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Last modified at [$Date: 2002/02/14 05:21:45 $]
* Source code should follow style guidelines.
OK, we all agree pretty code is good. Probably best to clean this
up by hand immediately upon branching a 2.1 tree.
Status: Justin volunteers to hand-edit the entire source tree ;)
Justin says:
Recall when the release plan for 2.0 was written:
Absolute Enforcement of an "Apache Style" for code.
Watch this slip into 3.0.
David says:
The style guide needs to be reviewed before this can be done.
The current file is dated April 20th 1998!
Also the file should be moved to the correct location for
future use. Q: should APR have it's own copy as well?
* revamp the input filter syntax to provide for ordering of
filters created with the Set{Input|Output}Filter and the
Add{Input|Output}Filter directives. A 'relative to filterx'
syntax is definately preferable, but not realistic for 2.0.
* Platforms that do not support fork (primarily Win32 and AS/400)
Architect start-up code that avoids initializing all the modules
in the parent process on platforms that do not support fork.
Better yet - not only inform the startup of which phase it's in,
but allow the parent 'process' to initialize shared memory, etc,
and create a module-by-module stream to pass to the child, so the
parent can actually arbitrate the important stuff.
* Replace stat [deferred open] with open/fstat in directory_walk.
Justin, Ian, OtherBill all interested in this. Implies setting up
the apr_file_t member in request_rec, and having all modules use
that file, and allow the cleanup to close it [if it isn't a shared,
cached file handle.]
* Refactor auth into auth protocols and auth database stores.
Many interested hackers, too destabilizing for 2.0 inclusion.
* The Async Apache Server implemented in terms of APR.
[Bill Stoddard's pet project.]
Message-ID: <008301c17d42$9b446970$01000100@sashimi> (dev@apr)
* Add a string "class" that combines a char* with a length
and a reference count. This will help reduce the number
of strlen and strdup operations during request processing.
Including both the length and allocation will save us a ton
of reallocation we do today, in terms of string manipulation.
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