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Building HttpComponents AsyncClient
(1) Requisites
JDK 1.6+ is required in order to compile and run HttpAsyncClient.
HttpAsyncClient utilizes Maven as a distribution management and packaging tool.
Version 3.0.3 or later is required.
Maven installation and configuration instructions can be found here:
(2) Executing test cases
Execute the following command in order to compile and test the components
mvn test
(3) Building packages
Execute the following command in order to build the JAR packages
mvn package
The resultant packages can be found in the target folders of their respective modules
where <VERSION> is the release version
(4) Validating packages
Check for binary compatibility with the previous version with:
mvn clirr:check
Check for proper license headers with:
mvn apache-rat:check
(5) Building documentation
Execute the following commands in order to generate Javadoc:
mvn install
mvn javadoc:aggregate
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