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Apache HTTP Server
Platform specific notes:
Darwin (OS X):
Apache 2.0 relies heavily on the use of autoconf and libtool to
provide a build environment. Darwin provides these tools, but
they are an earlier release, and for the most part, do not work
well. If you are interested in developing under Darwin, we
recommend that you obtain and install replacement versions of what
are normally installed on Darwin (and OS X, as of v10.1.4). If
you build your own versions of autoconf 2.52 and libtool 1.4.2, be
aware that there are some Darwin specific patches to the official
code that still must be applied for them to fully work. A useful
page to check out is:
Pier Fumagalli also provides pre-built Darwin packages of the
patched autoconf and libtool suites, available at:
You will note that GNU libtool should actually be installed as
glibtool, to avoid conflict with a Darwin program of the same
name. Pier's packages have this change already. All files are
installed under /usr/local/ so to use these versions, and be sure
that /usr/local/bin is earlier in your PATH.
There have been some reports that autoconf 2.52 prevents Apache's
build system from correctly handling passing multi-value envvars
to the build system (eg: CFLAGS="-g -O3" ./configure), causing
errors. Use of bash does not seem to help in this situation. If
this affects you, downgrading to autoconf 2.13 (which is installed
on Darwin) will help.
autoconf 2.52 creates scripts that are incompatible with the Posix
shell implementation (/bin/sh) on FreeBSD. Be sure to use v2.13
of autoconf.
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