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APACHE 2.2 STATUS: -*-text-*-
Last modified at [$Date$]
The current version of this file can be found at:
Documentation status is maintained seperately and can be found at:
* docs/STATUS in this source tree, or
Consult the following STATUS files for information on related projects:
Patches considered for backport are noted in their branches' STATUS:
Release history:
[NOTE that x.{odd}.z versions are strictly Alpha/Beta releases,
while x.{even}.z versions are Stable/GA releases.]
2.2.4 : Tagged on January 5, 2007
2.2.3 : Released on July 28, 2006 as GA.
2.2.2 : Released on May 1, 2006 as GA.
2.2.1 : Tagged on April 1, 2006, not released.
2.2.0 : Released on December 1, 2005 as GA.
2.1.10 : Tagged on November 19, 2005, not released.
2.1.9 : Released on November 5, 2005 as beta.
2.1.8 : Released on October 1, 2005 as beta.
2.1.7 : Released on September 12, 2005 as beta.
2.1.6 : Released on June 27, 2005 as alpha.
2.1.5 : Tagged on June 17, 2005.
2.1.4 : not released.
2.1.3 : Released on February 22, 2005 as alpha.
2.1.2 : Released on December 8, 2004 as alpha.
2.1.1 : Released on November 19, 2004 as alpha.
2.1.0 : not released.
Contributors looking for a mission:
* Just do an egrep on "TODO" or "XXX" in the source.
* Review the bug database at:
* Review the "PatchAvailable" bugs in the bug database:
After testing, you can append a comment saying "Reviewed and tested".
* Open bugs in the bug database.
* Forward binary compatibility is expected of Apache 2.2.x releases, such
that no MMN major number changes will occur. Such changes can only be
made in the trunk.
* All commits to branches/2.2.x must be reflected in SVN trunk,
as well, if they apply. Logical progression is commit to trunk,
get feedback and votes on list or in STATUS, then merge into
branches/2.2.x, as applicable.
[ start all new proposals below, under PATCHES PROPOSED. ]
* mpm_winnt: Fix return values from wait_for_many_objects.
Note - this is required to avoid hangups of socket #64, #128
as Microsoft set aside 64 reserved values.
Trunk version of patch:
2.2.x version of patch:
Trunk version works
is easier to read (-U8)
+1: mturk
wrowe notes: a patch should have the necessary effect with the
minimum lines of code - there's alot of redecorating that's
going on in this patch to no net effect. The WAIT_TIMEOUT
result value seems to be ignored in the revised code?
* Bundled PCRE: backport r381783 from trunk
Fix brokenness on certain platforms when building with -DDEBUG.
+1 sctemme, fielding, pquerna, jerenkrantz
-1 niq: Why are we hacking a third-party package as bundled,
rather than upstream? This has potential for chaos
for modules (and we have a history of PCRE trouble)
as well as a maintenance nightmare!
jerenkrantz: I don't believe that's a valid reason to block this.
We're bundling PCRE for the duration of the 2.2.x series,
but we can re-evaluate for future major/minor revs.
wrowe: nak niq, ack je; this is a silly debate, fix, push fixes upstream
and adopt a newer PCRE at trunk/.
* PKCS#7: backport PCKS#7 patches from trunk.
+1 ben
jerenkrantz: What's the revision number to backport?
wrowe asks: ditto jerenkrantz
* mod_proxy: Support variable interpolation in reverse proxy configuration (code) (code) (docs)
+1: niq, mturk
-.9: wrowe notes; modifying the existing syntax seems inappropriate, new
ProxyPassSubstitute or similarly named directives would seem to
make more sense, permit direct Reverse'als when appropriate and
restrict the Substitutions to be parsed only when required.
* mod_authn_dbd: Export any additional columns queried in the SQL select
into the environment with the name AUTHENTICATE_<COLUMN>. This brings
mod_authn_dbd behaviour in line with mod_authnz_ldap.
+1: minfrin
niq: This wants a little tidying. Use of 13 as a magic number (for a
strlen of something defined elsewhere) is nasty. More importantly
you need to document how it affects the module's directives.
I'll +1 it when that's done.
wrowe: ditto's - good concept.
* core: Allow AcceptMutex to accept pathname arguments ala SSLMutex,
and, as a result, semi-depreciate Lockfile.
Trunk version of patch:
2.2.x version of patch:
Trunk version works (requires handling of CHANGES and ap_mmn.h
conflict though)
+1: jim, wrowe
wrowe notes: Adding to ease migration to 2.4 - good. Deprecating
any directive in a .even released branch, bad.
jim notes: it's more an enhancement to AcceptMutex than a
depreciation of LockFile... no regressions are
wrowe adds: Isn't it time for SSL/FTP/JK/FTP who all need the very
same syntax to benefit from one generic implementation
(in httpd, not apr, since it's config syntax specific).
* mod_proxy_balancer: Remove unnecessary lock/unlock for
the post_request hook. We are actually doing nothing here.
But keep the code (but macroed out) for future usage.
Trunk version of patch:
2.2.x version of patch:
Trunk version works.
+1: jim
+0: rpluem: Shouldn't we remove this code on 2.2.x? Keeping seems to be ok
for me on trunk, but on a stable branch?
jim says: the reason why we keep it is in case we
ever start using it. So we keep the framework in
that case. Make trunk backports easier.
* mod_cache: Correctly cache objects whose URL query string has been
modified by mod_rewrite.
PR: 40805
Trunk version of patch:
2.2.x version of patch:
Trunk version works
+1: rpluem
* mod_cache: While serving a cached entity ensure that filters that have
been applied to this cached entity before saving it to the cache are not
applied again.
PR: 40090
Trunk version of patch:
2.2.x version of patch:
Trunk version works
+1: rpluem
* mod_alias: Accept path components (URL part) in Redirects
PR: 35314
+1: niq
* mod_headers: Allow % at the end of a Header value
PR: 36609
+1: niq
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