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## Community Events

No (wo)man is an island. As an open source project and even more so a community, Apache Hop (Incubating) cares deeply about sharing knowledge and experiences.

Events, in any shape of form, are a great way to meet and connect with fellow Hop users, developers and other community members.

<<events-agenda, The agenda>> lists all planned and past events in the Hop community.

## Planning and adding your own event

We encourage everyone in the Apache Hop (Incubating) community to organize and host events. An "event" is a very broad term and can be local Hop user group meetings, local or online hackathons, brainstorm sessions or a variety of other event types,

To add your event to the agenda, send a[mail, Apache Hop event announcement, add your event description here] to the users mailing list ([subscribe] if you haven't already) with the name, a brief description, the date/time and registration link for your event.

A recording of your event can be added to the[Hop Youtube channel]. Once published, the link to your recording will be added to the <<events-agenda, agenda>>.

## Recurring Events

### Hot Hop Hangouts

The Hot Hop Hangouts (3Hx) have been organized at irregular times since the start of the Apache Hop (Incubating) project.

A new Hot Hop Hangout session is organized every other week. Topics will alternate between _technical_ and _user-oriented_, so there is one technical and one user oriented 3Hx each month.[Send, 3Hx presentation submission, add your presentation topic and brief description here] your submissions for a 3Hx talk to to the users mailing list to get it added to the agenda.

## Agenda

|Event name|Description|date|link (subscribe/attend)|recording
|3H6|Hot Hop Hangout 6 (agenda TBD)|2021-04-29|-|-
|3H5|Hot Hop Hangout 5 (agenda TBD)|2021-04-15|-|-
|3H4|Hot Hop Hangout 4 (agenda TBD)|2021-04-01|-|-

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