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hansva committed Jul 2, 2021
1 parent 773d273 commit df57395de29c88035dcc19366d606accf3239294
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@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ All known Hop events are listed below. Add your event to the list below or annou
|Event name|Description|date|link (subscribe/attend)|recording
|-|First Brazilian Hop User Group Meetup|2021-7-15|[meetup]|
|{set:cellbgcolor:#30328422}3H10|Apache Hop and Neo4j|2021-07-01|-|-
|{set:cellbgcolor:#30328422}3H10|Apache Hop and Neo4j|2021-07-01|[meetup]|-
|{set:cellbgcolor}3H9|End-to-end workflows|2021-06-17|[meetup]|
|-|First Spanish Hop User Group Meetup|2021-6-16|[meetup]|
|3H8|Apache Hop in Docker|2021-06-03|[meetup]|[youtube]

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