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Changing the comprehensiveness
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hansva committed Jul 5, 2021
2 parents 6d4601b + 0abdae9 commit a1e845ee4cb71f3b9947c40828b3a5e4626a1d82
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@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ title: "Events and User Groups"

*[3Hx - Apache Hop (Incubating) Hot Hop Hangouts ^]
*[Grupo de usuarios de Apache Hop Incubating en Español ^]
*[Apache Hop User Group Brasil ^]
*[Apache Hop Brasil no Telegram ^]
*[Grupo de usuários do Apache Hop Incubating em Português ^]
*[Apache Hop Incubating em Português no Telegram ^]
*[Apache Hop User Group Japan ^]

== Events

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