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Changes with Apache 2.0.23
*) Use the prefork MPM by default on Unix. [various]
*) Added a systray icon monitor application for Win32.
[Mladen Turk <>]
*) mod_rewrite: Fix the line ending on some non-Unix systems for
messages written to the rewrite log.
[Richard Labennett <>]
*) All mod_autoindex query parsing is now quietly quashed with the
IndexOption IgnoreClient. The IndexOption SuppressColumnSorting
still drops the column sort <a href>'s for the column headers, but
IgnoreClient is required to ignore these Query options entirely.
[William Rowe]
*) Introduced new mod_autoindex query argument parsing for F=[0|1|2]
to allow the client to select plain, FancyIndexing or HTMLTable
formatting, V=[0|1] to inhibit or enable version sorting, and
P=pattern to return only specific files. The old Query Arguments
were reorganized as C=f for sorting column 'f' (same N, D, S, or M
as before), and O=A|D for ordering ascending or descending.
[William Rowe]
*) Fixed an error in mod_include's directive parsing routines which
caused #if, #elif, and #else expressions containing backslashes
to be improperly evaluated. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Introduced new mod_autoindex IndexOptions flags: SuppressIcon to
drop the icon column, SuppressRules to drop the <hr> elements,
and HTMLTable to create rudimentary HTML table listings (implies
FancyIndexing). [William Rowe]
*) Re-introduced the mod_autoindex IndexOptions flag TrackModified
from Apache 1.3.15. This is needed for two reasons, first, given
multiple machines within a server farm, ETags and Last-Modified
stamps won't correspond from machine to machine, and second, many
Unixes don't capture changes to the date or time stamp of existing
files, since these don't modify the dirent itself. [William Rowe]
*) Re-introduced the mod_autoindex IndexOptions flag FoldersFirst
and DirectoryWidth options from Apache 1.3.10.
[William Rowe, Ken Coar]
*) Eliminated FancyIndexing directive, deprecated early in Apache
1.3 by the IndexOptions FancyIndexing syntax. [William Rowe]
*) mod_autoindex now excludes any file names that would result in
an error, other than a success or redirect. Also optimized
the parent directory, always included except in the URI '/'.
[William Rowe]
*) Refactored mod_negotiation and mod_mime to help mod_dir accept
negotiated index pages, and prevent the server from defaulting
to an autoindex of the directory. mod_negotiation will now die
with a 500 Internal Error if it could match some filenames
(e.g. for mod_dir) but none can be served. mod_negotation now
refuses to serve any file with an extention that mod_mime doesn't
recognize, and wasn't part of the request. [William Rowe]
*) Eliminate mod_cgi's handling of .exe files without the .exe file
extension. This is already handled by multiviews, if the admin
wishes to AddHandler .exe or define a content type handler and
associate .exe files with that content type. Multiviews must be
enabled to allow these to be served. [William Rowe]
*) Speed up the server's response to a spike in incoming workload
or restarts by assigning empty scoreboard slots to new processes
when they are available. [Greg Ames]
*) Add a handler to mod_includes.c. This handler is designed to
implement the XbitHack directive. This can't be done with a
fixup, because we need to check the content-type, which is
only available in the handler phase. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the includes filter check return codes from filters lower in
the filter chain. If a lower level filter returns an error, then
the request needs to stop immediately. This allows mod_include to
stop parsing data once a lower filter recognizes an error.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add the ability to extend the methods that Apache understands
and have those methods <limit>able in the httpd.conf. It uses
the same bit mask/shifted offset as the original HTTP methods
such as M_GET or M_POST, but expands the total bits from an int to
an ap_int64_t to handle more bits for new request methods than
an int provides. [Cody Sherr <>]
*) Fix broken mod_mime behavior in merging its arguments. Possible
cause of unexplicable crashes introduced in 2.0.20. [William Rowe]
*) Solve many mod_ssl porting issues (too many to detail) with
help from the whole team, but most notably [Ralf S. Engelschall,
Madhusudan Mathihalli <>,
Doug MacEachern, William Rowe, Cliff Woolley]
*) More stall fixes for the threaded & worker mpm's.
Make mod_status output more accurate. Don't
count workers in processes which aren't actively
serving requests. [Greg Ames]
*) Win32: Get SSI exec cgi tag working. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Add a single listener/multiple worker MPM. This MPM is
definately not fully correct, but it allows us to solve many
of the problems that exist in the threaded MPM. This is a
modified version of the threaded MPM. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Improve content generation throughout Apache, providing closer
compliance with HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 Transitional and XHTML 1.0
Transitional specifications. [William Rowe]
Changes with Apache 2.0.22
*) Fix a problem where the threaded MPM stalls after restarts or
segfaults. Also prevent multiple active processes from using
the same scoreboard slot. [Greg Ames]
*) Apache/Win32 now fills in the service description with Apache's
server version string, including loaded and advertised modules.
[William Rowe]
*) Improved support for the Win32 build, to recover gracefully from
missing apr or apr-util directories or the awk interpreter,
create the proper cgi-bin examples, including a test-cgi.bat, and
fix the perl shebang line for, when installing from
the build environment. [William Rowe]
*) Fix a segfault in threaded.c caused by passing uninitialized
apr_thread_t * to apr_thread_join(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Use new APR number conversion functions to reduce CPU consumption
when setting the content length, and in mod_log_config.
[Brian Pane]
*) Fix problem reported by Taketo Kabe <>
where HEAD response headers were being repeated twice for
files greater than 32K bytes (4*AP_MIN_BYTES_TO_WRITE). This
problem in the http_header filter was exposed by the recent rewrite
of the content_length filter. [Taketo Kabe, Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix seg faults in mod_status with ExtendedStatus enabled, after
restarts. A garbage pointer to a vhost's server_rec from the
previous generation was being left around under certain
conditions. [Greg Ames]
*) Fix a cosmetic problem with mod_include. Non-existant SSI vars
used to appear as '(none', without the closing paren.
[Günter Knauf <>]
*) Improve the exports generating awk script. In the past, we had
work around problems in the awk script by avoiding some #if and
#ifdefs. This has bitten us many times in generating the exports.c
file. This improvement allows corrects the header file parsing.
[Sander Striker <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.21
*) Resolve the Win32 htpasswd bug, where a file that existed would be
overwritten, regardless of the -c flag.
[William Rowe, Mladen Turk <>]
*) Introduce connection sub-pools into ab. Truncating the lifetime
of these allocations means that ab no longer perpetually grows
its working set, running out of memory on large request attempts.
[William Rowe]
*) Make scoreboard creation a hook. This allows management
modules to have access to the scoreboard at the time that it is
created, and at every restart request.
[Cody Sherr <>]
*) Changed AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMONS to refer to MaxClients and
added an AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMON_USED to refer to the highest
daemon index actually used in the scoreboard. I also
updated the pertinent calls. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Win32: Prevent listening sockets from being inherited by
the Apache child process, CGI scripts, rotatelog process
etc. If the Apache child process segfaults, any processes
that the child started are not reaped. Prior to this fix,
these processes inherited the listening sockets which sometimes
prevented the restarted Apache child process from accepting
connections (ie, the server would hang).
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Provide vhost and request strings when ExtendedStatus is on.
[Greg Ames]
*) Fix some issues with the pod and prefork: check the pod *after*
processing a connection so that a server processing a time-
consuming request bails out as soon as practical; when the
parent process wakes up a server process via connect(), use an
APR timeout on the connect() so that we don't hang for a long
time if there aren't server processes around to do accept().
[Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames]
*) Performance improvement to mod_mime.c. find_ct() in mod_mime,
spends a lot of time in apr_table_get calls. Using the default
httpd.conf, the tables for languages and charsets are somewhat
large, so the time spent scanning them on each request is
significant. Replacing the tables with hash tables provides
a nice speedup. [Brian Pane <>]
*) Add two functions to allow modules to access random parts of the
scoreboard. This allows modules compiled for one MPM to access the
scoreboard, even if it the server was compiled for another MPM.
[Harrie Hazewinkel <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.20
*) Fix problem in content-length filter where the filter would
buffer all the output from a CGI before sending any bytes
down the filter stack to the network. This problem would cause
significant memory consumption if the CGIs generated
lots of bytes. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Get non-blocking CGI pipe reads working with the bucket brigades.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix seg fault on Windows when serving files cached with mod_file_cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a bug in the threaded MPM that would cause it to kill off all
workers immediately after starting if the number of workers started
was above a certain threshold. [Ryan Bloom, Bill Stoddard]
Changes with Apache 2.0.19
*) Fix problem with threaded MPM. The problem was that if each child
process was busy serving a single long-lived request and the server
was sent a graceful restart signal, the server would stop serving
requests. This would happen because each child process would wait to
die until the last thread was done, and the parent wouldn't spawn any
new children until a process died. Now, the parent looks at the fact
that the children are dying gracefully, and starts new children.
Those new children only start enough threads to compliment the number
of threads in the other child process that shares the same spot in
the scoreboard. In this way, we make sure to never go over
MaxClients. [Ryan Bloom]
*) modified mod_negotiation and mod_autoindex to speed up by almost a
factor of two on apr_dir_read()-enhanced platforms, such as Win32
and OS2, by calling ap_sub_request_lookup_dirent() with the results
already provided by apr_dir_read(). [William Rowe]
*) mod_file_cache is now more robust to filtering and serves requests
slightly more efficiently. [Cliff Woolley]
*) Fix problem handling FLUSH bucket in the chunked encoding filter.
Module was calling ap_rwrite() followed by ap_rflush() but the
served content was not being displayed in the browser. Inspection
of the output stream revealed that the first data chunk was
missing the trailing CRLF required by the RFC. [Bill Stoddard]
*) apxs no longer generates ap_send_http_header() in the example handler
*) Fix an ab problem which could cause a divide-by-zero exception
with certain invocations (e.g., ab -k -c 6 -n 100 localhost/).
[Ian Holsman <>]
*) Solve case-insensitive platforms' confusion about negotiated
filenames, allowing files of differnt case to match in choosing
the document to serve. [William Rowe]
*) Fix brokenness when ThreadsPerChild is higher than the built-in
limit. We left ap_threads_per_child at the higher value which
led to segfaults when doing certain scoreboard operations.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix seg faults and/or missing output from mod_include. The
default_handler was using the subrequest pool for files and
MMAPs, even though the associated APR structures typically
live longer than the subrequest. [Greg Ames]
*) Extend mod_setenvif to support specifying regular expressions
on the SetEnvIf (and SetEnvIfNoCase) directive attribute field.
Example: SetEnvIf ^TS* [a-z].* HAVE_TS
will cause HAVE_TS to be set if any of the request headers begins
with "TS" and has a value that begins with any character in the
set [a-z]. [Bill Stoddard]
*) httpd children now re-bind themselves to a random CPU on
multiprocessor systems on AIX via bindprocessor() in 2.0.
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Fix htdigest. It would go into a loop in getline when adding
a second user. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32 platforms now fully support mod_userdir options. [Will Rowe]
*) Automatically generate httpd.exp for AIX.
DSOs now work again on AIX in 2.0
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Add a new request hook, error_log. This phase allows modules
to act on the error log string _after_ it has been written
to the error log. The goal for this hook is to allow monitoring
modules to send the error string to the monitoring agent.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Modify mod_echo to make it use filters for input and output.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Extend mod_headers to support conditional driven Header
add, append and set. Use SetEnvIf to set an envar and conditionally
add/append/set headers based on this envar thusly:
SetEnvIf TSMyHeader value HAVE_TSMyHeader
Header add MyHeader "%t %D" env=HAVE_TSMyHeader
If the request contains header "TSMyHeader: value" then header
MyHeader: "t=xxxxxxxxxx D=yyyy" will be sent on the response.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Extend mod_headers to support using format specifiers on Header
add, append and set header values. Two format specifiers are supported:
%t - reports, in UTC microseconds since the epoch, when the
request was received.
%D - reports the time, in microseconds, between when the request was
received and the response sent.
Header add MyHeader "This request served in %D microseconds. %t"
results in a header being added to the response that looks like this:
MyHeader: This request served in D=5438 microseconds. t=991424704447256
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix reset_filter(). We need to be careful how we remove filters.
If we set r->output_filters to NULL, we also have to reset the
connection's filters. [John Sterling]
*) Optimise reset_filter() in http_protocol.c. [Greg Stein]
*) Add a check to ap_die() to make sure the filter stack is sane and
contains the correct basic filters when an error occurs. This fixes
a problem where headers are not being sent on error. [John Sterling]
*) New Header directive 'echo' option. "Header echo regex" will
cause any headers received on the request that match regex to be
echoed to (included in) the response headers.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) include/ap_compat.h tested and set APR_COMPAT_H instead of AP_COMPAT_H.
This prevented the inclusion of apr_compat.h. PR #7773
[Oleg Broytmann <>]
*) Moved util_uri to the apr-util library. This required a bunch of
apr_name changes for the uri utility functions. [Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Move the addition of default AP_HTTP_HTTP_HEADER filters to the
insert_filter phase so that other filters are not bypassed by default.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Reimplement mod_headers as an output filter. mod_headers can now
add custom headers to inbound requests using the RequestHeader directive
and to responses using the same old Header directive. [Graham Leggett]
Changes with Apache 2.0.18
*) Fix command-line processing so that if a bad argument is specified
Apache will exit. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the make targets and rules to be consistent in all of the
Apache-owned source trees. [Roy Fielding]
*) Fix processing of the TRACE method. Previously we passed bogus
parms to form_header_field() and it overlaid some vhost structures,
resulting in a segfault in check_hostalias().
[Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: Add support for reliable piped logs. If the logging process
goes down, Apache will automatically restart it. This function has
been part of Apache on Unix/Linux/BSD since the early v1.3 releases.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Do not start piped log processes during the config file
preflight. This change also circumvents a problem on
Windows where the rotatelog processes created during preflight
was not getting cleaned up properly.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) add "Request Phase Participation" info to mod_info
[Doug MacEachern]
*) Make first phase changes to the scoreboard data structures in
preparation for the rewriting of the scoreboard per my posted
design notes. [Paul J. Reder]
*) Fix httpd's definition of LTFLAGS to be consistent with that of apr
and apr-util, allow it to be overridden by the configure command-line
(default="--silent") and introduce LT_LDFLAGS to replace what we were
formerly abusing as LTFLAGS. [Roy Fielding]
*) Clean up the reporting of incorrect closing container tags.
[Barrie Slaymaker <>]
*) Simplify the configure process by moving all libtool stuff to APR
and moving hints.m4 inline. [Roy Fielding]
*) Add the AP_DECLARE()/AP_CORE_DECLARE macros on the return types
of functions used by mod_proxy for export in the DLL
[Ian Holsman <>]
*) Prevent a hang when a cgi handled by mod_cgid tries to read a
request body from its stdin but no reqest body is being written to
the cgi. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_log_config: %c connection status incorrectly logged
as "-" (non-keepalive) when MaxKeepAliveRequests is set to 0.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Get mod_cern_meta working under Windows
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Create Files, and thus MMAPs, out of the request pool, not the
connection pool. This solves a small resource leak that had us
not closing files until a connection was closed. In order to do
this, at the end of the core_output_filter, we loop through the
brigade and convert any data we have into a single HEAP bucket
that we know will survive clearing the request_rec.
[Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz <>,
Cliff Woolley]
*) Completely revamp configure so that it preserves the standard make
the configure additions to EXTRA_* variables. Also, allow the user
to specify NOTEST_* values for all of the above, which eliminates the
need for THREAD_CPPFLAGS, THREAD_CFLAGS, and OPTIM. Fix the setting
of INCLUDES and EXTRA_INCLUDES. Check flags as they are added to
avoid pointless duplications. Fix the order in which flags are given
on the compile and link lines. Remove obsolete macros APR_DOEXTRA,
Renamed AC_TYPE_RLIM_T macro to APACHE_TYPE_RLIM_T. [Roy Fielding]
*) Get mod_tls to compile/work better on Windows. PR #7612
[Bernhard Schrenk <>]
*) Fix shutdown/restart hangs in the threaded MPM.
[Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames, Ryan Bloom]
*) Removed the keptalive boolean from conn_rec because it is now only
used by a single routine and can be replaced by a local variable.
[Greg Stein, Ryan Bloom, Roy Fielding]
*) Patch prefork to put enough of the signal processing back in so that
signals are all handled properly now. The previous patch fixed the
deadlock race condition, but broke the user directed signal handling.
This fixes it to work the way it did before my previous prefork patch
(primarily, SIGTERM is now working).
*) Change how input filters decide how much data is returned to the
higher filter. We used to use a field in the conn_rec, with this
change, we use an argument to ap_get_brigade to determine how much
data is retrieved. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix seg fault at start-up introduced by Ryan's change to enable
modules to specify their own logging tags. mod_log_config
registers an optional function, ap_register_log_handler().
ap_register_log_handler() was being called by http_core before
the directive hash table was created. This patch creates the
directive hash table before ap_register_log_handler() is
registered as an optional function.
[jean-frederic clere <>]
*) Add ap_set_int_slot() function
[John K. Sterling <>]
*) Under certain circumstances, Apache did not supply the
right response headers when requiring authentication.
[Gertjan van Wingerde <>] PR#7114
(This is a port of the change that went into Apache 1.3.19.)
*) Allow modules to specify their own logging tags. This basically
allows a module to tell mod_log_config that when %x is encountered
a specific function should be called. Currently, x can be any single
character. It may be more useful to make this a string at some point.
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.17
*) If a higher-level filter handles the the byterange aspects of a
request, then the byterange filter should not try to redo the
work. The most common case of this happening, is a byterange
request going through the proxy, and the origin server handles
the byterange request. The proxy should ignore it.
[Graham Leggett <>]
*) Changed the threaded mpm to have child_main join to each of the
worker threads to make sure the kids are all gone before child_main
exits after a signal (cleanup from perform_idle_server_maintenance).
This is an extension of Ryans recent commit to make the child_main
the signal thread.
*) Add more options to the ap_mpm_query function. This also allows MPMs to
report if their threads are dynamic or static. Finally, this also
implements a new API, ap_show_mpm, which returns the MPM that was
required into the core. [Harrie Hazewinkel <>]
*) Do not install the binaries from the support directory twice.
[jun-ichiro hagino <>]
*) The ap_f* functions should flush data to the filter that is passed
in, not the the filter after the one passed in.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Make ab work again by changing its native types to apr types and formats.
[Justin Erenkrantz <>]
*) Move the byterange filter and all of the supporting functions back
to the HTTP module. The byterange filter turned out to be very
HTTP specific, and it belongs in the HTTP module. [Greg Stein]
*) Make clean, distclean, and extraclean consistently according to the
Gnu makefile guidelines. [Justin Erenkrantz <>]
*) Fix errors in the renaming of the apr_threadattr_detach_xxx functions.
This may have been causing problems stopping processes in the threaded
mpm's. [Greg Ames]
*) Fix content-length in mod_negotiation to a long int representation.
[William Rowe]
*) Remove BindAddress from the default config file.
*) Allow module authors to add a module to their Apache build using
--with-module, without re-running buildconf. The syntax is:
The configure script will copy the module.c file to
modules/module_type, and it will be added to the relevant Makefiles.
currently, this only works for static modules. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Changes required to make prefork clean up idle children properly.
There was a window during which a starting worker deadlocks when
an idle cleanup arrives before it completes init. Apache then keeps
trying to cleanup the same deadlocked worker forever (until higher
pids come along, but it still will never reduce below the deadlocked
pid). Thus the number of children would not reduce to the correct
idle level. [Paul J. Reder]
Changes with Apache 2.0.16
*) Change the default installation directory to /usr/local/apache2,
as now defined by the "Apache" layout in config.layout. [Marc Slemko]
*) OS/2: Added support for building loadable modules as OS/2 DLLs.
[Brian Havard]
*) Get MaxRequestsPerChild working with the Windows MPM.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Make generic hooks to work, with mod_generic_hook_import/export
experimental modules. [Ben Laurie, Will Rowe]
*) Fix segfaults for configuration file syntax errors such as
"<Directory>" followed by "</Directory" and
"<Directory>" followed by "</Directoryz>". [Jeff Trawick]
*) Cleanup the --enable-layout option of configure. This makes
us use a consistent location for the config.layout file, and it
makes configure more portable.
[jun-ichiro hagino <>]
*) Changes to 'ab'; fixed int overrun's, added statistics, output in
csv/gnuplot format, rudimentary ssl support and various other tweaks
to make results more true to what is measured. The upshot of this it
turns out that 'ab' has often underreported the true performance of
apache. Often by a order of magnitude :-) See talk/paper of Sander
Temme <> at April ApacheCon 2001 for details.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Clean up mod_cgid's temporary request pool. Besides fixing a
storage leak this ensures that some unnecessary pipes are closed.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Performance: Add quick_handler hook. This hook is called at the
very beginning of the request processing before location_walk,
translate_name, etc. This hook is useful for URI keyed content
caches like Mike Abbott's Quick Shortcut Cache.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) top_module global variable renamed to ap_top_module [Perl]
*) Move ap_set_last_modified to the core. This is a potentially
controversial change, because this is kind of HTTP specific. However
many protocols should be able to take advantage of this kind of
information. I expect that headers will need one more layer of
indirection for multi-protocol work, but this is a small step in
the right direction. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Enable mod_status by default. This matches what Apache 1.3 does.
[Ed Korthof]
*) Add a ScriptSock directive to the default config file. This is
only enabled when mod_cgid is used.
[Taketo Kabe <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.15
*) Untangled the buildconf script and eliminated the need for build's
aclocal.m4, generated_lists,,, and a host of other
libtool muck that is now under srclib/apr/build. [Roy Fielding]
*) Win32: Don't accept more connections than we have worker threads
to handle.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix bug in the Unix threaded.c MPM that allowed child processes
to fork() new child processes.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a major security problem with double-reverse lookup checking.
Previously, a client connecting over IPv4 would not be matched
properly when the server had an IPv6 listening socket. PR #7407
[Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Change the way the beos MPM handles polling to allow it to stop and
restart. Problem was the sockets being polled were being reset by
the select call, so once it had accepted a connection it was no
longer listening on the UDP socket we use for shutdown instructions.
APR needs to be altered, patch on it's way. [David Reid]
*) Empty out the brigade shared by ap_getline()/ap_get_client_block()
on error exit from ap_getline(). Some other code got upset because
the wrong data was in the brigade. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Handle ap_discard_request_body() being called more than once.
[Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Get rid of an inadvertent close of file descriptor 2 in
mod_mime_magic. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Add a hook, create_request. This hook allows modules to modify
a request while it is being created. This hook is called for all
request_rec's, main request, sub request, and internal redirect.
When this hook is called, the the r->main, r->prev, r->next
pointers have been set, so modules can determine what kind of
request this is. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the build process a bit more. The Apache configure
script no longer creates its own helper scripts, it just
uses APR's.
[jean-frederic clere <>]
*) Stop the forced downgrade of the connection to HTTP/1.0 for
proxy requests. [Graham Leggett]
*) Avoid using sscanf to determine the HTTP protocol number in
the common case because sscanf is a performance hog. From
Mike Abbot's Accelerating Apache patch number 6.
[Mike Abbot <>, Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a security exposure in mod_access. Previously when IPv6
listening sockets were used, allow/deny-from-IPv4-address rules
were not evaluated properly (PR #7407). Also, add the ability to
specify IPv6 address strings with optional prefix length on Allow
and Deny. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Enhance rotatelogs so that a UTC offset can be specified, and
the logfile name can be formatted using strftime(3). (Brought
forward from 1.3.) [Ken Coar]
*) Reimplement the Windows MPM (mpm_winnt.c) to eliminate calling
DuplicateHandle on an IOCompletionPort (a practice which
MS "discourages"). The new model does not rely on associating
the completion port with the listening sockets, thus the
completion port can be completely managed within the child
process. A dedicated thread accepts connections off the network,
then calls PostQueuedCompletionStatus() to wake up worker
threads blocked on the completion port.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Bring forward the --suexec-umask option which allows the
builder to preset the umask for suexec processes. [Ken Coar]
*) Add a -V flag to suexec, which causes it to display the
compile-time settings with which it was built. (Only
usable by root or the AP_HTTPD_USER username.) [Ken Coar]
*) Mod_include should always unset the content-length if the file is
going to be passed through send_parsed_content. There is no to
determine if the content will change before actually scanning the
entire content. It is far safer to just remove the C-L as long
as we are scanning it. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make sure Apache sends WWW-Authenticate during a reverse proxy
request and not Proxy-Authenticate.
[Graham Leggett <>]
Changes with Apache 2.0.14
*) Fix content-length computation. We ONLY compute a content-length if
We are not in a 1.1 request and we cannot chunk, and this is a keepalive
or we already have all the data. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Report unbounded containers in the config file. Previously, a typo
in the </container> directive could result in the rest of the config
file being silently ignored, with undesired defaults used.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Make the old_write filter use the ap_f* functions for the buffering.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Move more code from the http module into the core server. This
is core code, basically the default handler, the default input
and output filters, and all of the core configuration directives.
All of this code is required in order for the server to work, with or
without HTTP. The server is closer to working without the HTTP
module, although there is still more to do. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a number of SGI compile warnings throughout the server. Fix some
bad parameters to apr_bucket_read(). Fix a bad statement in
ap_method_in_list(). For the mod_rewrite cache use apr_time_t
consistently; we were mixing apr_time_t and time_t in invalid ways
before. In load_file(), call apr_dso_error() instead of
apr_strerror() so that we get a more specific string on some platforms.
PR #6980 [Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow modules to query the MPM about it's execution profile. This
query API can and should be extended in the future, but for now,
max_daemons, and threading or forking is a very good start.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Modify mod_include to send blocks of data no larger than 9k.
Without this, mod_include will wait until the whole file is parsed,
or the first tag is found to send any data to the client.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) Fix mod_info, so that <Directory> and <Location> directives are
not displayed twice when displaying the current configuration.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Add config directives to override DEFAULT_ERROR_MSG and
DEFAULT_TIME_FORMAT. This was sent in as PR 6193.
[Dan Rench <>]
*) Get mod_info building and loading on Win32. [William Rowe]
*) Begin to move protocol independant functions out of mod_http. The goal
is to have only functions that are HTTP specific in the http directory.
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.13
*) Don't assume that there will always be multiple calls to the byterange
filter. It is possible that we will need to do byteranges with only
one call to the filter. [Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Move the error_bucket definition from the http module to the
core server. Every protocol will need this ability, not just
HTTP. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.12
*) Modify mod_file_cache to save pre-formatted strings for
content-length and last-modified headers for performance.
[Mike Abbot <>]
*) Namespace protect IOBUFSIZ since it is exposed in the API.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Use "Basic" authentication instead of "basic" in ab, as the spec
says we should. [Andre Breiler <>]
*) Fix a seg fault in mod_userdir.c. We used to use the pw structure
without ever filling it out. This fixes PR 7271.
[Taketo Kabe <> and
Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Add a couple of GCC attribute tags to printf style functions.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese
versions of MSIE and Netscape. [Clive Lin <clive@CirX.ORG>] PR#7142
*) Migrate the perchild MPM to use the new apr signal child, and
APR thread functions. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Close one copy of the CGI's stdout before creating the new process.
The CGI will still have stdout, because we have already dup'ed it.
This keeps Apache from waiting forever to send the results of a CGI
process that has forked a long-lived child process.
[Taketo Kabe <>]
*) Remove the rest of the pthreads functions from the threaded MPM.
This requires the APR support for a signal thread that was just
added. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make mod_dir use a fixup for sending a redirect to the browser.
Before this, we were using a handler, which doesn't make much
sense, because the handler wasn't generating any data, it would
either return a redirect error code, or DECLINED. This fits the
current hooks better. [Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Make the threaded MPM use APR threads instead of pthreads.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get mod_tls to the point where it actually appears to work in all cases.
[Ben Laurie]
*) implement --enable-modules and --enable-mods-shared for "all" and
"most". [Greg Stein]
*) Move the threaded MPM to use APR locks instead of pthread locks.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rename mpmt_pthread to threaded. This is more in line with the
fact that mpmt_pthread shouldn't be using pthreads directly, and
it is a smaller name that doesn't tie into anything.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rename the module structures so that the exported symbol matches
the file name, and it is easier to automate the installation
process (generating LoadModule directives from the module filenames).
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Remove the coalesce filter. With the ap_f* functions, this filter
is no longer needed. [Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0.11
*) Remove the dexter MPM. Perchild is the same basic idea, but it has the
added feature of allowing a uid/gid per child process. If no
uid/gid is specified, then Perchild behaves exactly like dexter.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get perchild building again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Don't disable threads just because we are using the prefork MPM.
If somebody wants to compile without threads, they must now add
--disable-threads to the configure command line. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin to move the calls to update_child_status into common code, so
that each individual MPM does not need to update the scoreboard itself.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow mod_tls to compile under Unix boxes where openssl has been
installed to the system include files.
[Gomez Henri <>]
*) Cleanup the mod_tls configure process. This should remove any need
to hand-edit any files. We require OpenSSL 0.9.6 or later, but
configure doesn't check that yet. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Add a very early prototype of SSL support (in mod_tls.c). It is
vital that you read modules/tls/README before attempting to build
it. [Ben Laurie]
*) Fix a potential seg fault on all platforms. David Reid fixed this
on BEOS, but the problem could happen anywhere, so we don't want
to #ifdef it. [Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Add new LogFormat directive, %D, to log time it takes to serve a
request in microseconds. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Change AddInputFilter and AddOutputFilter to SetInputFilter and
SetOutputFilter. This corresponds nicely with the other Set
directives, which operate on containers while the Add* directives
tend to work directly on extensions. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the header handling a bit. This uses the apr_brigade_*
functions for the buffering so that we don't need to compute
the length of the headers before we actually create the header
buffer. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow filters to buffer data using the ap_f* functions. These have
become macros that resolve directly to apr_brigade_*.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the Unix MPM's to do a graceful restart again. If we are going
to register a cleanup with ap_cleanup_scoreboard, then we have to
kill the cleanup with the same function, and that function can't be
static. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Install all required header files. Without these, it was not
possible to compile some modules outside of the server.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix the AliasMatch directive in Apache 2.0. When we brought a patch
forward from 1.3 to 2.0, we missed a single line, which broke regex
aliases. [Ryan Bloom]
*) We have a poor abstraction in the protocol. This is a temporary
hack to fix the bug, but it will need to be fixed for real. If
we find an error while sending out a custom error response, we back
up to the first non-OK request and send the data. Then, when we send
the EOS from finalize_request_protocol, we go to the last request,
to ensure that we aren't sending an EOS to a request that has already
received one. Because the data is sent on a different request than
the EOS, the error text never gets sent down the filter stack. This
fixes the problem by finding the last request, and sending the data
with that request. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the server status page show the correct restart time, and
thus the proper uptime. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Move the CGI creation logic from mod_include to mod_cgi(d). This
should reduce the amount of duplicate code that is required to
create CGI processes.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) ap_new_connection() closes the socket and returns NULL if a socket
call fails. Usually this is due to a connection which has been
reset. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Move the Apache version information out of httpd.h and into release.h.
This is in preparation for the first tag with the new tag and release
system. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin restructuring scoreboard code to enable adding back in
the ability to use IPC other than shared memory.
Get mod_status working on Windows again. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Make mod_status work with 2.0. This will work for prefork,
mpmt_pthread, and dexter. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Correct a typo in httpd.conf.
[Kunihiro Tanaka <>] PR#7154
*) Really fix mod_rewrite map lookups this time. [Tony Finch]
*) Get the correct IP address if ServerName isn't set and we can't
find a fully-qualified domain name at startup.
PR#7170 [Danek Duvall <>]
*) Make mod_cgid work with SuExec. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite. Eliminates some
'extra' stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now
resolves the SCRIPT_USER and SCRIPT_GROUP, including on WinNT NTFS
volumes. [William Rowe]
*) Adopt apr features to simplify mod_includes. This changes the
behavior of the USER_NAME variable, unknown uid's are now reported
as USER_NAME="<unknown>" rather than the old user#000 result.
WinNT now resolves USER_NAME on NTFS volumes. [William Rowe]
*) Adopt apr features for simplifing mod_userdir, and accept the new
Win32/OS2 exceptions without hiccuping. [William Rowe]
*) Replace configure --with-optim option by using and saving the
environment variable OPTIM instead. This is needed because configure
options do not support multiple flags separated by spaces.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Fix some byterange handling. If we get a byte range that looks like
"-999999" where that is past the end of the file, we should return
a PARTIAL CONTENT status code, and return the whole file as one big
byterange. This matches the 1.3 handling now. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the error bucket a real meta-data bucket. This means that the
bucket length is 0, and a read returns NULL data. If one of these
buckets is passed down after the headers are sent, this data will
just be ignored. [Greg Stein]
*) The prefork MPM wasn't killing child processes correctly if a restart
signal was received while the process was serving a request. The child
process would become the equivalent of a second parent process. If
we break out of the accept loop, then we need to do die after cleaning
up after ourselves. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Change the Prefork MPM to use SIGWINCH instead of SIGUSR1 for graceful
restarts. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Modify the apr_stat/lstat/getfileinfo calls within apache to use
the most optimal APR_FINFO_wanted bits. This spares Win32 from
performing very expensive owner, group and permission lookups
and allows the server to function until these apr_finfo_t fields
are implemented under Win32. [William Rowe]
*) Support for typedsafe optional functions - that is functions exported by
optional modules, which, therefore, may or may not be present, depending
on configuration. See the experimental modules mod_optional_fn_{ex,im}port
for sample code. [Ben Laurie]
*) filters can now report an HTTP error to the server. This is done
by sending a brigade where the first bucket is an error_bucket.
This bucket is a simple bucket that stores an HTTP error and
a string. Currently the string is not used, but it may be needed
to output an error log. The http_header_filter will find this
bucket, and output the error text, and then return
AP_FILTER_ERROR, which informs the server that the error web page
has already been sent. [Ryan Bloom]
*) If we get an error, then we should remove all filters except for
those critical to serving a web page. This fixes a bug, where
error pages were going through the byterange filter, even though
that made no sense. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Relax the syntax checking of Host: headers in order to support
iDNS. PR#6635 [Tony Finch]
*) Cleanup the byterange filter to use the apr_brigade_partition
and apr_bucket_copy functions. This removes a lot of very messy
code, and hopefully makes this filter more stable.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove AddModule and ClearModuleList directives. Both of these
directives were used to ensure that modules could be enabled
in the correct order. That requirement is now gone, because
we use hooks to ensure that modules are in the correct order.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) When SuExec is specified, we need to add it to the list of
targets to be built. If we don't, then any changes to the
configuration won't affect SuExec, unless 'make suexec' is
specifically run. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleaned out open_file from mod_file_cache, as apr now accepts
the APR_XTHREAD argument to open a file for consumption by
parallel threads on win32. [William Rowe]
*) Correct a bug in determining when we follow symlinks. The code
expected a stat -1 result, not an apr_status_t positive error.
Also check if the APR_FINFO_USER fields are valid before we
follow the link. [William Rowe]
*) Move initgroupgs, ap_uname2id and ap_gname2id from util.c to
mpm_common.c. These functions are only valid on some platforms,
so they should not be in the main-line code. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove ap_chdir_file(). This function is not thread-safe,
and nobody is currently using it. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Do not try to run make depend if there are no .c files in the
current directory, doing so makes `make depend` fail.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Update highperformance.conf to work with either prefork or
pthreads mpms. [Greg Ames]
*) Stop checking to see if this is a pipelined request if we know
for a fact that it isn't. Basically, if r->connection->keepalive == 0.
This keeps us from making an extra read call when serving a 1.0
request. [Ryan Bloom and Greg Stein]
*) Fix the handling of variable expansion look-ahead in mod_rewrite,
i.e. syntax like %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER}, and also fix the parsing of
more complicated nested RewriteMap lookups. PR#7087 [Tony Finch]
*) Fix the RFC number mentioned when complaining about a missing
Host: header. PR#7079 [Alexey Toptygin <>]
*) Fix an endless loop in ab which occurred when ab was posting
and the server dropped the connection unexpectedly.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a segfault while handling request bodies in ap_http_filter().
This problem has been seen with mod_dav usage as well as with
requests where the body was just being discarded. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Some adjustment on the handling and automatic setting (via
hints.m4) of various compilation flags (eg: CFLAGS). Also,
add the capability to specify flags (NOTEST_CFLAGS and
NOTEST_LDFLAGS) which are used to compile Apache, but
not used during the configuration process. Useful for
flags like "-Werror". [Jim Jagielski]
*) Stop using environment variables to force debug mode or
no detach. We now use the -D command line argument to
specify the correct mode. -DONE_PROCESS and -DNO_DETACH.
[Greg Stein, Ryan Bloom]
*) Change handlers to use hooks. [Ben Laurie]
*) Stop returning copies of filenames from both apr_file_t and
apr_dir_t. We pstrdup the filenames that we store in the
actual structures, so we don't need to pstrdup the strings again.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_cgi: Fix some problems where the wrong error value was being
traced. [Jeff Trawick]
*) EBCDIC: Fix some missing ASCII conversion on some protocol data.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add generic hooks. [Ben Laurie]
*) Use a real pool to dup the error log descriptor. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a segfault caused by mod_ext_filter when the external filter
program does not exist. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix an output truncation error when on an HTTP >= 1.0 request an
object of size between DEFAULT_BUCKET_SIZE and AP_MIN_BYTES_TO_WRITE
was served through mod_charset_lite (or anything else that would
create a transient bucket in this size range). ap_bucket_make_heap()
silently failed (fixed), transient_setaside() discovered it, but
ap_save_brigade() ignored it (fixed). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Ignore \r\n or \n when using PEEK mode for input filters. The problem
is that some browsers send extra lines at the end of POST requests, and
we don't want to delay sending data back to the user just because the
browser isn't well behaved. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get SuEXEC working again. We can't send absolute paths to suExec
because it refuses to execute those programs. SuEXEC also wasn't
always recognizing configuration changes made using the autoconf
setup. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow the buildconf process to find the config.m4 files in the correct
order. Basically, we can now name config.m4 files as config\d\d.m4,
and we will sort them correctly when inserting them into the build
process. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get mod_cgid to use apr calls for creating the actual CGI process.
This also allows mod_cgid to use ap_os_create_priviledged_process,
thus allowing for SuExec execution from mod_cgid. Currently, we do
not support everything that standard SuExec supports, but at least
it works minimally now. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow SuExec to be configured from the ./configure command line.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Update some of the docs in README and INSTALL to reflect some of
the changes in Apache 2.0 [Cliff Woolley <>]
*) If we get EAGAIN returned from the call to apr_sendfile, then we
need to call sendfile again. This gets us serving large files
such as apache_2.0a9.tar.gz on FreeBSD again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the support programs building cleanly again.
[Cliff Woolley <>]
*) The Apache/Win32 Apache.exe and dll's now live in bin. The
current directory logic now backs up over bin/ to determine the
server root from the Apache.exe path.
*) Apache/Win32 now follows the standard conventions of
loadable modules, dynamic libs are all named libfoo.dll, and the populates the include, lib and libexec directories.
*) Apache is now IPv6-capable. On systems where APR supports IPv6,
Apache gets IPv6 listening sockets by default. Additionally, the
Listen, NameVirtualHost, and <VirtualHost> directives support IPv6
numeric address strings (e.g., "Listen [fe80::1]:8080").
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Modify the install directory layout. Modules are now installed in
modules/. Shared libraries should be installed in libraries/, but
we don't have any of those on Unix yet. All install directories
are modifyable at configure time. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Install all header files in the same directory on Unix. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the functions in server/linked into the server, regardless of
which modules linked into the server. This uses the same hack
for Apache that we use for APR and apr-util to ensure all of the
necessary functions are linked. As a part of thise, the CHARSET_EBCDIC
was renamed to AP_CHARSET_EBCDIC for namespace protection, and to make
the scripts a bit easier.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Rework the RFC1413 handling to make it thread-safe, use a timeout
on the query, and remove IPv4 dependencies. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get all of the auth modules to the point that they will install and
be loadable into the server. Our new build/install mechanism expects
that all modules will have a common name format. The auth modules
didn't use that format, so we didn't install them properly.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) API routines ap_pgethostbyname() and ap_pduphostent() are no longer
available. Use apr_getaddrinfo() instead. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get "NameVirtualHost *" working in 2.0. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Return HTTP_RANGE_NOT_SATISFIABLE if the every range requested starts
after the end of the response. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get byterange requests working with responses that do not have a
content-length. Because of the way byterange requests work, we have to
have all of the data before we can actually do the byterange, so we
can compute the content-length in the byterange filter.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get exe CGI's working again on Windows.
[Allan Edwards]
*) Get mod_cgid and mod_rewrite to work as DSOs by changing the way
they keep track of whether or not their post config hook has been
called before. Instead of a static variable (which is replaced when
the DSO is loaded a second time), use userdata in the process pool.
[Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0a9
*) Win32 now requires perl to complete the final install step for users
to build + install on Win32. now rewrites @@ServerRoot@
and installs the conf, htdocs and htdocs/manual directories.
[William Rowe]
*) Make mod_include use a hash table to associate directive tags with
functions. This allows modules to implement their own SSI tags easily.
The idea is simple enough, a module can insert it's own tag and function
combination into a hash table provided by mod_include. While mod_include
parses an SSI file, when it encounters a tag in the file, it does a
hash lookup to find the function that implements that tag, and passes
all of the relevant data to the function. That function is then
responsible for processing the tag and handing the remaining data back
to mod_include for further processing.
[Paul J. Reder <>]
*) Get rid of ap_new_apr_connection(). ap_new_connection() now has
fewer parameters: the local and remote socket addresses were removed
from the parameter list because all required information is available
via the APR socket. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Distribution directory structure reorganized to reflect a
normal source distribution with external install targets.
[Roy Fielding]
*) The MPMs that need multiple segments of shared memory now create
two apr_shmem_t variables, one for each shared memory allocation.
the problem is that we can't determine how much memory will be required
for shared memory allocations once we try to allocate more than one
variable. The MM code automatically aligns the shared memory allocations,
so we end up needing to pad the amount of shared memory we want based
on how many variables will be allocated out of the shared memory segment.
It is just easier to create a second apr_shmem_t variable, and two
shmem memory blocks.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Cleanup the export list a bit. This creates a single unified list of
functions exported by APR. The export list is generated at configure
time, and that list is then used to generate the exports.c file.
Because of the way the export list is generated, we only export those
functions that are valid on the platform we are building on.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Enable logging the cookie with mod_log_config
[Sander van Zoest <>]
*) Fix a segfault in mod_info when it reaches the end of the configuration.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Added lib/aputil/ as a placeholder for utility functions which are not
specific to the Apache HTTP Server (but do not make sense with APR).
The first utility is "apu_dbm": a set of functions to work with DBM
files. This first version can be compiled for SDBM or GDBM databases.
[Greg Stein]
*) Complete re-write of mod_include. This makes mod_include a filter that
uses buckets directly. This has now served the FAQ correctly.
[Paul Reder <>]
*) Allow modules to specify the first filter in a sub_request when
making the sub_request. This keeps modules from having to change the
output_filter immediately after creating the sub-request, and therefore
skip the sub_req_output_filter. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Update ab to accept URLs with IPv6 literal address strings (in the
format described in RFC 2732), and to build Host header fields in
the same format. This allows IPv6 literal address strings to be
used with ab. This support has been tested against Apache 1.3 with
the KAME patch, but Apache 2.0 does not yet work with this format
of the Host header field. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Accomodate an out-of-space condition in the piped logs and the
rotatelogs.c code, and no longer churn log processes for this
condition. [Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Add support for partial writes with apr_sendfile() to core_output_filter.
[Greg Ames]
Changes with Apache 2.0a8
*) Add a directive to mod_mime so that filters can be associated with
a given mime-type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Get multi-views working again. We were setting the path_info
field incorrectly if we couldn't find the specified file.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix 304 processing. The core should never try to send the headers
down the filter stack. Always, just setup the table in the request
record, and let the header filter convert it to data that is ready
for the network.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) More fixes for the proxy. There are still bugs in the proxy code,
but this has now proxied and (my ISP)
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix params for apr_getaddrinfo() call in connect proxy handler.
[Chuck Murcko]
*) APR: Add new apr_getopt_long function to handle long options.
[B. W. Fitzpatrick <>]
*) APR: Change apr_connect() to take apr_sockaddr_t instead of hostname.
Add generic apr_create_socket(). Add apr_getaddrinfo() for doing
hostname resolution/address string parsing and building
apr_sockaddr_t. Add apr_get_sockaddr() for getting the address
of one of the apr_sockaddr_t structures for a socket. Change
apr_bind() to take apr_sockaddr_t. [David Reid and Jeff Trawick]
*) Remove the BUFF from the HTTP proxy. This is still a bit ugly, but
I have proxied pages with it, cleanup will commence soon.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make the proxy work with filters. This isn't perfect, because we
aren't dealing with the headers properly. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Do not send a content-length iff the C-L is 0 and this is a head
request. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Make cgi-bin work as a regular directory when using mod_vhost_alias
with no VirtualScriptAlias directives. PR#6829 [Tony Finch]
*) Remove BUFF from the PROXY connect handling. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Get the default_handler to stop trying to deal with HEAD requests.
The idea is to let the content-length filter compute the C-L before
we try to send the data. If we can get the C-L correctly, then we
should send it in the HEAD response.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) The Header filter can now determine if a body should be sent based
on r->header_only. The general idea of this is that if we delay
deciding to send the body, then we might be able to compute the
content-length correctly, which will help caching proxies to cache
our data better. Any handler that doesn't want to try to compute
the content-length can just send an EOS bucket without data and
everything will just work.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add the referer to the error log if one is available.
[Markus Gyger <>]
*) Mod_info.c has now been ported to Apache 2.0. As a part of this
change, the root of the configuration tree has been exposed to modules
as ap_conftree.
[Ryan Morgan <>]
*) Get the core_output_filter to use the bucket interface directly.
This keeps us from calling the content-length filter multiple times
for a simple static request.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) We are sending the content-type correctly now.
[Ryan Bloom and Will Rowe]
*) APR on FreeBSD: Fix a bug in apr_sendfile() which caused us to report
a bogus bytes-sent value when the only thing being sent was trailers
and writev() returned an error (or EAGAIN). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Get SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT working again. This uses the
hints file to determine which platforms define
[Ryan Bloom]
*) APR: add apr_get_home_directory() [Jeff Trawick]
*) Initial import of 1.3-current mod_proxy. [Chuck Murcko]
*) Not all platforms have INADDR_NONE defined by default. Apache
used to make this check and define INADDR_NONE if appropriate,
but APR needs the check too, and I suspect other applications will
as well. APR now defines APR_INADDR_NONE, which is always a valid
value on all platforms.
[Branko Èibej <>]
*) Destroy the pthread mutex in lock_intra_cleanup() for PR#6824.
[Shuichi Kitaguchi <>]
*) Relax the syntax checking of Host: headers in order to support
iDNS. PR#6635 [Tony Finch]
*) When reading from file buckets we convert to an MMAP if it makes
sense. This also simplifies the default handler because the
default handler no longer needs to try to create MMAPs.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) BUFF has been removed from the main server. The BUFF code will remain
in the code until it has been purged from the proxy module as well.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Byteranges have been completely re-written to be a filter. This
has been tested, and I believe it is working correctly, but it could
doesn't work for the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. The output almost matches
the output from 1.3, the only difference being that 1.3 includes
a content-length in the response, and this does not.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) APR read/write functions and bucket read functions now operate
on unsigned integers, instead of signed ones. It doesn't make
any sense to use signed ints, because we return the error codes,
so if we have an error we should report 0 bytes read or written.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Always compute the content length, whether it is sent or not.
The reason for this, is that it allows us to correctly report
the bytes_sent when logging the request. This also simplifies
content-length filter a bit, and fixes the actual byte-reporing
code in mod_log_config.c
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Remove AP_END_OF_BRIGADE definition. This does not signify what
it says, because it was only used by EOS and FLUSH buckets. Since
neither of those are required at the end of a brigade, this was
really signifying FLUSH_THE_DATA, but that can be determined better
buckets now return a length of 0, which is actually the amount of data
read, so they make more sense.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow the core_output_filter to save some data past the end of a
request. If we get an EOS bucket, we only send the data if it
makes sense to send it. This allows us to pipeline request
responses. As a part of this, we also need to allocate mmap
buckets out of the connection pool, not the request pool. This
allows the mmap to outlive the request.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make blocking and non-blocking bucket reads work correctly for
sockets and pipes. These are the only bucket types that should
have non-blocking reads, because the other bucket types should
ALWAYS be able to return something immediately.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) In the Apache/Win32 console window, accept Ctrl+C to stop the
server, but use Ctrl+Break to initiate a graceful restart
instead of duplicating behavior. [John Sterling]
*) Patch mod_autoindex to set the Last-Modified header based on
the directory's mtime, and add the ETag header. [William Rowe]
*) Merge the 1.3 patch to add support for logging query string in
such a way that "%m %U%q %H" is the same as "%r".
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Port three log methods from mod_log_config 1.3 to 2.0:
CLF compliant '-' byte count, method and protocol.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add a new LogFormat directive, %c, that will log connection
status at the end of the response as follows:
'X' - connection aborted before the response completed.
'+' - connection may be kept-alive by the server.
'-' - connection will be closed by the server.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Expand APR for WinNT to fully accept and return utf-8 encoded
Unicode file names and paths for Win32, and tag the Content-Type
from mod_autoindex to reflect that charset if the the feature
macro APR_HAS_UNICODE_FS is true. [William Rowe]
*) Compute the content length (and add appropriate header field) for
the response when no content length is available and we can't use
chunked encoding. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Changed ap_discard_request_body() to use REQUEST_CHUNKED_DECHUNK,
so that content input filters get dechunked data when using
the default handler. Also removed REQUEST_CHUNKED_PASS.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Add mod_ext_filter as an experimental module. This module allows
the administrator to use external programs as filters. Currently,
only filtering of output is supported. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Most Apache functions work on EBCDIC machines again, as protocol
data is now translated (again). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Introduce ap_xlate_proto_{to|from}_ascii() to clean up some of
the EBCDIC support. They are noops on ASCII machines, so this
type of translation doesn't have to be surrounded by #ifdef
CHARSET_EBCDIC. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix mod_include. tag commands work again, and the server will
send the FAQ again. This also allows mod_include to set aside
buckets that include partial buckets.
[Ryan Bloom and David Reid]
*) Add suexec support back. [Manoj Kasichainula]
*) Lingering close now uses the socket directly instead of using
BUFF. This has been tested, but since all we can tell is that it
doesn't fail, this needs to be really hacked on.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow filters to modify headers and have those headers be sent to
the client. The idea is that we have an http_header filter that
actually sends the headers to the network. This removes the need
for the BUFF to send headers.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Charset translation: mod_charset_lite handles translation of
request bodies. Get rid of the xlate version of ap_md5_digest()
since we don't compute digests of filtered (e.g., translated)
response bodies this way anymore. (Note that we don't do it at
all at the present; somebody needs to write a filter to do so.)
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Input filters and ap_get_brigade() now have a input mode parameter
(blocking, non-blocking, peek) instead of a length parameter.
*) Update the mime.types file to the registered media types as
of 2000-10-19. PR#6613 [Carsten Klapp <>,
Tony Finch]
*) Namespace protect some macros declared in ap_config.h
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Support HTTP header line folding with input filtering.
[Greg Ames]
*) Mod_include works again. This should still be re-written, but at
least now we can serve an SHTML page again.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Begin to remove BUFF from the core. Currently, we keep a pointer
to both the BUFF and the socket in the conn_rec. Functions that
want to use the BUFF can, functions that want to use the socket,
can. They point to the same place.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) apr_psprintf doesn't understand %lld as a format. Make it %ld.
[Tomas "Ögren" <>]
*) APR pipes on Unix and Win32 are now cleaned up automatically when the
associated pool goes away. (APR pipes on OS/2 were already had this
logic.) This resolvs a fatal file descriptor leak with CGIs.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) The final line of the config file was not being read if there was
no \n at the end of it. This was caused by apr_fgets returning
APR_EOF even though we had read valid data. This is solved by
making cfg_getline check the buff that was returned from apr_fgets.
If apr_fgets return APR_EOF, but there was data in the buf, then we
return the buf, otherwise we return NULL.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Piped logs work again in the 2.0 series.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Restore functionality broken by the mod_rewrite security fix:
rewrite map lookup keys and default values are now expanded
so that the lookup can depend on the requested URI etc.
PR #6671 [Tony Finch]
*) Tighten up the syntax checking of Host: headers to fix a
security bug in some mass virtual hosting configurations
that can allow a remote attacker to retrieve some files
on the system that should be inaccessible. [Tony Finch]
*) Add a pool bucket type. This bucket is used for data allocated out
of a pool. If the pool is cleaned before the bucket is destroyed, then
the data is converted to a heap bucket, allowing it to survive the
death of the pool.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add a flush bucket. This allows modules to signal that the filters
should all flush whatever data they currently have. There is no way
to actually force them to do this, so if a filter ignores this bucket,
that's life, but at least we can try with this.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add an output filter for sub-requests. This filter just strips the
EOS bucket so that we don't confuse the main request's core output
filter by sending multiple EOS buckets. This change also makes sub
requests start to send EOS buckets when they are finished.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Make ap_bucket_(read|destroy|split|setaside) into macros. Also
makes ap_bucket_destroy a return void, which is okay because it
used to always return APR_SUCCESS, and nobody ever checked its
return value anyway.
[Cliff Woolley <>]
*) Remove the index into the bucket-type table from the buckets
structure. This has now been replaced with a pointer to the
bucket_type. Also add some macros to test the bucket-type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Renamed all MODULE_EXPORT symbols to AP_MODULE_DECLARE and all symbols
for CORE_EXPORT to AP_CORE_DECLARE (namespace protecting the wrapper)
All _VAR_ flavors changes to _DATA to be absolutely clear.
[William Rowe]
*) Add support for /, //, //servername and //server/sharename
parsing of <Directory> blocks under Win32 and OS2.
[Tim Costello, William Rowe, Brian Harvard]
*) Remove the function pointers from the ap_bucket type. They have been
replaced with a global table. Modules are allowed to register bucket
types and use then use those buckets.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_cgid: In the handler, shut down the Unix socket (only for write)
once we finish writing the request body to the cgi child process;
otherwise, the client doesn't hit EOF on stdin. Small request bodies
worked without this change (for reasons I don't understand), but large
ones didn't. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Remove file bucket specific information from the ap_bucket type.
This has been moved to a file_bucket specific type that hangs off
the data pointer in the ap_bucket type.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Input filtering now has a third argument. This is the amount of data
to read from lower filters. This argument can be -1, 0, or a positive
number. -1 means give me all the data you have, I'll deal with it and
let you know if I need more. 0 means give me one line and one line
only. A positive number means I want no more than this much data.
Currently, only 0 and a positive number are implemented. This allows
us to remove the remaining field from the conn_rec structure, which
has also been done.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Big cleanup of the input filtering. The goal is that http_filter
understands two conditions, headers and body. It knows where it is
based on c->remaining. If c->remaining is 0, then we are in headers,
and http_filter returns a line at a time. If it is not 0, then we are
in body, and http_filter returns raw data, but only up to c->remaining
bytes. It can return less, but never more.
[Greg Ames, Ryan Bloom, Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_cgi: Write all of the request body to the child, not just what
the kernel would accept on the first write. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Back out the change that moved the brigade from the core_output_filters
ctx to the conn_rec. Since all requests over a given connection
go through the same core_output_filter, the ctx pointer has the
correct lifetime.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix another bug in the send_the_file() read/write loop. A partial
send by apr_send would cause unsent data in the read buffer to
get clobbered. Complete making send_the_file handle partial
writes to the network.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix a couple of type fixes to allow compilation on AIX again
[Victor J. Orlikowski <>]
*) Fix bug in send_the_file() which causes offset to be ignored
if there are no headers to send.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Handle APR_ENOTIMPL returned from apr_sendfile in the core
filter. Useful for supporting Windows 9* with a binary
compiled on Windows NT.
[Bill Stoddard]
Changes with Apache 2.0a7
*) Reimplement core_output_filter to buffer/save bucket brigades
across multiple calls to the core_filter. The brigade will be
thresholds are hit or the EOS bucket is received.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Create experimental filter (buffer_filter) that coalesces bytes
into one large buffer before invoking the next filter in the
chain. This filter is particularly useful with the current
implementation of mod_autoindex when it inserted above the
chunk_filter. mod_autoindex generates a lot of brigades that
containing buckets holding just a few bytes each. The
buffer_filter coalesces these buckets into a single large bucket.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add apr_sendfile() support into the core_output_filter.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Add apr_sendv() support into the core_output_filter.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix mod_log_config so that it compiles cleanly with BUFFERED_LOGS
[Mike Abbott <>]
*) Remove ap_send_fb. This is no longer used in Apache, and it doesn't
make much sense, because Apache uses buckets instead of BUFFs now.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) send_the_file now falls back to a read/write loop on platforms that
do not have sendfile.
[Ryan Bloom and Brian Havard]
*) Install apachectl correctly, and substitute the proper values so
that it works again. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Better(??) handle platforms that lack sendfile().
[Jim Jagielski]
*) APR now has UUID generation/formatting/parsing support.
[Greg Stein]
*) Begin the http_filter. This is an input filter that understands
the absolute basic amount required to parse an HTTP Request. The
goal is to be able to split headers from request body before passing
the data back to the other filters.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Bring forward from 1.3.13 the config directory implementation
[Jim Jagielski]
*) install apxs if it is created
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Added APR_IS_STATUS_condition test macros to eliminate canonical error
conversions. [William Rowe]
*) Now that we have ap_add_input_filter(), rename ap_add_filter() to
ap_add_output_filter(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Multiple build and configuration fixes
Build process:
-add datadir and localstatedir substitutions
-fix layout name
-fix logfilename misspelling
-fix evaluation of installation dir variables and
-replace $foobar by $(foobar) to be usefull in the makefile
Cross compile:
-add rules for cross-compiling in Okay, rule to check for
$CC_FOR_BUILD is still missing
-use CHECK_TOOL instead of CHECK_PROG for ranlib
-add missing "AR=@AR@" to severaly's
-cache result for "struct rlimit"
-compile all helper programs with native and cross compiler
and use the native version to generate header file
["Rüdiger" Kuhlmann <>]
*) Prepare our autoconf setup for autoconf 2.14a and for cross-
["Rüdiger" Kuhlmann <>]
*) Fix a bug where a client which only sends \n to delimit header
lines (netcat) gets a strange looking HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
message. Start working on ebcdic co-existance with input
[William Rowe, Greg Ames]
*) If mod_so is enabled in the server always create libexec, even
if there are no modules installed in this directory. This is a
requirement for APXS to work correctly.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Connection oriented output filters are now stored in the
conn_rec instead of the request_rec. This allows us to add the
output filter in the pre-connection phase instead of the
post_read_request phase, which keeps us from trying to write an
error page before we have a filter to write to the network.
[Ryan Bloom, Jeff Trawick, and Greg Ames]
*) Cleaning up an mmap bucket no longer deletes the mmap. An
mmap can be used across multiple buckets (default_handler with
byte ranges, mod_file_cache, mod_mmap_static), so cleanup of
the mmap itself can't be associated with the bucket.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add .dll caching directive ISAPICacheFile to mod_isapi.
[William Rowe]
*) Radical surgery to improve mod_isapi support under Win32.
Includes a number of newer ServerSupportFunction calls, support
for ReadClient (in order to retrieve POSTs greater than 48KB),
and general bug fixes to more reliably load ISAPI .dll's and
prevent leaking handle resources. Note: There are still
discrepancies between IIS's and Apache's ServerVariables, and
async calls are still not supported. Additional warnings are
logged to facilitate debugging of unsupported ISAPI calls.
[William Rowe]
*) Add input filtering to Apache. The basic idea for the input
filters is the same as the ideas for output filters. The biggest
difference is that instead of calling ap_pass_brigade, ap_get_brigade
should be called, and the order of execution for the filter itself is
different. When writing an output filter, a brigade is passed in,
and filters operate directly on that brigade, when done, they call
ap_pass_brigade. Input filters are the exact opposite. Because input
is not a push operation, filters first call ap_get_brigade. When this
function returns, the input filter will be left with a valid brigade.
The input filter should then operate on the brigade, and return.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix building on BSD/OS using its native make. The build system
falls back to the BSD .include directive on that host platform.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Expand dbmmanage to allow -d -m -s -p options for Crypt, MD5,
SHA1 and plaintext password encodings. Make feature tests a
bit more flexible. [William Rowe]
*) Charset translation: mod_charset_lite handles output content
translation in a filter. mod_charset_lite no longer ignores
subrequests. A bunch of cruft related to BUFF's support for
translating request and response bodies was removed.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Move the addition of the CORE filter to the post_read_request
hook in http_core.c. This removes the need to add the filter in
multiple places and allows for an SSL module to be added much
simpler. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a security problem that affects certain configurations of
mod_rewrite. If the result of a RewriteRule is a filename that
contains expansion specifiers, especially regexp backreferences
$0..$9 and %0..%9, then it may be possible for an attacker to
access any file on the web server. [Tony Finch]
*) Fix a bug where errors that are detected during early request parsing
don't produce visible HTTP error messages at the browser, because
the core_filter wasn't present. [Greg Ames]
*) Provide apr_socklen_t as a portability aid.
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Overhaul of dbmmanage to allow a groups arg (as in Apache 1.2)
as well as a comment arg to the add, adduser and update cmds.
update allows the user to clear or preserve pw/groups/comment.
Fixed a bug in dbmmanage that prevented the check option from
parsing a password followed by :group... text. Corrected the
seed calcualation for Win32 systems, and added -lsdbm support.
[William Rowe]
*) Configured mod_auth_dbm to compile with sdbmlib under Win32.
[William Rowe]
*) Avoid a segfault when parsing .htaccess files. An
uninitialized tree pointer was passed to ap_build_config().
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the way that inet_addr & inet_network are checked for
in APR's configure process to allow BeOS BONE to correctly
find them. With this change BeOS BONE now builds from source
with no problems. [David Reid]
*) Fix a bug in apr_create_process() for Unix. The NULL signifying
the end of the parameters to execve() was stored in the wrong
location, overlaying the storage beyond the newargs[] array and
also passing uninitialized storage to execve(), which would
sometimes fail with EFAULT. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a bug parsing configuration file containers. With a sequence
like this in the config file
<IfModule mod_kilroy.c>
any stuff
<IfModule mod_lovejoy.c>
(blank line)
any stuff
the second container would be terminated at the blank line due to
sediment in the buffer from reading the prior </IfModule> and an
error message would be generated for the real </IfModule> for the
second container. Also due to this problem, any two characters
could be used for "</" in the close of a container.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) ap_add_filter prototype changed to remove the ctx pointer. The
pointer still remains in the filter structure, but it can not be
a part of the ap_add_filter prototype. The reason is that when
the core uses AddFilter to add a filter to the stack it doesn't
know how to allocate the ctx pointer, or even how much memory should
be allocated. The filters will have to be responsible for allocating
the ctx memory when they need it.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add an AddFilter directive. This directive takes a list of filters
that should be activated for the requested resource.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) apr_snprintf(): Get quad format strings working on OS/390 (and perhaps
some other platforms). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Modify mod_include to be a filter. Currently, it has only been tested
on actual files, but it should work for CGI scripts too.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) apr_putc(), apr_puts() for Unix: handle buffered files and interrupted
writes. apr_flush() for Unix: handle interrupted writes.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) NameVirtualHost can now take "*" as an argument instead of
an IP address. This allows you to create a purely name-based
virtual hosting server that does not have any IP addresses in
the configuration file and which ignores the local address
of any connections. PR #5595, PR #4455 [Tony Finch]
*) Fix some compile warnings in mod_mmap_static.c
[Mike Abbott <>]
*) Fix chunking problem with CGI scripts. The general problem was that
the CGI modules were adding an EOS bucket and then the core added an
EOS bucket. The chunking filter finalizes the chunked response when it
encounters an EOS bucket. Because two EOS buckets were sent, we
finalized the response twice. The fix is to make sure we only send one
EOS, by utilizing a flag in the request_rec.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) apr_put_os_file() now sets up the unget byte appropriately on Unix
and Win32. Previously, the first read from an apr_file_t set up via
apr_put_os_file() would return a '\0'. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Mod_cgid now creates a single element bucket brigade, with a pipe
bucket, instead of using BUFF's and ap_r*.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) no longer overwrites the EXTRA_LIBS variable.
[Mike Abbott <>]
*) Remove ap_bopenf from buff code. This required modifying the file_cache
code to use APR file's directly instead of going through BUFFs.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix compile break on some platforms for mod_mime_magic.c
[John K. Sterling <>]
*) Fix merging of AddDefaultCharset directive.
PR #5872 (1.3) [Jun Kuriyama <>]
*) Minor revamp of the rlimit sections of code. We now test
explicitly for setrlimit and getrlimit. Also, unixd_set_rlimit()
is now "available" even if the platform doesn't support
the rlimit family (it's just a noop though). [Jim Jagielski]
*) Migrate the pre-selection of which MPM to use for specific
platforms to hints.m4, which contains (or should contain)
all platform specific "hints". [Jim Jagielski]
*) Remove IOLs from Apache. With filtering, IOLs are no longer necessary
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add tables with non-string/binary values to APR.
[Ken Coar]
*) Fix some bad calls to ap_log_rerror() in mod_rewrite.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Update PCRE to version 3.2. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Change the way buckets' destroy functions are called so that
they can be more directly used when changing the type of a
bucket in place. [Tony Finch]
*) Add generic support for reference-counting the resources used by
buckets, and alter the HEAP and MMAP buckets to use it. Change
the way buckets are initialised to support changing the type of
buckets in place, and use it when setting aside TRANSIENT buckets.
Change the implementation of TRANSIENT buckets so that it can be
mostly shared with IMMORTAL buckets, which are now implemented.
[Tony Finch]
Changes with Apache 2.0a6
*) Add support to Apache and APR for dsos on OS/390. [Greg Ames]
*) Add a chunking filter to Apache. This brings us one step closer
to removing BUFF. [Ryan Bloom]
*) ap_add_filter now adds filters in a LIFO fashion. The first filter
added to the stack is the last filter to be called. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Apache 2.0 has been completely documented using Scandoc. The
docs can be generated by running 'make docs'. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Add filtered I/O to Apache. This is based on bucket brigades,
Currently the buckets still use BUFF under the covers, but that
should change quickly. The only currently written filter is the
core filter which just calls ap_bwrite. [The Apache Group]
*) APR locks on Unix: Let APR_LOCKALL locks work when APR isn't
built with thread support. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Abort configuration if --with-layout was specified and there's
no layout definition file. [Ken Coar]
*) Add support for '--with-port=n' option to configure. [Ken Coar]
*) Add support for extension methods for the Allow response header
field, and an API routine for accessing r->allowed and the
list of extension methods in a unified manner. [Ken Coar]
*) mod_cern_meta: fix broken file reading loop in scan_meta_file().
[Rob Simonson <>]
*) Get xlate builds working again. The apr renaming in 2.0a5 broke
APACHE_XLATE builds. [Jeff Trawick]
*) A configuration file parsing problem was fixed. When the
configuration file started with an IfModule/IfDefine container,
only the last statement in the container would be retained.
[Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0a5
*) Perchild is serving pages after passing them to different child
processes. There are still a lot of bugs, but this does work. I
have made requests against the same installation of Apache, and had
different servers use different user IDs to serve the responses.
This change moves to using socketpair instead of an AF_UNIX socket.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Perchild MPM still doesn't work perfectly, but it is serving pages.
It can't seem to pass between child processes yet, but I think we
are closer now than before. This moves us back to using Unix
Domain Sockets. [Ryan Bloom]
*) libapr functions and types renamed with apr_ prefix.
#include "apr_compat.h" for 1.3.x backwards compat
*) Fix problems with APR sockaddr handling on Win32. It didn't always
return the right information on the local socket address.
[Gregory Nicholls <>]
*) ap_recv() on Win32: Set bytes-read to 0 on error.
[Gregory Nicholls <>]
*) Add an option to not detach from the controlling terminal without
going into single process mode. This allows for much easier
debugging of the process startup code. [Ryan Bloom]
*) ab: don't use perror() to report the failure of an APR function.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Make dexter, mpmt_pthread, and perchild MPMs not destroy the
scoreboard on graceful restarts.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix segfault/SIGSEGV when running gzip from mod_mime_magic.c.
An invalid ap_proc_t was passed to ap_create_process().
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Allow modules to register filters. Those filters are still
never called, but this is a step in the right direction.
[Ryan Bloom and Greg Stein]
*) Register the mod_cgid daemon process for cleanup so that it is
killed at termination if it does not die when the parent gets
SIGTERM. This change is to fix occasional problems where the
process stays around. Bugs in similar logic in mod_rewrite and
mod_include were also fixed. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a bug in the time handling. Basically, we were imploding a time
in ap_parseHTTPdate, but it had bogus data in the exploded time format.
Namely, tm_usec and tm_gmtoff were not filled out. ap_implode_time
uses those two fields to adjust the time value. Because of the HTTP
spec, both of those values can be zero'ed out safely. This fixes
the bug correctly. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a couple of place in the Windows code where the wrong error
code was being returned. [Gregory Nicholls <>]
*) Fix POOL_DEBUG (at least for prefork mpm). [Dean Gaudet]
*) Added the APR_EOL_STR macro for platform dependent differences in
logfiles and other raw text (such as all APR files). Fixes logfiles
not terminated with cr/lf sequences in Win32. [William Rowe]
*) Move all strings functions in APR to src/lib/apr/strings and create
apr_strings.h for the prototypes. [Ryan Bloom]
*) APR lock fixes: when using SysV sems, flock(), or fcntl(), be sure
to repeat the syscall until we stop getting EINTR. I noticed a
related problem at termination (SIGTERM) on FreeBSD when using
fcntl(). Apache 1.3 had these new loops too. Also, make the flock()
implementation work properly with child init. Previously, ap_lock()
was essentially a no-op because all children were using different
locks and thus nobody ever blocked. [Jeff Trawick]
*) The htdocs/ tree has been moved out of the CVS source tree into
a separate area for easier development. This has NO EFFECT on
end-users or Apache installations. [Ken Coar]
*) Integrate the mod_dav module for WebDAV protocol handling. This
adds the dav and dav_fs modules, the SDBM library, and additional
XML handling utilities. [Greg Stein]
*) Clean out obsolete names (from httpd.h) for the HTTP Status Codes
[Greg Stein]
*) Update the lib/expat-lite/ library (bring forward changes from
the Apache 1.3 repository). [Greg Stein]
*) If sizeof(long long) == sizeof(long), then prefer long in APR [Dave Hill <>]
*) Add ap_sendfile for Tru64 Unix. Also, add an error message for
machines where sendfile is detected, but nobody has written ap_sendfile.
[Dave Hill <>]
*) Compile fixes in mod_mmap_static. [Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) ab would start up more connections than needed, then quit when the
desired number were finished. Also fixed a logic error involving
ab keepalives. [Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) WinNT: Implement non-blocking pipes with timeouts to communicate
with CGIs. Apache 2.0a4 had non-blocking pipes but without
timeouts (i.e, if a timeout was specified, the pipe reverted to
a full blocking pipe). Now the behaviour is more in line with
Unix non-blocking pipes.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) WinNT: Implement accept socket reuse. Using mod_file_cache to
cache open file handles along with accept socket reuse enables
Apache 2.0 to serve non-keepalive requests for static files at
3x the rate of Apache 1.3.(e.g, Apache 1.3 will serve 400 rps
and Apache 2.0 will serve almost 1200 rps on my system).
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Merge mod_mmap_static function into mod_file_cache. mod_file_cache
supports two config directives, mmapfile (same behavious as
mod_mmap_static) and cachefile. Use the cachefile directive
to cache open file handles. This directive only works on systems
that have implemented the ap_sendfile API. cachefile works today
on Windows NT, but has not been tested on any flavors of Unix.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Cleanup the configuration. With the last few changes the
configuration process automatically:
inherits information about how to build from APR. Allowing
APR to inform Apache that it should or should not use -ldl
Detects which mod_cgi should be used mod_cgi or mod_cgid,
based on the threading model
Apache calls APR's configure process before finishing it's
configuration processing, allowing for more information flow
between the two.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Change Unix and Win32 ap_setsockopt() so that APR_SO_NONBLOCK
with non-zero argument makes the socket non-blocking. BeOS and
OS/2 already worked this way. [Jeff Trawick]
*) ap_close() now calls ap_flush() for buffered files, so write
operations work a whole lot better on buffered files.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix error messages issued from MPMs which explain where to change
compiled-in limits (e.g., ThreadsPerChild, MaxClients, StartTreads).
[Greg Ames]
*) ap_create_pipe() now leaves pipes in blocking state. (This helps
reduce the number of syscalls on Unix.) ap_set_pipe_timeout() is
now the way that the blocking state of a pipe is manipulated.
ap_block_pipe() is gone. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Correct the problem where the only local host name that the IP stack
can discover are 'undotted' private names. If no fully qualified
domain name can be identified, the default ServerName will be set to
the machine's IP address string. A warning is always provided if the
ServerName not specified, but assumed. Solves PR6215 [William Rowe]
*) Repair problems with config file processing which caused segfault
at init when virtual hosts were defined and which caused ServerName to
be ignored when there was no valid DNS setup. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Removed pointless ap_is_aborted macro function. [Roy Fielding]
*) Add ap_sendfile implementation for AIX
[Victor J. Orlikowski]
*) Repair C++ compatibility in ap_config.h, apr_file_io.h,
apr_network_io.h, and apr_thread_proc.h.
[Tyler J. Brooks <>, Jeff Trawick]
*) Bring the allocation and pool debugging code back into a working
state. This will need to be tested as so far it's only been used on
BeOS. [David Reid]
*) Change configuration command setup to be properly typesafe when in
maintainer mode. Note that this requires a compiler that can initialise
unions. [Ben Laurie]
*) Turn on buffering for config file reads. Part of this was to
repair buffered I/O support in Unix and implement buffered
ap_fgets() for all platforms. [Brian Havard, Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: Fix problem where UTC offset was not being set correctly
in the access log. Problem reported on news group by Jerry Baker.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix segfault when reporting this type of syntax error:
"</container> without matching <container> section", where
container is VirtualHost or Directory or whatever.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Prevent the source code for CGIs from being revealed when using
mod_vhost_alias and the CGI directory is under the document root
and a user makes a request like
as reported in <>
[Tony Finch]
*) Add support for the new Beos NetwOrking Environment (BONE)
[David Reid]
*) xlate: ap_xlate_conv_buffer() now tells the caller when the
final input char is incomplete; ap_bwrite_xlate() now handles
incomplete final input chars. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Yet another update to saferead/halfduplex stuff -- need to ensure
that a bhalfduplex call occurs before logging or else DNS and
such can delay the last packet of the response. [Dean Gaudet]
*) Some syscall reduction in APR on unix -- don't seek when setting
up an mmap; and don't fcntl() more than once per socket.
[Dean Gaudet]
*) When mod_cgid is started as root, the cgi daemon now switches
to the configured User/Group (like other httpd processes)
instead of continuing as root. [Jeff Trawick]
*) The prefork MPM now uses an APR lock for the accept() mutex.
It has not been getting a lock at all recently. httpd -V now
displays APR's selection of the lock mechanism instead of the
symbols previously respected by prefork. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Change the mmap() feature test to check only for existence.
The previous check required features not used by Apache.
[Greg Ames]
*) Fix a couple of bugs in mod_cgid: The cgi arguments were
sometimes mangled. The len parm to accept() was not
initialized, leading sometimes to an endless loop of failed
accept() calls on OS/390 and anywhere else that failed the call
if the len was negative. Use <sys/un.h> for struct sockaddr_un
instead of declaring it ourselves to fix a compilation problem
on Solaris. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Add Resource limiting code back into Apache 2.0. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix zombie process problem with mod_cgi. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Port mod_mmap_static to 2.0. Make it go faster. [Greg Ames]
*) Fix storage overlay when loading dsos. Symptom: Apache dies at
initialization if ALLOC_DEBUG is defined; no known symptom
otherwise. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix typo in configure script when checking for mod_so. bash
doesn't seem to have a problem but /bin/sh on Solaris does.
Symptom: "./configure: test: unknown operator =="
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Rebind the Win32 NT and 9x services control into the MPM.
All console, WinNT SCM and Win9x pseudo-service control code is
now wrapped within the WinNT MPM.
[William Rowe]
*) Make a copy of getenv("PATH") before storing for later use. Some
getenv() implementations use the same storage for successive calls.
CGIs on OS/390 had a bad PATH due to this. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Server Tokens work in 2.0 again. This also propogates the change
to allow just the product name in the server string using
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0a4
*) EBCDIC: Rearrange calls to ap_checkconv() so that most handlers
won't need to call it. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Move pre_config hook call to between configuration read and config
tree walk. This allows all modules to implement pre_config hooks
and know that they will be called at an appropriate time.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_cgi, mod_cgid: Make ScriptLog directive work again.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add pre-config hooks back to all modules.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix a SIGSEGV in ap_md5digest(), which is used when you have
ContentDigest enabled and we can't/don't mmap the file.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) We now report the correct line number for syntax errors in config
files. [Ryan Bloom, Greg Stein, Jeff Trawick]
*) Brought mod_auth_digest up to synch with 1.3, fixed ap_time_t-
related bugs, and changed shmem/locking to use apr API. Shared-mem
is currently disabled, however, because of problems with graceful
restarts. [Ronald Tschalär]
*) Fix corruption of IFS variable in --with-module= handling.
Depending on the user's shell or customization thereof, there
would be errors generating ap_config_auto.h later in the configure
procedure. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_cgi: Restore logging of stderr from child process when ScriptLog
isn't used (as in 1.3), except that on Unix it is now logged via
ap_log_rerror() instead of by the child having STDERR_FILENO refer
to the error log. [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]
*) Add '-D' argument processing for run time configuration defines.
[William Rowe]
*) Organize http_main.c as independent code, such that no code or
global data is exported from it. WIN32 will dynamically link it
to the server core, so this will prevent mutual dependency.
[William Rowe]
*) Add separate dynamic linkage tags APR_EXPORT(), APR_EXPORT_NONSTD()
and APR_VAR_EXPORT to correctly resolve apr functions and globals.
[William Rowe]
*) Add Win9x service execution and Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break/Shutdown handlers.
[William Rowe, Jan Just Keijser <>]
*) Add mod_charset_lite for configuring character set translation.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add '-n' option to htpasswd to make it print its user:pw record
on stdout rather than having to frob a text file. [Ken Coar]
*) Fix saferead. Basically, we flush the output buffer if a read on the
input will block.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) APR: Add ap_xlate_get_sb() so that an app can find out whether or not
a conversion is single-byte only. [Jeff Trawick]
*) BEOS: ap_shutdown should return APR_SUCCESS or errno. Note that
the BeOS 5.0 documentation says that shutdown doesn't work yet.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Fix some minor errors where pid was being manipulated as an int
instead of the portable pid_t. [Roy Fielding]
*) Fix some error log prints that were printing the pointer to a
structure rather than the pid within the structure.
[Jeff Trawick, Roy Fielding]
*) ab: Fix a command-line processing bug; track bad headers in
err_response; support reading headers up to 2K.
[Ask Bjoern Hansen <>]
*) Fix ap_resolve_env() so that it handles new function added in a prior
alpha (see "Added the capability to do ${ENVVAR} constructs in the
config file.") as well as the constructs used by mod_rewrite.
[Paul Reder <>]
*) Apache 2.0 builds and runs on OS/390. [Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames]
*) Change the EBCDIC support in functions for MD5, SHA1, and base 64 to use
APR to perform translation, instead of accessing the hard-coded tables
in 1.3's ebcdic.c. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix some bugs (mostly lost 1.3 code) in ab's command-line processing.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Add the ability to hook into the config file reading phase. Basically
if a directive is specified EXEC_ON_READ, then when that directive is
read from the config file, the assocaited function is executed. This
should only be used for those directives that must muck with HOW the
server INTERPRETS the config. This should not be used for directives
that re-order or replace items in the config tree. Those changes should
be made in the pre-config step.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add mod_example to the build system.
[Tony Finch]
*) APR: Add ap_xlate_conv_byte() to convert one char between single-
byte character sets. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Pick up various EBCDIC fixes from 1.3 (from Martin
Kraemer and Oliver Reh originally according to the change log).
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix a couple of problems in RFC1413 support (controlled by the
IdentityCheck directive). Apache did not build the request string
properly and more importantly Apache would loop forever if the
would-be ident server dropped the connection before sending a
properly terminated response. [Jeff Trawick]
*) apxs works in 2.0.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Reliable piped logs work in 2.0.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Introduce a hash table implementation into APR to be used for
replacing tables and other random data structures in Apache.
[Tony Finch]
*) Add some more error reporting to htpasswd in the case of problems
generating or accessing the temporary file. Also, pass in a
buffer if the implementation knows how to use it (i.e., if L_tmpnam
is defined). [Ken Coar]
*) Configure creates config.nice now containing your configure
options. Syntax: ./config.nice [--more-options]
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Fix various return code problems in APR on Win32. For most of
these, APR was returning APR_EEXIST instead of GetLastError()/
WSAGetLastError(). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Make piped logs work again in version 2.0
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Add VPATH support to UNIX build system of Apache and APR.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Fix ap_tokenize_to_argv to respect the const arguments that are
passed to it.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix mm's memcpy/memset macros, pointer arithmetic was broken.
Patch submitted to author.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Fix mm configuration on Solaris 8 x86 and OS/390. Don't require
/sbin in PATH on FreeBSD (all submitted to rse previously)
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix building Pthread-based MPMs on OpenBSD
[Sascha Schumann] PR#26
*) Fix ap_readdir() problem on systems where d_name[] field in
struct dirent is declared with only one byte. (This problem only
affected multithreaded builds.) This caused a segfault during
pool cleanup with mod_autoindex on Solaris (Solaris 8 x86, at
least). [Jeff Trawick]
*) Fix some make-portability problems on at least Tru64, Irix
and UnixWare.
[Sascha Schumann] PR#18, PR#39
*) Add ap_sigwait() to support old-style sigwait() on systems
like OS/390 and UnixWare.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Add POSIX-thread flags for more platforms.
[Sascha Schumann]
*) Fix some minor bugs in ap_strerror(). Teach ap_strerror()
(on Unix, at least) to handle resolver errors. Fix a bug in
the definition of APR_ENOMEM so that ap_strerror() can spit
out the correct error message for it.
[Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0a3
*) mod_so reports ap_os_dso_error() if ap_dso_load() fails
[Doug MacEachern]
*) API: *HOOK* macros now have an AP_ prefix
[Doug MacEachern]
*) Win32: Eliminate redundant calls to initialize winsock.
[Tim Costello <>]
*) Fix bugs initializing ungetchar for pipes.
[Chia-liang Kao <clkao@CirX.ORG>]
*) The ab program in the src/support directory is now portable using
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Support directory is being compiled when the server is built
[Ryan Bloom]
*) The configure option --with-program-name has been added to allow
developers to rename the executable at configure time. This also
changes the name of the config files to match the executable's name.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_autoindex: Add `IndexOptions +VersionSort', to nicely sort filenames
containing version numbers. [Martin Pool]
*) ap_open(..,APR_OS_DEFAULT,..) uses perms 0666 instead of 0777 on
Unix; access_log and error_log now created with these perms; non-
Unix is unaffected [Jeff Trawick]
*) Finished move of ap_md5 routines to apr_md5. Removed ap_md5.h.
Replaced more magic numbers with MD5_DIGESTSIZE.
[William Rowe, Roy Fielding]
*) Win32: Get mod_auth_digest compiling and added to the Windows
build environment. Not tested and I'd be suprised if it
actually works. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Revamp the Win32 make environment. Makefiles have been removed and
Apache.dsw created to bring together all the pieces. Create new file
os/win32/BaseAddr.ref to define module base addresses (to prevent
dll relocation at start-up).
[William Rowe, Greg Marr, Tim Costello, Bill Stoddard]
*) [EBCDIC] Port Paul Gilmartin's CRLF patch from 1.3. This replaces most
of the \015, \012, and \015\012 constants with macros.
[Greg Ames <>]
*) Add ap_xlate_open() et al for translation of text between different
character sets. The initial implementation requires iconv().
[Jeff Trawick]
*) More FAQs and answers from comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix.
[Joshua Slive <>]
*) CGI output is being timed out now.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Fix the problem with dieing quietly. dupfile now takes a pool which
is used by the new apr file. There is no reason to create a new file
with the same lifetime as the original file.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Win32: Attempt to eliminate dll relocation at start-up by specifying
module base addresses. This will help shooting seg faults
in the field. [William Rowe <>]
*) Update Apache on Windows documentation. Add new document
describing how to compile Apache on Windows.
[William Rowe <>]
*) ap_set_pipe_timeout(), ap_poll(), and APR_SO_TIMEOUT now take
microseconds instead of seconds. Some storage leaks and other
minor bugs in related code were fixed. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: First cut at getting mod_isapi working under 2.0
[William Rowe <>]
*) First stab at getting mod_auth_digest working under 2.0
quick change summary:
- moved the random byte generation (ap_generate_random_bytes) into APR
- now uses ap_time_t
- compiles and runs on linux
- tested with amaya
[Brian Martin <>]
*) Win32: Move the space stripping of physical service names
fix up from Apache 1.3. #include'ing "ap_mpm.h" fixes up an
unresolved symbol. Add dependency checking to the
CreateService call to ensure TCPIP and AFP (winsock) is started
before Apache.
[William Rowe <>]
*) Win32: Add code to perform latebinding on functions that may
not exist on all levels of Windows where Apache runs. This
is needed to allow Apache to start-up on Win95/98. All calls
to non portable functions should be protected with
ap_oslevel checks to prevent runtime segfaults.
[William Rowe <>]
*) Fix fallback default values for SHM_R and SHM_W [Martin Kraemer]
*) Get lingering_close() working again. [Dean Gaudet, Jeff Trawick]
*) Win32: Get non-blocking CGI pipe reads working under Windows NT.
This addresses PR 1623. Still need to address timing out runaway
CGI scripts. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: Make ap_stat Windows 95/98 friendly
[William Rowe <>]
*) Win32: Fix a bug in ap_get_oslevel which causes GetVersionEx() to
always fail. Need to initialise the dwOSVersionInfoSize member of the
OSVERSIONINFO struct before calling GetVersionEx, so GetVersionEx
always fails.
The patch also enhances ap_get_oslevel (and the associated enum) to
handle selected service packs for NT4, and adds recognition for
Windows 2000. This is useful, eg. if we can recognise NT4 SP2 then
we can use ReadFileScatter and WriteFileGather in readwrite.c.
[Tim Costello <>]
*) Get mod_rewrite building and running, and mod_status building for Win NT
[Allan Edwards <>]
*) Patch to port mod_auth_db to the 2.0 api and also to support
Berlekey DB 3.0. It works for me with both Berkeley DB 3.0.55 and
2.7.7. It should work with version 1 as well but I haven't tested it.
[Brian Martin <>]
*) Get APR DSO code working under Windows. Includes cross platform
fixes to mod_so.c.
*) Fix some of the Windows APR time functions.
[William Rowe]
*) FAQ changes related to tidying up historical documents on the web site.
[Joshua Slive <>]
*) Move Windows DSO code into APR.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Eliminate apr_win.h and apr_winconfig.h (and the ugly #ifdefs they cause).
Now, apr.h and apr_config.h are generated from apr.hw and apr_config.hw
at build time. At this point, the server will not compile on Windows because
of the recent DSO commits. Fixing those next.
[Bill Rowe & Bill Stoddard]
*) Added error checking for file I/O APR routines.
[Jon Travis <>]
*) APR: Don't use the values of resolver error codes for the
corresponding APR error codes. On Unix and Win32, return the
proper APR error code after a resolver error. [Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.0a2
*) Renamed the executable back to httpd on all platforms other
than Win32
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Allow BeOS to survive restarts, log properly and a few
small things it had problems with due to the way it setup
users and groups. [David Reid]
*) Get mod_rewrite working with APR locks
[Paul Reder <>]
*) Actually remove the sempahore when the lock cleanup routine
is called on BeOS. [David Reid]
*) Clear hook registrations between reads of the config file.
When DSOs are unloaded and re-loaded the old hook pointers may
no longer be valid. This fix eliminates potential segfaults.
[Allan Edwards <>]
*) Fix a problem with Sigfunc not being defined or bypassed
if sigaction() wasn't found. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Fix the locking mechanism on BSD variants. They now use fcntl
locks. This allows the server to start and serve pages.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) First cut at getting the Win32 installer to work
[William Rowe <>]
*) Get htpasswd compiling under Windows
[William Rowe <>]
*) Change the log message for a bind() failure to show the
interface and port number. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Import the documentation from 1.3.12 and bring parts of it
up-to-date with respect to the changes that have occurred
in 2.0.
[Tony Finch]
*) BeOS MPM updated. CGI bug on BeOS fixed. IP addresses
now logged correctly on BeOS.
[David Reid]
*) Create one makefile for all Win32 distributions (NT/2000/95/98). includes the same user interface as the old
[William Rowe <>, Jeff Trawick <>]
*) Win32 exec now uses COMSPEC environment string for command
shell path resolution.
[William Rowe <>] PR#3715
*) Win32: ap_connect() was not returning correct error condition
[Allen Prescott <>]
*) Win32: ap_open() was broken on Win9x because an NT-specific
flag was passed to CreateFile. ap_puts() added an unnecessary
[Jeff Trawick <>]
*) Put in Korean and Norwegian index.html pages (2.0 and 1.3)
which where donated by Lee Kuk Hyun and Lorant Czaran. 'Fixed'
confusing ee/et name and made all extensions language/dialect
rather than country reflecting. Changed example files to
explicit reflect the ISO charset and added a few common
ones to the example config [dirkx]
*) Extend external module capability. To use this, you call
configure with --with-module=path/to/mod1,path/to/mod2,etc.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Backported the various "default charset" fixes from 1.3.12,
including the AddDefaultCharset directive. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Added the capability to do ${ENVVAR} constructs in the
config file. E.g. 'ServerAdmin ${POSTMASTER}'. As commited
it does this on a line by line basis; i.e. if the envvar
expands to something with spaces you have to protect it
by adding quotes around it (Unless of course you expect it
to contains more than one argument. Alternatively you
can compile it on a per token basis; which is what people
usually expect by setting RESOLVE_ENV_PER_TOKEN. But this
hampers fancier hacks.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Changed the 'ErrorDocument' syntax in that it NO longer
supports the asymetric
ErrorDocument 301 "Some message
Note the opening " quote, without a closing quote. It now
has either the following syntaxes
ErrorDocument XXX /local/uri
ErrorDocument XXX http://valid/url
ErrorDocument XXX "Some Message"
The recognition heuristic is: if it has a space it
is a message. If it has no spaces and starts with a /
or is a valid URL then treat it that way. Otherwise it
is assumed to be a message.
This breaks backward compatibility but makes live a hell
of a lot easier for GUI's and config file parsers.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Changed 'CacheNegotiatedDocs' from its present/not-present
syntax into a 'on' or 'off' syntax. As it currently is the
only non nesting token which uses NO_ARGS and thus is an
absolute pain for any config interface automation. This
breaks backward compatibility. [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Add ability to add external modules to the build process. This is
done with --with-module=/path/to/module. Modules can only be added
as static modules at this point.
[Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 2.0a1
*) Fix FreeBSD 3.3 core dump.
Basically, ap_initialize() needs to get called before
create_process(), since create_process() passes op_on structure
to semop() to get a lock, but op_on isn't initialized until
ap_initialize() calls setup_lock(). Here is a slight
rearrangement to main() which calls ap_initialize() earlier...
[Jeff Trawick <>]
*) Enable Apache to use sendfile/TransmitFile API
[Bill Stoddard, David Reid, Paul Reder]
*) Re-Implement Win32 APR network I/O APIs and most of the file I/O
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Make file I/O and network I/O writev/sendv APIs consistent.
Eliminate use of ap_iovec_t and use Posix struct iovec.
Use seperate variable on ap_writev to set the number of iovecs
passed in and number of bytes written.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Adapt file iol to use APR functions. Replaced ap_open_file()
with ap_create_file_iol(). ap_create_file_iol() requires that
the file be opened prior to the call using ap_open().
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Port mod_include and mod_cgi to 2.0
[Paul Reder, Bill Stoddard]
*) ap_send{,v}, ap_recv, ap_sendfile API clarification --
bytes_read/bytes_written is always valid (never -1). Plus
some fixes to buff.c to correct problems introduced by the
errno => ap_status_t changes a while back. Plus a fix to
chunked encoding introduced right at the beginning of 2.0.
[Dean Gaudet]
*) Revamped UNIX build system to use autoconf and libtool.
[Manoj Kasichainula, Sascha Schumann]
*) port mod_rewrite to 2.0. [Paul J. Reder <>]
*) More rigorous checking of Host: headers to fix security problems
with mass name-based virtual hosting (whether using mod_rewrite
or mod_vhost_alias).
[Ben Hyde, Tony Finch]
*) Add back support for UseCanonicalName in <Directory> containers.
[Manoj Kasichainula]
*) Added APLOG_STARTUP log type. This allows us to write an error
message without any of the date and time information. As a part
of this change, I also removed all of the calls to fprintf(stderr
and replaced them with calls to ap_log_error using APLOG_STARTUP
writing to stderr is no longer portable, because we don't direct
stderr to the error log on all platforms.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) Convert error logging functions to take errno as an argument.
This makes our error logs more portable, because some Windows API's
don't set errno. This change allows us to still output a valid
message on all of our platforms.
[Ryan Bloom]
*) mod_mime_magic runs in 2.0-dev now.
[Paul Reder <>]
*) sendfile has been added to APR.
[John Zedlewski <zedlwski@Princeton.EDU>]
*) buff.c has been converted to no longer use errno.
[Manoj Kasichainula]
*) mod_speling runs in 2.0-dev now: a bug in readdir_r handling and
interface adaption to APR functions did it. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Support DSOs properly on 32-bit HP-UX 11.0
[Dilip Khandekar <>]
*) Updated MM in APR source tree from version 1.0.8 to 1.0.11
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Cleaned APR build environment integration and bootstrap APR
automatically for developers from src/Configure.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fixed building of src/support/htpasswd.c
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) When generating the Location: header, mod_speling forgot
to escape the spelling-fixed uri. (Forw-Port from 1.3)
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Moved mod_auth_digest.c from experimental to standard. [Roy Fielding]
*) Change all pools to APR contexts. This is the first step to
incorporating APR into Apache. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Move "handler not found" warning message to below the check
for a wildcard handler. [Dirk <>, Roy Fielding]
PR#2584, PR#2751, PR#3349, PR#3436, PR#3548, PR#4384, PR#4795, PR#4807
*) Support line-continuation feature in config.option file and
allow the loading of multiple option sections at once via
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Rebuilt CVS repository with Apache 1.3.9 as basis. [Roy Fielding]
Changes with Apache MPM
*) Use asynchronous AcceptEx() and a completion port to accept and
dispatch connections to threads in Windows NT/2000.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Implement WINNT Win32 MPM from original Win32 code in http_main.c
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Implement the APACI --with-option facility
(per default used the config.option file).
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) MPM BEOS port. [David Reid <>]
*) Start to implement module-defined hooks that are a) fast and b) typesafe.
Replace pre_connection module call with a register_hook call and
implement pre_connection as a hook. The intent is that these hooks will
be extended to allow Apache to be multi-protocol, and also to allow the
calling order to be specified on a per-hook/per-module basis.
[Ben Laurie]
*) Implement mpm_* methods as "modules". Each method gets its own
subdir in src/modules (eg: src/modules/prefork). Selection
of method uses Rule MPM_METHOD. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Port the hybrid server from the apache-apr repository as
mpm_mpmt_pthread. [Manoj Kasichainula]
*) os/unix/unixd.[ch]: detach, setuid, setgid, stuff which will be common
amongst the unix MPMs.
*) mpm_prefork: throw away all the alarm/timeout crud; and clean up the
signal handling for the new world order. [Dean Gaudet]
*) Crude ap_thread_mutex abstraction so that we get the pthread stuff out
of alloc.c for now. [Dean Gaudet]
*) Handle partial large writes correctly. [Ben Laurie]
*) Eliminate conn_rec's pointer to server. All it knows is the base server
based on IP/port. [Ben Laurie]
*) Port a bunch of modules to the new module structure.
["Michael H. Voase" <>]
*) I/O layering and BUFF revamp. See docs/buff.txt. [Dean Gaudet]
*) Basic restructuring to introduce the MPM concept; includes various
changes to the module API... better described by
docs/initial_blurb.txt. [Dean Gaudet]
Changes with Apache pthreads
*) New buff option added: BO_TIMEOUT. It describes the timeout for
buff operations (generally over a network).
[Dean Gaudet, Ryan Bloom, Manoj Kasichainula]
*) Created http_accept abstraction. Added 4 new functions (not exported):
init_accept(), begin_accepting_requests(), get_request(),
stop_accepting_requests() [Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix to ap_rprintf call that allows mod_info to work properly.
[James Morris <>]
*) user and ap_auth_type fields were moved from connection_rec to
request_rec. [Ryan Bloom]
*) Removed the ap_block_alarms and ap_unblock_alarm calls. These aren't
needed in a threaded server.
*) Initial pthread implementation from from Dean's apache-nspr code.
[Bill Stoddard, Ryan Bloom]
Changes with Apache 1.3.9
*) Remove bogus error message when a redirect doesn't set Location.
Instead, use an empty string to avoid coredump if the error message
was supposed to include a location. [Roy Fielding]
*) Don't allow configure to include mod_auth_digest unless it is
explicitly requested, even if the user asked for all modules.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Translate module names to dll names for OS/2 so that they are no more
than 8 characters long and have an extension of "dll" instead of "so".
[Brian Havard]
*) Print out pointer to Rule DEV_RANDOM when truerand lib not found.
Fix test-compile check to check for randbyte instead of trand32.
Use ap_base64encode_binary/decode instead of copy in mod_auth_digest.c
and tweak to make Amaya happier. [Ronald Tschalär]
*) Ensure that the installed expat include files are world readable,
just like the other header files. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Fixed generated AddModule adjustments in APACI's `configure' script
in order to allow (new) modules like mod_vhost_alias to be handled
correctly (which was touched by the adjustments for mod_alias).
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) For binary builds, add -R flag to apachectl to work around the lack of
an absolute path to the ./libexec directory where the libhttp.ep file
is needed for SHARED_CORE architectures. [Randy Terbush]
*) WIN32: Create the CGI script process as DETACHED. This may solve the
problem observed by some Win95/98 users where they get CGI script
output sent to the console. [Bill Stoddard]
*) Fix (re)naming in the uuencode/decode section. The ap/ap_
routines are now called ap_base64* and are 'plain' (i.e., no
pool access or anything clever). Inside util.c the routines acting
like pstrdup are called ap_pbase64encode() and ap_pbase64decode().
The oddly named ap_uuencode(), ap_uudecode() are kept around for
now but deprecated. [dirkx]
*) Clean up the base64 and SHA1 additions and make sure they are
represented in the ApacheCore.def, ApacheCoreOS2.def, and httpd.exp
files. [Roy Fielding]
*) WIN32: Migrate to InstallShield 5.5 and provide a bit more error
checking. Allow compiling on VS 6.0. [Randy Terbush]
*) Fixed assumption of absolute paths in [Tony Finch]
*) Use TestCompile to search for the truerand library (rather than blindly
assuming its existence). If it is not found, complain (but do not
exit - yet). [Martin Kraemer]
*) We forgot to add the new exported function names to
src/support/httpd.exp. [Bill Stoddard, Randy Terbush]
*) Add description of -T command-line option to usage().
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) For "some" platforms (notably, EBCDIC based ones), libos needs to be
searched only AFTER libap has been searched, because libap needs
some symbols from libos. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Fix conflict with original mod_digest related to the symbol of the
module dispatch list (which has to be unique for DSO and follow the
usual conventions for the installation procedure).
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Add a dbm-library check for the "usual places" (-ldbm, -lndbm, -ldb)
for other platforms as well. [Martin Kraemer]
*) Make ap_sha1.c compile for EBCDIC platforms: replace remaining LONG
types by AP_LONG and replace reference to renamed variable 'ubuf'
by 'buffer'. [Martin Kraemer]
Changes with Apache 1.3.8 [not released]
*) Flush the output buffer immediately after sending an error or redirect
response, since the result may be needed by the client to abort a
long data transfer or restart a series of pipelined requests.
[Tom Vaughan <>, Roy Fielding]
*) PORT: Improved compilation and DSO support on Sequent DYNIX/ptx.
[Ian Turner <>] PR#4735
*) Local struct mmap in http_core.c conflicted with system structure
name on DYNIX -- changed to mmap_rec. [Roy Fielding] PR#4735
*) Added updated mod_digest as modules/experimental/mod_auth_digest.
[Ronald Tschalär <>]
*) Fix a memory leak where the module counts were getting messed
up across restarts. [David Harris <>]
*) CIDR addresses such as a.b.c.d/24 where d != 0 weren't handled
properly in mod_access.
["Paul J. Reder" <>] PR#4770
*) RewriteLock/RewriteMap didn't work properly with virtual hosts.
[Dmitry Khrustalev <>] PR#3874
*) PORT: Support for compaq/tandem/com.
[Michael Ottati <>, dirkx]
*) Added SHA1 password encryption support to easy migration from
Netscape servers. See support/SHA1 for more information.
Caused the separation of ap_md5.c into md5, sha1 and a general
ap_checkpass.c with just a validate_passwd routine. Added a
couple of flags to support/htpasswd. Some reuse of the to64()
function; hence renamed to ap_to64().
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Clinton Wong <>]
*) Change for EBCDIC platforms (TPF and BS2000) to correctly deal
with ASCII/EBCDIC conversions in "ident" query.
[David McCreedy <>]
*) Get rid of redefinition warning on MAC_OS_X_SERVER platform.
Change "Power Macintosh" to Power* so if uname prints "Power Book"
we're still happy on Rhapsody platforms. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Fix SIGSEGV on some systems because the Vary fix below included
a call to table_do with a variable argument list that was not
NULL terminated. Replaced with better implementation. [Roy Fielding]
Changes with Apache 1.3.7 [not released]
*) The "Vary" response header field is now sanitised right before
the header is sent back to the client. Multiple "Vary" fields
are combined, and duplicate tokens (e.g., "Vary: host, host" or
"Vary: host, negotiate, host, accept-language") are reduced to
single instances. This is a better solution than the force-no-vary
one (which is still valid for clients that can't cope with Vary
at all). PR#3118 [Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding, Ken Coar]
*) Portability changes for BeOS. [David Reid]
*) Link DSO's with "gcc -shared" instead of "ld -Bshareable" at
least on Linux and FreeBSD for now.
[Rasmus Lerdorf]
*) Win32: More apache -k restart work. Restarts are now honored
immediately and connections in the listen queue are -not- lost.
This is made possible by the use of the WSADuplicateSocket()
call. The listeners are opened in the parent, duplicated, then
the duplicates are passed to the child. The original listen sockets
are not closed by the parent across a restart, thus the listen queue
is preserved.
[Bill Stoddard <>]
*) Fix handling of case when a client has sent "Expect: 100-continue"
and we are going to respond with an error, but get stuck waiting to
discard the body in the pointless hope of preserving the connection.
[Roy Fielding, Joe Orton <>] PR#4499, PR#3806
*) Fix 'configure' to work correctly with SysV-based versions of
'tr' (consistent with Configure's use as well). [Jim Jagielski]
*) apxs: Add "-S var=val" option which allows for override of CFG_*
built-in values. Add "-e" option which works like -i but doesn't
install the DSO; useful for editing httpd.conf with apxs. Fix
editing code so that multiple invocations of apxs -a will not
create duplicate LoadModule/AddModule entries; apxs can now be
used to re- enable/disable a module. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Win32: Update the server to use Winsock 2. Specifically, link with
ws2_32.lib rather than wsock32.lib. This gives us access to
WSADuplcateSocket() in addition to some other enhanced comm APIs.
Win 95 users may need to update their TCP/IP stack to pick up
Winsock 2. (See
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: Redirect CGI script stderr (script debug info) into the
error.log when CGI scripts fail. This makes Apache on Win32
behave more like Unix.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Fixed `httpd' usage display: -D was missing.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4614
*) Fix `make r' test procedure in src/regex/: ap_isprint was not found.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4561, PR#4562
*) OS/2: Fix problem with accept lock semaphores where server would die with
"OS2SEM: Error 105 getting accept lock. Exiting!"
[Brian Havard] PR#4505
*) Add DSO support for DGUX 4.x using gcc. Tested on x86 platforms.
[Randy Terbush <>]
*) Add the new mass-vhost module (mod_vhost_alias.c) developed and
used by Demon Internet, Ltd. [Tony Finch <>]
*) Better GCC detection for DSO flags under Solaris 2 where the `cc'
command potentially _is_ GCC. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fix apxs build issues on AIX
[Rasmus Lerdorf <>]
*) DocumentRoot Checking: Under previous versions, when Apache
first started up, it used to do a stat of each DocumentRoot to
see if it existed and was a directory. If not, then an error
message was printed. THIS HAS BEEN DISABLED. If DocumentRoot
does not exist, you will get error messages in error_log. If
the '-t' command line option is used (to check the configuration)
the check of DocumentRoot IS performed. An additional command
line option, '-T', has been added if you want to avoid the
DocumentRoot check even when checking the configuration.
[Jim Jagielski]
*) Win32: The query switch "apache -S" didn't exit after showing the
vhost settings. That was inconsistent with the other query functions.
[Bill Stoddard - Fixed by Martin on Unix in 1.3.4]
*) Win32: Changed behaviour of apache -k restart.
Previously, the server would drain all connections in the stack's
listen queue before honoring the restart. On a busy server, this
could take hours. Now, a restart is honored almost immediately.
All connections in Apache's queues are handled but connections in
the stack's listen queue are discarded. Restart triggered by
MaxRequestPerChild is unchanged.
[Bill Stoddard <>]
*) Win32: Eliminated unnecessary call to wait_for_multiple_objects in
the accept loop. Good for a 5% performance boost. Cleaned up
parent/child process management code.
[Bill Stoddard <>]
*) Added ceiling on file size for memory mapped files.
[John Giannandrea <>] PR#4122
*) Fix ndbm.h include problems with brain-dead glibc >= 2.1 which
has ndbm.h in a non-standard db1/ subdir. PR#4431, PR#4528
[Henri Gomez <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Determine AP_BYTE_ORDER for ap_config_auto.h and already
use this at least for Expat. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Allow .module files to specify libraries with Lib:.
[Ben Laurie]
*) Allow SetEnvIf[NoCase] to test environment variables as well
as header fields and request attributes. [Ken Coar]
*) Fix mod_autoindex's handling of ScanHTMLTitles when file
content-types are "text/html;parameters". PR#4524 [Ken Coar]
*) Remove "mxb" support from mod_negotiation -- it was a draft feature
never accepted into any standard, and it opens up certain DoS
attacks. [Koen Holtman <>]
*) TestCompile updated. We can now run programs and output the
results during the Configure process. [ Jim Jagielski]
*) The source is now quad (long long) aware as needed. Specifically,
the Configure process determines the correct size of off_t and
*void. When the OS/platform/compiler supports quads, ap_snprintf()
provides for the 'q' format qualifier (if quads are not available,
'q' is silently "demoted" to long). [Jim Jagielski]
*) When the username or password fed to htpasswd is too long, include the
size limit in the error message. Also report illegal characters
(currently only ':') in the username. Add the size restrictions
to the man page. [Ken Coar]
*) Fixed the configure --without-support option so it doesn't result in
an infinite loop. [Marc Slemko]
*) Piped error logs could cause a segfault if an error occured
during configuration after a restart.
[Aidan Cully <>] PR#4456
*) If a "Location" field was stored in r->err_headers_out rather
than r->headers_out, redirect processing wouldn't find it and
the server would core dump on ap_escape_html(NULL). Check both
tables and raise HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR with a log message
if Location isn't set. [Doug MacEachern, Ken Coar]
*) Add RULE_EXPAT, the src/lib/ directory structure, and a modified copy
of the Expat 1.0.2 distribution. [Greg Stein]
*) Replace regexec() calls with calls to a new API stub function
ap_regexec(). This solves problems with DSO modules which use the regex
library. [Jens-Uwe Mager <>, Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Add 'Request_Protocol' special keyword to mod_setenvif so that
environment variables can be set according to the protocol version
(e.g., HTTP/0.9 or HTTP/1.1) of the request. [Ken Coar]
*) Add DSO support for OpenStep (Mach 4.2) platform.
[Ralf S. Engelschall, Rex Dieter <>] PR#3997
*) Fix sed regex for generating ap_config_auto.h in src/Configure.
[Jan Gallo <>] PR#3690, PR#4373
*) Switch to /bin/sh5 in APACI on Ultrix and friends to avoid problems with
their brain-dead /bin/sh. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4372
*) Better DSO flags recognition on NetBSD platforms using ELF.
[Todd Vierling <>] PR#4310
*) Always log months in english format for %t in mod_log_config.
[Petr Lampa <>] PR#4366, 679
*) Support for server-parsed and multiview-determined ReadmeName and
HeaderName files in mod_autoindex. Removed the restriction on
"/"s in ReadmeName and HeaderName directives since the *sub_req*
routines will deal with the access issues. (It's now possible to
have {site|group|project|customer|...} wide readmes and headers.)
[Raymond S Brand <>, Ken Coar] PR#1574, 3026, 3529,
3569, 4256
*) When stat() fails, don't assume anything about the contents of
the struct stat. [Ed Korthof <>]
*) It's OK for a semop to return EINTR, just loop around and try
again. [Dean Gaudet]
*) Fix configuration engine re-entrant hangups, which solve a
handful of problems seen with mod_perl <Perl> configuration sections
[Salvador Ortiz Garcia <>]
*) Mac OS and Mac OS X Server now use the appropriate custom layout
by default when building with APACI; allow for platform-specific
variable defaults in configure. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Do setgid() before initgroups() in http_main; some platforms
zap the grouplist when setgid() is called. This was fixed in
suexec earlier, but the main httpd code missed the change.
[Rob Saccoccio <>] PR#2579
*) Add recognition of .tgz as a gzipped tarchive.
[Bertrand de Singly <>] PR#2364
*) mod_include's fsize/flastmod should allow only relative paths, just
like "include file". [Jaroslav Benkovsky <>]
*) OS/2: Add support for building loadable modules using DLLs.
[Brian Havard]
*) Add iconsdir, htdocsdir, and cgidir to config.layout.
[Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Fix minor but annoying bug with the test for Configuration.tmpl
being newer than Configuration so that it is less likely to fail
when using APACI and shadow sources. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) PORT: Add initial support for Mac OS (versions 10.0 and
greater). Use Mac OS X Server layout for now. Clean up dyld code
in unix/os.c, and don't install the dyld error handlers, which
are no longer needed in Mac OS. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Rename Rhapsody layout to "Mac OS X Server". Change install
locations to appropriate ones for user-built (as opposed to
system) installs. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Modify mod_autoindex's handling of AddDescription so that the
behaviour matches the documentation. [Ken Coar] PR#1898, 3072.
*) Add functionality to the script created by to use tar when copying distribution files to the
serverroot. This allows upgrading an existing installation
without nesting the new distribution in the old. now detects the local perl5 path to install
apxs and dbmmanage with proper path to perl interpreter.
Add an install-binsupport target which copies the source files
for apxs and dbmmanage to bindist to allow these scripts to
be properly installed relative to the destination serverroot.
[Randy Terbush, Covalent Technologies,]
*) Fix intermittent SEGV in ap_proxy_cache_error() in
src/modules/proxy_util.c where a NULL filepointer and
temporary filename were closed and unlinked.
[Graham Leggett <>,
Tim Costello <>] PR#3178
*) Fix inconsistent error messages reported by mod_proxy.
[Graham Leggett <>]
*) OS/2: Fix terminating CGIs that aren't compiled by EMX GCC when a
connection is aborted. [Brian Havard]
*) Force the LANG envariable to the known state of "C" so that we
have assurance about how string manipulators (e.g., tr) will
function. [Ken Coar] PR#1630
*) Add a directive to allow customising of the tracking cookie name.
[Ken Coar] PR#2921, 4303
*) Add "force-no-vary" envariable to allow servers to work around
clients that choke on "Vary" fields in the response header.
[Ken Coar, Dmitry Khrustalev <>] PR#4118
*) Fixed a bug in mod_dir that causes a child process will infinitely
recurse when it attemps to handle a request for a directory wnd the
value of the DirectoryIndex directive is a single dot. Also likely
to happen for anyother values of DirectoryIndex that will map back
to the same directory. The handler now only considers regular files
as being index candidates. No PR#s found.
[Raymond S Brand <>]
*) Ease configuration debugging by making TestCompile fall back to
using "make" if the $MAKE variable is unset [Martin Kraemer]
*) Fixed the ServerSignature directive to work as documented.
[Raymond S Brand <>] PR#4248
*) Add "opt" (SysV-style) layout to config.layout. [Raymond S Brand
*) Add APACI --without-execstrip option which can be used to disable the
stripping of executables on installation. This is very important for DSO
and debugging situations. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Add support for OS/2 (case insenstive filesystem, .exe suffix, etc)
to APACI files and related scripts.
[Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>, Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4269
*) Add support for standalone mode in TPF
[Joe Moenich <>]
*) Fix number of bytes copied by read_connection() in src/support/ab.c
[Jim Cox <>] PR#4271
*) Fix special RewriteCond "-s" pattern matching.
[Bob Finch <>]
*) Fix value quoting in src/Configure script for ap_config_auto.h
[Paul Sutton <>]
*) Make sure RewriteLock can be used only in the global context, (i.e.
outside of any <VirtualHost> sections) because it's a global facility of
the rewrite engine. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fix the ownership delegation for proxy directory under `make install'.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) APACI would not correctly build suexec. [Maria Verina
<>] PR#4260
*) mod_mime_magic passed only the first 4k of a file to
uncompress/gzip, but those tools sometimes do not produce
any output unless a sufficient portion of the compressed
file is input. Change to pass the entire file -- but
only read 4k of output.
[Marcin Cieslak <>] PR#4097
*) "IndexOptions None" generated extra spaces at the end of each
line. [] PR#3770
*) The "100 Continue" response wasn't being sent after internal
redirects. [Jose KAHAN <>] PR#3910, 3806, 3575
*) When padding the name with spaces for display, mod_autoindex would
count &, <, and > in their escaped width, messing up the display.
[Dean Gaudet] PR#4075, 3758
*) PORT: fixed a compilation problem on NEXT.
[Jacques Distler <>] PR#4130
*) r->request_time wasn't being set properly in certain error conditions.
[Dean Gaudet] PR#4156
*) PORT: deal with UTS compiler error in http_protocol.c
[Dave Dykstra <>] PR#4189
*) Add ap_vrprintf() function. [John Tobey <>] PR#4246
*) Fix the mod_mime hash table to work properly with locales other
than C. [Dean Gaudet] PR#3427
*) Fix a memory leak which is exacerbated by certain configurations.
[Dean Gaudet] PR#4225
*) Prevent clobbering saved IFS values in APACI. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Fix buffer overflows in ap_uuencode and ap_uudecode pointed out
by "Peter 'Luna' Altberg <>" and PR#3422
[Peter 'Luna' Altberg <>, Ronald Tschalär]
*) Make {Set,Unset,Pass}Env per-directory instead of per-server.
[Ben Laurie]
*) Correct an apparent typo: on the Windows and MPE platforms, the
htpasswd utility was limiting passwords to only 8 characters.
[Ken Coar]
*) EBCDIC platforms: David submitted patches for two bugs in the
MD5 digest port for EBCDIC machines:
a) the htdigest utility overwrote the old contents of the digest file
b) the Content-MD5 header value (ContentDigest directive) was wrong
when the returned file was not converted from EBCDIC, but was a
binary (e.g., image file) in the first place.
[David McCreedy <>]
*) support/htpasswd now permits the password to be specified on the
command line with the '-b' switch. This is useful when passwords
need to be maintained by scripts -- particularly in the Win32
environment. [Ken Coar]
*) Win32: Win32 multiple services patch. Added capability to install and
run multiple copies of apache as individual services.
Example 1:
apache -n apache1 -i -f c:/httpd.conf
Installs apache as service 'apache1' and associates c:/httpd.conf
with that service.
net start apache1
Starts apache1 service.
net stop apache1
Stops apache1 service
Example 2:
apache -n apache2 -i
Installs apache as service 'apache2'. httpd.conf is located under
the default server root (/apache/conf/httpd.conf).
net start apache2
Starts apache2 service.
Example 3:
apache -n apache3 -i -d c:/program files/apache
Install apache as service 'apache3' and sets server root to
c:/program files/apache.
Example 4:
apache -n apache2 -k restart
Restart apache2 service
[Keith Wannamaker, Ken Parzygnat, Bill Stoddard]
*) Correct the signed/unsigned character handling for the MD5 routines;
mismatches were causing compilation problems with gcc -pedantic and
in the TPF cross-compilation. [Ken Coar]
*) OS/2: Rework CGI handling to use spawn*() instead of fork/exec, achieving
a roughly 5 fold speed up. [Brian Havard]
*) proxy ftp: instead of using the hardwired string "text/plain" as
a fallback type for files served by the ftp proxy, use the
ap_default_type() function to determine the configured type.
This allows for special configurations like
<Directory proxy:>
DefaultType gargle/blurb
Additionally, add the Content-Encoding: header to FTP proxy replies
when the encoding is defined (by the AddEncoding directive).
Because it was missing, it was almost impossible to browse compressed
files using the FTP proxy (works now perfectly in Communicator).
The ftp proxy now also returns the Date: and Server: header lines (if not
much else... This code is "somewhat" broken) like normal requests do.
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Be more smart in APACI's configure script when determining the UID/GID
for User/Group directives and use the determined UID/GID to initialize
the permissions on the proxycachedir.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Changed the forking-prior-to-cleanup in the proxy module to first
check wether it actually needs to collect garbage. This reduces
the number of fork()s from one/request to just the odd one an hour.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Added proxy, auth and header support to src/support/ab.c. Added a
README file to src/support/
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Don't hard-code the path to AWK in --shadow bootstrapping Makefile.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#4050
*) Add support for DSO module compilation on BSD/OS 3.x.
[Randy Terbush, Covalent Technologies]
*) Fix sed-substitutions in `make install': path elements like `httpd/conf'
(for instance from an APACI configure --sysconfdir=/etc/httpd/conf
option) were substituted with $(TARGET).conf, etc. Same for other strings
with dots where the dot wasn't matched as plain text.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) PORT: Add support for FreeBSD 4.x [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fix verbose output of APACI configure (option -v)
[Martin Kraemer, Ralf S. Engelschall]
Changes with Apache 1.3.6
*) Removed new PassAllEnv code due to DSO problems. [Lars Eilebrecht]
Changes with Apache 1.3.5 [not released]
*) M_INVALID needed a value within the scope of METHODS so that unknown
methods can be access controlled. [Roy Fielding] PR#3821
*) Added PassAllEnv; makes server's entire environment available
to CGIs and SSIs executed within directive's scope. [Ken Coar]
*) ap_uuencode() always added two trailing '='s and encoding of
8 bit characters on a machine with signed char may produced
incorrect results. Additionally ap_uuencode() should now
work correctly on EBCDIC platforms.
[Ronald Tschalär <>] PR#3411
*) WIN32: Binary installer now runs the configuration DLL before
the reboot prompt (which is only given if MSVCRT.DLL system
DLL is new or updated). This should avoid the configuration
directory being empty after installation. [Paul Sutton]
PR#3767, 3800, 3827, 3850, 3900, 3953, 3988
*) WIN32: Binary installer now creates Start menu options to start
and stop Apache as a console application and to uninstall
the Apache service on NT. [Paul Sutton] PR#3741
*) WIN32: Apache.exe now contains an icon. [Paul Sutton]
*) PORT: Switch back to using fcntl() locking on Linux -- instabilities
have been reported with flock() locking (probably related to kernel
version). [Dean Gaudet] PR#2723, 3531
*) Using APACI, the main config file (usually httpd.conf) was
not being adjusted as $(TARGET).conf. [Wilfredo Sanchez
*) PORT: AIX does not require the SHARED_CODE "hack"
[Ryan Bloom <>]
*) Set-Cookie headers were being doubled up for some CGIs by the O(n^2)
avoidance code added in 1.3.3.
[Dean Gaudet, Jeff Lewis <>] PR#3872
*) ap_isxdigit was somehow neglected when adding the ap_isfoo() macros
for 8-bit safeness. [Dean Gaudet]
*) PORT: Use -fPIC instead of -fpic on Solaris and SunOS for compiling DSOs
because SPARCs have a small machine-specific maximum size for the Global
Offset Table which is often exceeded when compiling one of the larger
third-party modules with Apache. [Peter Urban <>] PR#3977
*) Move the directive `ExtendedStatus' in httpd.conf-dist-win _after_ the
DSO/DLL section because it's a directive from mod_status and isn't
available before the DLL of mod_status is loaded.
[Martin POESCHL <>] PR#3936
*) SECURITY: Fix a bug in the calculation of the buffer size for the line
continuation facility in Apache's configuration files which could
lead to a buffer overflow situation.
[Thomas Devanneaux <>] PR#3617
*) Make documentation and error messages of APACI's --activate-module=FILE
option more clear. [Jan Wolter <>] PR#3995
*) Fix the gcc version check (for enabling the `inline' facility) to
really support all future gcc versions >= 2.7 until we know more.
[John Tobey <>] PR#3983
*) Let APACI's configure script correctly complain for unknown --enable-XXX
and --disable-XXX options. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3958
*) Link the shared core bootstrap program (``Rule SHARED_CORE=yes'') also
against libap.a and use its ap_snprintf() instead of sprintf() to avoid
possible buffer overflows. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Remove no longer used non-API function ap_single_module_init().
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Add Apple's Mac OS X Server Layout "Rhapsody" to config.layout.
[Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Add cgidir, htdocsdir, iconsdir variables to Makefile.tmpl in order
to make platform installations easier. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) In configure, do not append the target name to the directory path if
the path already contains "apache". [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) SIGPIPE is now ignored by the server core. The request write routines
(ap_rputc, ap_rputs, ap_rvputs, ap_rwrite, ap_rprintf, ap_rflush) now
correctly check for output errors and mark the connection as aborted.
Replaced many direct (unchecked) calls to ap_b* routines with the
analogous ap_r* calls. [Roy Fielding]
*) Enhanced mod_rewrite's mapfile handling: The in-core cache for text and
DBM format mapfiles now uses a 4-way hash table with LRU functionality.
Furthermore map lookups for non-existent keys are now cached as well.
Additionally "txt" maps are now parsed with simple string functions
instead of using ap_pregcomp(). As a side effect a bug that prevented
the usage of keys containing the "," character was fixed.
The changes drastically improve the performance when large rewrite maps
are in use.
[Michael van Elst <>, Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3160
*) Added ap_sub_req_method_uri() for doing a subrequest with a method
other than GET, and const'd the definition of method in request_rec.
[Greg Stein]
*) Use proper pid_t type for saving PIDs in alloc.c. [John Bley]
*) Replaced use of WIN32 define with HAVE_DRIVE_LETTERS to indicate
when the OS allows a DOS drive letter within pathnames. [Brian Havard]
*) Add %V to mod_log_config, this logs the hostname according to the
UseCanonicalName setting (this is the pre-1.3.4 behaviour of
%v). Useful for mass vhosting. [Tony Finch <>]
*) Add support for \n and \t to mod_log_config, can be used to produce
more reliable logs with multiline entries. [Tony Finch <>]
*) Fixed a few compiler nits. [John Bley <>]
*) Added informative error messages for failed munmap() and fseek() calls
in http_core.c. [John Bley, Roy Fielding]
*) Added some informative error messages for some failed malloc()
calls. [John Bley <>, Jim Jagielski]
*) OS/2 ap_os_canonical_filename()'s behaviour is improved: ap_assert()
is removed. This allows <Directory proxy:*> directives to work and
prevents invalid requests from killing the process.
[Brian Havard <>]
*) Reorganised FAQ document.
[Joshua Slive <>] PR#2497
*) src/support/: The ApacheBench benchmark program was overhauled by
David N. Welton: you can now have it generate an HTML TABLE, presumably
for integration into other HTML sources. David updated the ab man page
as well and added some missing descriptions. Thanks!
[David N. Welton <>]
*) Win32: The filename validity checker now allows filenames containing
characters in the range 0x80 to 0xff (for example accented characters).
[Paul Sutton] PR#3890
*) Added conditional logging based upon environment variables to
mod_log_config. mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent
are now deprecated. [Ken Coar]
*) Allow apache acting as a proxy server to relay the real
reason of a failure to a client rather than the "internal
server error" it does currently. The general exposure mechanism
can be triggered by any module by setting the "verbose-error-to"
note to "*"; this allows more than just proxy errors to be exposed.
[Cliff Skolnick, Roy Fielding, Martin Kraemer] Related to PR#3455, 4086
*) Moved man pages for ab and apachectrl to section 8.
[Wilfredo Sanchez, Roy Fielding]
*) Added -S option to so that options can be passed to
strip on some platforms. [Ralf S. Engelschall, Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Tweak modules Makefile generated by Configure so that it handles
the test case of no modules being selected. []
*) Added a <LimitExcept method ...> sectioning directive that allows
the user to assign authentication control to any HTTP method that
is *not* given in the argument list; i.e., the logical negation
of the <Limit> directive. This is particularly useful for controlling
access on methods unknown to the Apache core, but perhaps known by
some module or CGI script. [Roy Fielding, Tony Finch]
*) Prevent apachectl from complaining if the PIDFILE exists but
does not contain a process id, as might occur if the server is
being rapidly restarted. [Wilfredo Sanchez]
*) Win32: Add global symbols missing from ApacheCore.def. [Carl Olsen]
*) Entity tag comparisons for If-Match and If-None-Match were not being
performed correctly -- weak tags might cause false positives. Also,
strong comparison wasn't properly enforced in all cases.
[Roy Fielding, Ken Coar, Dean Gaudet] PR#2065, 3657
*) OS/2: Supply OS/2 error code instead of errno on semaphore errors.
[Brian Havard]
*) Work around a bug in Lynx regarding its sending "Negotiate: trans"
even though it doesn't understand TCN. [Koen Holtman, Roy Fielding]
*) Added ap_size_list_item(), ap_get_list_item(), and ap_find_list_item()
to util.c for parsing an HTTP header field value to extract the next
list item, taking into account the possible presence of nested comments,
quoted-pairs, and quoted-strings. ap_get_list_item() also removes
insignificant whitespace and lowercases non-quoted tokens.
[Roy Fielding] PR#2065
*) proxy: The various calls to ap_proxyerror() can return HTTP/1.1 status
code different from 500. This allows the proxy to, e.g., return
"403 Forbidden" for ProxyBlock'ed URL's. [Martin Kraemer] Related to PR#3455
*) Fix ordering of language variants for the case where the traditional
negotiation algorithm is being used with multiple language variants
and no Accept-Language. [James Treacy <>] PR#3299, 3688
*) Do not round the TCN quality calculation to 5 decimal places,
unlike RFC 2296, because the calculation might need 12 decimal places
to get the right result. [Roy Fielding]
*) Remove unused code to disable transparent negotiation when
negotiating on encoding only, as we now handle encoding too
(though this is nonstandard for TCN), remove charset=ISO-8859-1
fiddle from the fiddle-averse RVSA comparison, and fix bugs in
some debugging statements within mod_negotiation. [Koen Holtman]
*) Fixed a rare memory corruption possibility in mod_dir if the index
file is negotiable and no acceptable variant can be found.
[Dean Gaudet, Roy Fielding, Martin Kraemer]
*) Win32: Add new config directive, ScriptInterpreterSource, to enable
searching the Win32 registry for script interpreters.
[Bill Stoddard]
*) Win32: The compiled-in default filename for the error log is now
error.log, which matches the default in the distributed httpd.conf.
[Paul Sutton]
*) Win32: Any error messages from -i or -u command line options are now
displayed on the console output rather than sent to the error log.
Also the "Running Apache..." message is not output unless Apache is
going to serve requests. [Paul Sutton]
*) Rework the MD5 authentication scheme to use FreeBSD's algorithm,
and use a private significator ('$apr1$') to mark passwords as
being smashed with our own algorithm. Also abstract the password
checking into a new ap_validate_password() routine. [Ken Coar]
*) Win32: The filename validity checker now allows "COM" but refuses
access to "COM1" through "COM4". This allows filenames such
as "" to be served. [Paul Sutton] PR#3769.
*) BS2000: Adapt to the new ufork() system call interface which will
make subtasking easier on the OSD/POSIX mainframe environment.
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Add a compatibility define for escape_uri() -> ap_escape_uri() to
ap_compat.h. [David White <>] PR#3725
*) Make NDBM file suffix determination for mod_rewrite more accurate, i.e.
use `.db' instead of `.pag' not only for FreeBSD, but also when
the NDBM library looks like Berkeley-DB based.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3773
*) Add ability to handle DES or MD5 authentication passwords.
[Ryan Bloom <rbb@Raleigh.IBM.Com>]
*) Fix O(n^2) memory consumption in mod_speling. [Dean Gaudet]
*) SECURITY: Avoid some buffer overflow problems when escaping
quoted strings. (This overflow was on the heap and we believe
impossible to exploit.) [Rick Perry <>]
*) Let src/Configure be aware of CFLAGS options starting with plus
signs as it's the case for the HP/UX compiler.
[Doug Yatcilla <>] PR#3681
*) Remove the hard-wire of TAR=tar (we now check for gtar and gnutar first)
and check to see if the tar we wind up with supports '-h'.
[Jim Jagielski] PR#3671
*) A consistent and conservative style for all shell scripts has been
implemented. Basically, all shell string tests use the traditional
hack of 'if [ "x$var" != "x" ]' or 'if [ "x$var" = "xstring" ]'
to protect against bare null variable strings (ie: wrapping both
sides with double quotes and prepending 'x'). 'x' was chosen
because it's more universal and hopefully easier for old shell
prgrammers, as well as being easier to search for in 'vi' (/x\$) :)
[Jim Jagielski]
*) The status module now prints out both the main server generation as
well as the generation of each process. Also, the vhost info is
printed with '?notable'. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Move src/main/md5c.c to src/ap/ap_md5c.c; it's httpd-neutral
and this makes its functions available to things in src/support.
[Ken Coar]
Changes with Apache 1.3.4
*) Renamed macros status_drops_connection to ap_status_drops_connection
and vestigial scan_script_header to ap_scan_script_header_err,
mostly for aesthetic reasons. [Roy Fielding]
*) The query switch "httpd -S" didn't exit after showing the
vhost settings. That was inconsistent with the other query functions.
[Martin Kraemer]
*) Moved the MODULE_MAGIC_COOKIE from before the versions and
filename to the end of the STANDARD_MODULE_STUFF. Its
presence at the beginning prevented reporting of the filename
for modules compiled before 1 January 1999. [Ken Coar]
*) SECURITY: ap_os_is_filename_valid() has been added to Win32
to detect and prevent access to special DOS device file names.
[Paul Sutton, Ken Parzygnat]
*) WIN32: Created new makefiles Makefile_win32.txt (normal build)
and Makefile_win32_debug.txt (debug build) that work on Win95.
Run each of the following from the src directory:
nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt # compiles normal build
nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt install # compiles and installs
nmake /f Makefile_win32.txt clean # removes compiled junk
nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt # compiles debug build
nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt install
nmake /f Makefile_win32_debug.txt clean
[Roy Fielding]
*) Added and helpers to make it easier for us
to build binary distributions. [Lars Eilebrecht]
*) IndexOptions SuppressColumnSorting only turned off making
the column headers anchors; you could still change the display
order by manually adding a '?N=A' or similar query string to the
URL. Now SuppressColumnSorting locks in the sort order so
it can't be overridden this way. [Ken Coar]
*) Added IndexOrderDefault directive to supply a default sort order
for FancyIndexed directory listings. [Ken Coar] PR#1699
*) Change the ap_assert macro to a variant that works on all platforms.
[Richard Prinz <>] PR#2575
*) Make sure under ELF-based NetBSD (now) and OpenBSD (future) we don't
search for an underscore on dlsym() (as it's already the case
for FreeBSD 3.0). [Todd Vierling <>] PR#2462
*) Small fix for mod_env.html: The module was documented as to be _not_
compiled into Apache per default, although it _IS_ compiled into
Apache per default. [Sim Harbert <>] PR#3572
*) Instead of fixing a bug in the generation procedure for config.status (a
backslash was missing) we remove the bug together with it's complete
context because the special cases of the past can now no longer occur
because of the recent magic for the --with-layout default.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3590
*) Make top-level Makefile aware of a parallel build procedures (make -j) by
making sure the src/support/ tools are _forced_ to be build last (they
depend on other libraries).
[Markus Theissinger <>]
*) Fix installation procedure: Now that os-inline.c is actually used (a
recently fixed bug prevented this) we need to also install os-include.c
in addition to os.h into the PREFIX/include/ location or building of
module DSOs with APXS fails. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3527
*) Added MODULE_MAGIC_COOKIE as the first field in a module structure to
allow us to distinguish between a garbled DSO (or even a file which isn't
an Apache module DSO at all) and a DSO which doesn't match the current
Apache API. [Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3152
*) Two minor enhancements to mod_rewrite: First RewriteRule now also
supports the ``nocase|NC'' flag (as RewriteCond already does for ages) to
match case insensitive (this especially avoids nasty patterns like
`[tT][eE][sS][tT]'). Second two additional internal map functions
`escape' and `unescape' were added which can be used to escape/unescape
to/from hex-encodings in URLs parts (this is especially useful in
combination with map lookups).
[Magnus Bodin, Ian Kallen, Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Renamed the macro escape_uri() to ap_escape_uri() which was
forgotten (because it was a macro) in the symbol renaming process.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fix some inconsistencies related to the scopes of directives. The only
user visible change is that the directives `UseCanonicalName' and
`ContentDigest' now use the (more correct) `Options' scope instead of
(less correct) `AuthConfig' scope. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Using DSO, the Server token was being mangled. Specifically, the
module's token was being added first before the Apache token. This
has been fixed. [Jim Jagielski]
*) Major overhaul of mod_negotiation.c, part 2.
- properly handle "identity" within Accept-Encoding.
- allow encoded variants in RVSA negotiation and let them appear in
the Alternates field using the non-standard "encoding" tag-list.
- fixed both negotiation algorithms so that an explicitly accepted
encoding is preferred over no encoding if "identity" is not
included within Accept-Encoding.
- added ap_array_pstrcat() to alloc.c for efficient concatenation
of large substring sequences.
- replaced O(n^2) memory hogs in mod_negotiation with ap_array_pstrcat.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Major overhaul of mod_negotiation.c, part 1.
- cleanups to mod_negotiation comments and code structure
- made compliant with HTTP/1.1 proposed standard (rfc2068) and added
support for everything in the upcoming HTTP/1.1
revision (draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-rev-06.txt).
- language tag matching also handles tags with more than 2
levels like x-y-z
- empty Accept, Accept-Language, Accept-Charset headers are
processed correctly; previously an empty header would make all
values acceptable instead of unacceptable.
- allowed for q values in Accept-Encoding
- added support for transparent content negotiation (rfc2295 and
rfc2296) (though we do not implement all features in these drafts,
e.g. no feature negotiation). Removed old experimental version.
- implemented 'structured entity tags' for better cache correctness
(structured entity tags ensure that caches which can deal with Vary
will (eventually) be updated if the set of variants on the server
is changed)
- this involved adding a vlist_validator element to request_rec
- this involved adding the ap_make_etag() function to the global API
- modified guessing of charsets used by Apache negotiation algorithm
to guess 'no charset' if the variant is not a text/* type
- added code to sort multiviews variants into a canonical order so that
negotiation results are consistent across backup/restores and mirrors
- removed possibility of a type map file resolving to another type map
file as its best variant
[Koen Holtman, Roy Fielding, Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3451, 3299, 1987
*) RFC2396 allows the syntax http://host:/path (with no port number)
but the proxy disallowed it (ap_proxy_canon_netloc()).
[David Kristol <>] PR#3530
*) When modules update/modify the file name in the configfile_t structure,
syntax errors will report the updated name, not the original one.
[Fabien Coelho <>] PR#3573
*) Correct some filename case assumptions from WIN32 to
*) For %v log ServerName regardless of the UseCanonicalName
setting (similarly for %p). [Dean Gaudet]
*) Configure was initializing the variables $OSDIR, $INCDIR and $SHELL
rather late (too late for some invocations of TestCompile).
This improves the make environment available to TestCompile and
the *.module scripts. [Martin Kraemer]
*) The hashbang emulation code in ap_execve.c would interpret
#!/hashbang/scripts correctly, but failed to fall back to a
standard shell for scripts which did NOT start with #!
Now SHELL_PATH is started in these cases. [Martin Kraemer]
*) PORT: Added the Cyberguard V2 port [Richard Stagg <>]
*) Update APXS manual page: some -q option arguments were missing
and another was incorrect. [Mark Anderson <>] PR#3553
*) Cleanup the command line options: `-?' was documented to show
the usage list but does it with an error because `?' is not a valid
command. OTOH a lot of users expect `-h' to print such a usage list and
instead are annoyed for ages by our huge unreadable list of directives.
So we now changed the command line options this way:
1. `-L' => `-R'
Intent: we need `-L' to be free, and `-R' for the DSO run-time path is
very similar to the popular linker option.
2. `-h' => `-L'
Intent: while -l gives the small list of modules, -L now gives the
large list of directives implemented by these modules. This is also
consistent with -v (short version info) and -V (large version info).
3. `-?' => `-h'
Intent: it's now the expected option ;-)
The manual page was adjusted accordingly.
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#2714
*) Fixed problem of fclose() on an unopened file in suexec if LOG_EXEC
wasn't defined. [Rick Franchuk <>]
*) Removed recently introduced bugs and disfigurements in APACI:
o fixed argument line processing: using $args was broken: It was not
initialized and using args="$args $apc_option" and even args="$args
\"$apc_option\"" fails in the second processing round for any arguments
containing whitespaces. The only correct way is to use the construct
"$@" (but not possible here) or iterate _both_ times over the implicit
argument line (no argument to for-loop) which is what we now use.
o make --with-layout=Apache the default without creating
redundancy (copying the --with-layout block in the argument parsing
loop). We achieve this by using the "$@" construct together with the
`set' command to prepend --with-layout=Apache to the command line in
case --with-layout is not used.
o fixed auto-suffix handling now that config.layout exists.
Paths which are auto-suffixed are marked with a trailing plus sign in
config.layout and every path now can be marked this way (not only the
four paths for which we do it currently). Additionally the suffix is
no longer a static one. Instead it's now `/<target>' where <target> is
the argument of the --target option or per default `httpd'.
o allow also tabs (and only spaces) where we match whitespaces
o various fixes and cleanups related to used shell coding style
o made Jim happy by replacing `Written by' with `Initially written by' ;-)
o trimmed output of --help to fit into 80 columns
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Added two new core API functions, ap_single_module_configure() and
ap_single_module_init(), which are now used by mod_so to configure a module
after loading. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
of ap_config.h to allow serialized accept for multiport listens.
[Roy Fielding, Curt Sampson] PR#3120
*) PORT: Fixed a misplaced #endif for NetBSD/OpenBSD section
of ap_config.h that would skip several defines if DEFAULT_GROUP
was overridden. [Roy Fielding]
*) PORT: The I86 version of DGUX has support for strncasecmp and
strcasecmp, so allow it in ap_config.h. [Amiel Lee Yee] PR#3247
*) Fix ordering of definitions in ap_config.h so that ap_inline is
defined before it might be used. [Victor Khimenko]
*) PORT: Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for BSDI (v4.0).
[Tom Serkowski <>] PR#3453
*) Make generation of src/Configuration.apaci more robust: It failed to
differenciate between modules when one module name was a postfix of
another (e.g. cgi vs. fastcgi). We now check for mod_XXX, libXXX and even
just XXX (think about totally non-standard names like "apache_ssl", too).
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3380
*) In src/Configure remove the SERVER_SUBVERSION support (already deprecated
since 1.3b7) and make whitespace handling more robust (it failed horrible
when whitespaces were present in the arguments of -D options).
[Ralf S. Engelschall] PR#3240
*) Add APACI --shadow=DIR variant (in addition to --shadow). This now first
creates an external package shadow tree in DIR before the local build
shadow tree is generated under DIR. This way one can have the extracted
Apache distribution tree read-only on NFS or CDROM and still build Apache
from these sources. An automatically triggered VPATH-like mechanism is
provided through the TOP variable, too.
[Ralf S. Engelschall, Wilfredo Sanchez <>]
*) Fix negotiation so that a Vary response header is correctly
generated when, for a particular dimension, variants only vary
in having or not having a value for that dimension. [Paul Sutton]
*) Fix negotiation so that we prefer an encoded variant over an
unencoded variant if the user-agent explicitly says it can
accept that encoding. Previously we always preferred the unencoded
[Paul Ausbeck <>, Paul Sutton] PR#3447
*) Fix APXS tool: query variables LIBS_SHLIB and TARGET were not recognized
and the usage page was inconsistent with the functionality and manpage.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Allow special options -Wc,xxx and -Wl,xxx on APXS compile/link command.
They can occur multiple times and their arguments (`xxx') are passed AS
IS to the compiler/linker command. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Fixed possible (but harmless in practice) bug in the DBM lookup
procedure of mod_rewrite: very long keys were truncated.
[Ralf S. Engelschall]
*) Added a generic --with-layout=[FILE:]ID option. ID here is a layout
identifier, currently "Apache" and "GNU" are pre-defined in the file
config.layout. Custom layouts are possible by using FILE:ID as the
argument where the layout ID is taken from FILE.
The config.layout file consists of <Layout ID>..</Layout> sections
where inside those sections "path_variable: path_value" pairs can be
specified. These lines are converted to path_variable='path_value'.
*) Add a DefaultLanguage directive so that files missing a language
extension (e.g., .fr, .de) can be labelled as being some other
default language. DefaultLanguage can appear in <Directory> and
<Files> containers as well as .htaccess files. [Paul Sutton]
*) Fix TARGET configuration when configuring and installing using
APACI configure. TARGET now defines the basename of the configuration
file, startup script, manual page, etc. log_error_core() now reports
the server binary name given by argv[0]. TARGET can now also be defined
with --target=TARGET parameter passed to APACI configure.
[Ralf Engelschall, Randy Terbush]
*) mod_include.c:handle_perl() now properly tests for OPT_INCNOEXEC
rather than OPT_INCLUDES [Rainer Schoepf <>]
*) ap_md5_binary() was using sprintf() rather than a table lookup
to convert binary bytes to hex digits.
[Ronald Tschalär <>] PR#3409
*) Fix SEGV in TCN negotiation if no variants are acceptable.
[Martin Plechsmid <>] PR#1987
*) API: ap_exists_config_define() function is now "public" [Doug MacEachern]
*) Fix documentation of `Action' directive: It can activate a CGI script
when either a handler or a MIME content type is triggered by the request.
[Andrew Pimlott <>] PR#3340
*) Document the `add' command of `dbmmanage' in `dbmmanage.1' manpage.
[David MacKenzie <>] PR#3394
*) Ignore a "ErrorDocument 401" directive with a full URL and write a
notice to the error log. It is not possible to send a 401 response
and a redirect at the same time. [Lars Eilebrecht]
*) Fallback to native compilers for IRIX-32 platform. It seems that
a gcc 2.8.1 compiled apache is logging client addresses with all
bits set ( This is the second such problem caused
by gcc 2.8.1 compiler. The first being broken semaphore locking.
[Randy Terbush]
*) Updated mime.types to reflect current Internet media types
and include a URL to the registry.
[Manoj Kasichainula, Roy Fielding] PR#2380, 2286, 2246
*) SECURITY: Do a more complete check in mod_include to avoid
an infinite loop of recursive SSI includes. [Marc Slemko] PR#3323
*) Add APACI --suexec-docroot and --suexec-logfile options which can be
used to set the document root directory (DOC_ROOT) and the suexec
logfile (LOG_EXEC), respectively. Additionally the --layout option
was changed to show more information about the suEXEC setup.
[Lars Eilebrecht] PR#3316, 3357, 3361
*) Added the last two WebDAV status codes of 424 (Failed Dependency)
and 507 (Insufficient Storage) for use by third-party modules.
[Roy Fielding]
*) Enabled all of the WebDAV method names for use by third-party
modules, Limit, and Script directives. That includes PATCH,
Improved mod_actions.c so that it can use any of the methods
defined in httpd.h. Added ap_method_number_of(method) for
getting the internal method number. [Roy Fielding]
*) PORT: Add a port to the TPF OS. [Joe Moenich <> and
others at IBM]
*) Fix problems with handling of UNC names (e.g., \\host\path)
on Win32. [Ken Parzygnat <>]
*) Rework os_canonical_*() on Win32 so it's simpler, more
robust, and works. [Ken Parzygnat <>]
PR#2555, 2915, 3064, 3232
*) Work around incomplete implementation of strftime on Win32.
[Manoj Kasichainula, Ken Parzygnat <>]
*) Move a typedef to fix compile problems on Linux with 1.x kernels.
[Manoj Kasichainula] PR#3177
*) PORT: Add a port to the Concurrent PowerMAX OS. [Tom Horsley
*) WIN32: Log more explicit error messages if spawning an interpreted
script failed, including the command line used to attempt to execute
the interpreter and the Win32 error code returned. [Marc Slemko]
*) Disable sending of error-notes on a 500 (Internal Server Error) response
since it often includes file path info. Enable sending of error-notes
on a 501 (Method Not Implemented). [Roy Fielding] PR#3173
*) http_config.c would respond with 501 (Method Not Implemented) if a
content type handler was specified but could not be found, which
should have been a 500 response. Likewise, mod_proxy.c would responsd
with a 501 if the URI scheme is unrecognized inste