementation.
* Make sure all tests passed before merging to the main branch.

### Proposal Guidance
Before the implementation, a project proposal must required for following items documented:
* Problem Statement
* Proposed Solutions
* Architecture / Structure Change
* Potential Impact
* Behavior Change
* Alternative Solutions
* Roll Out Guidance for Users

For all the list components must be covered in the proposal documentation. This proposal must be submitted in the [github wiki]( under **Document Ready for Review** and mark title prefix with different statuses:
* **\[Draft\]**: document is working in progress
* **\[In Review\]**: document is ready to be reviewed and people are reviewing it.
* **\[Done\]**: document is reviewed and signed off by Apache Helix PMC members.

### Definition of Project
To define a project, you need to understand the complexity of the feature you implement, improve or fixing bugs.
Here're the minimum requirements for a project based development. Any one of the item qualified, you must start a project based development:
* The work need to be done is a new feature that either :
* May cause multiple modules touched .
* Over 200 lines code change need to be break down into small PRs.
* New modules to be added.
* The work need to be done is improvement / bug fixing either:
* Over 200 lines code change.
* Impact user behavior
* Impact Helix client components, such as HelixManager, Participant, Spectator and so on.
* Backward incompatible.
* Require major refactoring code structure.

Feelfree to add more items and give suggestions to [dev mailing list](

# Regular Bug Fixing
## Bug Fixing Steps
For all developers who are willing to contributing to Apache Helix for fixing bugs, please following the steps we decribed below.
* If there is a github issue, assign that ticket to you if you are committer. For contributors, you can leave a comment to let other committers to assign that issue to you. If there is no issue in github, create an issue for that.
* Working on the bug fixing in your forked repo.
* Submit PR based on our [template](
* Address all review comments and follow [merge steps](
## Relevant Work
When you work on bug fixing and you found other things need to be done, feel free to create issues and leave **TODO** comments in the code to avoid make the PR larger and larger.

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